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Kendra Lust Age, Awards And Nominations

Kendra Lust is a celebrated personality known for her dazzling attractiveness and charming demeanour in the adult entertainment field.

She was born Michele Anne Mason but opted for a more appropriate stage name that reflects who she really is; Kendra has established herself as one of the best MILF performers after more than a decade of proven excellence that is second to none in the field.

Audiences are inevitably drawn into stunning performances fueled by abundant talent, while basking in awe of every portrayal she delivers with effortless grace; even though she is already 44 years old! Her career continues to soar as she effortlessly makes waves in all industries and leaves an unforgettable legacy.

Kendra Lust Biography


Kendra Lust – The seductive adult entertainer

Kendra Lust is an illustrious personality in the world of adult entertainment, known for her captivating talent as an actress, director and producer. Born Sept. 18. 1978 with French-Canadian-Italian heritage – hails from Madison Heights, Michigan as she proves her versatility in various genres of productions and continues to rise to the skies of fame.

Before venturing into the adult entertainment industry, Kendra already had a bachelor’s degree after working as a nurse for seven years. Given this hard work and dedication, Kendra began to explore other options that led to her becoming a stripper at the age of sixteen and funding her college education. Further exploring other career paths, Kendra then naturally found herself as a web cam model, which eventually paved the way to appearances in full-length productions.

With great response from fans and critics alike, Kendra has received several award nominations and is widely celebrated as a renowned figure in the entertainment industry.

Kendra Lust has become an undisputed star in adult entertainment over the years. With nearly 300 performances captured in a captivating mix in more than twelve productions directed by Lust Army Productions, her innate creativity knows no bounds to this day.

The inclusion of directing in her already remarkable career has been a great success, bringing new excitement through wonderful directorial debuts that also mark new chapters through her own company! It’s safe to say that Kendra has quickly risen from webcam model to active adult star thanks to her captivating performances that caused a stir back in 2012!

Various award nominations proved how talented she’s, starting with “Peeping Through The Keyhole,” which shamelessly showed how skilled Kendrick was from the start. Working with major production companies such as Brazzers, Digital Playground, Jules Jordan Video & Evil Angel – her versatility knew no bounds and contributed immensely to setting trends that continue to this day!

In addition to her exceptional on-screen performances, Kendra Lust became a prolific director/producer of captivating and diverse content in a variety of genres, including MILF, gonzo and fetish, achieving impressive success throughout the industry. As one of today’s most talented performers with an eye for creativity and a direction that is always forward, Kendra remains ready to make an impact!

Kendra Lust Awards and Nominations

Kendra Lust is a powerhouse in the adult entertainment industry with an enviable list of awards and nominations that recognize her tireless dedication and success. Her collaborations with top actresses such as Nicole Aniston, Angela White, Brooklyn Chase, Kelly Madison, Romi Rain and many others have made Kendra Lust a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

These notable accolades are just a small sampling:

AVN Award for Best MILF Performer in 2014
XBIZ Award for MILF Performer of the Year in 2014
XBIZ Award for Best Scene in 2015
Nightmoves Awards for Best MILF Performer (Fan Award) in 2015
XBIZ Award for MILF Performer of the Year in 2015
XRCO Award for MILF Performer of the Year in 2016
Spank Bank Awards for Best Actress in 2016
AVN Award for MILF Performer of the Year in 2017
Spank Bank Technical Awards for The P.E. Teacher in 2018
XBIZ Award for Best Scene – Vignette Release in 2018
AVN Award for Hottest MILF (Fan Award) in 2019

Kendra’s receipt of numerous other awards reflects her dedication and undeniable talent for adult entertainment. She has undoubtedly made significant contributions to the industry with her remarkable performances. Collaborating with esteemed actresses such as Nicole Aniston, Angela White, Brooklyn Chase, Kelly Madison, Romi Rain, and others, Kendra Lust has established herself as a force to be reckoned with.

Kendra Lust Net Worth


Kendra Lust is a recognised figure in the adult entertainment industry who has achieved significant success resulting in substantial financial gains.

Estimates from 2023 suggest that Kendra Lust has earned around $3 million to date through various revenue streams in this industry – including film appearances, webcam sessions, the use of social media platforms for promotional purposes, and others – for example, personal websites or merchandise sales – performers often produce and distribute their content through these channels, aside from relying on them for additional income streams. Her thriving career as a performer and director is likely to lead to an extraordinary accumulation of wealth during her journey.

Kendra Lust Age


Kendra Lust saw the light of day on an eighteenth day of September in ’78 and went on to become a successful icon. At the time of this essay’s writing (in ’23), she had turned forty-four, having experienced much along the way that was worth celebrating.

After working as a nurse for seven long years and receiving a certificate from the University of Michigan School of Nursing, Kendra switched careers and earned great admiration in the adult film industry.

Kendra Lust Height


Kendra Lust’s physical features are listed in her Wikipedia profile. She is relatively short with a height of just over five feet (161 cm), but weighs about 119 lbs (54 kg).

Her bra cups are an impressive size F. And she has an hourglass figure with a waist of only 25 inches. In addition, breasts with a size of about 35 cm. As well as hips that are about thirty-seven inches wide. To maintain such a figure, Kendra must be very dedicated, because she regularly exercises and pays close attention to what she eats. A tattoo adorns the inside left of her wrist – something she chose herself – but it is ultimately Kendra’s distinctive dark brown hair and mesmerising eyes that attract attention when first meeting or looking at photos.

Kendra Lust Husband


Although there are reports that Kendra Lust has entered into a romantic liaison with prominent industry figure John Cena, these allegations are neither true or relevant.

To put this unfounded rumor to rest: Kendra Lust finds fulfillment in her dedicated husband Charles Cleve Mason Jr. who bravely works as a law enforcement officer. Regardless of the salacious stories circulating in the media about her alleged infidelity, it should be understood that Kendra Lust’s dedication and love for her husband, Charles Cleve Mason Jr. comes first.

Kendra Lust Pictures




Kendra Lust on Social Media

Although these social media platforms have strict rules regarding adult content, you can still immerse yourself in Kendra Lust’s world and see her captivating visual narratives that show moments from her daily life and exciting moments on set. Kendra Lust’s career information and schedule are available on her personal website if fans want to stay informed about new updates or events.

Kendra Lust on Instagram


If you’re looking for ways to connect with popular adult performer Kendra Lust. Look no further than social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

These channels offer the opportunity to connect with fans and give them an exclusive behind- the-scenes look at Kendra Lust’s professional and personal life.

Kendra Lust Instagram

Kendra Lust on Twitter


Stay connected to the exciting world of adult entertainment via Kendra Lust’s Twitter!
Stay personally connected with Kendra Lust by following @KendraLust on Twitter! This popular social media account offers fans not only up-to-the-minute information, but also exclusive insights into Kendra’s world behind the camera lens. Stay ahead of everyone else when it comes to news about upcoming projects by following exciting releases and collaborations currently in development.

Interact directly with other fans by replying to them. Topics range from gossip to discussing favorite scenes or performances, all centered around Ms. Lust herself!

Kendra’s followers have developed an online community where they can share their admiration for their common love of the adult entertainment industry. For an intimate look into the world of adult performers. Join Kendra Lust’s Twitter family today!

Kendra Lust Twitter

Kendra Lust on Onlyfans


Kendra Lust’s incredible OnlyFans account (@kendralust) is where true fans can enjoy an unprecedented level of exclusivity – featuring only specially curated content expressly designed for an immersive experience. Through a variety of tantalizing photos, videos, and unique streaming events, she aims to give her admirers an intimate look into her life while forging deep bonds based on trust and a shared love of sensual pleasures. Accessing her world opens up incredible visual treasures filled with stunning images created just for you! Quench your thirst by taking part in dazzling journeys designed and created specifically to satisfy your desires.

Their distinctive approach allows fans to interact directly by indulging every fantasy – ultimately leaving experiences that last long after you log off… Become a part of her legion today and discover an unparalleled level of intimacy and boundless passion on OnlyFans.

Kendra Lust Onlyfans

Kendra Lust FAQS

1. Who is Kendra Lust and what is her involvement in the porn entertainment industry?

Known for her exceptional on-screen performances and striking beauty, this popular leading lady has rightfully earned a crowd of passionate followers among fans of the material across all spectrums! Countless leading roles in many different genre films are a testament to her outstanding qualities, but she also has many fans who embrace her through various social media platforms.

2. Is Kendra Lust a pornstar and how has she made a name for herself?

The seductive Kendra Lust needs no introduction when it comes to being recognized in the world of pornography. She owes this recognition mainly to her impressive acting skills and stunning beauty – she has taken the audience by storm! You can not downplay her tireless dedication when it comes to maintaining an engaging relationship that creates a personal connection with viewers from diverse backgrounds.

These qualities have earned Kendra Lust the respect she enjoys today as one of the most successful personalities in the field!

3. Are there any XXX videos featuring Kendra Lust on Pornhub?

For those looking for X-rated entertainment with Kendra Lust on Pornhub. There are definitely options available! An accomplished adult film actress, she has shot a variety of explicit scenes that showcase her unique talents and undeniable appeal.

With so many XXX videos to choose from on the platform. Users can easily immerse themselves in the exciting performances of this star whenever they want.

4. Has Kendra Lust’s content on OnlyFans ever been leaked?

 Unfortunately, she has fallen victim to this, and her OnlyFans content has indeed been leaked.

5. Can I find naked photos or videos of Kendra Lust online?

Yes, of course! There are plenty of graphic images and footage with full or partial nudity in which Kendra stuns viewers with seductive looks and salacious performances in various production roles. She has successfully established herself in the adult film industry not only because of her glamour, but also because of her professionalism and unsurpassed talent.

She has a huge fan following and is very popular. Kendra Lust continues to leave a remarkable impression through her on-screen performances, social media presence, and enticing content that cements her status as one of the top actresses in the adult industry among her peers – she is an undeniable force in the industry.


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