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Rihanna Wiki – Biography, Age, Career, Children, Awards and Net Worth

Robyn Rihanna Fenty has established herself as a multi-talented Barbados native. At only 34 years old, she has exceeded expectations in many fields, including singing, songwriting, record production, acting, modelling, dancing, diplomacy, philanthropy, fashion design and entrepreneurship. Her success began when music producer Evan Rogers discovered her talent in 2003, which led to her moving to the United States to record demos at the age of sixteen.

After impressing Jay-Z in an audition, Rihanna got a six-album contract with Charo Populars Records, which helped her achieve fame as a pop star, followed by various ventures such as acting and fashion design, where she released highly acclaimed lines. Rihanna is known for breaking the rules of choosing her style and equating eclecticism with exploration. She embodies what it takes to be truly innovative in any industry.

Rihanna’s status as a global pop sensation whose music resonates with fans around the world is undisputed. From classics like “Umbrella,  ” “SOS,” “Take A Bow ” to chart-toppers like “Only Girl (In The World) ” and “Work “, her impressive talent is undeniable.

It’s also worth noting that Rihanna broke all records by having multiple individual certifications – earning her recognition as the artist who received the most certifications of all time. And then there’s her unique milestone of having more than 100 million digital sales in America – a rare feat indeed – it goes without saying why she’s so iconic!

About Rihanna

At just 34 years old, Robyn Rihanna Fenty of Barbados has many titles to her credit, including entrepreneur, actress, model, dancer, diplomat, philanthropist, fashion designer, record producer, songwriter and, of course, singer. As a teenager at the age of fifteen, she overcame her shyness and formed a singing trio with two school friends that participated in various city competitions. At one competition, veteran music producer Evan Rogers, who was vacationing in Barbados with his wife, noticed her rendition of Mariah Carey’s song “Hero” and offered her an audition. Evan Rogers quickly recognised Rihanna’s talent at the age of only 16 and recorded a few tracks that found their way to rapper and producer Jay-Z.

Impressed by her talent, he recommended her to Def Jam Records. There she signed a six-album contract and recorded four remarkable albums between 2005 and 2009.

Among them, “Music of the Sun” (2005). “A Girl Like Me” (2006). “Good Girl Gone Bad” (2007). And “Rated R” (2009). During this time, she scored an impressive five number one hits on the coveted “Billboard Hot 100” chart: “SOS”,” “Umbrella,” “Take a Bow. ” “Disturbia. ” and “Live Your Life.”

Rihanna has gained a lot of respect for her incredible achievements as an artist and entrepreneur. “Disturbia” helped her achieve fame when she became one of the few artists in history to place two singles in the top three spots on the American charts at once – she was also awarded a Grammy shortly thereafter.

In addition to her success as a musician, Rihanna has used her creativity to inspire her fans in the film, clothing and cosmetics industries. She signed a multi-year deal with Puma Clothing and invested in Tidal’s equity program —and she even inspired new designers worldwide on the reality show series Styled To Rock. Rihanna also made sure her journey was always on display by working on two documentaries about her life, Half of Me Documentary created a huge buzz around the world and remains one of the most downloaded documentaries on the internet.

In addition to launching the standout makeup collection Fenty Beauty in 2017, which offered an all-new color palette for different skin tones, she later took another big step toward beauty dominance with the successful launch of the lingerie line Savage x Fenty (2018) and the luxury fashion brand Fenty (2019). Rihanna’s entrepreneurial innovations also extended to skincare and beauty ventures when she launched Fenty Skin in 2020.

As fate would have it, Rihanna discovered her flair for the fashion industry in 2011 when she was hired as a designer for Giorgio Armani. Seamlessly relying on the multitasking skills that define her spirit, Rihanna ended the monotony by turning to acting the next year, making her big-screen debut alongside Liam Neeson in Battleship.

A pioneer in her quest to use creativity for better causes, Rihanna teamed up with Hard Rock Cafe to produce a charity T-shirt sold exclusively in their stores. This move underscores her conscious evolution as a cooperative human being. Since 2015 and to this day, Puma has recognized Rhianna’s value-added contributions by naming her a global ambassador while making her the creative director for its women’s collection.

Rihanna is once again breaking new ground by merging her design and makeup experience to launch her makeup line, Riri, in collaboration with MAC cosmetics.

In addition to her work in the fashion and cosmetics industry, Rihanna also placed great emphasis on expanding her portfolio by devoting herself fully to acting. Starring as a voice actress in Home (2015), recurring appearances in Bates Motel and a prominent role in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Rihanna was able to add more meaning to her unique journey.

After seducing her fans with the trailer for the Oceans trilogy spin-off (Ocean’s 8), which gives a taste of what’s to come, RiRi gave an unforgettable performance at the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show, scheduled for February 2023, enchanting audiences worldwide with “Lift Me Up,”– her latest song dedicated to the late Chadwick Boseman and part of the soundtrack of Black Panther Wakanda Forever, which premieres on October 28, 2022.

Rihanna – Personal life

Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on February 20, 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados. Her parents were Ronald Fenty and Monica Fenty. Rihanna grew up with her siblings Rorrey and Rajad and step-siblings Kandy, Samantha and Jamie.

Unfortunately, her childhood was not easy. Her father struggled with his cocaine addiction, which led to the divorce of her parents when she was just fourteen years old. As if that was not enough stress for a young girl, Rihanna also struggled with debilitating migraines during her childhood, which made it difficult for her to hide her discomfort from friends and classmates.

Because of her complexion, she was also the target of bullying by her peers during her school years at Charles F. Broome Memorial School. However, that changed when she enrolled at Combermere School and began to take an interest in music.

Although adulthood was a time of change and growth, Rihanna volunteered for the Barbados Cadet Corps, where she met Shontelle, who would have an important influence on Rihanna’s future career decisions. After graduating from high school, instead of choosing a different path, she decided to dedicate herself to music.

Even as a teenager, Rihanna found solace in singing due to problems at home. In 2003, she finally formed a girl group consisting of two classmates and auditioned for music producer Evan Rodgers and his team when they visited old Barbados with her husband when she was only fifteen years old.

When Rihanna entered the room where they were sitting, she was struck by her beauty, and her voice eclipsed that of her two classmates. “The moment Rihanna walked into the room, the other two girls ceased to exist,” Rodgers confessed. Although they were impressive, Rodger did not think they were mature enough to pursue careers in the arts, and instead urged them to return the next year.

Although the trio disbanded shortly after her last meeting with Roger, Rihanna continued to consult Rogers and visited him in Connecticut accompanied by her mother. After seeing RiRi perform once again, he wanted to know how much she had already grown up before considering Riri worthy of pursuing an artistic career. At only sixteen years old, Rihanna moved from Barbados to join Rogers and his wife in America, where the duo worked together on demo recordings.

The turning point came when Def Jam Recordings heard one such demo called “Pon de Replay” They were so excited and impressed that this unexpected development was followed by six record deals that paved the way for the career-defining timeless melodies we admire today!

Rihanna – Relationships, Husband, Childrens

Over time, many notable relationships have been associated with the popular artist Rihanna. Especially since 2009, when she confirmed a romantic relationship with fellow musician Chris Brown.

However, when a violent physical altercation occurred between the two shortly before a Grammy Awards ceremony, disturbing images of a battered and bruised Rhianna surfaced on the Internet, causing outrage over the violent act against her safety.

Negus Sealy (2001-2003)

It is reported that Rihanna’s first boyfriend was Negus Sealy, but details about their romance are scarce – he only appeared in public as her partner while she worked hard to establish herself.

Josh Hartnett (2007)

He is an American actor and film producer. Several nights out and dinners together led to all kinds of rumors. Over 4 years ago, she confirmed the romantic involvement she had with the attractive 34-year-old actor. Obviously, this resulted from a moment of being in love with the singer. She was seen kissing the stunning American actor and even admitted to falling for him, but their love story didn’t last long.

Matt Kemp (2010)

In 2010, Rihanna officially dated Dodgers baseball player Matt Kemp after announcing their relationship herself. Although the rumors circulated for a while before they were confirmed, there wasn’t much excitement about their relationship. It was probably because Matt wasn’t involved in showbiz circles, so he could take a break from the drama that comes with fame. In interviews with media representatives, Rihanna spoke glowingly about her then-boyfriend, and at events they showed their feelings publicly.

Chris Brown (2007-2013)

Chris Brown and Rihanna are best known for their headline-grabbing relationship, which lasted from 2007 to 2013. Despite their extensive promotion in the media. The affair was marked by negativity due to Chris’ abusive tendencies towards his partner.

Although their relationship began inconspicuously in May 2007, it attracted attention in 2008, but ended abruptly in March 2009 after Chris physically assaulted Rihanna following an argument. As a result, he was given a five-year suspended sentence and ordered to distance himself from her. They gave it another shot in October 2012 after rekindling their passion for each other, only to finally realize in March 2013 that they were not meant to be together. This brought the curtain down on this turbulent love story once and for all.

Drake (2010-2016)

That Drake wanted a future with Riri was known by many, but that reality now seems less likely. During a performance in 2016, he decided to publicly show his infatuation with Rihanna – a sign that his affection goes beyond working together on music videos.

The duo complement each other perfectly, with Drake treating her like a queen, resulting in an incomparable bond between the two and making them feel more comfortable and secure in Armady than ever before.

Hassan Jameel (2016-2018)

It all began in the Year of Our Lord’s Grace 2016, when fate first brought Rihanna and Hassan Jameel into her life. Their courtship began two years later in utmost secrecy; therefore, it was not surprising that many people did not learn of their existence until much later, after they had been spotted enjoying leisurely vacations together on Italian shores or dining together in fancy restaurants in various cities in the United States of America – which gave us an idea of how happy Riri seemed to be around him! But like all good things, this carefully guarded love affair between the two lovers will eventually come to an end – in 2020!

ASAP Rooky (2021 – present)

Some couples just seem destined to be together – and if fans of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have their way, these two are right in that category! They first worked together professionally in 2012, when he collaborated on a remix of her classic track “Cockiness (Love It)” Even then. Even then, it was clear that there was a spark between them – which was underscored by their fiery performance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Who could forget how Rocky cheekily grabbed Rihanna’s butt in the middle of the set?

Rumors about the pair’s relationship persisted, even after Riri started dating businessman Hassan Jameel – until A$AP recently confirmed what we’d suspected all along: that he and Rihanna have a love affair unlike any other. Since then, they’ve practically been joined at the hip!

In the world of celebrity relationships, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have been drawing attention since they officially announced their romantic union on May 19, 2021. After more than nine years of friendship, which fans had been speculating about for some time, especially when the first rumors began to surface towards the end of 2020 — the couple welcomed their first son about seven months after confirming their pregnancy in early 2022.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky remain devoted parents-to-be and are raising their nine-month-old son without sharing any details about his identity with fans until now.

Rihanna – Net Worth

The well-known music artist Rihanna is now a symbol of excellent entrepreneurship with a net worth/income of around $550 million. Much of this financial status is attributable to the Fenty Beauty brand, which enjoys great popularity with buyers worldwide and is a prime example of how creative talent can lead to outstanding commercial profits.

In addition to these great successes that versatile people like Rihanna experience in their various career stages as experts who are not limited by the boundaries of a single field, she has also made a significant contribution in other fields such as the lingerie industry, etc., all of which have cumulatively brought wealth on various levels beyond mere earnings.

One of the recent developments in this field is another example of how hard work always pays off: Savage x Fenty Lingerie, which she launched in 2019, is now valued at $1 billion, while she has raised $115 million in capital. Such exemplary examples increase her chances of further success in the future.

Rihanna’s journey from a celebrated musician to one of the most successful entrepreneurs is remarkable! Her amazing success stories through her beauty brand “Fenty Beauty” and her lingerie line “Savage X Fenty” could not go unnoticed; they are living proof that inclusion sells! Both brands aim to promote diversity by including people of different genders and races in every aspect of their product development cleverly eliminating societal stereotypes we have become accustomed to.

Fenty Beauty generated $550 million in sales last year, with Rihanna owning half of it and LVMH owning the rest, driving up their net worth!!!! Also, Savage X Fenty, her lingerie line that represents all body types – especially those usually overlooked by the mainstream industry – took in $115 million, with Rihanna owning 30% of the shares.

However, Rihanna’s success is not only based on her innovative business ventures, but also on her solid real estate investments. From expensive condos in Century City to real estate in Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills and Barbados, she effortlessly became one of the most prudent investors in the world! It’s safe to say that Robyn Fenty is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to succeed through their own uniqueness!

Rihanna Most Watched Videos

Rihanna embodies everything you would expect from an iconic figure who has been making music for almost two decades and has received numerous awards and recognition worldwide for her talented musical contributions. To be precise, she boasts nine Grammys, several American Music Awards and an MTV Video Vanguard Award that fully recognise her musical prowess.

With a total of 71 singles released worldwide, reaching number one fourteen times, it is obvious why she is known worldwide as both a musical genius and one of the darlings of the fashion industry. Her acclaimed song “We Found Love” was ranked #24 on Billboard’s Greatest Songs Ever, and “Umbrella” even made Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs list.

Today, we are treating ourselves to some of Rihanna’s biggest hits that have taken us by storm – selling millions of copies and cementing her status as one of pop culture’s most beloved contemporary singers worldwide.

Here are some of the most watched videos on YouTube:

1. “Rihanna – Diamonds”, 2012, 2.177.914.629 views

In 2012, on September 27, Rihanna delighted us with her masterpiece “Diamonds”,” released under the prestigious label Def Jam. The song immediately became a huge hit and the music video reached over a billion views on YouTube by September 2019. Anthony Mandler and Jo Lesnieuradloniriama were at the helm as directors for the filming in Los Angeles on October 21 of the same year – it began with several fast-paced video clips that lasted only two seconds each. Then came our beloved Rihanna herself, singing passionately into a pitch black backdrop to open this phenomenal song.

2. “Rihanna – Work ft. Drake”, 2016, 1.346.952.076 views

A hit wonder from 2016 is “Work,” sung by collaborators Rihanna and Drake. The song speaks volumes about dedication and responsibility while highlighting key areas of understanding along the way.

Rihanna has penned powerful lyrics that aim to highlight how much effort is required to achieve success, which is achieved through hard work – even if that means sacrificing personal peace when necessary! Above all, she highlights the challenges that come from disappointing unsupportive partners. In the face of these struggles, her stance is firm and resolute.

Drake’s verses show a similar sense of frustration driven by determination to achieve his vision. The verses illustrate that perseverance and hard work lead to success, and convey a message of hope to the audiences we urge to achieve their goals.

3. “Rihanna – Stay ft. Mikky Ekko”, 2013, 1.088.445.180 views

Rihanna’s single “Stay” gained massive recognition with over a billion views on YouTube since its release in 2013. This song, which highlights her versatility as an artist, is one of many gems on her seventh studio album, Unapologetic (2012).

Mikky Ekko lends his voice to complement Rihanna’s soulful performance, and both artists share authorship with Justin Parker, who penned captivating lyrics on themes of temptation and sincerity in love relationships. This emotive ballad has been praised by critics as one of the album’s most outstanding songs.

4. “Rihanna – We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris”, 2011, 1.078.976.320  views

Rihanna’s sixth studio album, titled “Talk That Talk,” features one of her most popular collaborations to date – “We Found Love” with DJ Calvin Harris. This hit song, which won Best Short Music Video at the 2013 Grammy Awards, is about finding love where we least expect it – even in our darkest moments of despair. It motivates us to remain hopeful despite life’s difficulties, because loving someone can help us find comfort and courage to overcome difficulties. These remarkable verses are penned by experienced writers. We’re reminded that no matter how difficult things may seem now, eventually. Will all turn out for the better.

Rihanna on Social Media

Few public figures can claim to have had as big an impact on the digital world over the years as Rihanna. The multi-talented musician knows the importance of connecting with her fans through various social media channels, and boasts an impressive fan base that extends to millions worldwide. From her huge following of over 150 million people on Instagram alone (“Rihannanavy” FTW) to her growing but still impressive TikTok presence of 8.5 million fans, Rihanna has clearly learned how to make the most of digital media – and there’s no sign of her slowing down anytime soon.

Rihanna on YouTube, 41.8 M subscribers

View Rihanna YouTube page:

Rihanna YouTube

Rihanna on Instagram, 151 M followers

A celebrated personality in today’s world is none other than Rihanna, who has captured hearts through social media, especially on Instagram, and has over 150 million followers! Her deep connection with her fans is evident in their enthusiastic response to every post she regularly shares on this platform, which includes both personal photos and information about her work. For the pop sensation, Instagram was an excellent medium that allowed for open communication channels that could be befriended despite the great distance!

Covering various topics such as fashion trends and philanthropic campaigns are just some of the examples where you can see how passionate she is about connecting people, which would be the envy of the entertainment industry! This has boosted her confidence and led to successful promotional appearances for brands that are available at cheaper rates, while she also used this platform as an opportunity to launch her own makeup line!

View Rihanna Instagram page:

Rihanna Instagram

Rihanna on Twitter, 108.2 M followers

When it comes to musical icons who have captured our imagination with their talent and beauty. Few can match Rihanna’s success and popularity. Today, she can add another impressive achievement to her list – she has more Twitter followers than any other female celebrity in history! With an amazing fan base of 108.2 million loyal followers who follow her every digital move. It’s clear that Rihanna still holds an extraordinary place in people’s hearts, just like she did years ago when she first entered the music scene!

View Rihanna Twitter page:

Rihanna Twitter

Rihanna on Facebook, 104 M followers

View Rihanna Facebook page:

Rihanna Facebook

Rihanna – Awards and social activities

Rihanna’s musical talent has made her an international superstar. The Barbadian singer has been showered with praise and success throughout her illustrious career. This has made her one of the most respected personalities in the music world. She has won nine Grammy Awards and received numerous other accolades that pay tribute to her extraordinary journey.

Rihanna’s remarkable success speaks for itself and makes her an idol for many. The award-winning musician has received a total of nine Grammy Awards, a testament to her exceptional talent and long-lasting impact on the industry. Apart from this esteemed recognition. Rihanna also has impressive numbers in other prestigious events, where she has been nominated and won numerous awards.

One of them is the American Music Awards, where influential artists from different genres such as rock and pop are honored. Out of 28 nominations at this event, Rihanna managed to win 13 times, most recently in 2018 for “Best Female Soul/R&B Artist”. In addition, the Billboard Music Awards have regularly recognized Rihanna’s extraordinary potential as a singing sensation, awarding her ten out of fifty nominations over time. Most recently, she won in this category for “Billboard Charts: Special Achievement” in 2015.

It is worth noting that Rihanna’s list of awards includes more than thirty nominations and nine Grammy Awards, which are highly regarded worldwide as some of the most prestigious honors in the music industry. With these impressive achievements throughout her career, it is clear that Rihanna’s musical prowess is truly remarkable.

A wonderful act that shows she truly cares for others is Rihanna’s founding of the Believe Association in 2000 and 2006, which aims to provide vital educational, companionship and medical support to children around the world, and manages to help more than ten thousand bone marrow transplant recipients each year!

In addition, she even supported local charities through frequent free performances where all proceeds went to help those in need, such as after the tornadoes in Alabama (Birmingham on July 11, 2000), when “the all-bringingand all-giving star” donated every penny of the nearly eighty-nine thousand dollars earned! In February two thousand twelve, Rihanna participated alongside Calvin Harris in a charity concert where all proceeds were donated to the local children’s hospital LA, continuing her social responsibility efforts.

Rihanna has also been a strong supporter of such causes in relation to events that affect impoverished families affected by natural disasters, including funding donations of more than $3.5 million to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital specifically to expand and enlarge the radiation therapy clinic that now bears the name of her own family and her late grandmother Clara Braithwaite.

In November of year thirteen, she showed her commitment by contributing another hundred thousand dollars to the UNICEF “There For The Philippines” campaign, not only promoting it on social media but also appearing on billboards.

Rihanna FAQ

Q: Who is Rihanna?
A: Multi-talented Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian singing sensation as well as a successful actress and entrepreneur. She gained widespread recognition in the early noughties with her inventive fusion of Caribbean-inspired music with popular styles like R&B and pop.

Q: What are some popular Rihanna songs?
A: It is safe to say that Rihanna has established herself as a highly successful artist who has written many popular songs. With notable works such as “Diamonds”, “Umbrella”, “We Found Love”, “Work” and others, she has made a great contribution to modern music. Additionally. She gained great recognition with titles such as “Only Girl (In The World)”, “Stay”, “Rude Boy”and “Love on The Brain”. These sensational works remind us all why Rihanna is such a driving force in the industry today.

Q: Are there any notable Rihanna interviews?
A:  Rihanna is no stranger to giving interviews; she has sat down with many reporters over the years to talk about various aspects of her personal and professional life. However, one particularly noteworthy conversation was with renowned host Oprah Winfrey ( TV ) in 2012, which was very close to her heart. During this emotional conversation, Rihanna shared deep insights into some very personal and meaningful experiences she has had at various stages of her life and flourishing musical ventures.

Q: Have Eminem and Rihanna ever worked together?
A:  Yes, they have collaborated on several tracks. Their most famous work is undoubtedly “Love the Way You Lie,” which was released in 2010 and attracted a lot of attention. Other works of the two are “The Monster” and “Numb”.

Q: Did Rihanna appear on Seth Meyers’ show?
A: Indeed. The talented artist has graced the exhibition with her presence. She was warmly welcomed as a guest. She conversed animatedly and even treated the audience to some of her musical performances.

Q: Is the song “We Found Love” Rihanna’s biggest hit?
A: Yes. The song featuring Calvin Harris was released in 2011 and served as the first single from her album “Talk That Talk” The peppy dance-pop song became an international success.

Q: What is Rihanna’s best live performance?
A: If we think about Rihanna’s live performances, it becomes clear why such a question is particularly complex – there have been several extraordinary performances over time! Her ability to combine powerful performances with captivating choreography never ceases to amaze audiences, whether at concerts or events. Nevertheless, among these spectacular shows, one is worth mentioning: Rihanna’s halftime performance during Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, where she performed with special guests, was truly outstanding and reflected the brilliance of her skills.

Q: When the song “Umbrella” was released?
A: This hit was originally released in 2007 as the lead single from their third studio album, “Good Girl Gone Bad”. This upbeat song, created in collaboration with American rapper Jay Z, has managed to climb to the top of the charts worldwide!

Q: Why does Rihanna call her brand “Fenty”?
A: In recent years, Rihanna has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the fashion and beauty industry. Those who do not know Rihanna may wonder why she chose such an unusual name for her line — “Fenty” Indeed. “Fenty” is not a catchy marketing phrase: it is the artist’s family name. With this choice, Riri demonstrates a keen branding acumen — by infusing her personal identity into every product she offers for sale. Her innovation and courage have made the once humble family name synonymous with success in various industries, from hair care to haute couture.

Q: How many children does Rihanna have?
A: Rihanna shares two precious little ones with A$AP Rocky. The first was born in 2022, while her recent announcement during an electrifying Super Bowl performance confirms that another bundle of joy will soon join her family of four.

From the R&B hits in her early days as an artist to her forays into different genres, Rihanna today shows that she is constantly evolving and pushing boundaries on many fronts without being afraid of the novelty factor. Her powerful voice and the way she expresses raw emotions have attracted a wide audience worldwide, as she is highly recognisable.

In parallel, the fashion icon and entrepreneur has made phenomenal achievements as the owner of the Fenty brand, breaking down barriers in the beauty and modelling landscape by offering an inclusive range of products that align with inclusive tones.

Rihanna is also known for championing important social issues such as education, health, and humanitarian causes by donating generously to her philanthropic efforts such as the Clara Lionel Foundation.

This has led to significant changes in people’s lives, and not just in her industry.
It is clear that Rihanna will continue to shape the music and fashion industry with her creative development in various fields, leaving a legacy that goes far beyond music.


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