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MrBeast Wikis, Net Worth, Family, Bio, Social Media & More

MrBeast is the popular nickname of Jimmy Donaldson on YouTube, whose videos have made him an Internet sensation for generously gifting unknown people with substantial sums of money and conducting extravagant experiments that require significant financial resources.

He is currently the most subscribed YouTuber, and he is celebrating his 25th birthday by hosting a $50,000 sweepstakes for his devoted fans. Since childhood, Jimmy has spent more than half of his life sitting in front of screens and creating online content. He was already successful by the time he was 12 and out of college, rising to immense fame in recent years, gaining over 155 million subscribers.

About MrBeast


Born on May 7th, 1998, in Greenville, North Carolina, MrBeast has become one of America’s most prominent YouTubers today. His parents are Stephen Donaldson – an entrepreneur- and his mother- a homemaker, while he also has an elder brother famous for his presence on Youtube, CjTheseDays (previously known as MrBro). Presently living in Raleigh- also in N.C.- he calls home to a cozy house intricately furnished to create an aesthetic with TV studios where he brings content creation magic into reality.

At age twenty-five, Jimmy stands tall at 1.91 meters while weighing eighty-seven kilograms. MrBeast experienced health complications throughout childhood, culminating in sickness leading to excruciating pain, losing 13 kg in one summer.

When he was in ninth grade, Jimmy was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

Since then, he has managed his condition with medication and a specific diet. Despite the challenges, he has still built a successful career as a YouTuber.

It was challenging – it took him four years of experimentation to find the perfect approach to attract subscribers. The solution was an entertaining series of videos called “Worst intros,” where Jimmy critiques and highlights the most humorous and ridiculous introductions made by fellow YouTubers. The series proved incredibly popular, earning him 30,000 subscribers in just a few months. During his career growth, Jimmy faced an important decision regarding his education. Although he enrolled at university, he quickly realized it wasn’t for him and withdrew after two weeks.

Previously diagnosed with Crohn’s disease while attending Greenville Christian Academy, he briefly attended East Carolina University before deciding it wasn’t the right path. Despite this setback, Jimmy’s family supported his decision to focus on YouTube full-time by allowing him to move away from home and pursue his dream career. In 2017 Jimmy embarked on an ambitious project – counting from 0 to 100,000 – which ultimately resulted in a 24-hour video that has since had impressive success on YouTube with over 25 million views! He even went on to count from 0 to 200k as well.

Jimmy’s determination has paid off in many ways – not only through his popular videos but also his ability to manage Crohn’s disease while pursuing his passions!

MrBeast – Personal life


At the moment MrBeast is not in any public or known relationship. However, he did date YouTuber Maddy Spidell in June 2019. You may have caught glimpses of her on some of MrBeasts videos like “Surprising My Girlfriend with 100,000 Roses for Valentine’s Day,” “Adopting ALL the Dogs from a Dog Shelter,” and “Spending 50 Hours in Solitary Confinement. “

However, rumors are circulating that MrBeast has a new sweetheart! Her name is Thea Booysen- an ambitious blogger and writer who studied Law and Psychology at the University of Edinburgh.

Currently residing in South Africa, MrBeast must embark on an over thirty-hour-long journey to meet with her! An opportunity finally arose when Thea’s close friends organized a party- where their paths met, and they instantly hit it off! Some fans can even describe their encounter as full-blown love at first sight!

MrBeast – Net Worth


MrBeast, adored by many for his quickly growing channel on YouTube, has earned himself a net worth close to $100 million, with various sources citing slightly different amounts due to unequal asset distribution. Unverified reports in January 2023 speculate his net worth is closer to the $25 million mark. However, these figures still need to be officially confirmed.

Undoubtedly a successful content creator with annual profits upwards of $40 million from his main channel alone — MrBeast has ambitiously invested some of his wealth in launching MrBeast Burger, which operates in multiple countries across the globe, such as the US, Mexico, Canada, UK, and UAE to name a few.

Despite Donaldson only being 22 years old at launch and requiring support initially, he now seeks greater autonomy while holding just a 4% stake for sales in 2021, generating revenue up to three million dollars.

It’s been noticed over recent years that a young person hailing from Wichita, Kansas, has invested in many unconventional properties situated near Greenville, North Carolina. Information sourced through Kotaku indicates that this individual has dreamed about making this move for nearly half a decade. At the same time, he’s already spent roughly about two million euros so far! Known popularly as MrBeast, the earnings through adverts on YouTube alone generate no less than three million dollars each month for him.

It’s estimated that he pulls anywhere between $76,900 to $ 1.2 million per month – an annual earning of around twelve million dollars for his combined YouTube channels! Additionally, the management of other media, such as MrBeast Gaming, or even catering to Hispanic markets via his primary Spanish-speaking channel (with twenty-three million subscribers) can be ensured by him with ease, given his expertise.

A typical way to earn revenue among YouTubers would be by conducting brand sponsorships where companies are looking for videos featuring content creators and their target audience connecting with similar principles. Those wanting maximum impact with their ads should undoubtedly take advantage of partnering with MrBeast – considering the minimum viewership numbers he receives on his videos, i.e., seventy-five million people! His way of creating content aims intentionally at capturing attention in this modern age – something most appreciated by the world today.

MrBeast Most Watched Videos

As young as thirteen, Jimmy Donaldson debuted on Youtube with initial videos under the banner ‘MrBeast6000’ more than ten years back. His remarkable success now makes him an immensely popular figure in social media circles. To add to that feat, MrBeast presently boasts of being crowned as the most lucrative content creator worldwide – a title that comes with bountiful wealth and fame.

1. “$456,000 Squid Game in Real Life”, 2021, 426.933.122 views

The buzz around YouTuber MrBeast’s incredible real-life adaptation of “Squid Game” refuses to wane, with impressive figures totaling over 327 million views. The online creator managed to recreate key features from Netflix’s famous series while integrating his twist by pitting nearly half a thousand people against each other for a payday worth $456,000 – earning top billing among his most-watched videos ever recorded on YouTube history!

Notably, these views significantly contributed towards MrBeast accumulating a great treasury worth over $183.12 million.

2. “I Spent 50 Hours in Solitary Confinement”, 2020, 268.086.142 views

Perhaps one of the most courageous decisions during such uncertain times as those brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak was that made by MrBeast when he embarked on spending two full days alone – no phone calls or human interaction – inside solitary confinement for arguably personal growth reasons.

He continued by adding one condition: stepping out before time would result in getting drenched from top-to-bottom in yucky slime, which was no easy feat. But thanks to his perseverance and tenacity, this documentary has now been watched over 221 million times and made a whopping $123.76 million in revenue – proving once again the resilience of the human spirit when tested beyond its limits.

3. “I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive”, 2021, 260.033.769 views

MrBeast is no stranger to outrageous stunts that captivate his massive following. One such stunt involved him willingly being buried alive in a coffin for an astounding 50 hours – something he admits was rather foolish in retrospect.

However, his fans were thoroughly entranced by this spectacle and tuned in en masse resulting in over 222 million views and approximately $124.32 million earned by MrBeast.

4. “Press This Button to Win $100,000”, 249.370.798 views

One of MrBeast’s remarkable YouTube achievements comes from his “red button” challenge video that collected millions of viewers and substantial profits. In this video, he prods his close circle to endure a series of quirksome and eccentric challenges once they press the infamous red button, with the ultimate reward being a $100,000 cash prize. The video has been viewed over 211 million times, reaping a minimum of $118.16 million.

MrBeast on Social Media

Only some creators can match MrBeast’s (Jimmy Donaldson) success regarding engaging content. His reputation for producing quality videos and giving back to the community has made him one of the most celebrated YouTubers in recent years. People love what he does based on his tremendous following across multiple social media platforms.

MrBeast on YouTube


Regarding becoming renowned on YouTube, incorporating game-changing concepts and combining them with significant sum finances & fun challenges may prove worth it, at least according to Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, who has managed to accomplish impressive milestones on the platform. The MrBeast channel started in 2012 when Donaldson began uploading his homemade creations under his alias name, initially without audio but gradually improving into viral-worthy content worth following – earning him a subscription fan base of over 10k. By choosing early freedom and wholeheartedly embracing his love for online broadcasting in 2016, he took a significant leap of faith that reaped great rewards for himself and his community.

Throughout his journey as a YouTuber, MrBeast’s approach has always been centered around originality and entertainment, with no intention of following the crowd. Having a distinctive methodology combined with natural charisma has allowed him to create an authentic style that continually leaves viewers astonished.

Recently, MrBeast has drawn some attention after recreating popular challenges based on Netflix’s “Squid Game.” About 456 participants joined him for these tasks while competing for massive prize money of $456 thousand, which presently boasts close to 426 million views on YouTube.

Despite what many may think about MrBeast’s character and financial management skills as portrayed in some of his videos – which often involve bizarre ideas like being buried underground for hours or repeated visits to fast-food chains – there is more than meets the eye when it comes to him behind-the-scenes showing himself as a committed young philanthropist focused on tackling world hunger head-on!

For instance, only last Thanksgiving Day this year alone saw him share over ten thousand frozen turkeys as gifts, readily available to anyone unable to afford their family’s meal! Furthermore, some of his videos portray him tipping delivery drivers up to $10k for their services.

Check out MrBeast on Youtube for updates on his latest challenges and contests organized with his followers:

MrBeast Youtube

MrBeast on Instagram


It’s hard to ignore the sheer magnitude of the following that pop culture titan MrBeast commands on his Instagram platform – boasting over thirty-eight million followers. He continues to add millions more every month, as was the case again just recently when he acquired an additional twelve point four million dedicated fans within the blink of an eye!

What’s incredible, too, is how engaged his followers are, clocking in at around eleven percent overall – almost unheard of compared to other well-known figures online! Each post gathers huge numbers, upwards of three point one million likes, and comment sections averaging around fifteen point seven thousand remarks. MrBeast concentrates on content bursting with energy, using rich, up-to-date comedy; pure fun; and setting the joyous tone for his audience – with some informative material thrown in occasionally for good measure.

Follow MrBeast on Instagram to keep up with the latest news:

MrBeast Instagram

MrBeast on Facebook


You can access one of YouTube’s biggest showstoppers into his views on the world by following MrBeast’s Facebook page, which has amassed over 12 million faithful followers – it’s a must-visit! The page brings an array of exciting content featuring signature philanthropic challenges, extravagant giveaways, and enthralling stunts that promise not to disappoint.

While most viewers may know him as an online sensation renowned for his creativity and cheekiness, there’s plenty more you can discover through his behind-the-scenes photos or videos, providing unparalleled insight into how it all comes together.

Additionally, fans will receive opportunities to interact with him via comments and replies, furthering a personalized experience. In line with this appreciation for community engagement lies the inspiration in recurring charity-related posts that aim at empowering individuals to act in ways beneficial towards their localities’ wellbeing. MrBeasts fans stand tall as people who support each other towards progress; It’s a noble community worth investing in if you desire positive change.

Follow MrBeast on Facebook to keep up with the latest news:

MrBeast Facebook

MrBeast on TikTok


With philanthropic challenges, generous giveaways, and entertaining stunts featuring friends with a humorous twist at its core MrBeast has made quite a name for himself. He strives for brevity in his typically short yet electric TikTok videos, which are meant to engage viewers immediately.

From highlights of prior YouTube episodes or sneak peeks into upcoming challenges along with exclusive behind-the-scenes content, he produces top-notch material on the app by using its innovative tools while staying hip with current trends aimed at both entertainment value and inspiring audiences alike by keeping them electrified through relatable stories shared with them daily already reaching an overwhelming 82.5-million-strong following leading the pack of tens of millions as well as amassing up to an astounding 796-million-plus like!

Follow MrBeast on TikTok for all the latest news you won’t find anywhere else:

MrBeast TikTok

MrBeast on Twitter


MrBeast is also known for his tweets, which often feature humor, passion, and even motivational wisdom.

He continually champions positivity, kindness, and the significance of lending a hand to others. Moreover MrBeast uses his Twitter page to shine the light on charitable organizations or bring attention to different matters that concern his large following of over 20.6 M followers.

For the latest updates make sure to follow MrBeast on Twitter:

MrBeast Twitter

MrBeast on Twitch


May 13th marked the creation of MrBeast’s successful Twitch account around seven years ago. He has amassed a significant following of up to 126,989 followers since then. This platform provides ample opportunities for live streaming and engaging with audiences through chat interactions – attributes that content creators like MrBeast consistently leverage during live gaming sessions or events.

Follow MrBeast on Twitch to keep up with his latest gaming uploads:

MrBeast Twitch

MrBeast – FAQ

Q: Is Morgz copying MrBeast?

Morgz has faced accusations of mimicking MrBeast regarding his content style and subject matter.

It should be acknowledged that comparable trends are common in online entertainment. How one perceives Morgz as copying or being influenced by MrBeast depends on individual interpretation.

Q: Who Is Going To Mrbeast’s Battle Royale?

The exceptional video compilation spotlights grandiose competitive events modeled with inspiration from a battle royale format. Diverse challengers will undertake various tests with one goal: remaining the ultimate survivor and winning an abundant monetary compensation generously provided by their illustrious host.

Q: What is “Last to Leave” in MrBeast’s videos?

If you’re familiar with MrBeast’s videos, “Last to Leave” may sound like a familiar phrase.

This recurring challenge requires participants to endure challenging scenarios and stay put until only one contestant is left in the selected location or they successfully finish an assigned job before anyone else does. Winning usually comes with financial gains and sometimes even high-value rewards for participants who remain at that last moment of completion.

Q: What is MrBeast’s outro song?

Although he has used various songs throughout his video career, “Sneaky Snitch” by Kevin MacLeod stands out as one that frequently appears during the conclusions of MrBeasts episodes. The piece boasts a lively and memorable melody that infuses energy and good spirits into these segments. Consequently, it has almost become synonymous with MrBeast’s brand name, earning recognition as his signature outro tune.

Q: Does MrBeast play Fortnite?

One can confirm that MrBeast plays the widely acclaimed Fortnite game while collaborating with other famous YouTubers and streamers in his videos.

It is crucial to acknowledge that MrBeast isn’t limited to just Fortnite as he covers diverse themes spanning several challenges.

Q: What are MrBeast’s “Worst Intros” videos about?

In these videos, he brings a light-hearted approach to critiquing the introduction sequences of various YouTube channels. He comments on it all, from overused effects to addressing excessive energy levels or clichéd catchphrases! This unique blend of entertainment and feedback is an excellent way for him to connect with his audience through humor and thoughtful insight.

Q: What are MrBeast’s “24 Hours” challenges?

Essentially, these epic endeavors center around challenging individuals or groups to stay engaged with a particular undertaking/ locale without breaking focus- for an entire day! These grueling experiences often occur in unorthodox locations and involve encountering various tests of endurance and resilience. The goal is not only to challenge oneself but to captivate viewers with intriguing, thrilling, and fun content.

Q: What are MrBeast’s “Life Hacks” videos?

Occasionally, he publishes informative clips that share valuable tips and ingenious solutions for everyday issues. The objective is clear-cut: offer practical advice and unconventional ideas for everyday situations many individuals encounter. Watching these clips could help users learn new ways of managing daily life struggles effectively.

Without question, MrBeast reigns supreme as one of YouTube’s most prominent figures today thanks to his captivating content and innovative methodology. As a YouTuber, he boasts a highly successful track record with significant follower counts on top of remarkable financial accomplishments – all fueled by delivering entertainment value alongside meaningful messages within each video created for all viewers.

Through activities like philanthropic endeavors or presenting unprecedented challenges for others’ enjoyment (and benefit), this individual proves time after time just how powerful platforms like YouTube can be when used correctly – leaving no doubt about their potential for creating positive social change with continued efforts.


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