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Vlad A4 Wiki – Biography, Personal Life, Social Media Accounts and Net Worth

Vladislav Bumaga – also known as A4 or Vlad A4 – is an incredibly talented YouTuber from Russia who has taken the online world by storm with his exceptional creativity and entertaining videos that leave a lasting impression on viewers. With a keen eye for engaging audiences through diverse content, he covers everything from exciting vlogs and fun pranks to captivating experiments and thought-provoking challenges that appeal to people across age groups. His tireless commitment to providing top-notch entertainment consistently resonates with millions of viewers.

Vlad A4 stands out for how skillfully he combines his charismatic personality with his genius storytelling skills, resulting in incomparable performances every time! The passion and sparkling energy are simply infectious, and viewers are more than willing to tune in again when new content appears! Exploring unexplored horizons in creative fields, collaborating with other rebellious artists or tackling critical social issues drive Vlad A4’s passion to create exceptional content that keeps pushing the boundaries.

In parallel to his YouTube presence, Vlad A4 is expanding his reach and cultivating a loyal fan base by engaging his fans in multidirectional social media interactions, letting them participate in the day-to-day happenings and providing refreshingly authentic insights into life behind the scenes. With such a dynamic and multi-faceted personality and approach, it’s no surprise that Vlad A4 has created a strong community spirit around him, generating loyal followers who never miss an episode as they support their beloved star’s every journey.

About A4

Belarusian vlogger Vladimir Bumaga is one of YouTubes great success stories – he boasts more than fifteen million fans following every post under his brand label, and he has won awards including the highly prized Diamond Button for reaching ten million subscribers, which is further proof of how successful young experts can be when they put all their energy into achieving their goals!

The popular video creator makes it a point to maintain a positive and respectful image on his channel and therefore avoids topics such as drug abuse or vulgar language. Vlads’ interest in videography was sparked when he stumbled across other videographers’ content while roaming YouTube. Eventually, he decided to go into business for himself by setting up his own channel, which became an instant hit with viewers from all over the world!

In December 2014, an aspiring blogger uploaded his very first YouTube video showcasing a money hack inspired by another YouTuber. Although the first attempt wasn’t flawless, vlogging challenged him to constantly look for new inspiration. As time went on, the blogger focused more on current teen topics such as dating, trendy games, pranks at school and life experiences. The third episode, in which he locks himself in a trampoline center, proved to be successful; within a record time, his channel had over ten million views.

When it comes to music, Vlad is experimental. He created a parody of the hit song “Melting Ice” by the Ukrainian group “Mushrooms” It’s impressive how well the song was received – it was viewed over 35 million times! His next musical ventures include music videos for songs like “Father” (2018) and “Fire” with Russian singer and YouTube star Katya Adushkina (2019).

Later that year (2019), Vladislav ranked second among the most popular YouTubers from Russian-speaking countries, earning between $10 and $100,000 per month! He currently dominates Belarus, and there is no competitor even close to his success – quite an achievement! In 2020, A4 got into selling merchandising items such as T-shirts with the brand’s logo, which Vlad wore during his appearance on the First Channel’s “Vecherniy Urgant” program, where he revealed the secret of his success. He even played “Bite, Lick or Nothing” with the presenters, a popular internet game you may have heard of!

Vlad’s passion for creating compelling content extends far beyond his primary platform – A4. Today, he manages two other channels with different themes: “Head Riddle,” which presents intriguing puzzles, and A5, which features various science experiments.

Along with this impressive lineup of media properties, he owns the prestigious FOURFORTYFOUR company, known for developing audience preference detection software for video platforms. In recognition of its achievements to date, FOURFORTYFOUR was included in the Belarus High-Tech Park in 2020.

Last February, Vlad Bumaga and Egor Kreed received an invitation to appear as guests on the extremely popular YouTube show “Comment Out.” The episode reached a milestone in viewership just one day after it aired – more than two million viewers watched it. This event set a new record for the show.

In December 2020 – less than a year after its debut – the number of viewers rose to more than nine million. In recent years, Vlad has found interest in developing mobile applications in between his calendar highlights.

Over time, he developed four different apps that proved successful: “A4 Wheel of fortune,” released in December ‘19; “A4 Puzzles” in May ‘20; “Escape from Haters” (“A4 Edition”), launched just a few months later – in August ‘20; and “Aquaprint Challenge”,” released exclusively in November of the same year.

A4 – Personal life

Vlad Bumaga was born in Minsk on June 5, 1996, the son of a civil engineer and a primary school teacher – the blogger we all know today. In recent years, since he started his vlogs, the question of his last name has come up again and again because of its uniqueness, causing Vlad himself to hesitate somewhat when it came up in conversation.

When he was quite young, Vladimir actually asked to change it as he found it quite ridiculous. However, growing up proved the opposite – the matured Vlad developed more confidence in what is really important – himself! Good manners are instilled in him at an early age, leading to a natural composure that exudes kindness and impartiality towards others, which runs through all of Vladimir’s content.

He eschews vulgar language and ensures that professionalism is maintained through cultured interactions that leave viewers feeling positive! If you’re curious about Vlad’s size, you should know that at 180 cm and weighing about 65 kg, he can easily switch between different hairstyles and hair colors – something he likes to experiment with often!

As a teenager, Vladislav was interested in three different fields – breakdancing, music and ice hockey. He played as a forward in the ice hockey team of the sports school “Dynamo” and even went to train in the Czech Republic for a year. His excellent performances indicated promising opportunities until fate took away this chance when an injury ended his career at the age of sixteen.

When he was eighteen, he successfully completed the eleventh grade, despite being constantly teased for his last name ‘Bumaga’ Despite the setbacks he faced during his school years, he maturely continued making videos after graduation and began earning money with YouTube.

His parents initially discouraged Vladislav from entering the blogging profession, but over time supported him unconditionally.

A4 – Relationship

Vladislav has been in a relationship with his partner Julia Godunova for quite some time. The well-known YouTuber, who produces captivating lifestyle content in addition to her exceptional singing skills, was born in Yelsk, Belarus, on April 2, 1996, and shows off their loving relationship in many beautiful photos and joint videos that feature the two of them full of joy.

Together, Vlad and Julialove, mingle at various events and travel together. Once when he was offered the opportunity to move all the way north to Moscow, he declined the offer because he wanted to put his devotion above his career, which shows how much he wanted to maintain their loving relationship.

A4 – Net Worth

Vladislav is one of many vloggers today who earn revenue from advertising content they post on their social media platforms. Previously, he also spent some time as a brand ambassador for “Kufar” – an online company. His net worth is about $5 million, having been involved in media projects for six years; initially, he occasionally prioritized posts on YouTube when creating videos, but over time he expanded to other topics or forms to attract his fans.

Collaborating with Hype Agency and MediaCube.Network allows him to launch several ventures that generate revenue at the same time, such as launching successful clothing lines that he markets and contracts with well-known brands through advertising deals, as well as performing concerts.

Vlad A4’s considerable earnings began to pile up after he made the video “Night in a Closed Trampoline Arena” with his friends. Instead of leaving the facility at the end of the day, they preferred to hide from security guards, creating an experiment that garnered around 25 million views.

Subsequently, Vladislav explored different video formats and successfully found people who appreciated his fresh content, which led to the formation of his main source of income – his audience. Promotional efforts also contribute significantly to Vlad A4’s wealth, as prominent brands find him captivating due to his cheerful and positive personality that appeals to both children and some adults.

In addition, Vladislav enjoys high name recognition, which has led to long-term contracts with major brands such as Pull&Bear, Garnier and Fanta.

A4 Most Watched Videos

Vlad A4s blogging achievements are truly remarkable. He founded his YouTube channel in November 2014 and to date has gained over forty-five million followers – a number that continues to rise.

Vlads’ talent earned him recognition from YouTube. This is evidenced by the diamond play button he was awarded after surpassing ten million subscribers. The comedic music parody video, based on the song “5 Minutes Ago” by rapper Pharaohs, has an incredible one hundred and eleven million views after its release just five years ago.

Here are some of the most watched videos on YouTube:

1. “5 МИНУТ НАЗАД – by A4 – ШКОЛА”, 2017, 113,170,896 views

2. “24 Часа в ДЕТСКОМ САДУ Челлендж!”, 2020, 83.863.549 views

3. “Побег Из КАРТОННОЙ ТЮРЬМЫ Челлендж **3 часть**”, 2020, 81.770.774 views

4. “24 ЧАСА ГОВОРЮ ДА МЛАДШЕМУ БРАТУ !”, 2019, 77.658.123 views

A4 on Social Media

Content creator Vlad A4 is not only known on YouTube, but also inspires his fans on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok. His popularity is evident in the over 7 million loyal subscribers who follow him on Instagram, where he gives them glimpses into his life with personal pictures and behind-the-scenes snaps. On TikTok, he has a whopping 11.2 million followers, and although he posts videos only sporadically – just one or two per month – his fan base remains intact.

A4 on YouTube, 45.8 M subscribers

On Vlad’s YouTube channel A4, there are regular updates; the minimum guarantee is one freshly produced video per week, with usually 2to 3 videos per week for viewers’ enjoyment. The number of his subscribers now exceeds the impressive figure of 45 million and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon! But that’s not all, as his exciting content has been viewed a total of over 22.5 billion times!

What makes these videos so entertaining?

The comedic circus and stand-up performances are usually aimed at a specific audience, which can enjoy viewers of all ages. Vlad takes on different roles, such as pretending to be a school attendee or using funny Snapchat filters that further increase audience engagement? What’s more, he even appears in a full clown costume!

View A4 YouTube page:

A4 YouTube

A4 on Instagram, 7.1 M followers

When it comes to content creation and social media presence, Vlad is one of those people who inspires awe. His Instagram profile alone has an impressive following of over seven million followers! This number speaks volumes about the impeccable quality of his content, which has captured many hearts online.

A typical post from Vlad can receive between 300 and 500 thousand likes, and regularly between 400 and six thousand comments – all real interactions from real followers! When he’s not inspiring wanderlust or stirring up envy with photos of breathtaking locations like central London, the Swiss mountains, or resorts in Bali, Santorini, or California, Vlad likes to showcase various high-end brands through product promotions like Garnier creams. Flaunting his wealth isn’t forbidden either, as he dresses in expensive clothes while unabashedly showing off his iPhone!

View A4 Instagram page:

A4 Instagram

A4 on TikTok, 11.2 M followers

A4 has gained a considerable following of 11.2 million people on the widely used social media platform TikTok.

View A4 TikTok page:

A4 TikTok


Q: Who is A4?
A:  A4 – also known as Vladislav Bumaga or Vlad A4 – is an esteemed YouTuber from Russia who has a large following due to the innovative and entertaining videos he publishes on his YouTube channel.

 Q: What kind of content does A4 create?
A:  On his YouTube platform, A4 cultivates a wealth of content that includes various formats, such as vlogs that invite viewers into his world; exciting challenges that captivate the audience; playful pranks that make you smile; innovative experiments that arouse curiosity; captivating skits that amuse. Collaborations with other YouTubers amplify the richness and variety experienced by A4’s loyal followers.

Q: How did A4 become popular?
A:  A4’s success story can be attributed to his unparalleled creativity and exceptional skills in presenting compelling content. His consistent production of top-notch videos that appeal to a diverse audience has earned him numerous followers who eagerly await each new offering.

Q: What are some notable achievements of A4?
A: A4’s remarkable YouTube career is peppered with many inspiring achievements that reflect his commitment to creating content that appeals to a global audience. He has secured multiple Diamond Play Buttons from YouTube by amassing over ten million subscribers across multiple channels – a truly admirable achievement. In addition, A4’s exceptional work ethic and passion for storytelling have earned him a number of awards and accolades from peers in the creative community.

Q: Does A4 have any merchandise or products?
A: Yes. One exciting aspect is that there is something for everyone in the impressive compilation he has created! The unmistakable feeling that comes from wearing branded clothing underlines why you should check out “A4 MERCH”,” which uniquely combines style and comfort through offerings such as T-shirts and hoodies, as well as accessories like caps that fit you just right. You’ll witness his creativity in creating a sensational mobile game and several captivating books that make it a true adventure.

Q: Does A4 engage with his fans outside of YouTube?
A:  Recognized for his benevolent efforts, A4 frequently attends charity events, makes ample donations to worthy causes and emphasizes important social concerns through leveraging his clout and platform.

Q: Is A4 involved in philanthropic activities?
A:  A4 is known for his charitable involvement. He frequently participates in charity events, donates lavishly to charity, and highlights important social causes using his influence and platform.

Q: How many subscribers does A4 have on YouTube?
A: A4 has 45.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

Q: What is A4’s real name?
A: A4’s real name is Vladislav Bumaga. He adopted the name A4 as his online persona and brand.

Q: Is A4 active on platforms other than YouTube?
A:  While Youtube is by far their most popular platform for connecting with their fans, they are also very active on other mediums such as Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter – giving regular updates on their personal life events and keeping everyone up to date on current or upcoming projects!

The rapid rise in popularity of Vlad A4, a renowned video blogger, leaves no doubt that today he is a notable figure among Russian-language bloggers and therefore deserves special attention worldwide. It’s worth noting that both observers and industry insiders have recognized how quickly this YouTuber’s channel – which is one of the top-ranked channelsin the CIS – is evolving, constantly adding new stimulating content that is unmatched by others around the world – a feat achieved through hard work and awareness of catering to the different tastes of the audience.

With his interactive style, likable personality and irresistible charm, Vlad A4 has captured the hearts and minds of several million viewers who undoubtedly can not get enough of him. His ability to stay one step ahead with fresh ideas has further strengthened the already established position of this digital all-star.

Vlad A4’s philanthropic endeavors and commitment to spreading awareness of various social causes underscore his efforts to make the world a better place – not just through entertainment alone. He uses his platform to educate his audience on relevant issues while encouraging them to join him in making a positive difference.

Vladislav Bumaga’s journey serves as an exemplary model of inspiration for aspiring creators and their supporters, showing how they can uniquely carve a path for themselves in the vast digital landscape. Watching Vlad A4 transcend boundaries and build a bond with his audience through exciting content, it becomes increasingly clear that he means more than being limited by the confines of YouTube. Instead, he towers over online entertainment as an iconic figure who will continue to leave an indelible mark on this creative space.


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