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Like Nastya – Age, Net Worth, Family, Social Media

Like Nastya has captured hearts worldwide through enriching content graced with infectious energy and imaginative playfulness, children (and parents) can’t get enough of her content!

With various thrilling trips to Legoland and Disney parks – fun-filled DIY crafts – interactive educational games – captivating skits – Like Nastya’s channel offers plenty of engaging opportunities suited for kids. Viewers eagerly anticipate each new video release from this much-loved figure.

The unique appeal that sets her apart from other YouTubers is her family involvement in most videos- creating a charming touch that resonates with viewers globally. It’s no wonder she holds such a special place in viewers’ hearts across the globe!

In this SEO article exploring Like Nastya’s worlds- we explore various aspects ranging from personal moments–family happenings–activity on social platforms like Instagram or TikTok – all while dissecting how much she makes from advertising revenue earned through YouTube.

Let our journey take us into the magical world of creativity and excitement as we explore the life and channels loved by all: Like Nastya!

About Like Nastya


Like Nastya is a YouTube sensation that chronicles the adventures of young Anastasia Radzinskaya and her family, with touching content that captures moments like playing with toys or family outings and learning new activities.

Despite her tender age, Anastasia is a globally recognized name. 

In 2016, when she was just two years old, the YouTube channel experienced explosive growth, resulting in tremendous popularity for her real-life content. This inspired Anastasia’s parents to work with sponsors who provided products for Nastya to unwrap in her videos, particularly toys that became staples.

Restrictions in Russia led to income limitations and range restrictions, prompting Anna and Serguey to move to Florida, where they purchased a beautiful mansion that served as their base for producing videos about Nastasia’s life, in which she enthusiastically interacted with her parents, bounced in inflatables, took memorable vacations, and attended school.

In 2018, Anna and Serguey signed an agreement with Yoola. This entertainment company provides content translation services in ten languages (including Spanish), among other mediation functions such as conflict resolution or communication/optimization for advertisers. According to Forbes, Anastasia ranks third among YouTubers, with an estimated annual income of $18 million.

Like Nastya – Personal life


The entertainment industry is abuzz with Nastya – also known as Anastasia Radzinskaya – whose remarkable existence began in the Krasnodar region of southwestern Russia. Born on January 27, 2014, to Anna and Yuri Radzinskaya, Natsya stood out for her inspiring story of overcoming adversity.

She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, but this didn’t faze her determined parents. They embarked on an exciting new journey, documented on the social media platform YouTube, where followers could track Natsya’s progress. Thanks to their dedication to closely following the doctors’ treatment recommendations before returning home after hospitalization, including paying particular attention to diet and weight management, as well as ensuring an appropriate muscle training regimen while taking into account nerve dysfunction, etc., little Natsya stands tall today, without any symptoms of cerebral palsy.


Nastya’s family utilized a camera as a therapeutic strategy to help her interact effectively with others, resulting in vlog-style recordings with her parents. This creative move inadvertently laid an excellent foundation for Nastya’s future success on social media platforms without her even realizing it!

Over time, her inner circle showed a growing interest in Anastasia’s story, which led her to create a “Like Nation” platform to organize all video content, which led to more inspiration for many viewers.

Before they became popular on Youtube, Sergey Radzinskaya had run a construction company with about 20 employees, and Anna ran her bridal salon; both were successful entrepreneurs. After Nastya’s Youtube channel gained millions of subscribers, the couple wisely decided to close their businesses and focus solely on managing Anastasia’s accounts – a decision that paid off, as Nastya’s channel became one of the most sought-after channels on Youtube, with billions of views and a considerable following.

Nastya’s success has brought her fame and fortune and allowed the family to spend extra time since they have only one child and no siblings.

Like Nastya – Net Worth


One person whose name is synonymous with social media success is Anastasia Radzinskaya, aka Nastya. Her achievements on YouTube have earned her an estimated value of about $320 million so far, which says a lot about her influence in this field.

Through hard work and consistency on her channel, “Like Nastya,” she has received numerous lucrative opportunities, such as brand associations and collaborations, that have catapulted her even further into fame.

Like Nastya’s Most Watched Videos

Like Nastya is an exemplary example of a children’s channel on YouTube. The wide range of videos covers fun and entertainment interests while providing valuable knowledge about the early stages of development. Here are some highly acclaimed YouTube videos from Like Nastya that will pique your child’s interest:

1. Nastya and papa sleeping at farm sheep Family fun trip (2018), 934.703.748 views

“Nastya and Papa Sleeping at Farm Sheep Family Fun Trip” is a valuable addition to “Like Nastya,” which has reached more than 934 million views since its upload.

This captivating video shows young Nastya on an unforgettable adventure trip with her beloved father. We witness festive activities with the cute duo, like feeding cute little lambs or participating in sheep herding practice sessions! The two have spent much time together, resulting in a heartwarming, relatable story that draws viewers in.

2. Nastya and dad open boxes with surprises to learn the alphabet (2020), 862.237.618 views

Through a creative video concept titled “Nastya and Papa open boxes of surprises to learn the alphabet,” parents are offered an exciting way to teach their children the letters in a fun way comprehensively.

In this viral YouTube video from 2020, viewed over 862 million times worldwide, we see Natsya and her dad exploring numerous objects in various surprise boxes that directly correspond to individual letters of the alphabet.

As a bonus, viewers can witness the energetic pronunciation of the words associated with each letter – engaging educational content.

3. Nastya and a compilation of new series about friends (2019), 843.327.155 views

In the many episodes of the video, Nastya and her friends show several innovative games. Young viewers enjoy watching all of the segments since each one has a distinct plot and topic that attracts their attention and creativity.

The variety due to the composition contributes to their popularity, because it appeals to individual tastes at different levels during the adventurous moments with Nastya.

4. Nastya Plays Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Haul (2019), 817.140.802 views

Join Natsya on her enchanting journey of discovery during this year’s Halloween event as she embarks on a ‘trick-or-treat” adventure! With plenty of grace permeating every second of her stroll, she is dressed in traditional yet adorable Halloween costumes. She is lucky enough to encounter generous people who share their bags of candy profusely with their charming guests during this stroll that lights up the audience’s engagement the entire time!

Witness it yourself as you capture this epic moment in which she shows – with absolute joy – all her collected goodies, enriching moments of colossal excitement, and an unyielding smile.

Like Nastya on Social Media

On various social media sites, Like Nastya has excellent influence – thanks to the loyal fan base of the famous YouTuber. She not only diligently produces attention-grabbing content for her YouTube medium,

Nastya is also active on other interactive platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.

She can effectively engage with a large crowd by maintaining connections across multiple channels while creating a comprehensive internet identity.

Like Nastya on YouTube, 105 M subscribers


Anastasia develops diversified, kid-friendly content on her YouTube channel (one of the most subscribed platforms), combining educational entertainment with songs, unboxing segments, and role-playing games that are appreciated by kids everywhere!

Her work stands out because of the multilingual aspect, where content is dubbed into numerous languages (German, Arabic, etc.) for kids worldwide to enjoy!

The subscriber numbers of all seven channels combined give an estimated total of around 250 million followers! She has an impressive online presence with more than 88 and 32 million subscribers for her English ‘Like Nastya’ channel and Spanish channel, respectively – with billions of views – and retains exclusive rights for future creations -and will subsequently develop her products.

Follow Like Nastya on YouTube so you don’t miss any of her educational videos dedicated to children worldwide:

Nastya YouTube

Like Nastya on Instagram, 597K followers


Over 579,000 fans on Instagram alone show that Anastasia’s unique lifestyle sells itself. The privileged adventurer flies through the skies in private jets and stays in five-star hotels. She also maintains endorsement deals through collaborations with toy brands like Nastya, which are exclusive enough for her.

Her eclectic account ‘Like Nastya’ features snippets from a range of experiences, topped off with fun outings and home life shots that showcase special moments with her loved ones that are too precious not to share online. Follow Anastasia for even more entertainment as she constantly updates you via Like Nastya.

Follow Like Nastya on Instagram so you don’t miss any of her content related to her life and experiences –

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Like Nastya on Facebook, 321K followers


Undoubtedly, Anastasia Radzinskaya has become an Internet sensation, followed by millions of viewers watching the “Like Nastya YouTube Channel” because of her impressive stories dealing with children’s educational progress. A visit to Anastasia’s official Facebook page is highly recommended to get a glimpse of this social influencer’s adventurous life journey.

Here, fans can enjoy a wide range of social media: Videos that inspire laughter with their quirkiness, photos of fun moments like dress-up games, and educational updates that impart wisdom to those who want to learn more daily!

Follow Like Nastya on Facebook to keep up with her educational activities and family moments:

Nastya Facebook

Like Nastya on TikTok, 7.1 M followers


Like Nastya has become a household name with an immense following of 7.1 million on TikTok! Her video content offers a perfect balance of fascinating daily adventures, entertaining skits full of creativity, first-hand educational insights, light-hearted family interactions, and leisure activities perfect for spending time together.

The fascination with Natsya’s posts lies mainly in their fast pace and intriguing premise. Fans can expect each video to contain insightful information delivered in easy-to-understand and memorable formats. The added appeal lies in that Like Nastya gives prevalent challenges or trends their personal touch, making them even more unique and entertaining.

Follow Like Nastya on TikTok, so you don’t miss any short videos about her adventures and playful interactions:

Nastya TikTok

Like Nastya – FAQ


Q: Who is “Like Nastya”?

Essentially, “Like Nastya” is a sought-after YouTube channel that captures Anastasia Ridzkinskaya’s everyday adventures, educational sessions, and recreational activities in captivating videos.

Q: What is Like Nastya’s IND?

It refers to “Like Nastya Industries,” which is most likely used to describe its brand or business endeavors.

Q: What is the connection between Like Nastya and ABC?

ABC’s interest in Like Nastya’s content stems from her expertise in ABC.

Her video series on this topic demonstrates her exceptional ability to make the alphabet exciting and easy to understand for young viewers. ABC has found a valuable partner in spreading early literacy by working with Like Nastya.

Q: Is there a collaboration between Johny, Johny, Yes Papa, and Like Nastya?

In fact, Like Nastya and the famous nursery rhyme character have teamed up to produce videos showcasing their talents together.

Q: Does Like Nastya enjoy swimming?

Absolutely. She has posted numerous videos on her YouTube channel capturing her adventures in the water and activities in the pool.

Q: Is there a “Like Nastya” song?

It is confirmed that numerous melodies connect with the brand “Like Nastya.” The artist Nastya has personally composed several songs and recorded them visually. You can visit YouTube or other audio services to access these sonorous tidbits.

Q: Is Like Nastya Russian?

She is indeed of Russian descent, born and raised in Russia. She creates and shares content in different languages, preferring her native Russian.

Q: Does Like Nastya have videos about dolls?

Of course, Like Nastya presents a series of videos featuring puppets and their captivating, imaginative play. Here you can see dolls dressing up and telling stories with various adorable doll characters.

Like Nastya’s influence on YouTube for kids cannot be overlooked. With infectious energy, engaging and imaginative display methods consistently demonstrated on screen to present wholesome yet diverse content, millions of young viewers look nowhere else for a wholesome entertainment experience than Like Nastya’s channel. Footage of Legoland in action, fascinating yet informative visits to Disney parks, and fun videos to play with are just a few examples from Nyasa’s YouTube library, providing educational entertainment that few others can match.

Nastya stimulates her audience’s curiosity through various activities while promoting children’s education and is also at the forefront of this prolific author’s videos, which are shared across YouTube channels worldwide – there are no limits. She curates personalized content necessary to foster creativity, such as reading storybooks aloud, to promote lifelong learning outside strict classrooms or libraries.

Like Nastya’s engaging interactions with her close-knit family stimulate character development in young viewers – a genuine warmth not found anywhere else online: caught directly on the screens of millions of people worldwide. Unsurprisingly, Nastya’s positive values of enthusiasm, sincerity, and connection with her audience make her an icon worthy of emulation and a reliable moral guide for children.

Just like Nastya, any child around the world looking for a YouTube channel that inspires, teaches, and entertains at the same time has now achieved cult status. The content she presents with her liveliness reflects our discoveries in seemingly mundane situations, which sometimes become life lessons worth absorbing while addressing gratifying emotional concepts.


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