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Luisito Comunica Wiki – Girlfriend, Age, Family, Books and Net Worth

Luisito Comunica lit a fire among travel lovers around the world when he shared his authentic experiences on YouTube, showcasing different landscapes around the world while passionately and authentically explaining details about different cultures around the globe, using a good sense of humor that comes naturally to him.

His infectious energy became an exciting experience for viewers of all ages with the opening line, “Hello Family!” He creates a warm environment for all. Luisito’s exploratory adventure is more than just diving into new territory; it shows his deep curiosity and intense interest in local culture, traditions and gastronomic wonders.

His ability to entertain viewers with humorous videos goes far beyond. He motivates people around the world to contribute to positive change by creating awareness of serious global issues and inspiring them to practice a sustainable lifestyle while supporting charitable foundations.

About Luisito Comunica

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, affectionately known as Luisito Comunica by his audience, isn’t just an Internet sensation. The 32-year-old, originally from Puebla, Mexico, has numerous online successes to his credit, including digital channels and business ventures that have earned him great respect from fans around the world. His massive subscriber base of over 36 million makes him a popular figure around the world, ranking an impressive 59th among YouTubers worldwide.

Looking for new networks and communication techniques, Luisito started creating content by launching “Piano Para Gente Cool” The platform initially offered piano tutorials and covers of classical pieces before being renamed “LouieArtie” Only later did things take a significant uphill turn for the artist when he launched his most successful work under ‘Luisito Comunica,” a channel that captures his unique sense of humor in tackling all sorts of topics.

Without limitations, the channel offers a personal view on everything and everyone. Luisito’s videos are an absolute treat and include everyday vlogs, travel and tourism videos, challenges, and special segments centered around commerce, such as exploring supermarkets or comparing cheap and expensive items.

Yayo Gutiérrez of NoMeRevientes became aware of Luisito’s talents in mid-2013 and invited him to collaborate with a team of other artists that included AlexXxStrecci, PepeProblemas, DebRyanShow, Alex Jux and Yayo himself. As an active member of this creative community in Mexico City, his innovative new perspectives quickly attracted attention.

Since then, Luisito has received numerous awards – most notably the Storyteller Prize at the 2016 Elliot Awards and GQ Mexico’s 2018 Digital Personality Award – and Google also felt his unique skills were well-suited for certain planned campaigns like the Papalote Children’s Museum mapping.

An established influencer in Mexico’s vibrant entertainment scene, Luisito Comunica now takes Yuya’s previous position after successfully expanding his presence beyond social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. With the launch of “Luisito Around The World,” our genius entrepreneur is showing off his new skills by creating high-quality English content for people outside of Mexico! Beyond self-promotion, Luisito has also been active in other areas.

With his expertise in communications, he founded the Rey Palomo clothing brand in 2018, just two years earlier. With the same expertise, he also authored the book “Amazing Places” in collaboration with Alfaguara Publishing. In addition to this impressive list of accomplishments, Luisito decided to further engage in business and founded the cell phone service PilloFon.

Luisito Comunica has proven to be a versatile professional. In December 2020, he partnered with Deigo, a Japanese cuisine restaurant in Mexico City, and in March 2021, he publicly announced that he had partnered with Gran Malo – an industry-leading tamarind-flavored tequila brand – and recently, his latest creation, “Fasfú Burgers,” has taken Colombia, Mexico and Peru by storm.

One video changed everything for him: his 2016 video “24 Hours in Mexico’s Most Dangerous Prison” It immediately went viral and quickly marked a turning point in his career.

Since then, he has become one of the leading YouTubers in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. Through his humorous and honest narratives, he has captivated millions of viewers exploring different cultures, countries and experiences.Analysis of viewership in Latin America shows that Luisito Comunica is a top YouTube influencer.

His recently published autobiography offers readers a glimpse into his original path to social media success, and also explores his entrepreneurial spirit that shaped a unique brand like Gran Malo Tequila. In addition to his digital triumphs and business ventures, Luisito also explores the world of cinema with notable appearances in films such as “Museo” and “Ya Veremos” These roles not only expand his artistic palette, but also contribute to the diverse representation of talent in the industry.

Luisito Comunica – Personal life

It may not have been easy to become a prominent figure among social media influencers, but Luis Arturo Villar Sudek did it with his passion and humor. On March 20, Luisito saw the light of day in Pueblo, Mexico, surrounded by two people who would become his most important caregivers – his mother María Elena Sudek and his father Luis Arturo Villar.

Equipped with a degree in Communication Sciences from Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), he started his YouTube project in 2007 under the name “Piano para Gente Cool” Over time, he was renamed “Luisito Comunica” (2012), which brought him considerable fame in online content creation circles.

Remarkably, before this change, he was associated with the group No me Revientes, led by Yayo Gutiérrez, along with other talented people.

Both in interviews and in videos. Luisito repeatedly expresses his great gratitude for the unyielding support he has received from both of his parents every step of the way on YouTube. One particularly touching moment was when he invited his father on an exciting adventure through Canada, which he captured on camera for all viewers to enjoy together.

Although young Luisito originally dreamed of making it big as a successful journalist, having developed an early fascination with communication concepts in his childhood. Fate took matters into its own hands when he began working in his grandfather’s tailor shop at the age of just 14. Although he fulfilled a lifelong dream when he was accepted into the Communication Studies programme at BUAP and demonstrated an extraordinary passion for the subject, Luisito couldn’t resist the lure of YouTube and all it would bring to his life.

Luisito Comunica – Relationship

Luisito Comunica is with another influencer known as Chule from the Lenguas de Gato channel. The two shared details about their blossoming romance in a video that Chule posted earlier in 2016. However, Luisito was accused of being unfaithful to his partner, which led to his behavior being criticized towards her.

There is still no clear evidence of his infidelity – although these speculations and other tensions may have led Cinthya Velázquez to end the relationship with him.

La Chule made headlines in the past for her relationship with a former partner, but now speaks positively about her newfound love: “Sharing moments together enriches me even more.” Her current situation is an exciting adventure full of growth and development.

For Luisito, clear mind comes first and he fears losing it more than anything else in life. Nevertheless, he resolutely continues on the path of effective communication.

Luisito Comunica – Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $19.79 million, Luisito Comunica is one of the most successful influencers on YouTube today. Much of his income comes from video advertising, which earns him about $160,000 each year (or about $184,800 million in local currency).

However, Luisito Comunicas’ income goes beyond just advertising revenue – he is also considered the highest paid influencer in the industry, with an annual income of around $4 million (or about 80 million pesos). This is largely due to his collaborations with major advertising brands, which he seamlessly incorporates into his travel content.

Clearly, Luisito Comunica has achieved incredible success by building a loyal fan base and continuously creating engaging content that resonates with viewers around the world. His net worth is certainly impressive – but it’s his tireless dedication to his craft that truly sets him apart from others in the industry.

Luisito Comunica is a successful YouTube content creator who has seamlessly branched out into various fields such as culinary and real estate, in addition to writing the book “Amazing Places”.

Interestingly, the communications graduate not only earns from his online platform, but also uses his publishing venture to supplement his income. In addition, his prominent clothing label “El rey palomo,” inspired by his nickname, offers a range of clothing items such as hats and hoodies to a large customer base. With the PilloFon telecommunications brand, launched in 2020, Luisit aims to offer nationwide national and international telephone access at low rates.

Luisito Comunica Most Watched Videos

In April 2012, Mexican YouTuber Luisito Comunica launched his YouTube channel and published his first ever video just a month later, in May. Before that, he owned “Piano para Gente Cool,” a channel for piano exercises and covers, since 2007. His hard work has paid off, as he now has over 34 million loyal subscribers – making him the most popular YouTuber in Mexico. Not only that, but he also voiced Sonic in the Latin American Spanish version of “Sonic the Hedgehog,” which premiered in early 2020. Recently, Luisito even launched his own podcast called “En Cortinas con Luisito. ”

Here are some of the most watched videos on YouTube:

1. “Probando COMIDA CALLEJERA EN CHINA!”, 2017, 70.162.411 views

It was in 2015 when this influencer decided to embark on a journey of discovery through China. As they travelled through different regions, they reportedly came across some of the most diverse foods that amazed them! The person was so impressed with what they found that they created an in-depth video presentation to help viewers learn more about Chinese culture. Years later, during her global travels in 2017, she created another project called “Probando comida callejera en China” (Sampling Street Food in China). Due to its enormous popularity, it is currently the most viewed post, with over 60 million views.

2. “Probando COMIDA DE $1 | ¿Qué TAN MALA es?”, 2017, 64.779.440 views

Want to discover more than conventional restaurants that often require expensive menus or sophisticated environments? Check out this YouTube series from Luisito Comunica, which offers delicious insights into delicious but inexpensive dishes from street vendors across Latin America!

With humorous jokes and real feedback after tasting each dish – and with understandable commentary on the cost – Luisito’s show creates a unique culinary experience for online viewers curious about what cheap dishes have to offer without sacrificing great taste! Sometimes during the show, Luisito also interacts with some of these street vendors, who tell more about themselves – helping viewers better understand their plight.

3. “Visitando un SUPERMERCADO EN VENEZUELA”, 2017, 46.114.907 views

The video, published in 2017, in which YouTuber Luisito navigates a supermarket in Venezuela, has been viewed more than 46 million times. Throughout the video, he shows the different types of products available at different levels of difficulty – from easy to find to hard to find.

As he explores each aisle, he not only documents each product he comes across, but also engages in conversation with Venezuelan citizens to gain insight into the challenges they face as the economy grows. These first-hand accounts provide viewers with valuable information that allows them to experience the perseverance of Venezuelans in difficult times and contextualize their reality that so many others experience around the clock.

Luisito does an exemplary job of presenting all of the relevant information gleaned from these interactions, offering unique insights that show viewers firsthand what it’s like in today’s society when people are forced to adapt to adverse conditions on a daily basis.

4. “Comida BARATA vs CARA”, 2016, 45.066.158 views

Luisito’s compelling video “Comida BARATA vs. CARA” is a must watch for anyone who wants to make informed decisions about their eating habits. With more than 45 million views since 2016, this highly informative piece entertainingly highlights some stark contrasts between cheap and expensive foods.

Luisito begins with a challenge – tasting cheap and expensive dishes – with the goal of objectively evaluating quality, taste, portion sizes and value for money. During this eye-opening journey through the menus of various restaurants in different price categories, accompanied by camera-worthy visits to chefs working behind different kitchen doors, Luisito provides valuable insights into why restaurant prices for staples vary.

Through his honest opinions on the presentation of dishes and flavors that do or do not appeal to certain paying customer segments, viewers gain insight into the inner workings of Las Vegas culinary culture, for both the elite and the common man.

In particular, the admirably skillful exploration of the challenges facing high-end restaurants – and why they may charge more – compared to affordable restaurants; Luisito’s video will help viewers become smarter foodies who pay for value, not just a meal.

Luisito Comunica on Social Media

Luisito Comunica, a recent graduate of BUAP in Puebla, is considered one of the world’s leading producers of content on various social media platforms – especially YouTube, where he has an enormous following of over 40.5 million subscribers!

His captivating online presence does not stop there: He dominates Instagram with his cool checks among an impressive number of followers (33 million); equally impressive are his million-strong fan bases on Facebook and TikTok (25 and 16 million, respectively). It’s no wonder, then, that Luisito Comunica is very popular with young Internet users worldwide.

Luisito Comunica on YouTube, 40.5 M subscribers

Luisito Comunica launched a popular YouTube channel in May 2012. His first video featured interviews with everyday people and humorous vlogs on various topics. Originally, Luisito Comunica created various content such as challenges and interviews with ordinary people.

However, as revenue from the channel increased, he focused mainly on sharing travel experiences from around the world. This shift led him to create special comparison videos, such as Expensive vs. Cheap Food or First Class vs. Economy Flights – just to name a few examples.

His compelling content also includes detailed information about public transportation around the world. A notable recurring segment is shopping at supermarkets in each country visited.

View Luisito Comunica YouTube page:

Luisito Comunica YouTube

Luisito Comunica on Instagram, 33.6 M followers

Luisito Comunica has built a huge following on Instagram – with over thirty-three million loyal fans. Amazingly, both genders are passionate about him – men make up the largest percentage at fifty-nine percent, while women make up forty-one percent. The type of content he shares varies from engaging videos to product promotions to funny memes and amusing photos that show off his incredible sense of humor – all worth a look!

View Luisito Comunica Instagram page:

Luisito Comunica Instagram

Luisito Comunica on Twitter, 8.9 M followers

One can not help but notice Luisito Comunica’s prominent position in the world of Mexican YouTube creators. He has an impressive number of followers on Instagram and Twitter. With over 8.9 million active users. He has successfully built an extraordinary connection with his audience.

View Luisito Comunica Twitter page:

Luisito Comunica Twitter

Luisito Comunica on Facebook, 25 M followers

View Luisito Comunica Facebook page:

Luisito Comunica Facebook

Luisito Comunica on TikTok, 16.5 M followers

View Luisito Comunica TikTok page:

Luisito Comunica TikTok

Luisito Comunica FAQ

Q: Who is Luisito Comunica?
A: Known by his real name, Lus Arturo Villar Sudek, or by his nickname “Luisito Comunica”, this acclaimed content creator hails from Mexico, where he has gained legions of fans through his captivating travel videos that offer insights into different societies and their customs.

Q: What is the controversy about Luisito Comunica and “Chule”?
A: In light of allegations about their past relationship, questions have arisen about Luisito Comunica”s behaviour towards ‘Chule.” These allegations include accusations of emotional abuse and manipulation on his part, and triggered a wave of discussion among viewers, who are divided on the matter.

Q: What is Luisito Comunica’s connection to Venezuela?
A:  Luisito Comunica has graced Venezuela with his presence on numerous occasions. The popular YouTube personality has carefully documented his experiences in the country and shared them with his loyal fan base. His videos highlight various aspects of Venezuelan society. These include the unique culture, cuisine and the country’s most beautiful tourist spots.

Q: What type of content does Luisito Comunica create about food?
A:  Luisito Comunica often produces content related to food, especially his experiences trying different dishes and street food in the different places he visits. He enjoys discovering new local cuisines and presenting unusual foods, sharing his reactions and suggestions with his followers.

Q: What is the association between Luisito Comunica and Asepxia?
A: Luisito has established a successful collaboration with Asepxia, a renowned brand known for its high-quality skin care products. In particular, he frequently features their products in his videos and provides valuable feedback on their effectiveness, while encouraging positive reactions from his loyal fan base.

Q: What is the rumor about Luisito Comunica being unfaithful?
A:  Rumor has it that Luisito Comunica might be unfaithful in his relationships. However, we must keep in mind that rumors aren’t always accurate. Rely on authentic sources for verified information.

Q: Has Luisito Comunica been to China?
A:  During his expeditions through this wonderful land, he carefully documented his every move on YouTube. From stories of daring adventures to poignant moments in local culture, each upload is filled with enriching experiences that promise to inspire and entertain in equal measure.

Q: Does Luisito Comunica speak English?
A: Luisito communicates primarily in Spanish, his native language. However, he is also somewhat familiar with the English language. His YouTube content is usually produced in Spanish to suit his audience.

Q: Has Luisito Comunica been to Panama?
A: Luisito Comunica has visited Panama and carefully documented his adventures in his captivating YouTube videos. He offers a perspective on the diverse culture, stunning natural environment, and remarkable attractions of the various Panamanian cities.

Q: Is there any connection between Lizbeth Rodriguez and Luisito Comunica?
A:  No way. Although the two are well-known influencers and YouTubers, their connection has no emotional background. However, it’s possible that they have teamed up or been featured in certain videos or projects together.

Luisito Comunica’s influence transcends virtual boundaries, as his narratives explore diverse lifestyles around the world and connect breathtaking landscapes that universally appeal to human emotions, fostering the audience’s curiosity for their own discovery .

Viewing his adventures through his camera lens connects us in unexpected ways, showing us different points on Earth, from major cities to remote locations, discovering new heights and revealing different dimensions we have never seen before, leaving an unbreakable bond that strengthens the global community and connects the universal interest in exploring and enjoying the beauty of our world.

His efforts to promote responsible tourism, social recognition of various charities and his message of compassion are reflected in highlighting the most pressing issues, advocating sustainability while promoting freedom and goodness for humanity.

Luisito Comunica’s positivity outshines other creators on YouTube, as he stands as a global symbol of authentic, genuine connection with people and demonstration of kindness and compassion, accompanied by humor and curiosity to combine multiculturalism with an unquenched thirst for discovery, discovering new places and transforming life into an uninhibited adventure that creates a sense of wonder that departs from routine, joyful, awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us, embracing differences while appreciating diversity that coexists harmoniously in a serenity that can only be achieved through the wonder of exploration.


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