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Bella Poarch Age, Net Worth And Controversies

Bella Poarch is a Filipino-American influencer, musician, and creative content producer who became known for funny lip sync videos on her popular TikTok profile.

Her TikTok account quickly gained attention after debuting in 2020 and producing one of the platform’s most famous renditions – Millie B’s “Soph Aspin Send”.

Bella Poarch is not only known for her amusing collection of content on the video-sharing app, but also frequently interacts with her fans on several other social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. She has also garnered attention as a singer – Warner Records even named her first solo release, “Build A Bitch,” a YouTube record for debuts.

Bella Poarch Biography


The inspiring life story of Bella Poarch
Bella Poarch was born on February 8, 1997 in the Philippines and dreamed of becoming a musician since she was a little girl. When she moved to Texas with her adoptive parents at thirteen, she faced cultural challenges, but that did not stop her from doing what she loved.

When she turned eighteen, despite discrimination based on gender and racial stereotypes faced by women in the U.S. Armed Forces, Bella enlisted in the United States Navy Division, where she served an honorable two years of military service in Japan before retiring after completing her contract agreements back home.

In January 2020, after leaving military life behind, her resilience prevailed despite limited resources and she embarked on an online journey that initially focused on producing viral comedic skits by exploring various social media outlets, including Tik Tok, which quickly earned this talented individual widespread recognition worldwide.

Thus, Bella expanded her social media content from creating comedic skits to video games and cosplay. But it was not until her big hit, lip-syncing to Millie B’s “Soph Aspin Send” in August 2020, that Bella reached new heights of fame, thanks to millions of views on the video and a loyal fan base that loves her dearly.


Since her breakthrough, Bella Poarch has amassed an impressive following of more than seventy million followers on her TikTok channel alone. Her influence extends far beyond that platform. She has gained considerable fame across various social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram feed offers fascinating insights into her personal and professional life, captivating over twelve million people worldwide.

Her involvement in various online media knows no bounds – on Twitter she already has a loyal following of more than five hundred thousand users and on Bella’s YouTube channel there are already almost four million subscribers.

In 2020, Esports companies such as FaZe Clan and 100 Thieves took notice of this extraordinary personality’s rising profile – they were keen to work with her given her gaming and streaming background, but were turned down as Poarch turned to musical ambitions instead. Poarch’s bold move paid off when she inked a record deal with Warner Records in May! This new chapter marks the release of her debut single “Build a Bitch,” which premiered on May 14 of this year!


One of the most popular recent releases on YouTube is “Build A Bitch,” which features well-known personalities such as Bretman Rock, Mia Khalifa and Valkyrae. On an episode of The CouRage and Nadeshot Show podcast, Bella Poarch was a guest and shared the motivational backstory behind her hit song.

Poarch’s personal experiences with bullying in her childhood due to her ethnicity and background inspired her to write lyrics to encourage listeners to be authentic and confident. “Build a Bitch” landed at No. 56 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 30 on the U.K. singles chart. Bella Poarch identifies as an AAPI person and actively campaigns against discrimination against Asians.

To raise awareness about this issue, she shared a TikTok video earlier this year.


Bella Poarch Facts:

-Bella Poarch is a widely recognized social media personality who has gained a large following due to her diverse talents.

-She recently teamed up with both Tyga – known for his former relationship with Kylie Jenner – and James Charles for unique collaborations on TikTok.

-Sharing individual videos on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, Bella not only shows off her impressive vocals, but also her passion for animals, while also showing off some stylish body paint – an example of her unyielding spirit, despite the difficulties she has faced in her life as an adopted child.

-Despite the obstacles she has faced throughout her life – including serving overseas in the United States Navy – this ambitious young woman continues to thrive on TikTok, attracting millions of fans by regularly posting engaging content that reflects the passions that have been instilled in her since she was young, including the desire to become an actress.

-Although little is known about her parents, Bella Poarch was born and raised in the Philippines and has the zodiac sign Aquarius.

-Watching her videos, it is clear that she is able to entertain a worldwide audience with ease thanks to her diverse artistic talents.


Although impressive in many ways. Bella Poarch’s professional career has not been free of controversy, either of her own making or of others.

One example is her decision to get a tattoo of the rising sun flag, which drew heavy criticism on the Internet for being associated with Japanese imperialism and past human rights abuses, particularly among South Korean groups. Despite the offensive associations. Bella has stated that she was unaware of the historical context of the flag design until she was approached by fans about it.

As an act of reparation for the damage done and as a sign of goodwill to critics, she apologized profusely. She apologized profusely and finally decided to cover up her entire tattoo last month. Another controversial issue surfaced when followers raised concerns about Bella’s use of slang on social media, which some considered insensitive, racially charged terms such as ‘Harambe’. That nickname apparently jokingly referred to the gorilla whose life was cut too short when he fell into acidic water under the watch of zookeepers in 2016.

She did express regret for the injuries caused by this incident (which was perceived as particularly hurtful in black communities). It seems that some still find her explanations unconvincing, interpreting them as careless insensitivity by someone who has found great success through her positive online portrayals.

Rumors of an alleged collaboration between Bella and BAS media promoting Columbia Records records made headlines earlier this year, but were neither substantiated nor addressed by the parties involved, so many fans have been waiting expectantly for answers to clarify or deny these claims ever since. Overall, it is important to understand how controversies can affect public perceptions and attitudes, especially toward groups from different backgrounds. Each individual should therefore strive, as much as possible, to develop an empathetic understanding of the experiences of other cultures or communities, while at the same time reconsidering their own viewpoints.

Bella Poarch Net Worth


With an estimated net worth of $2 million in 2022, Bella Poarch is indeed one of the world’s most successful people on TikTok. Every month, she earns more than $20,000 through various revenue streams such as social media platforms like Tiktok and participation in the music industry.

She also shares outstanding music videos with millions of dedicated fans who contribute immensely to her wealth through Youtube.

Bella Poarch Age


It is with great respect that we talk about Bella Poarch – an inspirational social media personality – who came into the world on a quiet Sunday, February 9, 1997. Just recently, this Wednesday to be exact, she celebrated her twenty-sixth anniversary.

Bella Poarch Height


May I humbly request details on the stature of Bella Poarch? According to our authentic sources, it can be confirmed that Bella Poarch has a compact stature, is five feet and two inches tall, and weighs about fifty-five kilograms.

It is important to keep in mind that these figures can change over time, but here the latest and most reliable information has been provided. Also worth noting are her body measurements, which are 28-23-35, along with an estimated bra size of 27C, as well as a US shoe size of “five”.

Bella Poarch Boyfriend


Recent developments in the private life of Bella Poarch

In January 2019, Bella Poarch entered into an intimate marriage with Tyler Poarch. Unfortunately, their relationship went on the rocks when they initiated termination proceedings in early November 2022. Although inquiries about her love life have been piling up ever since, the online influencer has decided to keep her romantic affairs a secret.

Bella Poarch Pictures




Bella Poarch on Social Media

Bella Poarch has become very popular due to her influence on various social media platforms with fascinating content and an irresistible presence that attracts the audience’s attention. With millions of followers following her every post, she has established herself as an influential online personality. At the same time, she uses her platform to advocate for meaningful causes, such as raising awareness against Asian discrimination and promoting inclusion for all people, regardless of their background, as well as other pressing issues.

Also recognized for her musical talent, Bella’s single “Build a Bitch,” which debuted in 2021, received overwhelming acclaim from critics and followers alike, transcending social media platforms and demonstrating her versatility as a multifaceted artist with compelling vocals that show how powerful love can be built but not bought, despite society’s values of acquiring wealth.

Bella Poarch on TikTok


Bella Poarchs’ journey to TikTok stardom

Bella Poarch, an internet personality. She began her journey on TikTok in April 2020 and quickly became a viral sensation.

Within ten months, Bella amassed over 56 million fans on the app. One particular video that brought her great success featured Millie B’s song “M to the B.” Bella perfectly showcased her mesmerizing dance skills, lip-syncing to the infectious tune. The video went viral and became one of the most popular videos on TikTok.

Bella Poarch TikTok

Bella Poarch on Twitter


Bella Poarch took another undeniable step in expanding her online presence by joining Twitter in April 2020. In that short span of time, she has built an impressive following of more than 239,000 dutiful fans who devotedly await every tweet on this creative content creator’s account. With each new tweet, Bella Poarch forges closer bonds that further expand her influence on Twitter, creating a meaningful and important space that helps her stand out among other prominent figures on the platform.

Bella Poarch Twitter

Bella Poarch on Instagram


It’s undeniable that Bella Poarch has made a huge impact on Instagram with over 12.5 million loyal followers! What sets Bella apart from other influencers is the captivating nature of her visual and written content, which appeals to an incredibly wide audience across all social media platforms. Not only does she creatively highlight aspects of her personal life, but she also promotes causes close to her heart with each new post.

With each new follower that is added, Bella’s influence as an influential figure in today’s social media landscape increases.

Bella Poarch Instagram

Bella Poarch on YouTube


Bella Poarch’s thriving presence on YouTube
Bella Poarch is not only active on various social media platforms, but also boasts an impressive number of over 2 million subscribers on her successful YouTube channel. What she offers through this medium is very versatile! Here you’ll find insights into Bella’s various skills, personal opinions that will appeal to you in one way or another, and the opportunity to connect with more than just one like-minded person.

And that’s not all: Bella keeps the bar high for herself by creating captivating videos that always leave you wanting more because they are so fascinating.

Ultimately, this dedication to producing quality material helps cement Bella’s position as one of the best content creators in various online arenas.

Bella Poarch YouTube

Bella Poarch FAQS

1. Are there any nude or full naked photos or videos of Bella Poarch available?

There are several pictures on the Internet where she can be seen naked.

2. Is there a Onlyfans leaked sex tape or xxx porn content involving Bella Poarch and Tyga?

There have been a lot of whispers on various social media platforms lately about an alleged sex tape of Bella Poarch and Tyga or the posting of explicit content on OnlyFans. However, there is no legitimate proof of the existence of such material.

In today’s fast-paced social media landscape, where false allegations can spread faster than light, there is a danger in spreading unfounded assumptions — regardless of the dangerous consequences of such inaccuracies.

3. Did Bella Poarch serve in the military?

Undoubtedly. In fact, she made that very choice in 2015 at the age of just seventeen, enlisting in the U.S. Navy, where she remained active until 2019. During her four years of honorable service, she completed several successful deployments to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, as well as Japan, gaining invaluable experience in the areas of training and personal development – all factors that later contributed to her professional success as an influencer.

4. What is Bella Poarch’s real name?

Her first name is Denarie Bautista Taylor – a well-known social media influencer who has attracted attention with her extraordinary personality that encompasses creativity, charm and unique talent.

From TikTok to mainstream platforms such as Instagram or YouTube, she captivates millions of viewers worldwide with her creative content that constantly evolves over time.

Bella’s previous experiences in the military service have highlighted her long-term determination and demonstrated that true passion can break boundaries. Through her remarkable efforts to influence huge audiences across various mediums in different regions around the globe, she has an impeccable impact on digital society – a testament to certain future success in the entertainment industry and beyond.


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