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ElRubiusOMG Wiki – Real name, Career, Family, Girlfriend and Net Worth

From humble beginnings to international fame – this is the story of Rubén Doblas Gundersen. Known worldwide as “elRubius” or “elRubiusOMG,” this talented young man from Mijas, Spain, has made a career out of doing what he loves most: playing video games and entertaining others. Since launching his second YouTube channel in 2011, Rubén now has over 40 million followers who eagerly await each new upload from their favorite SpanishouTuber.

ElRubius’ fame is based on his entertaining gameplay videos. He skillfully navigates through virtual worlds and offers viewers humorous commentary enriched with captivating stories.

His witty sense of humor combined with his signature phrase “Vamos a jugar” (“Let us play”) has earned him an impressive worldwide following. But ElRubius not only dominates YouTube, he has expanded into other areas as well: writing books, appearing in movies, and actively interacting with his fans on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch.

About ElRubiusOMG

With a considerable following on YouTube and Twitch, ElRubiusOMG is considered one of the best YouTubers of Spanish-Norwegian origin with great potential for growth and success. He learned the art by studying 3D modeling and animation at the Arteneo School in Madrid before releasing “The Troll Book” (El Libro Troll) in 2014. In 2015-17 also published three comics based on a virtual hero series, which was later adapted as an anime.

“The Troll Book” is El Rubius’ first published work that delivers light-hearted pranks to play on others. After its success in 2014, he published his second book titled “El Rubius: Virtual Hero”, which is about video games and stars El Rubius.

El Rubius’ YouTube channel turned ten years old in 2015 and, with over ten million subscribers, received a diamond button in recognition of this achievement – a truly significant milestone! An interview conducted by Risto Mejide on the Antena3 program “Al rincón” revealed how the popularity of the Internet has significantly changed El Rubius’ life. Shortly after, he was named ‘YouTuber of the Year’ at an awards ceremony in Palma de Mallorca, rewarding his hard work.

El Rubiuss tournament #YTBattleRoyale reached an incredible milestone when it broke records with over 1 million viewers tuning in during the live stream on March 25. 2018. The event featured an impressive lineup of one hundred Spanish-speaking YouTubers who came together for the occasion.

However, after the great success that same year, El Rubius felt the need to retire from content creation for some time.

ElRubiusOMG – Personal life

The real name of El Rubius is Rubén Doblas Gundersen. He was born in Mijas (Málaga) in 1990 to a Spanish father and a Norwegian mother, and grew up in both countries until he finally settled in Spain at the age of 16. Video games have always been a great interest of Ruben – he got his first console from friends of his grandmother: the classic Super Nintendo.

At first he studied 3D animation and modelling, but it soon became clear that videos on YouTube were ElRubiusOMG’s greater passion – this became apparent when he spent some time in Norway as a teenager, where he met the well-known Spanish YouTuber Mangel.

After the separation of his parents in Rubén’s early life, ElRubiusOMG was surrounded by friends of different nationalities. Later, he was confronted with his mother’s relationship with El Padrino – a man Rubén had trouble categorising as “dad.” After his mother moved to Madrid, he finally settled permanently in Spain.

Adjusting to Spanish school initially presented him with some challenges in the form of shyness and language barriers, but through shared interests such as comics and video games, lasting friendships were formed. In secondary school, Rubén had to attend a different institute than his friends – which presented an additional challenge for ElRubiusOMG: fitting in.

Rubén was just 16 years old when his mother decided to separate from her partner, which led her to return from Spain to Norway. For Rubén, this change meant a new direction; it allowed him to achieve better grades and make lasting friendships that coincided with his interests. In 2006, he and a friend uploaded videos that captured their gaming sessions — although he had no subscribers at the time.
After graduating from school in Norway, Rubén decided to move back home with his mother’s former partner, wanting a reasonable upgrade as a well thought-out plan.

A plan? Yes! What followed was a study of three-dimensional machining and modeling from scratch.
During this time, numerous opportunities arose, including meeting Miguel Ángel Rogel Ruíz “Mangelrogel” or simply called Mangel in online forums, who helped him contribute playful thematic content using elrubius as the username for his YouTube channel; named after the combination of ‘Ruben’ and his childhood blonde hair color.

After graduating, he returned home with his godfather, where he first completed internships and eventually took odd jobs in supermarkets before being accepted to the Arteneo School: Madrid, where he deepened his knowledge in 3D animation and modeling.

During his early years in Spain, Rubius took employment opportunities by working as an assistant and completing internships. Regrettably, he wasn’t satisfied with this job, as he didn’t like the micromanagement style and the critical attitude of the superiors.

Consequently, Rubius plunged headfirst into animation and 3D modeling – a subject he was passionate about. Before becoming YouTube’s market leader, ElRubius held a variety of positions, including local retail chains, administration, and mentoring in the Norwegian tourism industry, which rounded out his diverse skills profile. He gained additional recognition through frequent appearances in films such as Uncharted – a movie in which he starred alongside Tom Holland.

Rubén Doblas announced via Twitch livestream in January that he was moving to Andorra. Among the reasons he gave was that he wanted to be closer to his friends and that he wanted to avoid public recognition, since living in Madrid brought celebrities that made him uncomfortable. Since other YouTubers have also made similar changes to reduce the tax burden, a controversy arose in social media.

Rubius graciously responded to critics by sharing via Twitter that he is happy with what is left after paying nearly half of his YouTube revenue in taxes. He goes on to say that he is angry about being treated unfairly, even though he behaves reasonably and lawfully.

Rubius also recounts being rebuked by a tax official who publicly called Rubius’ decision morally wrong. In addition, former vice president of the Spanish government, Pablo Iglesias, tweeted criticism, retweeting ex-athlete Juanma López Iturriaga’s statement about shifting YouTubers away from their base to reduce the tax burden. Rubius explicitly said that his decision was multidimensional and was made through self-reflection with a firm commitment to respect the legal limits within which he is free.

ElRubiusOMG – Relationship

ElRubiusOMG fans were thrilled when Rubén decided to talk about his romantic relationship with model Irina Isasia in 2016, after keeping it a secret for a while. In a video shared by Rubius, which showed numerous paparazzi pictures from one of their vacations together, he expressed shock at how much information was already known. He expressed shock at how much information had been leaked about the two of them, despite keeping things secret only among his closest family and friends.

Although he tries to keep both his love life and personal life in general a secret. The couple can still be seen in some videos years later.

ElRubiusOMG – Net Worth

ElRubiusOMG is more than just a successful YouTuber who generates revenue on the platform. He wrote “The Troll Book” and created “Virtual Hero,” a comic that spawned an animated series and appears as a playable character in Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs Legion game.

ElRubiusOMG is also the sole CEO of Snofokk SL – his own company, which he founded in Madrid in 2013 and with which he has achieved impressive financial success! Snofokk SL has net assets of €3,334,697.14 and total assets of €3,825,674 for fiscal year 2019 alone! Nevertheless – according to Rubén himself in an interview with Pixel Magazine – his successful ventures have not exempted him from paying taxes: He had to pay € 376788.07.

Rubén’s total assets are considerable, with estimates from specialized media ranging from 5.8 to 9 million euros. Moreover, ElRubiusOMG – Rubén’s YouTube channel – today has an impressive value of 11 million dollars.

The content he uploads is mainly video games, giving viewers a wide choice – and all of them are tailored to this popular area. It was in 2011 that brought him into the spotlight – through his second YouTube account elRubiusOMG – which earned him the title of most famous Spanish YouTuber in just one short year! Today he has 39.2 million subscribers – a real success.

ElRubiusOMG Most Watched Videos

ElRubuisOMG is undoubtedly one of the brightest YouTube stars who rose to fame thanks to his incredible talent for creating engaging content. In 2012, his channel already surpassed other famous Spanish YouTubers like Willyrex, catapulting him to the top in terms of subscribers. The impressive number continued to grow as he received support from all corners of the world and gained influence and limelight. Today, he’s an admired media personality respected by countless viewers worldwide.

In 2014, Santiago Segura convinced him to appear on Torrente-5 while simultaneously launching “The Troll Book,” “an interactive publication that sold over forty thousand copies in the first weeks of its release.

Here are some of the most watched videos on YouTube:

1. “Minecraft – “Miner” ft StarkinDJ (“Torero – Chayanne” Parody) “, 2012, 105,690,770 views

The video “Parody of Chayanne’s ‘Torero'” (2012) by ElRubius featuring StarkinDJ has received over 105 million views and features a humorously reinterpreted version of Chayanne’s song “Torero.” The lyrics highlight the determination and dedication of diamond miners while emphasizing the risks and obstacles they face. Despite these obstacles, the miner remains focused on success for the love of his profession.

2. “BUSCANDO NOVIA EN CHATROULETTE”, 2015, 43,411,104 views

In 2015, elrubiusOMG released a video titled “BUSCANDO NOVIA EN CHATROULETTE” that has been viewed over 43 million times. The video shows the popular platform Chatroulette, which provided entertainment to many people over a long period of time. It allowed its users to chat with random strangers without having any information about the other person beforehand. Moreover, using the camera function was even more exciting for brave or adventurous people.

3. “MANGEL’S 1000 VOICES”, 2019, 42,459,292 views

The very popular video “Mangels 1000 voices” has reached more than 42 million views since its release in 2019. In it, we see Mangel casually chatting with other players on Twitch while adding a touch of entertainment value with an autotune application that shows off his voice remarkably well. During El Rubius’ gameplay session in the background, Mangel enthusiastically sings tunes and shares funny concepts that keep viewers glued to their screens.

4. “MY HOUSE IN 5 MINUTES”, 2019, 42,218,142 views

ElRubiusOMG on Social Media

ElRubiusOMG channels his creativity through his impressive collection of videos, which he constantly uploads to his world-famous YouTube channel to make a living. He has gained a monumental number of fans around the world, reaching the outstanding figure of 108 million followers on multiple social media platforms – a viewership equivalent to the population of Italy and Spain combined. He boasts impressive numbers like over 51 million YouTube subscribers and incredible totals in the near double-digit millions: 21.2 million Twitter followers, 17.6 million Instagram followers, 14.1 million Twitch followers, and finally, impressively agile numbers like Facebook with nearly eight million likes.

ElRubiusOMG on YouTube, 40.4 M subscribers

The story of ElRubiusOMG’s rise to Internet stardom is fascinating and a testament to sheer talent and dedication. After experimenting with gameplay videos as early as 2006, it wasn’t until 2011 that he shifted gears and regularly created content on his second channel – ElRubiusOMG. On this platform, he published innovative video game playthroughs that quickly attracted a large following.

One particular video with gameplay commentary on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim became incredibly popular in a very short time; it now has over six million views! In October 2018, ElRubius released an excellent documentary on YouTube about his life journey so far – the challenges and triumphs alike! His two channels, elrubiusOMG, with more than forty million subscribers, and Rubius Z, which has nearly twelve million subscribers, continue to attract more fans worldwide every day.

View ElRubiusOMG YouTube page:

ElRubiusOMG YouTube

ElRubiusOMG on Instagram, 17.6 M followers

View ElRubiusOMG Instagram page:

ElRubiusOMG Instagram

ElRubiusOMG on Twitter, 21.2 M followers

In 2016, a tweet from Rubius’s official Twitter account became the most retweeted tweet globally, amassing over 1.3 million retweets.

View ElRubiusOMG Twitter page:

ElRubiusOMG Twitter

ElRubiusOMG on Facebook, 7.8 M followers

View ElRubiusOMG Facebook page:

ElRubiusOMG Facebook

ElRubiusOMG on TikTok, 6.2 M followers

View ElRubiusOMG TikTok page:

ElRubiusOMG TikTok

ElRubiusOMG on Twitch, 14.1 M followers

ElRubiusOMG has a pretty impressive following on Twitch – he has more than 14 million followers! He started with modest numbers (about 5,000 viewers). His popularity has continued to grow over time. Nowadays. ElRubiu surpasses TheGrefg to become one of the most popular Spanish streamers. While you might not see any wild or surprising events in his live videos on Twitch, it’s important to know that ElRubius set an amazing world record in 2018. He attracted more simultaneous viewers to his YouTube livestream than anyone else in history!

View ElRubiusOMG Twitch page:

ElRubiusOMG Twitch


Q:  Who is ElRubiusOMG?
A:  ElRubiusOMG, also known as Rubén Doblas Gundersen or “El Rubius.” This charismatic Spanish YouTuber has achieved tremendous success with his entertaining gaming videos and funny sketches that delight countless viewers on various social media channels. He is one of the most popular creators in Spain. His work resonates with a wide audience.

Q:  What type of content does ElRubiusOMG create?
A:  The creator is known for his diverse output, which includes gaming videos, vlogs, reaction videos, challenges and joint projects with other YouTube creators.

Q:  Is ElRubiusOMG active on other social media platforms?
A:  Fans can find him not only on YouTube, but also on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Twitch, where he actively interacts with his followers. Through these networks, he tries to create meaningful connections by sharing updates about his projects while asking for feedback from fans.

Q:  Does ElRubiusOMG play Happy Wheels?
A:  Yes, without a doubt! It’s obvious that his fans always want to see more of him playing this addictive game called Happy Wheels. Essentially, players have to steer their chosen character through surreal environments full of challenges using simple physics-based controls. By sharing his videos on this platform, ElRubiuOMGs regularly gains a large following and a high number of viewers.

Q:  What kind of challenges has ElRubiusOMG done?
A:  During his time on YouTube, ElRubiusOMG took on a number of exciting and entertaining challenges. These included various genres such as games, food, and internet-related experiments. Collaborating with other influential creators has been part of his approach to producing crisp challenge videos that are unique and entertaining for viewers.

Q:  Has ElRubiusOMG used Omegle in his content?
A:  ElRubiusOMG used Omegle’s unique ‘random pairing’ feature for several entertaining moments featured in different videos on his channel. This allowed him to connect with different people from different backgrounds around the world while providing light-hearted entertainment that keeps audiences thoroughly amused.

Q: What kind of horror games has ElRubiusOMG played?
A: Let me list them for you – popular scary fests like Outlast, but also unconventional options like Yandere Simulator and Emily Wants to Play. The concept of delving into the horror genre is fun for him and provides additional entertainment by providing amusing comments and reactions during the game.

Q: What is the “El Rap de ElRubiusOMG Bambiel vs El Rap de Fernanfloo en letra”?
A: “El Rap de Fernanfloo en letra” is a fascinating YouTube rap battle between two famous YouTubers – ElRubiusOMG and Fernanfloo – through their respective rap songs, which are often analyzed and compared by fans. The English translation is “The Rap of ElRubiusOMG Bambiel vs. The Rap of Fernanfloo in lyrics”.

Q: Does ElRubiusOMG create vlogs?
A: Yes, he actually creates vlogs! These videos document his daily life, including travelogues and various experiences. In addition to the regular routines that audiences are used to from videos on all platforms, there are special moments that he shares with close friends and his loyal fan base.

Q: Has ElRubiusOMG played Five Nights at Freddy’s?
A: ElRubiusOMG actually played the famous survival horror video game. The YouTuber took on the role of a night watchman, tasked with guarding the animatronic characters that hang around Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza after hours. In his gameplay videos he showed courage in intense moments and jump-scares.

A highly regarded YouTuber in Spanish-speaking cyberspace is the talented Rubén Doblas Gundersen, or better known by his nickname ElRubiusOMG. With his charming, cheerful personality, coupled with witty humor and his unwavering passion for games, ElRubiusOMG has millions of fans who eagerly follow him on various virtual platforms.

Through his diverse yet engaging forms such as gameplay videos of Minecraft, Fortnite and other popular games to vlogs in which he showcases his talents or performs comedic skits, he is one of the most popular gamers in the world.

ElRubiusOMG is more than just the creator of entertaining videos; he has inspired many creators around him, while being a cultural icon himself, shaping trends in various media fields such as collaborations with other YouTubers or music production, showing the diverse skills we can unleash when we dedicate ourselves fully to our passions.

Beyond entertainment, ElRubiusOMG uses his platform for good by supporting charitable causes like mental health advocacy. His authentic personality connects deeply with his followers and earns them unconditional loyalty, proving that connecting through online platforms can change lives significantly… For these reasons, Rubén Doblas Gundersen shows the world the power of passion and commitment, which lead not only to entertainment, but also to changes in real life.


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