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Total Gaming Wiki – Owner, Age, Personal Life, Net Worth and FAQs

With Ajay at the helm, nicknamed “Ajju Bhai,” Total Gaming has created a mobile gaming revolution on YouTube. His goal is to produce immersive gaming experiences across a range of popular mobile games like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, GTA V, and Minecraft that surpass any other channel out there.

The difference we see at Total Gaming is both in the innovative gameplay mechanics and the magnetic presence of AJ, who captivates viewers with his infectious energy and engaging commentary. His expert maneuvers and cleverly planned strategies keep viewers on the edge of their seats and eagerly awaiting each video release that delivers compelling gameplay encounters – be it intense Battle Royale matches or engaging missions in open-world settings.

For gamers looking for expert guidance on how to get ahead while having fun playing various online games, including time management tactics, Total Gaming by Ajju Bhai is our first stop! His videos do not just provide entertainment, but serve as a guide to help viewers improve their own skills by advising them on weapon selection or showing them other hidden treasures in the gaming world!

With a huge following of more than 35 million subscribers who share their enthusiasm for the community around this channel, Total Gaming is more than just a source of information; it’s a platform for gamers and enthusiasts around the world to interact, share, and ultimately grow!

About Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai)


Ajay or Ajjubhai94 is widely known in gaming circles and celebrated for his penchant for creating brilliant gaming-related content on YouTube. He lives in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India, and became famous for his exceptional skills in games like Pubg, Free Fire, Hitman, and GTA, which earned him recognition from enthusiasts across the country.

As an active growth hacker employed somewhere, Ajju Bhai feels more comfortable when he can convey his personality only through voice notes and captivate his fans with it. The Total Gaming Channel he founded has built a huge following on YouTube within a few years and boasts of having more than 35 million subscribers across India, proving his rapid rise to YouTube stardom.

Ajju Bhai still maintains a presence on various social media platforms and actively participates in gaming events and live streaming activities. Besides Total Gaming, he manages several other YouTube channels, which shows his versatility and expertise in online gaming.

Numerous anonymous individuals have created impressive online personas for themselves in the vastness of YouTube while protecting their personal information. Among them is an enigmatic gaming channel that stands out for its unique style of play.

In late 2017, Ajjubhai ventured into the far-flung realm of YouTubers, founding not one, but two channels dedicated exclusively to showcasing exciting gaming content in 2018. Surprisingly, Ajjubhai opened both channels on October 9 of the same year – a remarkable milestone in his journey as a gamer! For the curious out there, Ajjubhai’s Free Fire identification number is “451012596” and he goes by “Ajjubhai94” in-game.

In recent years, PUBG held the title as India’s most popular game. Despite this trend, Ajjubhai deviated from the norm and instead achieved remarkable success with Free Fire. On his YouTube platform Total Gaming, he regularly posts gameplay footage of Call of Duty, PUBG, and Free Fire. Today, Total Gaming proudly ranks 153rd among all gaming channels in terms of subscribers.

Total Gaming’s content includes a video titled “New Factory King Ajjubhai? Best Funny Moment.” This video has reached extraordinary popularity with a total of 44 million views and over 2.4 million likes! These numbers reflect Ajju Bhai’s gaming expertise and his rising popularity in the Indian gaming community. From a young age, Ajju Bhai displayed a tremendous passion for gaming, which he regularly acted out after completing his studies.

Over time, he shifted his focus more and more to streaming live content on the YouTube platform, teaming up with frequent partner Amitbhai, who appears with Ajju Bhai on duo gameplay sessions and contributed greatly to the growth of the popular channel, which is now India’s most successful online gaming content channel.

While interest in Free Fire continues unabated, his channel also features a variety of other games as well as long, in-depth live streams dedicated solely to gaming. The gaming mogul’s other hobbies include playing and watching cricket, which he particularly enjoys. He’s rightly an avid observer, closely following players like Virat Kohli, Ab de Villiers and MS Dhoni.

He also appreciates many actors like Rajkumar Rao and Amitabh Bachchan, as well as comedians like Amit Bhadana and Bhuvan Bam.

Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai) – Personal life

Success often seems like something only people with fancy college degrees or expensive education can achieve – but that’s wrong! Take Ajju bhai: He calls Ahmedabad in Gujarat home and has made a name for himself as a professional software growth hacker at the age of 25.

One curious thing about him is that despite his popularity through media channels like YouTube’s Total Gaming (Ajju bhai), he has never come out publicly – weird, right? Even those closest to him unconditionally support his decision without giving any indication.

It may come as a surprise that even though Ajju bhai had just graduated from high school at the age of 18, he still managed to create a stable work situation for himself by becoming an expert growth hacker. He founded Total Gaming (Ajju bai), which over time became one of India’s most popular YouTube channels focused on gaming.

He not only runs this platform single-handedly, but also regularly provides support content for other channels – a clear testament to the creativity and ingenuity that underscores that success comes from within!

Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai)- Net Worth

A prolific gaming influencer in India. Ajju Bhai has built an admirable career by cultivating a loyal audience on YouTube that is always eager for his release schedules. Running four successful channels and actively interacting with fans through various social media accounts has helped significantly to strengthen this influence.

According to industry reports, Ajju Bhai earns between three and a half and four crore (35 to 40 million) Indian rupees annually from Total Gaming; add to that. His assets amount to more than fifteen crore (150 million) Indian rupees.

Total Gaming Most Watched Videos

On December 2, 2018, Ajju Bhai boldly set out to launch his own YouTube channel with a laser focus on video games. With more than 35.1 million people drawn to his ability to create engaging content, he has become a true force in the world of online gaming. He draws inspiration from Free Fire, Pubg, Hitman and GTA – and it’s these titles that have ultimately allowed him to connect with gaming enthusiasts around the world who have also become loyal subscribers.

Here are some of the most watched videos on YouTube:

1. “Ajjubhai94 vs Amitbhai – Garena Free Fire”, 2020, 38.690.021 views

2. “Ajjubhai is Next Factory King? – Garena Free Fire”, 2020, 31.374.985 views

3. “Factory King Really? – Garena Free Fire”, 2021, 30.427.129 views

4. “2 AWM Ajjubhai Play with Subrata + Helping Gamer and Desi Gamer – Garena Free Fire”, 2020, 27.470.665 views

Total Gaming on Social Media

Ajju Bhai, Total Gaming,  is a renowned content creator with over 35.1 million loyal subscribers and more than 5.5 billion views on his channels, including Ajjubhai Gaming (his original platform), AJJUBHAI, TG Highlights, TG Tournament and Gaming Shorts – each with unique themes to entertain his audience – available on YouTube today.

Ajju Bhai also actively communicates with his fans around the world outside of YouTube. He is embedded in the dynamic landscape of various social media platforms where he checks in daily with pictures and news to keep everyone updated! He boasts some 3.3 million Instagram fans and nearly five million Facebook followers, while maintaining an interactive profile of his efforts by garnering the support of more than two hundred thousand Twitter handles.

Total Gaming on YouTube, 35.1 M subscribers

Total Gaming, the popular YouTube channel with 35.1 million subscribers, is on a roll. Its owner, Ajju Bhai, recognized this success and created another channel in 2019, initially called Total Gaming Live, but later renamed Ajay Verse.

With the strong foundation of the first channel, it was easy for him to establish and expand this new project, as evidenced by the impressive subscriber base of 6.6 million.

Subsequently, Ajju Bhai took up the challenge of setting up a YouTube channel with his nickname as the title, which has since reached an impressive subscriber base of over 600,000 people who appreciate his charming personality.

In addition to gaming content, he ventured into movie reviews via a separate channel where fans can enjoy amusing reviews or “sausages” on Bollywood and Southern movies, attracting an audience of around 62,000 followers who find him captivating. Down the line, Ajju Bhai also launched several other channels, including TG Tournament, Total Gaming Shorts, and God of war; each of which has a sizable audience that tunes in regularly.

View Total Gaming YouTube page:

Total Gaming YouTube

Total Gaming on Instagram, 3.3 M followers

Total Gaming’s Instagram handle is extremely popular with gaming enthusiasts around the world and has a huge following that exceeds a whopping 3.3 million! And it goes without saying that the most applauded upload of the star gamer was the one in which he introduces himself – earning him an incredible number of over eight hundred and seventy-eight thousand likes and more than one thousand comments! Granted, we only saw Total Gaming’s true colors once in this episode, but every other gameplay he posted highlights his surreal favorites like God Of War or Free Fire!

View Total Gaming Instagram page:

Total Gaming Instagram

Total Gaming on Twitter, 222.6 K followers

With a follower count of more than 222 thousand people on Twitter alone, Total Gaming remains at the forefront as a very recognizable influencer in today’s digital landscape. With more than three thousand tweets, this content creator’s extensive online posts are both diverse and compelling. Capping off this success is Total Gaming’s recent tweet thanking his fans for their continued support in raising awareness for his primary YouTube platform.”

View Total Gaming Twitter page:

Total Gaming Twitter

 Total Gaming on Facebook, 4.9 M followers

On Facebook, Total Gaming has amassed an impressive following of nearly 5 million followers. Fans can keep up with his ongoing gaming sessions, especially those related to Free Fire gameplay, by following his posts regularly.

View Total Gaming Facebook page:

Total Gaming Facebook

Total Gaming FAQ

Q: What is Total Gaming?
A:  Total Gaming is a reputable YouTube channel that revolves around everything related to gaming. The channel highlights mobile games in particular and covers a range of exciting titles, from Free Fire and GTA V to Minecraft and PUBG Mobile.

Q: Who is the creator of the YouTube channel Total Gaming?
A:  Ajay, colloquially known as Ajju Bhai, is a talented Indian YouTuber who has gained widespread popularity and fame due to his remarkable gaming skills and amusing comments while playing games.

Q: What kind of content does Total Gaming feature?
A:  On this YouTube channel, you can expect a wealth of engaging material – from captivating gameplay videos to informative live streams that teach the most important techniques for successful gaming. Not to mention the funny moments or the exciting joint ventures with some of YouTube’s biggest stars.

Q: Which games does Total Gaming focus on?
A:  It is worth noting that the channel’s main focus is on mobile video games. In this category, there is a special focus on Battle Royale titles like Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. In addition, notable releases like GTA V and Minecraft are also covered.

Q: How many subscribers does Total Gaming have?
A: Total Gaming has over 35 million subscribers on YouTube.

Q: Does Total Gaming provide tips and tricks for games?
A:  “Total Gaming” is characterised, among other things, by the fact that they are always ready to impart wisdom. In particular, the owner Ajay himself goes to great lengths, sharing various strategies, weapon recommendations, character creation, and other valuable insights to help fellow players thrive in terms of gaming expertise that can only be found there.

Q: Does Total Gaming do live streams?
A: Yes, Total Gaming actually streams live events! The popular channel frequently live streams on YouTube, including interactive sessions where viewers can interact with Ajay in real time. These exciting sessions usually include gaming sessions, challenges, and engaging interactions with the audience.

Q: Does Total Gaming collaborate with other YouTubers?
A:  Undoubtedly. Total Gaming regularly partners with other game publishers, enabling them to provide captivating entertainment to their fan base. They can participate in contests, host joint livestreams or plan unique activities involving multiple creators.

Q: Does Total Gaming have a merchandise line?
A:  Total Gaming’s merchandise line is called “TG Army.” Available are cool t-shirts and comfortable hoodies suitable for any occasion. Also, fans can add a personal touch with phone cases featuring the iconic TG branding.

Q: Is Total Gaming active on social media platforms?
A: Total Gaming maintains a very active profile on popular social networks such as Twitter and Instagram. Through regular updates and interactions with enthusiasts, Ajay promotes engagement with his audience beyond YouTube by sharing gameplay highlights.

Total Gaming represents a monumental presence in the YouTube gaming sphere, captivating viewers worldwide with its adrenaline-pumping mobile game content, led by Ajju Bhai’s magnetic personality. Gamers are sure to find refreshing gameplay action along with thought-provoking insights and an energetic community on this platform that AJJU Bhai has so skillfully built!

When you take a closer look at what makes up this channel experience – commentary that immediately engages you, impressive gameplay skills that challenge even experienced players, and a strategic approach that teaches on multiple levels while inspiring endless creativity – there is no doubt that countless lives have been positively impacted by the immersive engagement of TG.

By creating an accessible space where novice and experienced players can freely interact and share tricks as they grow together as members united by their shared love of online gaming!

Effectively maximizing these aspects by creating informative yet engaging videos has resulted in enthusiastic fans who look forward to each new release from this platform. This culture, reinforced within Total Gaming, makes the promotion of social cohesion inevitable by fostering collective engagement among viewers, such as discussing experiences or even collaborating on the games in question.

One fact is undeniable, even if there is still room for growth: Among gaming enthusiasts, there is an unwavering predisposition for this platform as a source of entertainment, inspiration, and connection, proving the power YouTube has to bring people together through shared hobbies.


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