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Mikecrack Wiki – Biography, Age, Weight, Career, Books and Net Worth

Miguel Bernal Montes a.k.a. Mikecrack is an outstanding game-focused content creator who has made a name for himself on YouTube. He was born on March 27 in Madrid, Spain, and turned thirty this year. His notoriety began under the pseudonym “Mikecraft,” which refers primarily to one of his favorite games – Minecraft, for which he is known alongside other greats like Roblox, and whose gameplay he records.

Mikecrack’s primary goal is to engage viewers with intriguing gameplay videos of widely popular video games like Minecraft and Roblox, as well as occasional vlogs on hot topics like Pinturillo, Fortnite Free Fire Fall Guys, and most recently Among Us – a game that is becoming increasingly popular with online communities. He spices things up by occasionally sharing random moments from popular online games on various game themes/narratives, while generously looking back at previous successful RPG series like Dimensiones, which received thunderous applause from fans.

Mikecrack has created a team of prominent YouTubers called #CoMPaS. The team includes El Trollino, Timba Vk, Sparta356, RaptorGamer, RiusPlay, Elmayo97, Invictor, FlexVega, Jon, Acenix, Agapito and others from different countries.

From time to time, they team up to produce entertaining videos that delight their fans. Mikecrack focuses on captivating his audience by creating high-quality content for them. Due to his remarkable success, he has become a notable media personality and has attracted the attention of various media outlets.

He has been nominated three times in a row for the Streamy Awards, an international competition that recognizes excellence in web TV production in the areas of directing, producing, acting and writing. His character is inspired by Adventure Time’s protagonist Jake, who is featured in both the animated videos and his Minecraft skin. In the thumbnails of his previous videos, Jake himself can be seen, which illustrates this connection very well. In one case, he mentioned that Willyrex motivates him and inspires him to record gameplay sessions of the game, which he enjoys a lot.

About Mikecrack

Mikecrack always manages to impress the audience! Under his real name Miguel Bernal Montes, but known worldwide under his pseudonym ‘Mikecrack”, he first appeared on YouTube in 2009, showcasing his outstanding talent for magic tricks. After a long break filled with studies and personal growth. Mikecrack made an impressive comeback to the platform in 2016, playing games – Minecraft is one of his favorite pastimes! His channel flourished under the name ‘Mikecraft’, but was soon completely revamped – and this is how we all got to know the new and improved ‘Mikecrack’

His hard work paid off sooner rather than later; within a year of completely rebranding himself, his enthusiastic companion Trolli was cheering him on every step of the way. Mikecrack reached over one million subscribers! He continued to create captivating content that inspired fans around the world, and even created “Los Compas” with a few other talented YouTubers who share similar interests.

In October 2018, Miguel introduced himself as an author and published his debut book, titled: “Los Compas y el diamantito legendario” That was just the beginning, as he wrote more books at a rapid pace. His fifth work to date, entitled “Los Compas perdidos en el espacio”, was published in 2021.

Today, “Las Perrerías de Mike,” a leading animated series on YouTube, owes much of its enormous popularity and fame to this young creator named Miguel. A hobby that turned into a profession – Minecraft – led him to get involved with gaming, especially through online vlogs. He became a successful YouTube gamer and quickly gained enormous fame and success, making incredible progress!

Can you imagine that what once started with only six thousand subscribers has quickly grown to over twenty-one million today? And that it had only one hundred and fifty thousand views, while today it has more than three hundred million? This reflects Miguel’s hard commitment, with which he inexorably directs success to himself.

Mikecrack’s remarkable career has been marked by a number of achievements that have brought him both fame and success. Thanks to his collaborations with Epic Games, BBTV, Teespring, and Trendy Top Store on Amazon, as well as publishers such as Ediciones Martínez Roca, El Cortés Inglés, Amazon Kindle, and Planeta de Libros, Mikecrack has built an impressive fan base for his captivating stories that resonate with diverse audiences.

During his journey so far, Mikecrack has had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most famous stars, including Mayichi, El Rubius, Auronplay, BJean, Ibai, The Grefg, DJMariio, Ari Gameplays, Tarifa and Juan Guarnizo, among many others.

In 2020, he experienced a significant breakthrough on YouTube thanks to an ever-growing number of viewers who regularly subscribed to his channel and content throughout the year. It’s undeniable that he played a prominent role as a YouTuber that year, gaining many more followers and views that further established him on the platform. One of his most popular videos this year was titled “¡TROLLINO ABANDONA A MIKECRACK! ¿MORIRÉ DE HAMBRE?”, which reached over 11 million views in a short period of time.

This talented YouTuber boasts a collection of more than one million books sold worldwide. The series begins with “Los Compas y el diamantito legendario”, published in October 2018. This book tells an adventure about the hidden treasures of pirates, accompanied by ancient legends that arise from two captivating videos on their channel titled “Mikecrack y la estrella maldita”,” parts 1 & 2.

In October 2019, they published their second book titled ”Los Compas escapan de prisión” full of exciting moments that took them to unimaginable places full of excitement and intrigue. Then came ”Los compas y la cámara del tiempo”‘, published in June 2020, in which Mike, Timba and Trolli visit a museum exhibit only to be chased by a dinosaur. Their fourth book, “‘Los Compas y la maldición de Mikecrack,”‘ published in October of the same year, is their first fully illustrated volume, about an exciting race against time.

The fifth volume of the Los Compas series, titled “Los Compas perdidos en el espacio,” will be published in May 2021. In the epic adventure, Mike, Trolli and Timba must cross dangerous planets, where they discover an advanced alien civilization. December, on the other hand, saw the release of “Los Compas y la entidad.exe”, in which our beloved trio faces the impending doom of our planet.

In 2022, Mikecrack, in collaboration with the Pequeño Deseo Foundation, fulfilled sweet dreams for young David, who longed for an opportunity to meet his role model. The year 2033 brings fascinating content such as various music projects, live concerts in Spain and Latin America, and extraordinary products launched worldwide.

Mikecrack – Personal life

Miguel Bernal Montes is an extraordinary person, nicknamed Mike among his friends. He saw the light of day on March 27 in Madrid, Spain. He grew up in Pozuelo de Alarcon and now, at thirty years old, he lives in Las Rozas with his friends and a dog named WillyPerro, whom he cherishes. Standing at 1.83 meters tall and weighing 81 kilograms, Miguel has had many adventures while growing up alongside two loving sisters who are very dear to him.

There were countless fascinating tales of mischief that sprang from Miguel’s creativity during his childhood – so many that they could fill volumes! Although he was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of nine, Mike managed to successfully complete his education thanks to the support of specialists and the use of medication.

During his formative years, from the age of 14 to 18, Miguel attended one of the most prestigious magic schools – Ana Tamariz School – where he specialized in card magic and balloon twisting. With an exceptional performance on his YouTube channel, Mikecrack impressed his parents at a young age, which led them to make a deal with him: If he produced content for YouTube for a year, generating no less than 140,000 subscribers and over 2.5 million monthly views, they would allow him to graduate from his college’s master’s program as well.

Ironically, during his studies, Miguel stumbled upon Minecraft, which inspired him so much that he considered achieving his professional goals through Youtube games.

In terms of accomplishments, I can not think of anything less than groundbreaking yet technically sound, especially considering it’s been less than two years since this YouTube channel was launched. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and advanced studies culminating in a Master’s degree:  Management & Development of Biomedical Technologies (with a particular focus on business plans related to exopolysaccharide manufacturing and research), there’s no denying how much hard work went into achieving these educational milestones.

While studying at the Universidades Politécnicas (or Polytechnic Universities) in the Madrid region where they grew up, their curiosity was unmistakable. They actively engaged in various digital design projects, web development and video production. To create a regular output, they had to master technologies such as digital image editing, SEO and marketing to improve their skills.

In addition, Mikecrack’s membership in the debating society of the University Francisco de Vitoria was distinguished by his remarkable oratorical and communication skills. Recognised by several triumphs in national competitions. At the same time, he invested heavily in developing a strategic and entrepreneurial mindset alongside peers from the Entrepreneurial Generation Society.

He co-founded two start-ups and co-authored “El Plan de Empresa: La Creación de Empresas y Emprendimiento” (The Business Plan: Business Creation and Entrepreneurship). The knowledge he acquired through these diverse experiences has had a significant impact on his rise to social media stardom. Although Mikecrack values his privacy when it comes to personal matters such as romantic relationships or family, his fans still remain loyal to him.

Mikecrack – Net Worth

According to recent reports, Mikecrack – who is considered one of the most successful YouTubers – has amassed a fortune of around $5 million! His extremely popular YouTube channel has an impressive number of loyal subscribers – over 37.7 million in total! He also generates substantial monthly profits, which can range from €33,000 to €530,000! Considering the annual figures, this means Mikecrack’s earnings range from the considerable amounts of €398,000 to an astonishing €6.4 million!

Mikecrack Most Watched Videos

Mikecrack has taken YouTube by storm, with an impressive 37 million subscribers and an incredible total of more than 15 trillion views for all of his videos to date. His iconic animated series Las Perrerías de Mike, launched in late 2020,” has proven to be a huge success and is freely available on his channel, where he demonstrates his extraordinary skills as a scriptwriter.
Fans around the world continue to tune into his channel because every time he introduces new ways to experience Minecraft, he manages to involve his followers in a positive way: He recognises what makes their interests unique, and that’s the heart of his work.

It’s no surprise that even after years on the Internet, his tireless creativity and endless passion for video production have made him the most popular videos in the Spanish-speaking Minecraft community.

Here are some of the most watched videos on YouTube:


In a highly anticipated moment, the animated musical parody “SONRÍE MÁS: PARODIA MUSICAL ANIMADA | ESPECIAL DE HALLOWEEN”, released in 2018 with over 142,381,031 views, Mikellino has emerged, a glorious fusion of fan favorites: Mike and El Trollino. In addition, Mikecrack appeared as a mysterious anti-hero and joined the list of popular characters on their channel. The creators have hinted that this marks a significant change in their upcoming content, with more elaborate cuts, plots and complicated storylines.


3. “¡DE COMPRAS EN EL SUPERMERCADO! LAS PERRERÍAS DE MIKE Ep. 1 (Temporada 1)”, 2020, 132.710.564 views


This video released in 2017, has garnered a staggering 126,875,053 views. It has become a defining moment in the history of the channel and has given the much-needed impetus to shape the identity of Mike, the famous dog, who sets out to become the “Diamantito” that stands for his steadfast subscribers. 

Mikecrack on Social Media

Considered one of the most recognisable personalities in gaming by millions of people around the world – including Minecraft fans – Mikecrack has made a name for himself as a successful YouTuber with unprecedented success rates. More than 37 million subscribers on his YouTube account show how respected he is in this community alone. Not to mention, MikeCrack’s social media presence has reached remarkable heights: Around 429.9,000 people follow him on Twitter and around one million users passionately follow him on Instagram. 

Mikecrack on YouTube, 37.7 M subscribers

With an impressive subscriber base of 37.7 million on YouTube, Mikecrack needs no introduction. Originally known as “Mikecraft,” he wisely changed his username to Mikecrack to adapt to evolving trends without search conflicts.

Mike started his journey on YouTube with his first channel (2009), where he presented magic tutorials aimed at amazing his audience with tricks up his sleeve.His diverse content portfolio includes gameplays, vlogs, and fun activities like pinturillomatches titled The Kitchen Of Mike aka “LaCocinade mike”.

Being passionate about Minecraft video games, Mike displays irreplaceable gaming skills across several different channels that include UHC Run, Skywars, HungerGamesandEggWars.On top of that Lows compas count him among their team.The consistency and sheer hard work are an indication of why Mikecrack has bagged such a reputation today.

The popularity Mikecrack enjoys on YouTube is remarkable, as evidenced by his subscriber base of over 37 million followers, which he has achieved through captivating Minecraft role-playing games, music parodies and other fascinating videos.

His creativity goes beyond just creating videos, as he has published two books, “Los Compas y el diamantito legendario” and “Los Compas escapan de la prisión,” which will be released in 2019. In addition, the veteran content creator is expanding his offer by giving viewers access to an animated series that spans three different seasons, each of which includes seasons zero through two.

During special holidays like last year’s April Fool’s Day, or when introducing different marketing strategies by changing names and incorporating different content themes, the longevity of channels like Mikecrack is guaranteed considering the ever-evolving YouTube milieu, ensuring lasting success for this brand.

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Mikecrack on Instagram, 1.1 M followers

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Mikecrack Instagram

Mikecrack on Twitter, 429.9 K followers

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Mikecrack Twitter

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Mikecrack FAQ

Q: Who is Mikecrack?
A:  He is a popular Spanish YouTuber known for his captivating videos that mostly consist of various gaming streams such as Minecraft, Roblox and various other online games. His style of presenting genuine humor and ingenuity in gaming has earned him a large following.

Q: Does Mikecrack play Fortnite?
A:  He has shown this game at some point in some of his videos. Although he puts the game genres he loves – Minecraft and Roblox – above everything else, Mikecrack also tries other trendy titles from time to time, such as Fortnite, to offer variety to viewers.

Q: Does Mikecrack play Roblox?
A:  Absolutely One of his passions is exploring different games on this popular platform, often collaborating with other YouTubers or viewers. He often creates entertaining content and introduces exciting features in each game.

Q: Does Mikecrack do parkour?
A:  MikeCrack takes on any challenge in stride – even parkours that require exceptional hustling skills! With tons of great videos showcasing amazing feats in various genres, he proves time and time again why he is one of the best gamers with exceptional creativity and flair for entertainment. What sets him apart is the way he incorporates parkour in exciting ways, navigating obstacle courses/difficult terrain with precision while adding flips and tricks to give his viewers an immersive experience.

Q: What kind of music does Mikecrack create?
A:  His passion for online video games meets creativity in sound production. In line with this vision, he has ventured into various genres such as EDM, pop or rap – all with elements that reflect facets from his encounters with virtual reality. Dedicated listeners enjoy these sound artworks, which are available on various online platforms such as YouTube and others.

Q: Is there a rap song by Mikecrack?
A:  This brilliant musician and gamer perfectly combines both worlds by presenting this memorable number in an extraordinary music video. With its distinctive style and unforgettable lyrics, this track is sure to stay in your head for days!

Q: What are all the mods used by Mikecrack?
A:  It’s important to remember that due to Mikecrack’s experimentation with new content and optimization of gameplay strategies, modifications can vary over time, but there are a few stand-out favorites that can be seen in many videos, such as Lucky Block, Morph Mod or even Furniture Mod, which serve to bring unique features to the game that enhance every moment in every Minecraft gaming session.

Q: Is there a rap battle between Raptor and Mikecrack?
A: Yes they have! The two renowned YouTubers engage in a friendly competition that showcases both of their lyrical talents. The video is your ticket to experience playful banter and top-notch entertainment in one fell swoop.

Q: Did Mikecrack use hacks in his videos?
A:  Definitely not. Mikecracks’ ethos revolves around promoting ethical and sincere gaming practices that do not involve hacks or cheats. He insists on sticking to the rules and mechanics of the games he presents, rather than taking dishonest shortcuts. His entertaining videos are the result of his own skills, humor and ingenuity.

Q: Who are FlexVega, Mikecrack, and Agapito?
A:  Meet FlexVega, Mikecrack, and Agapito – a trio of engaging content creators who both share a passion for games. Working together on various projects, they create engaging videos in which viewers experience the many joys of gaming along with the guys themselves, while unexpectedly facing fun challenges throughout each session – often leading to hilarious results! Thanks for watching them!

Q: Does Mikecrack have Minecraft tutorials?
A:  You’ll find many high-quality tutorial videos from Mikecrack that cover important aspects of the game such as building techniques, redstone mechanics, tips and tricks in general gameplay. Players can gain valuable insights on how to develop their Minecraft skills through his content.

Miguel Bernal Montes aka Mikecrack has secured a place among the most influential YouTubers in the Spanish-language gaming community through his masterful art of creating exceptional content with a vibrant personality and unmatched comedic talent. He has captivated millions of people around the globe with his exciting gameplay videos that offer viewers exciting challenges and creative talents in games like Minecraft or Roblox.

His addictive energy and authentic passion for what he does are felt by viewers around the world. Collaborations with leading influencers in the gaming industry such as Ambrosio, FlexVega, and Trollino ensure that the entertainment factor never wanes while fostering a sense of online family in this lucrative digital arena.


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