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Vegetta777 Wiki – Age, Family, Girlfriend, Books, Series and Net Worth

Samuel de Luque Batuecas aka Vegetta777 is an influential and admired YouTuber known for his exceptional gaming videos, in which he showcases popular games such as Minecraft, GTA V, Rainbow Six and Roblox, among others, and captures moments from his daily life in fascinating vlogs. He stands out from other gamers around the world and has achieved tremendous success with over 33 million subscribers to date, making him the second largest Spanish YouTube artist in the world after ElRubius.

Much of this recognition can be attributed to Vegetta777’s highly rated “Planeta Vegetta” series, which makes him the most sought-after Minecraft content creator in Spain.

In 2012, Vegetta777 began his YouTube journey by posting gameplay videos from various games such as Uncharted, Modern Warfare 3, and FIFA Street. But it wasn’t until he collaborated with popular YouTuber Willyrex to play Minecraft that he really became famous.

His loyal fans are affectionately known as “guapísimos”,” whom he regularly greets with warmth and respect. They enjoy a wide range of content, including the latest game releases. In addition, Vegetta777 has turned to live streaming on Twitch, where he constantly interacts with his audience, all thanks to this growing platform! The most fascinating thing is that they’re the owners of MAD Lions E.C. together with Willyrex.

About Vegetta777

Vegetta777 is a popular Spanish YouTuber who specializes in the games Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. With an incredible following of over 33.8 million subscribers and an astounding number of over 15 billion views, Vegetta777’s reach can hardly go unnoticed! We did learn that the YouTuber has a modest height of 1.70m, but the rest about him remains shrouded in mystery, including details about his weight or other body data, aside from the fact that he has soft brown hair and adorable brown eyes!

Only four years have passed since he created this channel in 2008, when he released his first video titled “Uncharted3 Channel Presentation” Over time, he quickly gained popularity among viewers with inspirational content related to Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto games, reaching millions of views per video that spread viral sensations.

To maintain viewer engagement on his YouTube channel, Vegetta777 developed a successful strategy – he created popular game series set mainly in Minecraft, such as V de Vegetta, Zona Minecraft, Apocalipsis Minecraft, and Planeta Vegeta. In a short period of time starting in 2013, he also rose to the top of emerging YouTubers and dominated the platform due to massive viewership. Subsequently, his channel continued its upward trend. After the popularity of GTA V, he decided to work more closely with other content creators, including Stax, Alexby11, Luzu and Willyrex, which brought him considerable success.

2014 was a significant year for him, when he moved from Spain to Los Angeles together with Willy, and they already had an impressive six million subscribers following them. Despite this success, both eventually returned to their homeland .

One of the qualities that elevates Vegetta above the rest is his ability to collaborate with other YouTubers, especially people like Willyrex, who is highly regarded by fans for his Minecraft skills. Together they invented a saga now known simply as “Wiggeta”, which was published as a book in 2015 and continues to captivate viewers to this day. There have also been joint projects with Staxx, Luzu & Alexby11 and others! However, not everything has been sunny skies, as rumors that Vegetta might be gay intensified due to fan speculation about a possible relationship with Willy.

On the creative front, it should be noted that Vegetta is not only involved with Minecraft and GTA games. He has moved on to creating vlogs in which he shares candid views and opinions on various current topics. He has also taken an interest in other video games like Resident Evil 7, giving his avid fans even more thrills.

However, Vegetable’s journey has not always been smooth, especially when competing channels started stealing content, leading many longtime subscribers to them. Instead, it responded with a shakeup in 2018, adding video game reviews alongside gameplay videos featuring titles like Resident Evil, Uncharted, Fortnite Warzone, and Red Dead Redemption to ensure that much-needed fresh ingenuity flowed.

In 2018, Vegetta befriended Fargan, a prominent GTA YouTuber. This friendship led to a resurgence of interest in GTA V on his channel, with a significant shift towards parkour gameplay. In addition to this change in content, Vegetta also started sharing videos related to Fortnite.

He began incorporating Minecraft-era content like Noobs and the fourth season of Karmaland into his videos, creating long and well-edited recaps of his livestreams. During this time, he continued to collaborate with other content creators from earlier eras such as Aroyitt, Illojuan, and Quackity. Among his notable series from this period are Karmaland 4, Universo Wigetta, Arkadia, Piratas, Apocalipsis Minecraft 2021, Arkadia 2 and Karmaland 5. On the occasion of Youtube’s tenth anniversary and his remarkable achievement of having surpassed ten million subscribers, he was awarded the prestigious Diamond Play Button.

Vegetta777 – Personal life

Samuel de Luque aka Vegetta777, a leading YouTube personality whose content creation skills have earned him a sizable following over time. Born on April 12, 1989 (currently 34 years old) in Madrid, Spain; Samuel excelled at school with exceptional talent, especially in subjects related to the visual arts, although he was also obsessed with games from an early age.

At some point growing up, he thought of one day becoming part of law enforcement. That underscores how diverse his interests were – after finishing secondary school, Samuel trained as a nurse before turning to content creation through YouTube, where he has since become quite a phenomenon.

Among Samuel’s favourite childhood games was Pokémon Red, which he spent countless hours playing, but unfortunately lost all of his saved data for various reasons, including someone very close to him misplacing his Game Boy console. Even though this was a difficult moment for him at first, Samuel persevered and is still at the forefront today.

Although Samuel actually planned to work in law enforcement, he discovered an unexpected passion when he stumbled upon YouTube, which was a better alternative to traditional Spanish TV programming. While studying at Alkor and Villalkor schools, he enjoyed following the exciting storylines of Dragon Ball – especially the dramatic events triggered by Nappa and Vegeta’s threat to destroy Earth.

Vegeta’s admiration for the character Vegeta prompted him to adopt that name when he launched his gaming-focused channel on the platform – but supplemented with three sevens symbolizing good fortune.

After graduating as a nursing assistant, Vegetta777 immersed himself in martial arts training, which eventually led him to certification as a self-defense instructor. But it wasn’t until he realized how many people were finding success by sharing entertaining content on YouTube that Samuel decided to go that route himself and began posting gaming sessions on this widely accessible platform alongside original video content.

Vegetta777 – Relationship

Back in July 2019, rumors circulated about social media stars Silvia Muñoz de Morales and Samuel de Luque, aka “Vegetta777,” saying that they could be in a romantic relationship. With such a large following on her social channels and YouTube (slightly less than Samuel), Silvia has been pushing her involvement in the field for more than a decade; the duo met at an influencer event when they first met.

It’s believed that after that event, things between them got more interesting pretty quickly – and their working relationship turned into something more intimate – though no one has confirmed anything yet or made it public via social media platforms or elsewhere. Silvia frequently mentions in her videos that she has someone special, but it’s not entirely clear what her relationship status is, while Samuel is quite open about his concerns about currently being single and not having a girlfriend.

As an official confirmation from the two parties regarding the ongoing speculations whether they’re dating or not is still pending, insider information suggests that things might actually be going well between the two. However, it’s still unclear how exactly this connection brewed, as both parties were already successful influencers before they met or did anything with each other professionally. Although they tried hard not to let anyone know what was going on between them while they were traveling or spending quality time together, the news about their alleged romantic affair leaked out anyway.

Vegetta777 – Books, Series

VEGETTA777 is not just another YouTuber – he’s also an accomplished writer! Together with Willyrex, this duo has teamed up to write a series of wonderful books that will take readers far away from reality and into their magical universe. The beginning of their journey began in 2015 with the publication of “Wigetta: A Magical Journey” – since then they have expanded this universe by publishing 16 more novels!

This are the 17 books that he co-authored alongside Willyrex:

  • “Wigetta, un viaje mágico” (“Wigetta: A Magical Journey”)
  • “Wigetta y el Báculo Dorado” (“Wigetta and the Golden Staff”)
  • “Wigetta y el antídoto secreto” (“Wigetta and the Secret Antidote”)
  • “Wigetta y los gusanos guasones” (“Wigetta and the Mischievous Worms”)
  • “Wigetta en las Dinolimpiadas” (“Wigetta at the Dinolympics”)
  • “Wigetta en el planeta Mimisikú” (“Wigetta on the Planet Mimisikú”)
  • “Mi Primer Wigetta. ¿Quién ha puesto este huevo?” (“My First Wigetta: Who Laid This Egg?”)
  • “Wigetta y la feria fantasma” (“Wigetta and the Ghost Fair”)
  • “Wigetta y el cuento jamás contado” (“Wigetta and the Untold Tale”)
  • “Wigetta y los secretos del cuerpo humano” (“Wigetta and the Secrets of the Human Body”)
  • “Wigetta y el tesoro de Chocatuspalmas” (“Wigetta and the Treasure of Chocatuspalmas”)
  • “Wigetta y la isla de Mumúchumu” (“Wigetta and the Island of Mumúchumu”)
  • “Wigetta y la momia de Ra-mon” (“Wigetta and the Mummy of Ra-mon”)
  • “Wigetta y el mundo de Trotuman” (“Wigetta and the World of Trotuman”)
  • “Wigetta. Viejetta y Babyrex” (“Wigetta: Old Wigetta and Babyrex”)
  • “Universo Wigetta 1. En el infierno” (“Wigetta Universe 1: In Hell”)
  • “Universo Wigetta 2. La evolución” (“Wigetta Universe 2: The Evolution”)

This wonderful collaboration showcases the creative minds that drive VEGETTA777 and Willyrex.

Through vivid storytelling techniques and boundless imagination, they bring to life enchanting worlds filled with adventure, suspense, and unique characters. We know Vegetta777 mostly for his Minecraft series – but it’s obvious how much he loves creative writing when you read one of these wonderful stories. 

Among them, the following stand out:

  • Vegetta’s Planet: A solitary mod series. It encompasses a total of 6 seasons, representing a prominent characteristic of his channel.
  • Minecraft Apocalypse: A cooperative mod series alongside Willyrex. It has completed a total of six seasons.
  • Karmaland: A cooperative Minecraft mod series, although several participants were inactive during the initial season.
  • Minecraft Zone: An individual series. It has completed 2 seasons on PC and 3 seasons on Xbox 360.
  • Minecraft World: A survival series without mods, featuring interactions with subscribers.
  • V of Vegetta: A series in which he constructs particularly enormous and remarkable houses for his subscribers, subsequently sharing download links.
  • Extreme Wigetta: A cooperative “Hardcore” mode series with Willyrex.
  • Wigetta’s World: A modded series that serves as the successor to Minecraft Apocalypse, featuring collaborations with Willyrex. It consists of 2 seasons.
  • Wigetta Universe: A vanilla series with Willyrex.
  • Minecraft with Noobs: A vanilla series (solely during the first season) with Jesusseron, Arsilex, Alexby, Fargan, Lexosi, and Herny. It has completed 2 seasons.
  • Pirates: A modded series involving Jesusseron, Arsilex, Alexby, Fargan, Lexosi, Herny, Willyrex, Rubius, and Aroyitt.

Vegetta777 – Net Worth

Vegetta777’s exceptional work ethic has earned him an impressive net worth of $5 million. As the second largest Spanish-language YouTuber in the world, with subscribers throughout Spain and Latin America, as well as other Spanish-speaking countries, Vegetta777’s content consists mainly of gaming videos featuring popular titles such as Minecraft, Battlefield Saint Row Garry’s Mod Watch Digs, and GTA 5, among others.

Collaborations with other outstanding YouTubers such as Willyrex, Alexby, Staxxcraft and Luzuvlogs have increased his audience and given him a global appeal. Vegetta777’s main source of income is his YouTube videos, which are professionally made and generate a loyal following and considerable revenue supporting his luxurious tastes, as shown by numerous photos on social media.

Vegetta777 Most Watched Videos

After starting his YouTube channel back in 2008, it took Vegetta777 four years to release his very first clip, “Uncharted 3, Channel Presentation’ Originally, he was into games, mainly Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. Once he started uploading clips about these games, the number of viewers grew exponentially. His channel received positive feedback in the beginning, which gave him a lot of encouragement and led to steady growth over the years.

Here are some of the most watched videos on YouTube:

1. “PLANETA VEGETTA: UNA GRAN AVENTURA NOS ESPERA #1 – Serie de Minecraft”, 2015, 72.542.043 views

2. “GTA V ONLINE: CARRERAS ENTRE AMIGOS – ENEMIGOS”, 2015, 51.064.323 views

3. “ESPECIAL 7777 – MINECRAFT: EL GRAN COMBATE”, 2012, 39.339.918 views

4. “ESPECIAL 777.777 EN PLANETA VEGETTA: LA GRAN VENGANZA”, 2013, 32.003.426 views

Vegetta777 on Social Media

Vegetta777’s whimsical fixation that continues to make waves on social media may be endearing to some, but it’s just one aspect of many related to his wide-ranging appeal that has spread through various channels in recent years. Vegeta not only has more than 6.4 million Instagrammers following him, as he describes himself as “a “unicorn lover” under his platform name “@vegeta777,” but also nearly 4 million Facebook fans, where those who don’t have an official Twitter account have joined the 10.3 million eager birds who adore him on this famous microblogging platform.

But that’s not all: with a selection of creative videos and channels that have more than 38 million subscribers on YouTube, he focuses even more on inclusion through various TikTok platforms, which also have 2.8 million followers and 9.5 million likes.

Vegetta777 on YouTube, 33.8 M subscribers

Vegetta777 is an incredibly popular YouTuber with over thirty-three million subscribers to date. His channel first went online in March 2008, although it wasn’t until four years later, in February 2012, that he introduced himself with gameplay footage from Uncharted 3 that he had recorded using a capture card given to him by his parents. However, it wasn’t just his skills or inventive technology that made him a success, but also his undeniable charm and wide variety of entertaining content from different genres that drew fans to him. Above all, Minecraft has always been a game that people have loved since its beginnings – which explains why so many of the famous series he has produced revolve around this brilliant game, such as “V de vegetta”, “Zona Minecraft”, “Apocalipsis Minecraft” and many others, including perhaps the most famous: “Planeta Vegetta”.

View Vegetta777 YouTube page:

Vegetta777 YouTube

Vegetta777 on Instagram, 6.4 M followers

View Vegetta777 Instagram page:

Vegetta777 Instagram

Vegetta777 on Twitter, 10.3 M followers

With over 6 million subscribers on Twitter, it’s clear that Vegetta777 is a major influence in the esports community. As the esteemed owner of MAD Lions – a renowned Spanish club with strong teams in disciplines such as League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive – his expertise and leadership are highly regarded.

View Vegetta777 Twitter page:

Vegetta777 Twitter

Vegetta777 on Facebook, 4 M followers

View Vegetta777 Facebook page:

Vegetta777 Facebook

Vegetta777 on Twitch, 1.5 M followers

Vegetta777 has a huge fanbase thanks to his witty, family –friendly game commentary that spans multiple platforms like YouTube and Twich. With over two million Twitch subscribers tuning in regularly, it’s easy to see why he’s gained a cult following among video game fans worldwide. By keeping each broadcast clean and free of inappropriate portrayals, Vegetta777 has created a trustworthy persona that parents and their children alike can appreciate. There’s no doubt about it: his dedication to entertaining fans in a respectful manner makes him an unforgettable fixture in live streaming.

View Vegetta777 Twitch page:

Vegetta777 Twitch

Vegetta777 on TikTok, 2.8 M followers

Well-known YouTuber Samuel ‘Vegetta777’ de Luque proved his versatility by joining TikTok, where he now has an impressive following of 2.8 million users under the handle @Vegetta777. He joined in 2020 and focused on uploading exciting clips he recorded during his Maldives vacation, including footage of him swimming with turtles and other exciting posts showing off his dancing skills to energetic sounds. His content went down well with users, as he received almost ten million likes in a short period of time with just ten posts. It’s worth noting that the very first clip he posted has received around 9.5 million likes so far.

View Vegetta777 TikTok page:

Vegetta777 TikTok

Vegetta777 FAQ

Q: Who is Vegetta777?
A:  Samuel de Luque is not like every other YouTuber out there. He’s better known as Vegetta777, as he’s a huge influence in online gaming circles, especially in Spain and beyond. With an insatiable passion for games deep inside him, Samuel de Luque turned ordinary gameplay videos into fascinating spectacles that attracted lovers of different genres, the most famous being Minecraft. His genius has since grown even further, pushing the boundaries in several exciting titles that are now among our favorite games!

Q: Is there a rap about Vegetta777?
A:  There is a rap piece that pays tribute to the important content creator Vegetta777. This type of music is usually created by loyal admirers or other artists as a meaningful form of tribute to their favorite celebrities. In Vegetta777’s case, numerous enthusiasts have been inspired by his work and have incorporated it into their unique rap compositions.

Q: What is Karmaland and what does Vegetta777 have to do with it?
A: Karmaland is an innovative multiplayer Minecraft survival series that attracts a variety of talented YouTubers to play together. Among these luminaries is Vegetta777, who infuses his unique personality into his adventures on the platform while creating vibrant content that showcases his interactions with other players.

Q: What is the connection between Vegetta777 and Hello Neighbor?
A:  The connection between Vegetta777 and Hello Neighbor is undoubtedly a topic of interest for many fans of these two organizations. It is important to mention that Dynamic Pixels has developed a stealth horror video game called Hello Neighbor, which has gained enthusiastic followers worldwide. A notable person in this field is YouTuber Vegetta777, who regularly uploads captivating gameplay footage to his channel, while giving his perspective on the game’s various aspects.

Q: Did Vegetta777 write a book?
A:  Indeed so. He and Willyrex authored a whopping 17 books together. An example of their literary collaboration is the 2015 publication entitled “Wigetta: A Magical Journey”.

Q: Has Vegetta777 played The Last of Us?
A: Yes. Naughty Dog has developed this masterpiece of a post-apocalyptic action adventure game, which has captivated him so much that he has even taken the time to create stunning gameplay videos, telling every detail about the game’s phenomenal plot and fantastic mechanics.

Q: Who does Vegetta777 play GTA 5 Online with?
A: Vegetta777’s coalition of players is impressive. He has had exciting collaborations with popular players like Luzu, Willy, Staxx and Alex while exploring GTA 5 Online. Together they have created some fascinating content that shows their passion for gaming and their engaging camaraderie.

Q: Has Vegetta777 played Eggwars?
A: When it comes to the question of whether or not Vegetta777 is immersed in the chaotic universe of Eggwars. Fans can be sure that he definitely did. In this exciting multiplayer mode of Minecraft, players will have to protect their own egg as a priority, while trying to destroy the eggs of the other competitors. And as an enthusiast of this addictive gameplay, Vegetta777 has made sure to share valuable insights and entertaining content surrounding his time in Eggwars.

Q: Has Vegetta777 played God of War?
A:  He has played this addictive action adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio. He has also produced captivating gameplay videos and content about his journey through the game, in which he reveals his personal reactions and tactics.

Q: Does Vegetta777 have a girlfriend?
A: Yes.  His girlfriend’s name is Silvia Muñoz de Morales and she has an impressive 10 years of experience in social networks and on YouTube as a content creator.

Samuel’s alter ego “Vegetta777” is now widely known, as his colossal fan base appreciates his captivating content around Minecraft gameplay, in which he demonstrates his outstanding creativity and storytelling skills in collaboration with other YouTubers. Besides Minecraft enthusiasts, people love to follow Samuel as he also shows great versatility in exploring other gaming options like Fortnite or GTA5 online and even beyond in The Last of Us among various others. However, what sets Vegetta777 apart from others is not only the high entertainment value of his lively videos, but also his ability to truly connect with each and every viewer on their personal level, creating a deep bond between them almost instantly.

His authenticity shines through each videotape, often making viewers think they are personally participating in the game rather than experiencing it second-hand – leading to both intellectual development and great fun. Thank you to Vegetta777’s unique ability to deliver joy and thrills, many lasting connections have been made through play, leading fans to enthusiastically support each new upload. Samuel de Luque Batuecas, known as Vegetta777, is a beacon of hope and a significant step forward for the advancement of YouTube culture and gaming.

It is remarkable how his captivating content allows people to come together virtually and create a space to share the excitement of video games. His unyielding influence will remain in future generations, inspiring countless gamers and content creators alike.


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