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PewDiePie – Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Social Media & More

PewDiePie has become an influential figure among YouTube viewers worldwide due to his distinctive style, engaging content, and humorous commentary, making him one of the most recognizable YouTubers ever. Born Felix Kjellberg in Sweden, PewDiePie began uploading gaming videos to YouTube in 2010 as a hobby project that quickly caught viewers’ attention due to its authenticity.

Although he initially focused on Let Us Play videos of horror games, often showing off his witty reactions while playing, he became an instant fan favorite over time. Over time, however, he diversified tremendously, exploring meme reviews, and philanthropic missions, collaborating with other coveted creators to make his mark as an influential figurehead in popular culture – one who inspires other creative geniuses.

About PewDiePie


PewDiePie – the online pseudonym adopted by Felix Kjellberg – is one of the most significant sensations on YouTube worldwide, with over 50 million subscribers to his channel. He leads innovative gaming content with his captivating video episodes, in which he participates in gameplay sessions punctuated by witty narration, instantly generating laughs among viewers.

Regarding revolutionizing the way video games are consumed and interacted with, Felix is one of the most influential figures in the gaming industry. Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, PewDiePie is an ideal of an artistic world that has become a true passion and continues to contribute to his successful creative journey. He celebrated his 34th birthday on October 24 last year and is now 1.81 meters tall.

Being lovingly raised by his parents, Ulf Christian Kjellberg and Lotta Kristine Johanna, and a sister named Fanny Kjellberg, PewDiePie’s family background is tight-knit and very supportive. In addition, it is worth noting that in 2010, PewDiePie’s mother moved into the position of Chief Information Officer for Sweden. This remarkable development indicates her successful professional achievements and her desire for excellence in her offspring.

Before entering the world of YouTube, Felix first studied industrial economics and technology management at Chalmers University in Gothenburg. After studying this field for a year but failing to get excited about it, he turned to creative pursuits with Photoshop and YouTube instead. Even though his parents refused to support him financially on this path, he created artwork in Photoshop that he sold and ran a mobile hot dog stand to make a success of his life.

As luck would have it, he lost access to his original YouTube account named “PewDie,” which prompted him to start over under his adopted name “PewDiePie,” which derives from the laser sounds “pew” combined with “die,” and added the element “pie.”

Over time, he dropped out of university due to a lack of passion for formal education and lost the support of his parents, but eventually gravitated toward selling Photoshop artwork and running a hot dog stand on his own. Through his improvisational style, PewDiePie surpassed the record of professional American humorists of the group Smosh, which initially held the record for the most subscribers on YouTube.


In 2015, PewDiePie reached a personal milestone by launching his own game, “PewDiePie: The Brofist Legend,” complemented by his subsequent release, “This Book Loves You.” His efforts have been recognized in gaming industry competitions conducted through YouTube with various awards, such as winning Best Game Channel, Best Show, or Best Game Series at the fifth Streamy Awards event.

PewDiePie earns $15 million a year from YouTube and various other ventures that highlight his business acumen. As a philanthropist (known as “The Water Campaign” project), he raised over $400,000 for charity events.

Collaboration comes easy to him and has helped him in numerous ways. PewDiePie has recently started focused on topical issues that emphasize free speech, revealing another side of his personality. Thanks to his efforts on Instagram and Twitter, PewDiePie has received awards such as two ‘Starcount Social Star Awards’, a Teen Choice Award, two ‘5th Short Awards’ and two ‘Golden Joystick Awards’ All this attention counts for nothing more than the die-hard fans that make up his fan base – the ultimate honor that he accepts with enthusiasm and appreciates the most!

PewDiePie – Personal life


Although PewDiePie is one of the most influential figures on social media platforms, information about aspects of his private life (such as his sexuality) remain obscure to most people around the world. Despite the occasional humorous exchange about sexual identity in various videos on YouTube channels associated with Felix, there are few substantive public statements on the subject from PewDiePie’s side.

Currently, however, he is happily married to Marzia Kjellberg, whom he met after one of her friends from Italy recommended that he watch one of Felix’s videos in 2011. A friendship developed, even though the two lived in different countries: Felix in Sweden and Marzia in Italy.


Love knows no bounds! PewDiePie proposed to Marzia without hesitation on April 27, 2018. The couple embarked on a journey to find the perfect wedding destination.

When they discovered Kew Botanical Gardens in London, they were both thrilled and declared it their final choice to exchange vows in August 2019. They publicly shared their wedding delight with friends and admirers on social media (PewDiePie now has over 99 million subscribers).

Marzia joined him from Sweden, and together they moved a few times before finally settling down in Brighton – United Kingdom, where the two live ordinary lives alongside Maya and Edgar – their happy pets who live a carefree life!

PewDiePie – Net Worth


PewDiePie has a net worth of $85 million, with a monthly income and salary of over $2.5 million and an annual income exceeding $18 million.

In addition to ad revenue, he provides channel subscriptions with various advantages. Monthly subscription levels of £1.99, £4.99, and £6.99 offer exclusive access to loyalty badges, personalized emojis, a Discord community, and live streaming. Each month, he donates his stream earnings to different charities, such as the Blue Cross Foundation to which he donated $133,169!


Entering the gaming industry in 2015 was one of PewDiePie’s significant initiatives that paved the way for many achievements! In collaboration with Canadian developer Outerminds, he faced his passion. He released his first video game called “PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist” This game is still in high demand today and can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices for only €4.99 from the Apple App Store.

After this fantastic launch, he brought three more fascinating games to entertain us all! These include PewDiePies Tuber Simulator – your perfect virtual YouTube channel, PewDiePies Pixelings – in which you get different pixelings that you can train in battles, and Poopdie – with which you can have fun adventures.

PewDiePie shared his knowledge with other developers like Armin Ibrisagic during his journey. He supported them during the development phase of Animal Super Squad by providing excellent consulting services. To further enhance the gameplay experience, all three games developed by PewDiePie offer significant in-app purchases – a bonus! Apart from everything mentioned above, I am happy to announce that YouTube is one of the primary sources of income for PewDiePie! After signing an exclusive deal with DLive (a blockchain-based streaming website), he signed another contract with the Google platform in May 2020 that guaranteed him direct revenue.

Financial details of these agreements are yet to be officially disclosed. However, many experts believe they could have been substantial investments, considering his vast popularity!


Collaborating with renowned artists such as Arkade, Moutain Dew, and Legendary Pictures for advertising purposes is a lucrative source of revenue for PewDiePie. Exclusive collaborations with these companies contribute to his financial gain, as do the commissions he earns from affiliate links advertised on items like chairs, keyboards, mice, and NordVPN.

In addition, Pewdiepie co-owns Tsuki with his wife Marzia Kjellberg to provide environmentally conscious consumers with an ethically made product line that includes several collections: the basic collection or the space program-inspired collection. In 2020, PewdiePie launched a line of high-quality, wearable gaming apparel consisting of caps, hoodies, pants, sweatshirts, and T-shirts aimed at his diverse audience while leveraging his dedicated followers.

PewDiePie’s Most Watched Videos

PewDiePie began building his gaming channel on YouTube in April 2010, which turned out to be a pretty lucrative venture, earning him an impressive 15 million euros every year until the end of 2016. Unfortunately, the star YouTuber has also had his share of controversies that have jeopardised some valuable collaborations. However, working diligently to improve his craft and maintaining a strong connection with his fans have helped this digital influencer achieve continued success. Here are some of PewDiePie’s most viewed videos:

PewDiePie’s most popular videos are:

1. “Bitch Lasagna”,  2018, 314.324.403 views

One of PewDiePie’s most famous works is his rap song “Bitch Lasagna,” first released in 2018 and racked up an astounding number of views: 314,324,403 and counting! This playful track serves as a witty mockery of its streaming competitor, T-Series.
The witty lyrics highlight his excellent rapping skills while poking fun at T-Series’ weaker performance compared to PewDiePie’s unstoppable reign on YouTube. The catchy chorus repeats his goofy catchphrase, “bitch lasagna,” to humorously portray his rival streamer.
In summary, with this dubbed track, PewDiePie has helped cement his position as YouTube king, able to outdo any competition like a cocky aristocrat at the top.

2. “Congratulations”, 2019, 230.368.149 views

PewDiePie collaborated with Swedish singer Roomie and English artist Boyinaband on a captivating song titled “Congratulations,” which they released independently and brought the accompanying music video to the mainstream world of entertainment via YouTube.
The work was inspired by T-Series becoming the most subscribed channel on YouTube in history, resulting in a moving and soulful performance. With over 230 million views, “Congratulations” remains PewDiePie’s second most viewed music video. However, all is not rosy in the garden, as it was banned from the Indian YouTube audience shortly after its release – along with the artist’s previously released songtrack “Bitch Lasagna.”

3. “I´m not Crazy”, 2016, 132.925.823 views

“I’m Not Crazy,” a Los Angeles- produced video starring PewDiePie and executive produced by Robert Kirkman, is part of a web series. YouTube Red exclusively released the ten-part episode on February 10, 2016. However, only one of them – “Level 7 | I’m Not Crazy (Outlast IRL GamePlay)” – is free content. Unfortunately, anti-Semitic humour in one episode led to outrage among viewers and public reactions that resulted in the cancellation of the series in 2017.

4. “Youtube Rewind 2018”, 86.426.183 views

After much criticism of YouTube’s Rewind 2018 video launch, popular YouTuber PewDiePie took matters into his own hands and responded with an amusing parody. This humorous clip compiled highlights from famous memes and videos created throughout the year. To everyone’s amazement, the video reached almost 40 million views within just a week of being uploaded. It ended up with high popularity ratings among the best non-music videos on the platform.

PewDiePie on Social Media

PewDiePie’s enthusiastic online persona extends far beyond YouTube – his followers can connect with him on numerous social media outlets, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He occasionally ventures onto lesser-known channels like Twitch for more personal ways to interact. He eschews polished content and communicates openly while playing games or moderates conversations with fans who want a candid exchange.

PewDiePie on YouTube, 111 M subscribers


Over 111 million subscribers on YouTube is a challenging feat. For PewDiePie, it all started in 2010 when he created his channel and started making gameplay videos for popular titles like “Amnesia: The Dark Descent.” Fans were blown away by how honest and authentic his approach to content was – qualities that many creators are still trying to master today! This, in turn, led to more and more fans seeing how he produced comedy content on his platform without losing what initially drew people to him – pure passion!

By July 2012, he reached one million subscribers, a testament to how much dedication and hard work he put into producing consistent, high-quality, weekly uploads. And that was not all – just two months later, that number doubled to two million subscribers! It was an impressive feat that led to Maker Studios tapping him for their network – proof of an influencer with a broad reach among young viewers.

Successive wins at the Swedish Social Stars Awards further boosted his reputation, peaking after just one year: Nineteen million subscribers. Truly remarkable in every way.

Creator extraordinaire PewDiePie offers his fans something new daily with his official app, developed in collaboration with Maker Studios. This app provides personalized playlists and interactive content full of fun that every fan is looking for.

PewDiePie is known for being one of the most followed content creators in the world. He proved that in 2015 with ten billion channel views and just a few months later with over twelve billion views! His remarkable achievements have made him more than fifty million subscribers worldwide!

He broke the boundaries of YouTube and released his first series called ‘Scare PewDiePie’ in collaboration with YouTube Red. He also developed a video game called “PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist” and wrote “This Book Loves You” in 2015.

His immense influence is not limited to online entertainment, but he has also made his presence felt outside of it! These include the iconic internet shows ” Epic Rap Battles of History” as well as guest appearances on the public radio show “Sommar i P1″,” in movies (A Girl Named Elastika), and even in South Park!

Follow PewDiePie on Youtube to keep up with the latest details about his life, gaming news, and other surprises he organized for his followers:

PewDiePie Youtube

PewDiePie on Instagram, 21.6 M followers


PewDiePie makes it a point to stay in touch with his followers across multiple platforms. Twitter is not enough for him – his Instagram account serves as an additional channel where he offers insights beyond what can be seen in videos. Regular updates range from snapshots capturing moments throughout a day or week, to sneak peeks at new work like collaboration pieces or upcoming projects! Some of the images are humorous, but there are also significant moments interwoven with narratives about life outside of the game, providing unique insights into social media that only those willing to follow through will find interesting.

Follow PewDiePie on Instagram to keep up with the latest news about his personal life:

PewDiePie Instagram

PewDiePie on Facebook, 9.2 M followers


Facebook is more than just a sideshow for PewDiePie when connecting with fans outside of YouTube. With over 9 million followers, this social media giant has become an essential ally for PewDiePie, providing a wealth of information to its users. From announcing new videos to insights into the world behind the camera to personal stories and opinions, his followers have become accustomed to seeing a variety of exciting posts. Even more remarkable, however, is that PewDiePie always retains his brand by diluting the content he shares on YouTube and Facebook – each post reflects the consistent quality for which he is known. His sense of humor brings life to each update, putting fans’ questions at ease and leaving little doubt about why so many people are drawn to PewDiePie on Facebook.

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PewDiePie on Twitter,  530.3K followers


For anyone wishing to stay abreast of all of PewDiePie’s updates and news items, following his Facebook page at may be beneficial. He also counts over 530K followers, tuning into his Twitter presence regularly.

Regretfully Pewdiepie’s Twitter account was temporarily banned for an innocuous prank gone wrong in August of 2016- whereby he joked about removing his symbolically important verification badge from his profile page in jest only due to it being overblown by some people way too seriously.

This led to various parody accounts mindlessly spreading false claims about his association with ISIS and the subsequent loss of said badge due to it. While PewDiePie did play along with the absurd joke for a brief time by claiming that he and another individual were also members, Twitter still saw his comments as the promotion of violent groups- leading to suspended status for his account. Twitter later reviewed these allegations and, in the act of justice, officially overturned his suspension by subsequently reopening his account.

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PewDiePie Twitter

PewDiePie on Twitch, 1.5 M followers


Although less frequent than YouTube uploading schedule demands, stars such as PewDiePie may need to find additional reasons to share elements of their world by live streaming gameplay whenever possible. His followers appreciate this break from typical content format because it lets them connect with him in an unfiltered atmosphere without editing or scripted skits interfering during live broadcasts via Twitch – even if they are not frequent enough for fanatic follower demands regularly awaiting them! Nevertheless, Twitch experienced both familiar & unfamiliar viewer interest during PewDiePie’s unexpected revival onto their platform shortly before being completely removed due to violation of policies.

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PewDiePie Twitch

PewDiePie on Reddit, 3.9 M subscribers


Subsequently, fans appreciate his active engagement on Reddit, which serves as a supplementary platform to connect with fellow admirers across the globe. In this format, PewDiePie frequently participates in AMA sessions alongside his followers, provides sneak previews of upcoming projects, and shares personal updates. Further still, PewDiePie’s prolific interactions with the community extend beyond self-promotion.

He actively supports other creators by endorsing their works, putting their content channels in the spotlight, or sharing humor-filled memes or videos offering entertainment value. By staying connected within these renowned platforms via PewDiePies social media profiles on Reddit and Twitch, fans can glimpse the latest news and happenings in gaming worldwide.

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PewDiePie FAQ

Q: PewDiePie vs. T-Series: What is the rivalry about?

The feud broke out when both channels were in a fierce battle to become the most subscribed platform on YouTube. Popular YouTuber PewDiePiew was the favorite of Indian music video provider T-series. Fans witnessed an epic showdown, with each side trying to outdo the other by getting more subscribers.

Q: What is PewDiePie’s Minecraft playlist all about?

PewDiePie enthusiasts would admit the outstanding quality of his Minecraft runs.

In the playlist, which spans several videos, he shows considerable skill in the unique challenges he completes in the game’s immersive landscapes. In addition to pure survival, Pewdiepie often excels at unusually creative builds incorporating humorous nuances and architectural details.

The Minecraft playlist has given viewers worldwide an exciting glimpse into PewDiepie’s ability to entertain in gaming media – as evidenced by his over 100 million subscribers, making him the biggest star on YouTube today.

Q: What is the connection between PewDiePie and Dr. Phil?

They collaborated on a series of videos in which Pewdiepie shared his reaction and opinion while watching episodes of the popular talk show hosted by Dr. Phil himself. These clips quickly became a fan favourite with his signature humorous approach that is both amusing and sometimes insightful!

Q: Does PewDiePie have a song?

Absolutely – in 2018, the famous YouTuber released a playful tune called “Bitch Lasagna” as a lighthearted response to the heated competition for the most subscribed channel on the platform fought between him and T-Series.

Q: What is the controversy surrounding PewDiePie and the use of the N-word?

Specifically, while playing video games on a live streaming platform, PewDiePie used an extremely derogatory term. This act led to a flood of adverse reactions from society and drew heavy criticism against him for using such inappropriate language.

Q: What is PewDiePie’s current subscriber count?

Sources say the famous YouTuber has tremendous support, with over 111 million subscribers.

Q: Did PewDiePie play Amnesia?

PewDiePie became famous on the video platform YouTube for his entertaining Let’s Play videos for the scary game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. His witty and authentic reactions to the game’s moments of terror attracted a large following and boosted his popularity.

Q: How did PewDiePie react to the “Congratulations” video?

In response to T-Series briefly surpassing him in subscribers last year, PewDiePie released a satirical video titled “PewDiePie Congratulations” He playfully poked fun at T-Series and its followers while acknowledging their competitive dynamic.

The overall tone of the video remained lighthearted.

Q: Was PewDiePie ever in YouTube rewind?

The question of whether or not PewDiePie has ever appeared in a YouTube rewind can lead to an exciting conversation.

His connection to this annual tradition is complicated and complex. Initially, he had played a significant role in previous versions that came out each year until 2018, when there were complaints that he needed to be included. As usual, our hero has prevailed by rewinding another video for himself, offering viewers something new while demonstrating his dynamic personality and talent!

Q: Did PewDiePie have a Super Bowl ad?

Can it be confirmed if there was a Super Bowl commercial starring PewDiePie?

As far as I know, as of September 2021, there has yet to be an official collaboration between the two companies. There are speculations or conjectures about the possible advertising participation of the famous gamer – but nothing has been verified so far. PewDiePie first became known for his humorous Let’s Play videos, in which his authentic and often hilarious reactions to horror games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Happy Wheels appealed to viewers around the world and made him a famous YouTube personality.

PewDiePie’s wide range of content now includes more than just games! He has added various forms such as meme reviews, collaborations with other YouTubers and celebrities, and catchy satirical music like “Bitch Lasagna.” His ability to adapt constantly provides a stimulating experience for viewers while remaining relevant in the dynamic environment of online entertainment.

Despite the controversies he has faced throughout his career, from humble beginnings to current success, he has raised awareness of pressing issues and supported various charitable causes to leave a positive social impact.


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