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Cory Chase Net Worth, Age, Hight And Husband

Audrey Wirtzberger, known in the entertainment industry as Cory Chase, deserves recognition for being a successful adult star who can perform multiple roles, including director and producer.

Her journey began in 2011 when she made her debut as an actress and proved to be talented from the first day. Interestingly, Audrey is happily married and has a supportive husband who helped her in the early stages of shooting videos for online publication on various platforms.

For more than a thousand enthusiastic fans, she has spectacularly participated in more than a hundred scenes and forty movies; collaborating with recognized studios like Brazzers hasn’t only strengthened her reputation, but also attracted more fans who closely follow her every move. It’s also noteworthy that the awards remain constant: AVN Awards over years; we’re talking awards that span three years – 2019, 2020, 2021 – it doesn’t get any better than that!

Cory Chase Biography


A look into the life of Cory Chase
Cory Chase is a successful actress and model from New Jersey with Caucasian roots, fluent in both English and German. She was born on February 25, 1981 to Lary and Olga Wirtzberger; not much is known about her childhood, but we can say without a doubt that she was blessed with loving parents.

It’s uncertain whether Ms. Chase continued her education after high school, where she committed to study at the School of New Jersey before pursuing further studies, or whether she engaged in various jobs, including waitressing on the roster, or whether she devoted herself to other tasks that often ran parallel to other forms of employment. A change in her career preferences led her to serve for eight years in the United States National Guard, where she attained the rank of sergeant.

Her journey as an adult film actress began at the age of thirty in 2011.

Like numerous other entertainers pursuing this career path, Cory Chase initially gained attention by sharing her amateur clips on paid platforms such as MyFreeCams, SnapChat & OnlyFans.

Thanks to her extensive experience and hard work, with over 170 credited movie scenes, Cory Chase has established herself as an icon in the adult entertainment industry since she became part of it over ten years ago.

The prodigious talent of Cory Chase brings unbridled passion and delicate nuance to her scenes of MILF, hardcore and lesbian content. A number of great brands have collaborated with Chase throughout her career, including Bangbros Brazzers Digital Sin Fetish Network Mofos Naughty America Pure Mature Reality Kings. While she has not made an endless amount of films, whatever she does always comes across as authentic and captivating for viewers.

For years, she has been one of the rare actresses who never face any problems related to professionalism or behaviour.

However, two incidents have made headlines when it comes to how people see Corey; first, in 2017, Ted Cruz accidentally liked one of her tweets on Twitter – a mistake he later attributed to a member of his staff. Then, in November 2020, an unauthorised adult content zip file containing Cory Chase was shared on the Twitter account of Team Green Bay player Kamal Martin, who said he had been hacked.

Insights into Cory Chases’ personal life and career

-Before he became a celebrated performer in the industry.

-Cory Chase decided to take up pet sitting in his teens to earn some extra money.

-It was not until she was 30 years old that she fully dedicated herself to adult entertainment.

-While many actresses undergo extensive cosmetic surgery to improve their looks, Cory’s only procedure was a breast augmentation.

-The recognition she has received comes from an impressive list of awards such as “AVN Awards 2019: Beloved Independent Clip Star (Fan Award) ” “AVN Awards 2020: Beloved Independent Clip Star (Fan Award) ” and “AVN Awards 2021: Beloved Independent Clip Star (Fan Award).”

-Interestingly, despite her great success in adult entertainment, Cory did not have many dating experiences during high school.

-Her admiration for fellow actress Tanya Tate is well known among fans.

-Although she had no interest in movies at first, Cory’s interest in creating photo sessions and content for her fans has grown over time and has given her unparalleled satisfaction.

Cory Chase Net Worth


Cory Chase’s considerable financial portfolio has an estimated value of $5 million in 2022, and she earns between $50,000 and $80,000 each month — a major contributor to her high earnings — due to various sources such as photo shoots and film projects in which she excels. The partnership with Luke Long allows the actress to fully indulge in the luxury life.

Clip production for Clips4Sale is another source of income for Miss Chase, through which she has amassed a collection of web clips that helps fund her achievements to date.
Moreover, managing websites like “” and “” serves as a profitable platform that contributes significantly to the overall income. With such top achievements in the adult entertainment industry, it is clear that Cory Chase is at the top among the ruling entrepreneurs.

Cory Chase Age

At the estimated age of forty-two lies the talent of Cory Chase, who currently resides in Fort Lauderdale in the United States. Her talent for acting took shape on February 25, 1981, when she was born in New Jersey, USA, and rose to fame through her exceptional skills as an actress and model.

Cory Chase Height

The size of Cory Chase at a glance
Cory Chase is an impressive 1.65 meterstall – an attribute that has contributed significantly to her worldwide recognition for the unconventional videos that she regularly produces. According to the available information from Cory Chase’s wiki page, she has documented body measurements of around 34D -25-35 inches – coupled with captivating brown eyes and luscious blonde hair that complete her appealing looks.

She takes pride in maintaining her fitness weighing only 54 kilograms, which is about 108 pounds, by doing extensive Crossfit training and Olympic weightlifting activities that bring her great joy on a daily basis. It is also worth noting that she has never undergone any cosmetic procedures – a quality that is greatly admired by her fans, who greatly appreciate her natural beauty.

Cory Chase Husband


When it comes to succeeding personally and professionally, a solid foundation at home is key. For passionate filmmaker Cory Chase and his loyal partner Luke Longly, their lives are no exception to this rule – their strong relationship laid the foundation for everything they’ve accomplished over the years.

Life without children hasn’t diminished their deep affection. On the contrary, it has given them even more opportunities to devote all their energy to achieving Corey’s career goals together as husband and wife.

Cory Chase Pictures



Cory Chase on Social Media

Social media star Cory Chase has gained an impressive following for sharing excellent content in various forms on documented digital platforms like Instagram and Twitter, offering insights into his professional and personal life. As one of the favorite style icons, drawing attention primarily for her modeling activities and the flair that comes with it, she effortlessly manages to keep her followers in line.

Cory makes it a point to interact with her followers by constantly showing her appreciation and acknowledging their loyalty, including supporting brand collaborations that not only increase her reach but also her overall impact.

Moreover, it not only serves to promote personal brand awareness (professional/personal), but also leverages this huge platform for a wider audience by promoting various community causes, such as inclusion, body awareness, or personal empowerment, thus acting as a remarkable inspiration!

Overall, Cory’s gifted fusion of collective elements, from content to human interaction, demonstrates a unique engagement that positively influences and inspires audiences and solidifies her status.

Cory Chase on Instagram


A stylish representation of her life as a model and performer is what you discover when you visit Cory Chase’s Instagram profile. With many admirers following her extraordinary content curation skills, she has brilliantly created an attractive feed that always keeps viewers interested, coming back each time to see more.

When you land on the page, the first thing you see are images taken by professional photographers — each one reflecting the poise and confidence that Cory skillfully exudes. Her profile features different types of content: glamorous photo shoots, revealing behind-the-scenes looks, snapshots from travels – all carefully staged with natural beauty and incredible charisma, though eye-candy alone is not the main focus. Cory also uses captions as an extension for sharing intimate details about thoughts that lead to insights and reflections that shed light on obscure things so followers can relate. In turn, fans are inspired to pursue their dreams without fear and to love themselves and be authentic.

As a token of appreciation for the support of her followers, Cory Chase makes sure to weigh in by personally responding to comments and leaving no one out, creating an overall sense of camaraderie so that fans feel included every step of this exciting journey.

Cory Chase Instagram

Cory Chase on Twitter


Following Cory Chase (@CoryChaseXXX) on Twitter guarantees endless entertainment combined with thought-provoking advocacy. Frequently engaging with her fans with humor, sincerity, and a willingness to make a difference, she has built a sizable fan base that not only wants to keep up with her career, but also actively supports social causes she advocates for.

With the perfect balance of witty banter and self-aware posts centered around self-love, body confidence, and gender equality, Cormy offers real value to those who follow her feed beyond just entertainment.

By supporting industry peers who are similarly spreading positive messages, like-minded people are empowered, leading to an overall stronger sense of camaraderie and increasing positive influence among creatives.

Cory Chase Twitter

Cory Chase on Facebook


As Corey Chase establishes himself as a rising superstar in the entertainment industry, there is no more important tool than social media, especially Facebook. With carefully crafted posts tailored to the diverse interests of fans and followers, her page stands out from the average accounts of other celebrities. She has developed an unprecedented level of engagement and connection with thousands who look forward to each and every post.

Cory’s page gives her followers unprecedented access to what’s going on behind the scenes of modeling projects or other work preferences, and keeps them up to date on any important happenings related to appearances or upcoming projects. In addition to professional content, she shares interesting thoughts and opinions on social topics that go far beyond business and entertainment. Having loyal fans who care about connecting with celebrities like Cory means that direct interaction with them is essential.

Therefore, a personal interest that goes far beyond the boundaries that most typical celebrities deal with is of great benefit to an aspiring artist’s career development.
Last but not least, it encourages conversations about important topics to raise awareness in the social environment that otherwise suffers from misconceptions or lack thereof, rather than simply condemning those who don’t know much yet, even though open-mindedness would help everyone achieve better results overall!

Cory Chase Facebook

Cory Chase on Youtube


Cory Chase is a YouTuber who is making waves on social media sites with his multi-faceted content that appeals to a variety of interests. This charming personality uses innovative approaches to capture the attention of viewers from diverse backgrounds, which has led to them becoming followers – interactive engagement says a lot about this emerging talent on various media platforms.

Numerous videos capture the many aspects of modelling: what it takes behind the scenes that don’t make it to the glossy pages, but with Cory, the connection goes deeper than that. From personal snippets of daily life to sharing moments with loved ones and advocating for social issues, including mental health and body image, she aims to build an empathetic connection that she makes accessible through her discussions and captures hearts with her authentic nature.

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Cory Chase on Onlyfans


For fetish enthusiasts seeking a seductive experience like no other, there’s nothing better than Cory Chase’s OnlyFans. With a selection of delightful content for specific interests waiting for your discovery on this platform, you’ll get your money’s worth. Being recognized as one of the most notable artists on OnlyFans requires exceptional dedication – an achievement that comes naturally to Cory Chase.

This esteemed MILF loves to cater to fetishes and never disappoints in satisfying loyal subscribers seeking maximum satisfaction.

Cory Chase Onlyfans

Cory Chase FAQS

1. Who is Cory Chase and what is her profession? Is she a pornstar?

Cory Chase’s remarkable career as an acclaimed actress in adult films has made her a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry. Her reputation for delivering captivating performances has enabled her to achieve extraordinary success over time. Through perseverance and determination.

Cory continues to hold a respected position in the industry.

2. What are some notable movies and TV shows featuring Cory Chase?

When it comes to adult movies and online videos, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more talented and popular than this versatile performer.

Witness her captivating performances in popular works like “Mothers’ Seductions”, “MILF VR”, “Pure Taboo”, “Family Strokes”, “Brazzers House”,”‘Moms Teach Sex”,  And “Naughty America”. These productions give just a glimpse of what makes Cory such an acclaimed artist.

3. What is the involvement of Cory Chase in the adult entertainment and porn industry?

She’s a recognized actress for adult films and has managed to earn a good reputation among audiences for her captivating performances.

Due to her remarkable versatility in different genres, this talented actress, who has gained popularity among mature content lovers over time due to her exceptional abilities, has received a lot of praise.

4. Are there any XXX videos featuring Cory Chase on Pornhub?

The answer is certainly positive. With her captivating performances as an actress in adult movies, Cory Chase enjoys great popularity among the website visitors. On Pornhub, fans can find a variety of visuals that showcase her talent and appeal in the industry.

5. Can I find nude or naked content of Cory Chase online?

It is possible to find nude or bare content online with Cory Chase. With years of experience in the adult entertainment industry and a dedication to bettering herself and entertaining others, she is an accomplished individual who has a large following while being an active member on social media platforms with which she frequentlyinteracts.

Her dynamic range, coupled with boundless energy, makes for captivating performances that have led Cory Chase to be considered one of several top performers who have left indelible marks in various genres of adult entertainment.


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