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Corinna Kopf Bio, Net Worth, Age, Family, Social Media & More

Corinna Kopf is widely known in social media circles as a talented influencer whose star continued to rise after she became an Instagram model and became a YouTuber while remaining successful on both fronts.

Her collaboration with popular YouTuber David Dobrik has cemented her place in the digital world, as have other collaborations that have helped boost commercial projects and follower counts across all platforms. In the YouTube community, she is very close to Tana Mongeau. Corinna’s versatile creative range is evident in narrative segments or sophisticated content that appeals to viewers who appreciate this genre the most.

Corinna Kopf Biography


Corinna Kopf was born in Palatine, Illinois, on December 1, 1995. Her German heritage is reflected in her fluency in the language. While most of her family resides in the Midwest, specifically Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri, Corinna decided to explore her options outside her home state.

While in school, she served as a nanny in Malibu but eventually decided to give up her education and pursue a career in social media. Currently, Corinna works as a personal assistant to Taylor Caniff. An argument between the two attracted much attention on social media earlier this year; treating everyone with respect and dignity is essential.

She originally wanted to be a veterinarian before turning to social media full-time. Her biggest fear is losing consciousness and going under. She dreams of having four children: Carter, Sadie, Hudson, and Everest. Her great passion for traveling has led Corinna to want to experience many cultures worldwide; Australia is at the top of her list as her desired destination. Tattoos and piercings pique Corinna’s interest; eight piercings adorn her body, including chandeliers on each earlobe, three more in different places on each ear, and one on her belly button.

Four tattoos have sentimental value for her: J.Nash is tattooed on her inner lips, while David’s Vlogs can be found on Corinna’s right middle finger, dedicated to her YouTube colleague David Dobrik. Another tattoo adorns an ace of hearts on Corinna’s wrist, solely as inspiration from life experiences. Shane Dawson is someone she likes to look up to among YouTubers, as he embodies redefinition despite his struggles on the road to success. At the same time, KKandbabyJ remains at the top of her favorite family-based vlog channels.

Her upbringing has been nothing short of love and support within a complete family unit that stands by her as she continues on her journey. Since she was young, Corinna’s ambition was to become famous and gain public renown, a relentlessly pursued goal.

Since 2016 on YouTube and 2015 on Instagram, Corinna has had a fascinating online journey sharing her life moments with her followers. Her first Instagram post featured a gorgeous sunset and an emotional caption about the world. Her followers’ impressions grew as she shared many pictures that quickly caught people’s attention.

Corinna’s digital footprint features moments of grace, from traveling worldwide to sharing beautiful moments with friends. She has a good eye for stunning aesthetics and vibrant colors in most of the images featured on her site. However, she can also come up with some stunning candid shots to balance the mix!

In addition to attending school, she ventured into social media via Twitter in 2011 and opened her Instagram account the following year. Corinna has achieved remarkable milestones: to date, she has over 2.6 million followers on Twitter and more than 6.5 million fans on Instagram.

Engaging with Corinna’s content is effortless, as she effortlessly exudes polite charm and a relaxed demeanor that translates well offline! In YouTube circles, her personality is universally praised as authentic and engaging – charmingly gentle yet straightforward, like an old friend.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety since childhood, Corinna knows firsthand the importance of raising awareness of mental health issues to manage them effectively.

Corinna believes that people who respond to celebrities are less interested in curated appearances or generalized personalities – honesty and transparency create stronger bonds. For this reason, she shares true stories, including candid reflections with lip service, to keep the communication channels between the online world and the in-person space intact!

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the outstanding fashion collection of her brand Pouty Girl, which includes a trendy assortment ranging from bras and panties to caps and hair ties; the sold-out merchandise reflects retail success in no small measure. It is worth noting that this thriving online retail business provides the Internet influencer turned gamer with an additional source of income that allows her to expand her financial activities even further.

Corinna Kopf’s reputation as an influential social media star precedes itself, with numerous followers spanning various online communities in the millions collectively. Despite expanding onto the live-streaming platform through Facebook specifically, she continues engaging with audiences via other channels frequently, such as before, while demonstrating immense loyalty towards those who’ve aided in building up such esteem for her brand over time. We congratulate Corinna on her successes and wish her the best in all future endeavors.

Corinna Kopf Net Worth


Corinna Kopf has an estimated net worth of approximately $10 million as of October 2022, resulting from adept engagement across diverse online platforms in different social networks. Her income streams come mainly from high-yielding personal accounts ranging from brand sponsorships across various brands’ platforms, including compelling compensated posts across different social mediums amongst other channels like Youtube monetization advertising revenues plus live streaming tips and donations.

She remains famously known as ‘the pouty girl’ across talk boards and forums online due to the engaging sessions she posts on her accounts.

At the end of 2019, Corinna’s net wealth was around $400,000. Social Blade data showed that Corinna earns between $23 and $373 per month through AdSense, which increased significantly based on engagements and deals negotiated through various online platforms. Net Worth Spot posits that considering her Instagram following of more than six million followers, estimating her revenue from this platform is approximately $3.87 million.

Corinna’s eye-popping success story took on another level after debuting on OnlyFans, where she reportedly earned an unthinkable one million within the initial 48 hours of launch, making it a massive hit. The revenue surpassed a mind-boggling $4.2 million within one month through OnlyFans alone.

Her success trajectory can be linked to stunning content creation beforehand, even before venturing into NSFW content creation, as she recently did. In addition to impressive income figures, now Colloquially dubbed a “millionaire,” Corinna enjoys luxury giveaways for fans while acquiring high-end fleet purchases such as owning seven Lamborghinis.

Corinna Kopf Age


Born on December 1st of ’95, Corinna Kopf grew up as a bright young star with family roots stretching from one end of America’s heartland, where they lived mainly around Illinois, onto newer horizons beyond these borders all over Missouri & Iowa or Wisconsin.

This Sagittarian lady recently turned 28, ready for what’s next while looking back fondly upon those memories formed from age zero through adolescence amidst constant relocation within this varied geographic region spanning America’s Midwest.

Having settled and established roots now in Los Angeles – an exciting city with endless career opportunities – we can’t wait to see what this strong-willed influencer will do next!

Corinna Kopf Height


One cannot ignore the allure surrounding Corinna Kopf – from her striking appearance to her captivating personality, everything about her is enchanting. With an hourglass silhouette featuring remarkable body measurements of approximately thirty-four-twenty-six-thirty-four inches, she stands tall at 5.5 feet (165cm or l.m), weighing around 52 kilograms (114 pounds).

With cascading blonde locks embracing the stunning blue eyes that hold a fascinating allure – words do not suffice to describe this exquisite woman’s features!

Corinna Kopf Boyfriend


Corinna Kopf is presently single but has had an exciting romantic journey worth exploring! In the past, she had been dating Toddy Smith – an eminent social media personality and fellow YouTuber – who appeared regularly in captivating snapshots with her that showcased their close bond on various social media platforms. Although there has been no mention or sightings of the couple since 2019, the likelihood of ending was concluded by many publications worldwide.

She embarked on a new chapter in her love life with Turner Tenney – an esteemed member of the widely famous streaming collective FaZe Clan – which became official only after some time had passed. Their first public sighting occurred in December 2018 during a festive gathering where it became clear that sparks were flying!

While it was in March 2019 that they posted pictures depicting their romantic involvement, these photographs captured some magic moments between them. They shared these photos warmly to show everyone how much they mean to each other and create memories along the way! Turner amusingly remarked about his nipples and stature, but everyone could see how happy the two were!

Corinna Kopf Pictures 




Corinna Kopf on Social Media

Corinna Kopf – recognized as one of social media’s leading personalities – has amassed a substantial following since establishing her YouTube channel on June 3rd, 2016. Much of this success came from her Q&A video, her actual YouTube debut.

Although many followers initially credited her appearance to David Dobrik’s prank video, Corinna dispelled the myth and attributed it to a ‘Second Class’ video featuring Jack Dytrych. This prank channel is a business co-owned by Corinna’s friend Jack, who met the socialite via David at a social gathering, where they initiated an immediate friendship. Corinna’s beauty advice and storytelling were well-received by fans and proved popular with a viewership when she talked about her lip-injection mishap. Despite not being part of her original content plans, Corinna took fans’ requests to offer skincare solutions and tips on fashion and beauty.

She has since collaborated on various projects, including challenge videos with notable creators like Liza Koshy, Durte Dom, Nathalie Paris, Zane Hijazi Bruhitszach, Franny Arrieta, Josh Peck, Jason Nash, and Nick Bean. Though speculations about their relationship arose from their videos, her partnership with David stood out among all collaborations.


She has currently crossed over one million subscribers thanks to these incredible collaborations and engaging content. Moreover, it’s remarkable to know that Corinna is expanding her professional portfolio by launching a clothing brand bearing her name. The promotional activities for this newly introduced line are on an e-commerce website called ‘Fanjoy.’

Corinna Kopf on Instagram 


Corinna Kopf became entwined with the world of Instagram while in high school; she did so by sharing original content that kept people hooked. She published her first account on August 18th, 2012, unaware of what was about to come next, a fantastic journey that led Corinna to become a prominent Internet sensation on this platform today!

Her sincere chronicling of daily experiences brought many individuals closer and, as expected, won their hearts over time, attracting large numbers of loyal fans eagerly awaiting fresh, authentic content from her account. She holds an incredible follower count of 6.9 million on Instagram, supported by offering various intriguing visuals such as selfies, travel snapshots, and magnetic modeling snaps, among other mesmerizing materials giving them thrills each time they visit Instagram to see what she’s up to!

View her Instagram page:

Corinna Kopf Instagram

Corinna Kopf on Twitter


Few can deny that since arriving on Twitter in 2011, Corinna Kopf has made an indelible mark on the social networking site unmatched by most other influencers today. Her posts – countless in number – continue to resonate with followers worldwide who are genuinely appreciative of all that she brings to the table. Looking back, one can see how pivotal Twitter played in launching Corinna’s online career – cementing her unique voice and originality for all the world to see. Her growing legion of followers expands tirelessly year after year and currently accounts for more than three-quarters of a million dedicated individuals! Today those numbers have swelled even further: Corinna boasts an excellent fan base numbering up to 2.8 million—each eagerly liking or retweeting every piece of compelling content she puts out there in droves! Don’t get left behind; check out what’s new with Corinna by visiting her Twitter page.

View her Twitter page:

Corinna Kopf Twitter

Corinna Kopf on Onlyfans


When Corinna Kopf joined OnlyFans in June 2021- known for its predominantly explicit content – it caused quite a stir on the internet.

Within 48 hours, she reportedly secured over $1 million soon after becoming a subscriber-based service member. Over one month since its launch, her earnings have surpassed $4.2 million! However, these incredible returns were not entirely surprising due to the provocative content she had previously created before joining this platform – making it apparent that this type of niche audience resonated incredibly well with such material.

With such substantial growth comes multiple perks: generous gifts to fans and an extravagant purchase of Lamborghinis – seven, to be precise! If you want to explore Corinna’s account for yourself.

View her Onlyfans page:

Corinna Kopf Onlyfans

Corinna Kopf on Twitch


Twitch streamer Corinna Kopf has amassed an impressive fan base of one million followers who tune in regularly to watch her play games such as Honey Rush while interacting with her audience. However, building this level of success has come with its share of challenges.

In December 2019, Kopf’s Twitch channel was banned temporarily after a video featuring her in revealing clothing violated platform guidelines.
Despite the controversy, she eventually returned to streaming as usual.

Unfortunately, Kopf’s journey on Twitch hit another snag in May 2022 when she received another suspension for “inappropriate clothing.” However, details are scarce now; it’s clear that Kopf is committed to overcoming obstacles and providing engaging content for her fans.

View her Twitch page:

Corinna Kopf Twitch

Corinna Kopf on YouTube


For those who have not heard from or missed seeing what Corinna had shared before, she didn’t post anything anymore after two years back; however, she previously boasted millions of admirers from a wide range of content such as vlogs, makeup tutorials, and challenge videos. A standout out of her many works would be a jaw-dropping video of her with Liza Koshy.

This piece racked up the highest view on the channel with over 5.85 million views to this date (October 2022) and highlights their talented recreations of portrait sketches and their friend circle.
Then there is the video that comes close behind it regarding views- having been watched over 5.85 million times in total until October- where Corinna took some time to review affordable bathing suits while providing procuring ideas to fans.

Further down, the list of her top picks still includes one showing off her relationship by introducing through the perspective of “boyfriend tags.” This is ranked third among her top four videos, having been viewed around 5.2 million times until October.

Finally, rounding off Corinna’s preferences concludes with Corinna flaunting clothes acquired “in secret” for viewers by someone special who bought them for her, which hasn’t gone unnoticed – racking up over 4.08 million views as well until now!

View her YouTube page:

Corinna Kopf YouTube

Corinna Kopf on TikTok


It’s not often that anyone can capture the attention of millions across social media platforms like Corinna Kopf has on TikTok. Her unique style and relatable presence have garnered a following that currently sits at an impressive 4.7 million people – all eagerly anticipating each new upload from their favourite creator.

Through captivating videos that showcase both creativity and charm, she continues to expand her influence among dedicated fans who appreciate everything she shares with them online each day.

View her TikTok page:

Corinna Kopf TikTok

Corinna Kopf on Facebook


Corinna Kopf’s move from Twitch to Facebook Gaming in 2019 was unexpected, but her Fortnite content on the platform proved to be successful establishing her as a prominent figure in streaming. When her contract with Facebook ended in 2022 she made the transition back to Twitch.

Since then consistent and engaging streams of Just Chatting sessions and Fortnite gameplay have helped her quickly amass a substantial following of over half a million on Amazon’s gaming streaming service.

View her Facebook page:

Corinna Kopf Facebook

Corinna Kopf FAQS

1. How Profitable is Corinna Kopf’s OnlyFans Profile?

Before becoming famous on Twitch, she established herself by expanding her social media presence, including joining Onlyfans. This wise move quickly turned out to be her most lucrative platform.

Additionally, she frequently appeared as a guest on David Dobrik’s highly viewed YouTube channel.

However, what rattled people’s minds was what Dobrik revealed about Corinna Kopf’s financial status- making it public within twenty seconds of speaking. We can assure you that it is shockingly impressive!

In today’s world, we measure our successes by how much we earn, and indeed, but uncommonly, earning one million dollars over an entire lifetime would be deemed an intense accomplishment! Although it seems hard to believe, Corinna achieved that within 48 hours of launching her OnlyFans in 2021. Later, the earnings would continue to grow as she boasted of an astounding $4.2 million earned from the succeeding two months.

2. What explicit content from Corinna Kopf’s OnlyFans account was recently leaked? Can you explain what content from Corinna Kopf’s OnlyFans account has been shared without her consent?

Unfortunately, Ms. Kopf, a respected and popular model within the OnlyFans community, had some of her sensitive material circulated without her knowledge or permission.

This leaked content includes a compilation of sexually suggestive Instagram posts that feature exposed nipples.

3.What action did Corinna Kopf plan to take in response to her subscription-only content, including nude photos?

Former member of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, Corinna Kopf, has recently discussed an unfortunate event – specifically concerning the exposure of nude photos from September 2022 meant exclusively for subscribers on her OnlyFans account by those below the legal age.

Kopf expressed frustration towards these individuals, describing them as “underage imbeciles.” Though later deleting such posts, Kopf revealed plans to take action to find out who leaked this private content and seek compensation.

4. Is a sex tape or a porno video of Corinna Kopf available online?

Reports claim the existence of pornographic videos involving Corinna Kopf on the internet. Regrettably, multiple sources confirm the abundance of said content.

5. What is the presence or involvement of Corinna Kopf on Reddit, a popular online discussion platform?

Corinna Kopf’s presence on Reddit is impressive! The artist regularly communicates with fans by engaging in meaningful discussions on various subreddits while sharing content simultaneously to captivate their attention. Her passion for art drives most of her creative endeavors – be it modeling or captivating imagery created alongside other talented artists – which shows an unwavering tenacity toward achieving artistic expression at its finest! Platforms like OnlyFans & Reddit further allow fans from all over access to connect & view/print out inspiring work while helping Corinna achieve an even further outreach that inspires many.


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