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Top 50 Instagram Influencers To Know About in 2023

In the realm of social media, Instagram is a powerhouse that connects millions of users through captivating images and fascinating content that transcends all boundaries. At the forefront is an extraordinary group of personalities known as Instagram influencers, who have gained immense influence with their exceptionally captivating stories that enchant the hearts of their followers.

In this article, we’ll try to uncover different categories within this field, including fashion and beauty gurus, as well as travel enthusiasts and lifestyle experts, all of whom have a distinctive style and captivating storytelling techniques combined with a clear connection to their followers

Through carefully curated posts that reveal both aesthetics and real-time engagement within their loyal communities, these influencers manage to build strong relationships with their enthusiastic audiences. Combined with a strong brand image, this paves the way for impressive follower numbers while shaping trends in today’s socially driven global economy.

The impact is profound as consumer behaviour is influenced by visually-driven campaigns all while driving brand loyalty among target audiences. These visual storytellers are the creators of thriving digital empires like no other. Dive into this offering where we share the fascinating stories behind various Instagram power players!

1. Khaby Lame, 79.3 M followers

Khaby Lame was born in Senegal on March 9, 2000. When he was a toddler, his parents moved their family to Italy for better job opportunities. Things were going well for him with a factory job in Italy, but when COVID hit hard, he lost that job.

Lame put all his time into creating social media as a form of entertainment, which turned out to be massively successful, gaining nearly eighty million followers through platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where he has more than 78 million followers. His success also includes being named the most followed TikToker in the world – which is no small feat!

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Khaby Lame Instagram

2. Whindersson Nunes, 59.3   M followers

The incredible talent and popularity of Whindersson Nunes Batista, one of Brazil’s most popular YouTubers, comedians and singers, is simply impossible to ignore since he hit it big on the comedy scene in 2013. Since then, his videos have been making people laugh! In October 2016, his YouTube channel “whinderssonnunes” was already one of the biggest Brazilian celebrities, until he was overtaken by Canal KondZilla last February.

But with an impressive subscriber base of more than forty-four million and over four and a half billion cumulative views to date, this channel still ranks thirty-seventh among all other non-YouTube generated channels! Equally impressive is that ‘Whindersson’ remains the second most subscribed YouTuber from Brazil. In addition, he has over 59.3 million followers on Instagram!

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Whindersson Nunes Instagram

3. Lele Pons, 53.2  M followers

Lele Pons, born June 25, 1996 in Caracas, Venezuela , is another pearl whose talents span many fields – actress, model, Youtuber, presenter and singer! After moving to Miami with her family when she was only five years old, she began working tirelessly to show the world her best! Her hard work paid off: in 2016, Time Magazine named her “the world’s most influential Venezuelan” and her undeniable talents were recognized with international awards at the Streamy Awards.

Although Vine has since closed, it was her springboard to fame. She continues to entertain audiences by creating humorous skits for YouTube and has an Instagram following of over 53.2 million. Although she is an online sensation, she has also appeared in movies, television shows, and music videos. Her impressive skills also extend to producing her own music tracks and collaborating with writers on a novel in 2016!

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Lele Pons Instagram

4. Huda Kattan, 53.1  M followers

Iraqi-born but U.S. based entrepreneur and makeup artist Huda Kattan’s brand Huda Beauty has garnered a huge following of over 53.1 million people on Instagram. The brand is known by beauty lovers around the world for its artificial eyelashes and artificial nails – in the future, lipsticks will also be available.

Together with her sisters Mona and Alya, she founded the popular brand, which is constantly renewing its offer in the beauty industry. They first started in the financial sector.

Hudas’ passion for beauty shows in everything she does: from tutorials on YouTube to amazing tips and reviews on various platforms, everyone can enjoy Hudas’ valuable content.

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Huda Kattan Instagram

5. Nusret, 52.3  M followers

“Salt Bae”,” or Nusret Goekçe, is one of the most successful chefs in the world today! Born in Erzurum, Turkey, to a Kurdish family, life wasn’t always rosy when it came to pursuing Nusret’s professional dreams. Financial insecurity led him to drop out of university at an early age and begin an apprenticeship as a butcher as a teenager!

But hard work knows no boundaries, after exploring different countries such as Argentina or the USA through various job opportunities over time, he was able to open his own restaurant in Turkey with heart, passion and determination.

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Nusret Instagram

6. Charli d’Amelio, 47.2 M followers

Charli D’Amelio is an outstanding young woman whose accomplishments include being a world-renowned independent artist who dances beautifully and models gracefully for various attention-grabbing campaigns around the globe! She was born on the first of May in the year two thousand and four in Norwalk Connecticut in the United States of America, where despite being only sixteen years old, she has built an amazing social media following that proves both her wisdom and creativity.

Charli has been enthusiastically received by viewers all over the world for her dancing to original routines and striking dubs with her lip movements that have made her one of the brightest stars on TikTok! Although she has been active on Instagram since 2016, it wasn’t until June 2019 that she really exploded onto the scene and has since managed to gain an astounding 47.2 million supporters on her Instagram account alone.

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Charli d’Amelio Instagram

7. Virginia Fonseca Costa, 43.2   M followers

Virginia Fonseca Costa has captured the hearts of millions worldwide as a prominent social media influencer in Brazil. Thanks to her creative successes in DIY projects and contagious challenges on TikTok and YouTube, ‘Gina,” as she’s affectionately known by her fans, has risen to earn worldwide recognition for her impressive online content creation skills.

With her captivating posts that showcase honest moments filled with joy, love, and gratitude, it’s no wonder she enjoys such popularity across all digital platforms – with an incredible number of followers that stands at 43.2 million on Instagram alone, where each picture receives an average of between 1 and 3 million likes.

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Virginia Fonseca Instagram

8. MrBeast, 38.6  M followers

Jimmy Donaldson started posting videos on this platform at the young age of only 25 (born in 1998). His content gained wide attention with the release of “Counting to 100,000” in 2017, reaching an astonishing number of views – over 28 million!

Since then, MrBeast keeps uploading successful videos with daredevil challenges, which he expands by involving external people, whom he generously compensates for their achievements. On Instagram alone, he enjoys a huge following of over 38.6 million followers.

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MrBeast Instagram

9. Addison Rae, 37.9  M followers

In the world of social media influencers, there are few as well-known as Addison Rae in the United States, who has more than 37 million followers on Instagram alone. She originally worked as a sports commentator, but thanks to the skills she acquired through years of dance training, she became successful on TikTok.

After this initial success, Rae explored other creative fields, including hosting podcasts and developing cosmetic products, and is now active in the television and film industry.

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Addison Rae Instagram

10. Dan Bilzerian, 33.2  M followers

Dan Bilzerian is a popular internet star who has also made a name for himself in the poker scene. A successful actor who starred in several movies including Lone Survivor (2013), Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018), The Equalizer (2014), Extraction (2015) and War Dogs (2016), he is known for his diverse talents His life began on December 7, 1980 in Trap, Florida(USA). He initially served in the armed forces before entering the world of poker.

Although he started training with the Navy SEALs back in 2000, Bilzerian was discharged halfway through an investigation into a security breach at a firing range. On Instagram, he has a huge following with over 33.2 million followers! Here, Dan shares glimpses of his flamboyant lifestyle with no inhibitions.

Although some may find his content inappropriate or provocative, this has not slowed down his enthusiasm for pictures of grass plantations. Smoking activities and minimally clothed women posing confidently next to firearms!

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Dan Bilzerian Instagram

11. Chiara Ferragni, 29.4  M followers

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian influencer who also manages to blog successfully and run her own business. She is best known as the founder of The Blonde Salad, where she presents daily looks and trends photographically. Chiara was born on 7 May ’87 in Cremona, Italy, and initially studied law at Bocconi University (Milan) before turning to her passion for all things fashion, and became very popular in this industry by presenting exclusive projects and collaborations with premium luxury brands around the world both on Instagram (she has an impressive following of 29.4 million followers) and in online media such as Vogue and many others over the years she spent effectively marketing herself online.

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Chiara Ferragni Instagram

12. Zach King, 26  M followers

Zach King is known for his exceptional talent in video editing and has a following of about 26 million people on Instagram. Most likely, you’ve come across some of his impressive videos on social media channels with shorter online content. With his captivating concepts and unparalleled skills, he’s setting revolutionary standards for “magic video editing” in the Vine community. Interestingly, Zach had already established himself on YouTube before moving to other platforms like Vine.

He’s originally from Portland, Oregon, USA, where he was born on February 4, 1990. Today he resides in California, where he works both as a professional filmmaker and as an Internet personality with numerous short videos that are easily accessible through various digital sources. Although he enjoys an enviable reputation as the “Final Cut King,” he’s always looking for ways to contribute more by supporting important events such as the recent Academy Awards and also adventuring abroad.

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Zach King Instagram

13. Logan Paul,  25.8 M followers

Born on April 1, 1995 in Westlake Ohio, Logan Alexander Paul is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media stars in the world with millions of followers on various platforms such as Vine stars and YouTubers among many others. In addition to this online success story, he has also ventured into acting outside of social media with great success after being recognized as an internet star, which led to him being signed by Creative Artists Agency. His other notable achievements include being featured in major commercials such as Pepsi and HBO, and earning millions from brand advertising due to his massive influence.

In 2017, Logan Paul was named one of the most influential people by Forbes Magazine. With an impressive online statistic of over 25 million Instagram followers, he reportedly earns up to $60,000 (€50,000) per sponsored content.

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Logan Paul Instagram

14. Amanda Cerny, 23 M followers

It’s hard not to recognize and appreciate Amanda Cerny – few influencers have the kind of influence she enjoys with over twenty-three million followers on Instagram! Not only is she known for her unparalleled beauty, but she also deserves recognition for encouraging her fans to live a healthier lifestyle through exercise. Her numerous posts on social media show this aspect as well as her tips that motivate audiences worldwide. As a modeland actress born in Pittsburgh in June ’91, it’s clear that Amanda is still conquering hearts at almost forty.

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Amanda Cerny Instagram

15. PewDiePie, 21.6  M followers

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg may be known online as PewDiePie, but there’s much more to the Swedish-born artist than catchy pseudonyms. He’s now one of the most well-known YouTubers in the world – with over 21 million Instagram followers alone – and has captivated viewers around the world with his quirky personality, jaw-dropping gameplay, and witty vlogs. It may surprise some fans to learn that PewDiePie never sought fame or fortune when he began creating content online – instead, he turned to YouTube out of sheer boredom to pass the time.

Nonetheless, that decision eventually led him down an incredible path that earned him great recognition in the online community and even landed him on Forbes’ list of the world’s top young influencers. Today, he makes his home in Japan and continues to deliver high-quality content on his channel with unparalleled flair and charm.

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PewDiePie Instagram

16. Liza Koshy, 20.7  M followers

Elizabeth Shaila Koshy aka Liza Koshy is a celebrated American actress and artist with an impressive social media presence. The 20.7 million Instagram fans she has there are proof of her enormous popularity. Liza has easily managed the transition between the Vine and YouTube eras, and has achieved great success thanks to an authentic connection with David Dobrik. Her acting skills are quite commendable, as evidenced by her appearances on several television channels, both mainstream and digital.

Another feature that sets Liza apart from other influencers is the aesthetic consistency she maintains in all forms of social media interaction – this particular account shimmers with a black and white theme throughout and includes content that revolves mainly around architecture, nature, and product design.

Aside from keeping up to date on these platforms, Liza Koshy regularly updates her fans on what’s going on in her life, as well as showcasing iconic merch campaigns along the way!

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Liza Koshy Instagram

17. Taapsee Pannu, 20.5  M followers

Our beloved Indian actress Taapsee Pannu needs no introduction when it comes to her achievements in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil cinema. She has made a name for herself over the years with two Filmfare Awards and inclusion in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list in 2018. She set a new record in South Indian cinema by starring in seven films in a single year – an admirable feat! However, it was her highly acclaimed role as “Minal Arora” in the Bollywood film “Pink” that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Taapsee started her journey by participating in Miss India 2008, where she won numerous awards such as Pantaloons Femina Miss Fresh Face and Safi Femina Miss Beautiful Skin. Not surprisingly, this talented artist now enjoys a stunning fan following of more than 20 million people on Instagram alone!

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Taapsee Pannu Instagram

18. Perrie Edwards, 17.9  M followers

Perrie Edwards was born on July 10, 1993, in South Shields, England and has made a name for herself as a singer through her outstanding performances on X-Factor.

Perrie teamed up with three other singing talents to form Little Mix from Rhythmix before winning the coveted eighth season of X-Factor. This helped them launch their debut album DNA in 2012.

In just three years since launching her Instagram page in 2018, Perrie has gained nearly eighteen million followers who receive regular updates from her.

View Perrie Edwards Instagram page:

Perrie Edwards Instagram

19. Ajey Nagar, 17.8  M followers

Ajey Nagar or better known as CarryMinati, a successful Indian streamer and YouTuber from Faridabad who has become widely known for his clever satirical parodies and commentaries on a variety of online topics.

His content can be found primarily on the CarryMinati channel, which currently has an impressive subscriber base of over 28 million. This makes him the most popular Indian solo content creator in the YouTube community (as of January 25, 2021). He is also dedicated to gaming on his alternative channel Carryislive, where he does live broadcasts with fans.

His controversial video titled “YouTube Vs TikTok – The End”, posted in May 2020, set records in terms of number of likes, but was banned by YouTube due to concerns about cyberbullying and other related offenses considered unacceptable on all platforms, including YouTube; despite this setback, he still has a loyal following, including a considerable number of 17.8 million followers on Instagram.

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Ajey Nagar Instagram

20. Kayla Itsines, 15.9  M followers

Kayla Itsines is a force to be reckoned with in the fitness industry, thanks to her digital program designed to help women achieve their “dream “bikini body” With nearly 16 million followers on Instagram, she has become a prominent figure among female athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Itsines started out as a personal trainer in southern Australia before rising to fame over the past five years.

Together with Tobi Pearce, her partner and fiancé, they have earned an incredible $486 million fortune, according to the 2018 Richest Young Australians list.

View Kayla Itsines Instagram page:

Kayla Itsines Instagram

21. Jeffree Star,  14 M followers

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger is now one of America’s top makeup artists and YouTubers with over 14 million Instagram followers (and counting). Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr, better known to the world as Jeffree Star, has earned his laurels. Before launching his multi-million dollar cosmetics brand “Jeffree Star Cosmetics” in 2014 – which currently boasts celebrity fans like Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian West – he focused on building his artistic expertise rather than releasing music after “Beauty Killer” (2009).

Today, he’s an entrepreneur in the makeup industry. Jeffrees’ social media profiles are now important promotional tools, which he uses extensively to showcase his products.

View Jeffree Star Instagram page:

Jeffree Star Instagram

22. Lilly Singh, 13.6  M followers

Lilly Singh is a respected personality from Canada known as “SuperWoman” She is a comedian, former talk show host, actress, author, social media influencer and YouTuber. She was born on September 26, 1988, and has gained widespread fame through her international tours and appearances on YouTube channels with over 14.5 million subscribers. Her first book titled “How to Be a bawra” is about personal development and growth.

In the midst of the COVID -19 crisis, Lilly was particularly prolific on social media platforms, where she spread messages that better reach people. In particular, she laid out how Instagram can easily consume one’s time, causing one to forget about it, and advocated for disconnecting from screens.

Even after amassing an impressive number of followers – nearly 13.6 million – on Instagram alone, Lilly calls it a potentially insidious black hole that consumes a person’s valuable time.

View Lilly Singh Instagram page:

Lilly Singh Instagram

23. David Dobrik, 11.1  M followers

David Julian Dobrik is a world-renowned social media personality with over eleven million followers on Instagram! Originally from Slovakia, David has made a name for himself since moving to sunny California, Los Angeles, where he excels as a YouTuber, vlogger, and content creator of all kinds.

He started with Vine and then seamlessly moved to YouTube. David is known for producing videos that are always exactly four minutes and twenty seconds long to keep things short and entertaining for viewers.

He originally planned to quit after uploading his four hundred and twentieth video – but his invaluable skills and dedication soon earned him the attention of notable institutions like W Magazine for a completely different project – photography! On Instagram alone, the pictures he takes with film or disposable cameras have their own following of over eleven million fans!

View David Dobrik Instagram page:

David Dobrik Instagram

24. Camila Coelho, 10.1  M followers

Camila Coelho is the definition of global influence! As one of the world’s leading influencers, she has a considerable following of over ten million subscribers on multiple social media platforms, especially YouTube and Instagram!

Camila was born on February 27, 1998 in Minas Gerais, Brazil to parents who raised her with American values – ideal conditions for Camila to succeed both personally and professionally! As part owner/designer/entrepreneur of Elaluz Cosmetics, she serves as the perfect spokesperson for luxury brands like Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Tory Burch and more! Camila is a deserving fashion icon breaking records with over 612K followers.

View Camila Coelho Instagram page:

Camila Coelho Instagram

25. Jamie Oliver, 9.5  M followers

Jamie Oliver was born in Clavering in 1975 and is a well-known English chef who discovered his love of cooking while helping out at his parents’ restaurant in Essex. He continued this passion by studying at Westminster Catering College before working in various establishments – each experience adding something valuable to his already growing arsenal of culinary skills.

In 2000 Jamie became a sensation virtually overnight after being offered his own BBC program called “The Naked Chef,” which gained immense popularity due to the unprecedented success of the presenter, whose natural manner gave the impression that cooking was an everyday activity. However, he is not resting on his laurels.

Jamie has authored several cookbooks (~20) known primarily for their easy-to-prepare dishes aimed at busy families. He also works to promote healthy eating habits for children in various communities around the world – projects that have become more important than ever given the global health situation. In conclusion. As for the recent news about some of his restaurants closing, it’s a minor setback compared to Jamie’s contributions to the food industry and as an advocate for better nutrition.

By 2019, Oliver had a number of successful restaurants in England that were popular with diners from home and abroad. Oliver’s fortunes took a hit, however, when revenues plummeted – leading to the closure of the vast majority of locations that bore his name; only three remained and were sold soon after.

In recent years, food has become increasingly prominent on social media. Instagram has been particularly influential in this shift, serving as a platform for food lovers to share their latest culinary discoveries online. Among these users are impressive names like Jamie Oliver, who has an impressive following of over 9.5 million people!

Oliver uses his handle to give viewers glimpses not only of stunning culinary creations, but also of the chef’s personal life, with updates eagerly awaited by followers. Additionally. Attention-grabbing promotions are run periodically across all platforms, making it clear that this vibrant content, which spreads across multiple channels, has been carefully crafted by a team whose goal is to drive engagement around everything Jamie Oliver online!

View Jamie Oliver Instagram page:

Jamie Oliver Instagram

26. Mathilde Tantot,  9.5 M followers

Mathilde Tantot is an inspiration to many, as she’s a very successful Instagram model with 9.5 million loyal followers. In addition to modeling and running a prestigious swimwear brand called Khassani with her sister (honoring her father’s Iranian heritage), Mathilde makes sure to take time for herself by pursuing various hobbies, including traveling, playing sports, enjoying music, and reading contemporary literature. Her warm nature is evident in the way she organizes fan meetings that show the sympathetic side of this prominent figure in fashion culture.

What’s impressive is how Mathilde built everything from the ground up: By sharing stunning photos of herself online, she quickly became famous as droves of followers sought out more content from this effortlessly glamorous influencer.

View Mathilde Tantot Instagram page:

Mathilde Tantot Instagram

27. Jay Alvarrez,  8.3 M followers

Jay Alvarrez is a charismatic model born and raised in Hawaii with a penchant for outdoor activities that keep you on your toes – like surfing or skydiving! With his exceptional talent both behind the camera lens and in music production, it’s no surprise that he’s consistently praised by respected publications like GQStyle and Esquire.

His impressive skills have earned him millions of followers on social media platforms like Instagram, where he showcases all kinds of breathtaking outdoor adventures abroad. What makes him so unique?

It’s hard to put into words, but it’s clear: Jay not only enjoys adventure, but – according to sources quoted in the mainstream media – he loves using these opportunities to feel connected to nature; it brings him closer to what’s really important — preserving our planet!

Jay continues to push his creativity through channels like YouTube, expanding the boundaries of his art, which is evident in sonic journeys into new landscapes. His fans can’t get enough of Jay Alvarrez and the eclectic quality of his content, which always leaves us feeling invigorated and inspired at the same time.

View Jay Alvarrez Instagram page:

Jay Alvarrez Instagram

28. Lexi Rivera, 8.2  M followers

Lexi Rivera is an up-and-coming social media star you should definitely keep an eye on. She hails from sunny California. This young influencer has built an impressive following of more than eight million people on Instagram alone – a direct testament to her likability and appealing personality.

Her undeniable talent as a content creator is brought to life by her collaboration with her brother Brent Rivera, which is both imaginative and comedic and has resulted in viral videos and vlogs that fans just can’t get enough of! What sets Lexi apart from many others in the social media space is her consistent ability to create content that is fresh, engaging and entertaining – making her well equipped for bigger things in the future.

View Lexi Rivera Instagram page:

Lexi Rivera Instagram

29. Simeon Panda, 8.2  M followers

Simeon Panda is a successful British professional bodybuilder who is also a successful entrepreneur with a huge online following of over 8.2 million fans on Instagram. He is one of the most influential fitness experts in the world and has won numerous bodybuilding competitions, including the prestigious Musclemania Pro status after winning the European Championship in 2013.

His impressive resume also includes gracing the covers of prestigious magazines such as MuscleMag, Train Mag, Muscle & Performance, Muscle Insider, and Fitness RX, as well as writing articles for several well-known fitness publications.Simeon is frequently invited to several international events related to health and wellness, where he often judges competitions in addition to other contributions to the industry. Simeon proudly represents one of the leading supplement companies called MyProtein, and is always sharing valuable health tips with his fans via social media channels.

View Simeon Panda Instagram page:

Simeon Panda Instagram

30. Julie Sariñana, 7.7  M followers

Looking for inspiration in the wide world of social media platforms, people soon discover that Julie Sariñana is one of the brightest stars – known worldwide as Sincerely Jules and not just an ordinary social media personality.

She is from Mexico, but spent most of her childhood in the East LA, where sometime later during college it all began – starting with the launch of blogs in 2009, with which she gained instant recognition. Currently, she mainly dominates the Instagram arena with 7.7 million followers, always sharing experiences on the ever-changing path of fashion, over other well-known fashion influencers.

View Julie Sariñana Instagram page:

Julie Sariñana Instagram

31. Aimee Song, 7.3  M followers

One of the leading voices in interior design and fashion blogging is Aimee Song! Born in LA but with close ties to South Korea (her heritage), Aimee has made a name for herself with her appealing personality and quirky sense of style. She is the editor of Song Of Style. Aimee’s vacation fashion insights and style tips have helped her establish herself as one of the most prominent voices in the industry. Her online presence is substantial. On Instagram alone, she has over 7 million followers – which has led to brands like Michael Kors and Cartier collaborating with her.

When she’s not working on her blog or brand collaborations, Aimee invests time in ‘Two Songs’, a clothing store she runs with her sister Dani. Here she creates designs that combine functionality with chic esthetics, making fluid design accessible to all.

Aimee also frequently produces insightful content for YouTube, offering inspiration and tips on fashion and interior design – further cementing her position in both fields. Her collaborations with well-known fashion brands Lacoste and Bloomingdale have further highlighted Aimee’s versatility in the industry. And that’s not all. Aimee recently launched her own bracelet collection, which only further emphasizes why designers choose her to represent their products!

View Aimee Song Instagram page:

Aimee Song Instagram

32. Savannah LaBrant,  7.2 M followers

Savannah LaBrant is widely known in fashion blogging and social media circles for her influence and has millions of fans worldwide! Born on March 2, 1993 in Orange County, California, the social media celebrity wears several hats – she’s an internet influencer who successfully dabbles in entrepreneurship with; she has cultural interests in dance forms such as tap dancing and photography, while enjoying immense respect for her social media footprint, which is unparalleled compared to other aspiring bloggers today! Savanna started Vines under the name Savannah Soutas before —adopting the last name ‘LaBrant’

Savannah’s considerable Instagram presence, with 7.2 million avid followers, regularly features stunning photos of her family and friends. Notably, she manages two accounts dedicated to her daughter Everleigh Rose, named Forever and Forava, respectively.

Savannah’s exceptional photography skills have earned her a reputation in the creative industry as an accomplished professional photographer. This talent only scratches the surface of what she possesses – while she first started blogging, it was through Instagram that Savannah became as famous as she’s today.

View Savannah LaBrant Instagram page:

Savannah LaBrant Instagram

33. Mariano Di Vaio, 6.9  M followers

Mariano Di Vaio is an elite model, entrepreneur and blogger who has gained great notoriety in the fashion industry since the beginning of this decade. Born in Assisi on May 9, 1989, Mariano was passionate about his personal style from an early age, so it was no surprise that he founded – his digital magazine – in 2012.

In recognition of his innovative ideas, Mariano is one of Italy’s top fashion icons, with a huge following worldwide. His status as an influencer has allowed him to transform these brilliant concepts into tangible creations that are easy for consumers to recognize today.

He boasts an amazing following of more than six million people on Instagram, while sharing stunning experiences from different countries; he also constantly collaborates with celebrities such as Olivia Palermo and Chiara Ferragni, making him a notable personality for many people around the world.

View Mariano Di Vaio Instagram page:

Mariano Di Vaio Instagram

34. Andrea Russett, 6.6  M followers

Andrea Russett is an esteemed and multi-talented American actress and internet personality from Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she received formative influences that continue to influence her work today. In addition to her work as an actress in film and television projects, Andrea Russett has also established herself as one of the most important symbols of discussion, hosting the programme “Apologies In Advance With Andrea Russett” – a show that attracts viewers nationwide.

In her youth, she began as a radio DJ in Fort Wayne before moving to film, where she found great success in Expelled alongside Cameron Dallas. There seem to be few arts untouched by this remarkable woman, who even earned the title of America’s youngest radio host at just fourteen years old.

But these achievements are not static: apart from being considered a brilliant talent on screen or behind the microphone, it is also her willingness to embrace who she is that makes her followers look up to Andrea. After publicly and proudly announcing her bisexuality via Instagram earlier this year, she was catapulted into the mainstream by countless fans who longed for more authenticity like hers.

Skillfully growing that social media audience to more than 6.6 million avid followers on Instagram alone, she’s been amply rewarded with engagement rates as high as 2.18%, which translates into sponsorships that bring in thousands of dollars per post from brands looking to leverage the stellar influence of Andrea’s creativity – underscoring her undeniable impact and rarefied skills.

View Andrea Russett Instagram page:

Andrea Russett Instagram

35. Alexa Chung, 6.1  M followers

Alexa Chung is a British-Chinese model and television presenter who was born on November 5, 1983 in Hampshire. Alexa Chung has won three British Fashion Awards in a row from 2011to 2013 and has been named the most stylish woman in the United Kingdom several times. The appeal of her distinct tomboyish and dapper fashion sense has captured hearts around the globe, resulting in an enormous following of over 6.1 million people on Instagram alone, while she graces the covers of international magazines at every turn with camera-worthy leadership skills – cementing her place in the global fashion community for years to come.

Even before social media phenomena like Instagram existed, Alexa embodied what it means to be revered as an “it girl” Being an icon in a fast-paced industry is no easy task, but something Alexis has achieved with ease in her career thus far. She has a radiant presence that speaks for itself and creates an impenetrable admiration for everything she does, creating what can only be described as an awe-inspiring stature among all who are lucky enough to experience her firsthand, both in moments when everything feels calm and in unexpected chaos that can surprise us all with the same amount of brilliance that makes Alexis truly unique.

View Alexa Chung Instagram page:

Alexa Chung Instagram

36. Rickey Thompson, 5.9  M followers

Rickey Thompson is a well-known social media sensation who is originally from North Carolina but now resides in Los Angeles and was born in February 1996 – the year President Clinton was re-elected for another term! He became known for his YouTube channel, where he presents hilarious clips with impeccable comedic timing and clever wordplay that capture the attention of viewers worldwide. His more than two and a half million followers agree!

His journey to this status began with sharing photos and videos on Instagram before moving to Vine after being encouraged by his fans to create more content there as well in August 2013, when Vine still existed as its own app!

Today, Rickey thrives on adding everyday experiences like inspirational hope and motivation or simply motivational dance routines to his stunning collection of hilarious creations! Some clips feature confident close-ups with witty sayings, while others reflect his authentic boldness that stands out as a remarkable trademark and earns him the admiration of his loyal fans around the world who celebrate his amazing and unique personality that he reveals on Instagram.

View Rickey Thompson Instagram page:

Rickey Thompson Instagram

37. Jordi Koalitic,  5.8 M followers

Jordi Koalitic may be known worldwide today as a celebrated Spanish photographer, but he started out very humbly as a freelance photographer who displayed impeccable talent on social media platforms like Instagram and from then on had a huge following that went viral!

Undoubtedly with exceptional work! The unauthorized dissemination of offensive photos via TikTok prompted him to make a sudden career change after careful consideration.

Working with a steadfast team is what makes Jordi’s trademark even more special – and that includes none other than his twin brother Arnau! When other friends join in, equally phenomenal creations can result!

Over the past decade, Jordi Puig has gained nearly six million loyal followers on Instagram, who not only look at stunning images, but also expect imaginative displays using simple tools!

View Jordi Koalitic Instagram page:

Jordi Koalitic Instagram

38. Rosanna Pansino, 4.5 M followers

Meet Rosanna Pansino, the talented American baker, author, singer and actress who has captured the hearts of countless fans with her acclaimed cooking series Nerdy Nummies. Since 2010, the show has gained an enormous following on YouTube.

Inspired by the culinary wisdom of her grandmothers, Pansino shares delicious and unique recipes that never fail to impress. Sharing with her audience on various social media platforms, Rosanna has a thriving community of over 4.5 million followers on Instagram alone. In recognition of her impressive work, she has won a Streamy Award and been nominated for five others.

View Rosanna Pansino Instagram page:

Rosanna Pansino Instagram

39. Desi Perkins, 4.4  M followers

Desi Perkins, the Mexican-American makeup artist who has taken social media by storm! With over 4 million followers on Instagram alone. This beauty guru is celebrated for sharing spectacular skincare tips and stunning makeup transformations with her loyal fans worldwide.

Her specialty is flawless eyeshadow application techniques – she also pulls off smokey eyes effortlessly! When she’s not gracing our screens with innovative looks or showing her love to celebrities like Victoria Beckham. She curates content for the most popular content creator platform: Instagram – where she started building an impressive following more than a decade ago.

View Desi Perkins Instagram page:

Desi Perkins Instagram

40. Grant Cardone, 4.4  M followers

Grant Cardone is an entrepreneur who has built a large following of over four million people through his hard work and superior business acumen. He was born on March 21, 1958, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, which happens to be his hometown.

In his hometown, he grew up with great success as a teacher and marketing expert, while running highly profitable ventures such as the Cordio Group, which stood out for its notoriety and promoted such prestigious companies as the Cordio Acquisitions, which also guaranteed maximum profits for themselves while providing new jobs to many people in the economy – a milestone that other investors envied!

No wonder, then, that many consider him an unparalleled source of knowledge when it comes to successful marketing. Forbes even named him the top influencer among the “25 Marketing Influencers to Monitor”.

Although Hispanic professionals at home in the business world may not have heard much about him, there’s no denying that Grant Cardone is an outstanding motivational writer who advises aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. From one successful venture to the next – from real estate investing to business consulting – Grant’s accomplishments are indeed impressive and have earned him the status of a self-made millionaire, among others.

Being involved with a Chicago-based sales training facility is just one aspect that has made Grant a star on social media, with over 4.4 million followers on Instagram.

View Grant Cardone Instagram page:

Grant Cardone Instagram

41. Caroline Daur,  4.3 M followers

Caroline Daur is a standout blogger whose industry notoriety skyrocketed after launching her website in 2014, followed by continued growth by creating high-quality content around fashion trends, beauty tips and other topics that earned her over 4 million followers on Instagram alone, making her an influencer who is a brand in her own right.

She shares glimpses into her life with videos of routines or behind-the-scenes looks at photo shoots and makes appearances at glamorous events around the world, setting new standards for aspiring tastemakers.

View Caroline Daur Instagram page:

Caroline Daur Instagram

42. Marques Brownlee, 4.2  M followers

Marques Brownlee is undoubtedly a social media influencer who has captured thousands of hearts with his best tech reviews on YouTube. He became famous through ‘MKBHD’. Today, he is one of the biggest tech channels in America with more than 17 million subscribers and about 3.5 billion total views to date! He also won the prestigious Shorty Award as ” Creator of the Decade” for his contribution to revolutionising content creation in *year* 2018*. He recently released his own web series, ‘Retro Tech,’ which went viral shortly after its premiere in 2019 and is another successful project for him. Also.

In early 2018, he had an insightful roundtable discussion with Elon Musk, where he shared valuable insights into Tesla’s mission, gaining great popularity among fans worldwide! In addition to this extraordinary social media presence. Marques also runs his own online shop, the MKBHD Shop, where he offers a range of items such as cool t-shirts and comfy pillows available through the Cotton Bureau platform.

View Marques Brownlee Instagram page:

Marques Brownlee Instagram

43. Manny Gutierrez, 4.1  M followers

Manny Gutierrez, better known as Manny Mua, is a talented makeup artist known for his influential presence on several social media channels, including YouTube and Instagram, to name a few. Born on April 4, 1991, he spent most of his formative years growing up in the Mormon community in San Diego County before becoming remarkably successful today as Manny Mua.

Manny’s Instagram account has more than four million followers since its inception in 2014, when he began in earnest to share valuable tips and tricks as well as unfiltered opinions about various beauty products, almost immediately attracting a great deal of attention from his fans, who were delighted by his cheerful candor.

A renowned beauty and makeup connoisseur, Manny Mua offers valuable reviews, tutorials, and other fascinating content to his loyal YouTube subscribers – more than 4.86 million members.

In 2018, Kim Kardashian herself invited Manny exclusively to her KKWBEAUTY meetup – a huge honor for anyone in the industry! Maybelline appointed him as its first male ambassador, highlighting his expertise in this field of beauty and cosmetics! His Lunar Beauty line has grown remarkably in the industry under his exceptional leadership. 4.1 million followers on Instagram are a testament to Manny’s strong social media presence.

View Manny Gutierrez Instagram page:

Manny Gutierrez Instagram

44. Lily Maymac, 3.7 M followers

If you’re familiar with the Instagram models and influencers who dominate social media platforms today, you may have heard of Lily Maymac. She was born Lily May Macapinlac on August 15, 1994 in Sweden and has been making a name for herself on Instagram since setting up an account in early 2012. Thanks to consistent posting and building a sizable follower base, she’s landed lucrative partnerships with companies like Oscar Wylee and General Pants Co. to name a few.

Many fans look forward to browsing her Instagram profile, where she shares exciting beauty photos or stunning travel selfies! Her own lipstick line, which she launched in March 17 under the name “LilyMayMac,” is just another brick in her already heavily adorned metaphorical cap that is her cross-industry career.

In total, over 3.7 million people regularly check her social media accounts for glimpses into the life of this fashion-forward influencer, who has even served as a brand ambassador for companies like Olay!

View Lily Maymac Instagram page: 

Lily Maymac Instagram

45. Daniel Middleton, 3.6  M followers

Daniel Middleton is a household name to avid Minecraft fans thanks to his entertaining and engaging gameplay content on YouTube. Nicknamed DanTDM by his fans, who make up his impressive fan base of over 27 million subscribers worldwide, he reached another milestone when he was recognized by Guinness World Records for the most watched Minecraft video channel on the platform – something no other user can claim!

However, his influence goes beyond mere numbers. With his likable personality that appeals to viewers of all ages, and his regular updates on Instagram, where he has about 3.6 million followers, the British-born star has become a popular figure worthy of his celebrated status.

View Daniel Middleton Instagram page:

Daniel Middleton Instagram

46. Murad Osmann,  3.4 M followers

Murad Osmann is internationally recognized for his tremendous skills in capturing the perfect image and admired by 3.4 million social media followers worldwide. Born in 1985 in Dagestan, Russia. Osmann developed his talent for photography at a young age, which continues today.

He produces photographic work that speaks for itself and is highly rated for its excellence and originality – often cited as editorial content of the highest quality. His career took off in 2012 when he and his wife Natalia Zakharova unveiled their famous photo series “Follow Me To” – the two became well-known travel bloggers around the world thanks to the overwhelming support of their large fan base.

Osmann’s groundbreaking “Follow Me” project had a huge impact on the online community and served as an inspiration for many to adopt his unique photography style. This trend is all about couples in the digital world.

With 3.4 million followers on Instagram, Murad cultivates an engaging presence by showcasing remarkable images of famous landmarks, breathtaking landscapes and hidden treasures in a harmonious color palette. His distinctive method involves capturing images from a unified point of view in various exotic locations around the world, while also spotlighting his partner.

View Murad Osmann Instagram page:

Murad Osmann Instagram

47. Kelsey Calemine, 2.8  M followers

Kelsey Calemine is a social media sensation who boasts an impressive following on various platforms, including Instagram, where she has over 2.8 million followers; she is an influential figure in areas such as beauty and fashion on the Internet.

Her impeccable sense of style has caught the attention of many and has helped secure her place as an admired influencer on various online platforms.

There are notable similarities between them and Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian family; something that has helped draw early attention when they started out on Instagram in 2013 under the name “fatherkels” – quickly amassing followers along the way, eventually reaching even greater heights when singer Lucy Hale shared one of their images on her account – attracting even more admirers from around the world! Just like Jenner trying out different hair extensions and creative colours is also a given for Kelsey!

View Kelsey Calemine Instagram page:

Kelsey Calemine Instagram

48. Tai Lopez, 2.8  M followers

Tai Lopez is an inspirational American entrepreneur with global influence through various social media platforms. Born April 11, 1977, in Los Angeles, California, Tai Lopez is committed to the acquisition of knowledge that leads to greater opportunities for creativity and economic freedom – elements that are critical to a just existence or what he defines as a fulfilling life experience.

Over the past six years, beginning in the summer of 2015, Tai has made it his mission to spread the principles for such a lifestyle through various channels, including Instagram, where he has more than 2.8 million followers alone. He also runs a literary society called “The ‘67 stages,” whose goal is to enlighten people about living well.

Lopez’s achievements as an investor, collaborator and advisor to companies worth more than $20 million have made him one of the best-known personalities working to improve self-help through several TED lectures and numerous other forums, earning him recognition in various circles; Entrepreneur magazine also awarded him the title of leading social media influencer.

View Tai Lopez Instagram page:

Tai Lopez Instagram

49. Jack Morris, 2.6  M followers

Meet: Manchester native Jack Morris, who has risen to worldwide fame with over 2.6 million followers on Instagram alone, taking remarkable photos everywhere he goes since embarking on international expeditions that began with leaving carpet cleaning behind in his home country after being inspired by an epic film that let him discover what life can be like while exploring Bangkok – still one of his favorite destinations today.

Along the way, he learned Spanish, and now he’s at home in Bali. This means that Jack has absorbed different cultures that inspire him to create each and every outstanding social media post for all to admire. It’s no wonder that Jack Morris is now considered a major travel influencer, and his content is hailed by all those who love stunning images of nature and breathtakingly beautiful moments everywhere!

Many famous companies and brands such as Disney or Omega turn to Jack because his influence leads to promoting products or places with encouraging feedback that counts.

View Jack Morris Instagram page:

Jack Morris Instagram

50. Caspar Lee,  2.3 M followers

Caspar Lee, a well-known actor and YouTuber who hails from both South Africa and the United Kingdom, has 2.3 million followers on his Instagram account. He was born on April 24, 1994, in Paddington, London. He started his YouTube journey in 2011 and is currently represented by the renowned talent agency Gleam Futures.

Lee’s online popularity earned him a prestigious nomination for Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards as “Favourite British Vlogger” in 2015. Lee’s successful social media presence has allowed him to collaborate with numerous popular characters on YouTube such as Jack and Finn Harries. Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, Troye Sivan, Zoe Sugg, Marcus Butler. Shane Dawson, Joe Sugg, Dan Howell and Oli White, to name a few.

With countless followers regularly watching his amusing videos of pranks, challenges and interviews on his highly successful YouTube channel that bears his name, this charismatic social media guru has become one of the UK’s biggest internet stars. His popularity was boosted even further after he starred in Charli XCX’s music video “Boys,” which was very well received by viewers worldwide.

He has also collaborated with other respected YouTube creatives such as Joe Sugg, Zoella, Sam Pepper and Bertie Gilbert.

View Caspar Lee  Instagram page:

Caspar Lee Instagram

Social media has provided a game-changer by making influencer culture a legitimate career path; these Instagram trendsetters are proof that it works. Creativity paired with authenticity is key – as is strategic use of this visual platform – which means they can forge indelible personal brands while cultivating communities they greatly admire. Their success lies in capturing the hearts of their followers not only through perfectly curated feeds, but by building deep-rooted connections through shared passions like inspiring fashion or admirable life lessons.

Brands recognize today’s influencers as coveted partners who carry significant weight when it comes to influencing marketing efforts and consumer behavior online. Their influence on audiences has put these individuals in a prime position in the competitive world of digital advertising, where their services are critical to companies seeking broad reach among consumers online.

They have also revolutionized user-generated content platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, while creating new paradigms for personal branding that can be accessed by anyone under the right circumstances.

By sharing engaging content based on authentic passions and strong, devoted relationships with viewers, these influencers remind us that we can all make a significant impact in this ever-evolving realm of digital influence. Let their stories inspire you as you forge your own path in the world of digital marketing.


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