Current Date:July 17, 2024

Top 50 Hashtags For Instagram To Get More Likes in 2023

A hashtag, denoted by the number symbol #, is a combination of characters, digits, and/or emojis. Its main purpose is to tag a specific topic on social media and organize related content for convenient browsing and serve as interactive links that direct users to the discovery feed on platforms like Instagram.

This feed displays all posts that have been tagged with the same hashtag. The main function of hashtags is to increase visibility to users who do not follow your account, even if someone is not your follower, your post can still appear in their feed because of the hashtags shared.

Tags can be helpful, however, when it comes to measuring the impact of a social media campaign, identifying your target audience, or reinforcing your brand image through recurring phrases or clever wordplay. Additionally, this platform is focused on images, so people can search for inspiration by exploring photos with relevant hashtags.

This makes it easier to engage with broader topics. Since then, the use, scope and effectiveness of hashtags have continued to grow. Users and brands on various social media platforms are using hashtags to drive engagement, increase brand awareness, show support for social causes and more from popular trends to niche communities.

Check out our article to learn more about the best hashtags for Instagram and how they can revolutionize your social media success. Discover the strategies to reach a larger audience, improve visibility and boost interaction.

These are top hashtags for instagram:

#love – 2,147,483,647 posts using this hashtag

This hashtag is at the top of hashtag popularity on Instagram, with an astounding number of more than 2 billion instances. As the desire for recognition and trendsetting is prevalent on social media. So, it is not surprising that love is one of the most searched topics. With love hashtags, people can express their emotions and feelings associated with affection, hoping to foster empathy.

On a variety of social platforms, countless users share a wealth of posts dedicated solely to love. While it’s important to recognize the role of marketing in this landscape, it’s important not to overlook the profound impact that the themes of love and romance are having on our digital society. These posts offer a wide range of experiences, from jubilant celebrations of love to poignant accounts of separation or loss.

#instagood – 1,669,504,564  posts using this hashtag

With a whopping 1.6 billion posts, the hashtag #instagood is often used on Instagram to express admiration for a particular photo. The term “Insta” refers to the platform itself, while “good” stands for something positive.

This hashtag comes from the Instagram account @instagood, which cleverly uses it to showcase outstanding photos. Ultimately, it shows that the user is very proud of the image they are sharing.

#fashion – 1,113,234,155 posts using this hashtag

Fashion on Instagram is a thriving trend with millions of users inspired by influencers’ outfits and sharing their own style. Brands are also using this platform to showcase their products and the fashion hashtag is an essential part of categorizing these posts.

As a visual platform, Instagram knows the power of an image. This has led influencers to create a strong personal brand that revolves around their image and community.

It’s not just about sharing photos of street fashion or stunning locations, but also about using the right acronyms and tags to grow your following. If you’re still using #fashion, keep in mind that this hashtag has been used over 1.1 billion times and can be your new partner to reach a larger audience.

#instagram – 1,085,935,285 posts using this hashtag

Using hashtags provided by Instagram is a great way to encourage users to include them in their posts. This particular hashtag can be used in a variety of situations. Whether you are talking specifically about Instagram or combining it with other topics.

This versatility allows for greater engagement with your audience and with over 1 billion posts using this hashtag, your content has the potential to reach a global audience.

#photooftheday – 1,038,576,284 posts using this hashtag

If you frequently upload pictures, then the hashtag #photooftheday is perfect for you. By using this hashtag, you can increase your visibility and gain engaged followers who eagerly await your daily posts. This hashtag is used to indicate that the photo corresponds to the daily image shared by the user and has been used over 1 billion times with the tag “photooftheday”.

The moderators of @photooftheday choose a picture every day and share it with their large group of followers. Of course, the selected image should contain the hashtag #photooftheday.

Companies can also use this hashtag to let their followers know that they use the platform every day, which will attract engaged readers. Additionally, you may come across a similar version of this hashtag called #picoftheday.

#photography – 1,011,938,622 posts using this hashtag

Instagram has solidified its position as the first choice for photographers with an impressive subscriber base of more than 6 billion users. By leveraging this popular photo-sharing platform, photographers can build a large following, greatly enhance their online presence, and ultimately expand their customer base.

However, to take advantage of these opportunities in this thriving photography community, one must be familiar with the intricate workings of Instagram and the ins and outs of other social networks.

#art – 1,008,565,719 posts using this hashtag

Thanks to the increasing popularity of social media, there are a number of exciting opportunities for artists today, and countless art enthusiasts are present on various platforms.

It has become effortless to present yourself as an artist and build an online audience. You should not miss out on this opportunity! If you want your artwork or art-related content to get more exposure on Instagram, you should use the hashtag #art in your posts. Effectively navigating the world of social media has become an art form in its own right, and keeping up with current trends can give aspiring artists significant advantages.

#nature – 777,242,913 posts using this hashtag

With an incredible 777,242,913 posts tagged with this hashtag, it’s clear that people on the popular photography-focused social network are drawn to the mesmerizing beauty of sunsets and mountain peaks. These natural wonders are undeniably Instagram-worthy and can help your nature content reach new heights. To ensure your photos reach a wider audience in this genre.

Using the widely used hashtag #nature is essential. However, due to the platform’s move away from the chronological feed. It has become increasingly difficult for your nature photos to be noticed by your followers. It’s not uncommon for low engagement images to go unnoticed in your followers’ feeds, as a result, they are only seen by a few viewers. To overcome this obstacle and gain more visibility, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the most commonly used hashtags in the nature-loving community.

#picoftheday – 717,810,777 posts using this hashtag

With a whopping 717 million posts, the hashtag #picoftheday is undeniably popular. Similar to #photooftheday, it is used to tag photos taken on the same day.

The beauty of this hashtag is its versatility – it can be used at any time, any day, as long as the photo earns numerous likes. But it’s not just used to showcase outfits, it’s also an effective way to highlight exceptional photos on your Instagram profile.

#travel – 691,832,184 posts using this hashtag

With the ever-growing number of posts under the hashtag #travel. It is obvious that people want to share their experiences and explore new places. Instagram is a popular platform for travel enthusiasts to showcase their captivating content and connect with like-minded people.

By using the hashtag #travel, you can join a community of fellow travelers and share your own travel stories. It’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in inspiring photos and discover new destinations you may never have considered.

#style – 638,351,835 posts using this hashtag

The hashtag #style has gained immense popularity with a staggering 638,351,835 posts using it. This trend has been fueled by Instagram users who have a keen eye for fashion and want to share their impeccable sense of style.

These individuals upload pictures of their ensembles, showing off how effortlessly they show off their chosen outfits and this serves as inspiration for many new fashion enthusiasts who are interested in a particular style of dress. The hashtag #style has become a platform for these fashion-conscious people to create a collection of posts that highlight their unique fashion sense.

#instadaily – 634,009,068 posts using this hashtag

With an impressive 634,009,068 posts, the hashtag #instadaily has certainly made a name for itself in the social media sphere. This popular hashtag is always used for pictures that capture the ordinary but meaningful moments in people’s lives.

People often use this hashtag when sharing precious photos of their past endeavors. It not only represents a mere picture or facial expression, but also something that is deeply embedded in their daily rituals.

#tbt – 582,732,488 posts using this hashtag

Throwback Thursday, or “TBT,” is a popular trend on Instagram. Users participate by sharing nostalgic photos from their past. For example, from their childhood or youth, this hashtag has been used an incredible 582 million times. This makes it one of the most popular hashtags on the platform.

The trend goes back to a sneaker magazine that started featuring vintage sneakers on Thursdays. It quickly made its way to social media, where Instagram users picked it up enthusiastically. Now, people post pictures every Thursday and reminisce about moments from their past to add to the extensive collection of #TBT photos on the platform.

#repost – 556,709,998 posts using this hashtag

When you come across a post that you find amusing or valuable to your fans. Use the hashtag #repost to do so. This hashtag is often used by businesses and organisations, also by football teams, to showcase their players’ releases.

#followme – 555,183,210 posts using this hashtag

Over 555 million posts have been shared on Instagram with the hashtag #followme. When you use this popular hashtag in your post, story, or reel, you increase the visibility of your content when it appears on the hashtag page.

Even if someone does not follow you, they will be able to see your tagged post in their feed if they have chosen the hashtag #followme. Following a hashtag on Instagram is like following a friend – it allows you to see relevant posts and discover new content on a particular topic or interest.

To follow a hashtag, simply search for a topic that interests you or tap on a hashtag in any post. The search results will display relevant hashtags and related accounts that you can explore and share with.

#summer – 544,183,061 posts using this hashtag

With a whopping 544,183,061 posts using the hashtag #summer. It is obvious that summer vacation has an unparalleled appeal on social media platforms. Instagram, specifically, provides the ideal platform to capture and share the pure beauty of beach life.

By choosing the perfect hashtag, in this case #summer, you can effectively showcase those precious moments, bursting with joy, while embodying the essence of this exciting season.

#beauty – 526,029,072 posts using this hashtag

The hashtag #beauty has been used more than 526 million times, which shows its popularity and importance in highlighting the attractiveness of various topics, especially in relation to photos. On Instagram, beauty hashtags take center stage and are used regularly and extensively.

From beauty clinics to clothing stores, boutiques and models, these establishments often rely on these hashtags to increase their visibility on this social media platform. If used correctly, they can cultivate a vibrant community and help grow your Instagram presence.

#fitness – 518,113,544 posts using this hashtag

Fitness content thrives on Instagram alongside beauty and art. This is thanks to the undeniable influence of social media. This is especially evident in the growing popularity of the fitness trend in recent years.

If you browse the posts under the hashtag #fitness, you’ll come across a variety of users showcasing their fitness sessions and outdoor workouts in different locations around the world.

#like4like – 514,450,306 posts using this hashtag

If you’re really interested in getting more likes, using hashtags like #like4like can be helpful. By including these hashtags in your post. By doing so, you’re essentially saying that you like another person’s photo in exchange for them liking yours.

For example, if 30 people have liked your photos, you need to also like a photo from each of those people. This may seem like a lot of work. But it’s an effective way to get the likes you want.

#food – 505,714,720 posts using this hashtag

There is an overwhelming passion for food in the Instagram community. This is evident in the overwhelming number of posts tagged with #food – a whopping 505,714,720 to be exact. The platform is teeming with delicious images and videos of mouthwatering dishes that keep grabbing users’ attention.

And if you want your favorite dish to get the recognition it deserves, do not forget to use the hashtag #food in your next post. Foodie hashtags are not only a way to tempt the taste buds, they also increase the visibility of your content. They ensure that they reach a larger audience on this popular social media platform.

#instalike – 498,467,048 posts using this hashtag

Hashtags have become an important tool in the world of social media. They originally became popular on Twitter, but now Instagram has taken hashtags to a whole new level in the photography community. To make the most of this trend, we should pay attention to the hashtags used by brands similar to ours and even our competitors.

By analyzing which hashtags generate the most engagement and the most likes, we can use them for our own purposes. It’s no surprise that #instalike is the most popular hashtag in the food category on Instagram with a whopping 498 million posts.

#photo – 485,881,539 posts using this hashtag

With over 485 million posts, there are a large number of posts under this hashtag. Taking photos on Instagram can be a fun activity, whether it is done as a hobby or as an additional source of income. The platform offers a wide range of hashtags for different types of photography, allowing users to share their favorite travel pictures, candid street shots, and even photos of the delicious meals they prepared for dinner.

Instagram photographers have mastered the art of sharing stunning images from around the world, capturing delicious dishes from their favorite restaurants and expressing their creativity through street photography. If you are looking to get your creations noticed on Instagram, using this particular hashtag can help you increase your visibility among the huge user base.

#selfie – 451,315,574 posts using this hashtag

The self-portrait, popularly known as “#selfie” has taken the world of photography on Instagram by storm. The ability to take a picture of yourself with a cell phone is one of the greatest achievements of our time.

With an overwhelming 451 million posts tagged with the hashtag #selfie. It’s clear that this trend has taken over the expanding social network. However, to really stand out in the vast Instagram community, it’s important to go beyond just gaining personal profile followers and strive for uniqueness.

#music – 438,147,434 posts using this hashtag

The use of hashtags is essential for anyone immersed in the world of music – be they musicians themselves or passionate enthusiasts who love to share content related to the art form. Hashtags play a pivotal role in connecting users’ posts with like-minded people in the digital sphere.

In selecting appropriate hashtags for showcasing musical talent. When selecting appropriate hashtags for showcasing musical talent, it is important to ensure that they are relevant to appeal to an audience that is passionate about the chosen genre or style of musical expression.

This effort goes beyond simply attracting followers, it aims to make meaningful connections with potential fans who are willing to consume one’s compositions. They attend live performances and support the purchase of merchandise. At the same time, formulating unique hashtags that effectively embody one’s brand can motivate and encourage engagement while increasing the reach of one’s music.

#friends – 437,545,958 posts using this hashtag

Hashtags are a wonderful way for friends to have fun and celebrate their unique connection. Whether you’re sharing photos on Instagram or other social media platforms, don’t forget to use the widely popular “friendship” hashtags.

It’s a popular trend to capture moments with friends on Instagram. The hashtag ‘friends’ has already been used to share over 437 million posts. Using this hashtag is a fashionable choice to show off your cherished friendships.

#life – 434,572,316 posts using this hashtag

The hashtag #life is frequently used on Instagram as a versatile tool to capture the essence of existence. A variety of posts showcase the different facets of life and the myriad of experiences one can have. Be it stunning landscapes or bustling city scenes, heartwarming family moments or personal triumphs.

#life embraces the beauty, challenges and diversity that add depth to our lives. This hashtag serves as a platform for users to share their unique perspectives, beautiful memories and valuable life lessons. When engaged with this hashtag, users are confronted with a variety of human experiences that remind them of the complicated and multi-layered nature of life itself.

#smile – 434,157,141 posts using this hashtag

The immense popularity of the hashtag #smile is reflected in the staggering number of 434,157,141 posts dedicated to spreading joy and happiness. Laughter has long been considered an affordable solution to the various challenges life throws at us. When we are surrounded by loved ones or friends, there is often ample opportunity for genuine smiles and moments of happiness.

The beauty of this is that smiling is a universal language that can be understood by all without having to express it verbally. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the hashtag #smile has effortlessly gained worldwide recognition and continues to spread.

#family – 433,852,413 posts using this hashtag

The impressive 433,852,413 posts with the widely used Instagram hashtag #family has solidified its position as a popular way to celebrate love, unity, and the undeniably strong bonds that form within families worldwide. This trending tag encompasses an extensive collection of heartwarming moments – from snippets of genuine togetherness to extraordinary milestones celebrated with great joy.

The range of posts found under #family paints an endearing picture worth cherishing: they capture innocent playfulness in delightful snapshots, or preserve precious memories through emotionally charged portraits that show gatherings of multiple generations.

This hashtag not only serves to share personal stories and express gratitude to loved ones, but also provides inspiration as individuals actively draw from the rich tapestry woven by other families around them. In exploring #family, it is easy to understand how these profound connections can harmoniously define the essence and meaning of this timeless concept.

#fun – 432,115,055 posts using this hashtag

With more than 432 million posts containing this hashtag, it’s obvious that #fun captures the lively spirit of Instagram users trying to show the more uplifting sides of life. Under this hashtag, you can find a variety of posts that are filled with joy, laughter, and an overall lighthearted mood. Whether it’s adventurous outdoor activities or documenting mischievous pranks or captivating performances, #fun represents the epitome of entertainment and fun.

Under this hashtag, people can share their most memorable experiences while expressing their unique sense of humor and participating in interactive challenges with like-minded virtual friends. Diving into this hashtag offers a tantalizing diversion into a universe full of enjoyable moments, where users can find inspiration for their own pastimes while making connections with those who also enjoy basking in leisure activities.

#makeup – 393,721,448 posts using this hashtag

The beauty and makeup industry, a well-known and colossal business, generates billions of dollars in the United States alone. However, in this field, choosing the right hashtags can prove to be quite difficult. Simply featuring an image may not be enough to attract new audiences.

But fear not, because there is a solution – the power of a cleverly curated set of hashtags. With this straightforward hashtag, you can share your love for cosmetics with people all over the world and make a difference on a global scale.

#likeforlikes – 387,529,662 posts using this hashtag

The hashtag #likeforlikes has gained great popularity. There are 387,529,662 posts that use this hashtag. This particular hashtag is part of a larger trend. There are several variations that are widely used. Basically, using this hashtag in a post shows a desire to share likes with others on the platform.

The strategy behind the hashtag #likeforlike is to add it to all your Instagram posts to gain more likes or followers without necessarily posting anything ‘out of the ordinary.” It works on the basis of a mutual agreement, where you give a Like to someone who has liked your post and vice versa.

#dog – 365,284,275 posts using this hashtag

The trend of using dog hashtags is steadily increasing, with a staggering 365,284,275 posts containing this hashtag. Nowadays, pets are considered beloved members of the family, and dogs in particular have earned the highly regarded title of “man’s best friend”.

#model – 356,371,823 posts using this hashtag

Navigating the vast array of popular hashtags on social media platforms like Instagram can feel overwhelming at times. It’s not just individuals who are using these powerful communication tools; large companies are also taking advantage of the opportunity to maximize their brand presence and build a profound online presence.

The fashion industry is also right on trend! On a number of social media platforms, there is an abundant supply of glamorous images that encompass style, esthetics, beauty, and innovation thanks in no small part to the frequently used “model” hashtags. Celebrities who are appreciated for their work and famous designers make extensive use of these hashtags to grow their followings.

And they do so simultaneously, they use this platform to showcase their outfits. To showcase their products and ideas, and they introduce new fashion trends.

#design – 351,793,094 posts using this hashtag

With 351,793,094 posts tagged with #design, it’s clear that there is a lot of interest in exploring engaging online interiors. However, it’s important to remember that customers also have a desire to create a flawless image in their own homes.

Instagram gives you a unique opportunity to showcase your interior products in different arrangements and designs. It would be wise not to underestimate the potential impact that using the hashtag “design” can have in bringing your design aesthetic into people’s homes.

#motivation – 348,251,409 posts using this hashtag

The popularity of motivational hashtags on Instagram extends beyond the circle of strong women. They encompass a wide range of internet users and active social media participants. The continued appeal of topics centered around self-help and inspiration stems from the fact that people often struggle with their emotions and feelings in the midst of life’s challenges.

It’s not uncommon for these obstacles to lead to frustration and significantly dampen one’s motivation. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising, then, that motivational hashtags dominate the ever-evolving landscape of social media trends.

#handmade – 344,061,715 posts using this hashtag

Do you have a passionate hobby where you design visually appealing products? If so, now is the time to start thinking about how you can turn this hobby into a source of income.

An important first step in this process would be to create an Instagram business profile. Also, consider starting a blog that focuses on your artistic creations, as lifestyle blogs are in high demand on Instagram. When promoting your products, you should use the popular hashtag “handmade” to reach as many people as possible.

#lifestyle – 341,505,843 posts using this hashtag

Instagram has the ability to become more than just a social media platform. For many, it is becoming a place to share their daily experiences and showcase their lifestyle. One hashtag that stands out in this regard is #lifestyle, which has been used in over 341 million posts. This hashtag attracts the attention of influencers, Instagrammers, models and actors who regularly include it in their content.

#explorepage – 335,658,671 posts using this hashtag

The exploration page serves as a central hub for users to discover new and exciting content. Currently, the page is being customized to show each user content that matches their personal interests.

The Instagram Explore page differs from person to person. This platform offers the possibility of not only browsing through posts, but also watching Stories and IGTV videos. In addition, there is a special shopping section for avid shoppers, and to increase your chances of being seen on this page, use the hashtag “explorepage”.

#sunset – 321,879,117 posts using this hashtag

Sunsets with their mesmerising beauty. Offer a captivating visual experience well suited for sharing on Instagram. To add to the charm and lasting impact of your sunset photo, caption it with an appropriate caption or quote.

This not only serves as inspiration, but also adds a touch of romance or pure aesthetic appeal to your image. This way, you can fully capture the essence of the moment.

#dogsofinstagram – 305,828,606 posts using this hashtag

Hashtags dedicated to photos of pets are among the most popular and widely used on social media. If you want to showcase your pets and become popular on Instagram. It’s important to use hashtags effectively. Pets are more than just companions; they inspire and inspire admiration and make their presence felt in the social media world.

By using the hashtag “dogsofinstagram”, you can increase your chances of gaining a large number of followers on your account by sharing photos of your own pet or pictures of other pets you meet in different places.

#beach – 293,402,150 posts using this hashtag

The allure of the sea has continued to capture our collective imagination on social media, as evidenced by a whopping 293,402,150 posts with the #beach tag. To make one’s beach photos stand out from the crowd, the use of appropriate hashtags is essential.

Not only travel agencies use these popular Instagram tags, but also airlines and hotels have realized that they can attract the attention of the audience. Therefore, incorporating the universally recognized hashtag “beach” into your posts should be an essential part of your future social media strategy.

#followforfollowback – 288,634,859 posts using this hashtag

The hashtag #followforfollowback was used in an overwhelming number of posts. It reached 288,634,859. While this approach is used frequently. It is important to realize that it is a rather heavy-handed tactic to gain followers. The main premise is to follow other accounts in hopes of attracting their attention and receiving a follow in return.

However, the abuse of this practice often leads to the simple announcement that you are willing to follow anyone who follows you back. The main purpose is to artificially increase the number of followers. It is worth noting that this tactic, when used effectively, can also include recommending and promoting similar or admired accounts.

#amazing – 286,730,040 posts using this hashtag

With a staggering 286,730,040 posts, the hashtag #amazing is undeniably popular. It serves as a virtual space for users to share and appreciate the limitless possibilities our world has to offer. Under this hashtag, people have the opportunity to show their most remarkable encounters and express their admiration for everything extraordinary, and it serves as a source of inspiration for others. This way, they can see the wonders of life through the eyes of different people.

A look at this hashtag reveals a variety of captivating and awe-inspiring moments that truly highlight the amazing aspects of our world. From breathtaking landscapes to outstanding achievements, these posts show the beauty and wonder that can be found in even the simplest moments.

#nofilter – 285,147,117 posts using this hashtag

The hashtag “#nofilter” has a high profile in the world of Instagram, but its meaning may initially elude newcomers. A recent study brought to light an interesting truth about certain individuals who proudly flaunt their remarkable photography skills on Instagram: About 11% subtly flaunt their skills through these images.

However, it was found that these photos are not as pristine as they would have you believe – many have been edited with a filter, even though they are marked #NoFilter. Using #NoFilter for self-promotion and to showcase photographic skills is acceptable. But intentionally misleading others by pretending to have those skills without a filter is undeniably worse.

#drawing – 285,139,441 posts using this hashtag

Hashtags have become an invaluable asset for professional artists and advertisers looking to showcase their artwork on Instagram. With countless posts published every day, choosing the right hashtags plays a crucial role when it comes to connecting with your target audience.

Drawing has long held an irresistible appeal. It has captured people’s attention and imagination since before spoken or written language existed – excavated ancient cave paintings are tangible proof of this. To ensure optimal visibility of your outstanding artwork. Incorporating relevant hashtags is absolutely essential. By using this particular hashtag, you can promote your artistic masterpieces to a wider audience.

#cat – 281,411,870 posts using this hashtag

Cat lovers have discovered that social media platforms, especially Instagram. Are a hot place to show their love for these adorable creatures. To increase your presence on this platform and gain a larger following, it’s important to use appropriate hashtags that will increase the visibility of your posts. Fortunately for cat lovers, there are relatively few obstacles in this niche compared to others.

Familiarizing yourself with the relevant hashtags and understanding their purpose will help you navigate this landscape. Most of the time, just sharing adorable pictures of our feline friends is enough.

One such hashtag that enjoys great popularity is “cat”,” reflecting the worldwide fascination with these furry companions. It has become a widespread trend, providing a platform for cat lovers to share amusing photos and videos that feature cats in various entertaining situations.

#instamood – 278,319,436 posts using this hashtag

The popularity of the hashtag #instamood can be attributed to its ability to capture and convey the atmosphere and emotion portrayed in a photo or video. With over 278 million posts using this hashtag, it has become a widely recognized and used tool on the photo sharing platform.

By using #instamood, users can categorize their pictures according to the feelings they were experiencing when they took them. This gives them an insight into their current state of mind. Whether it’s a quiet day at the beach, a breathtaking sunset, or a happy get-together with loved ones, this hashtag serves as an expressive way to showcase personal experiences and emotions.

#igers – 277,702,528 posts using this hashtag

With 277,702,528 posts using the hashtag #igers, it is obvious that “Instagrammers” see a purpose in being associated with this rather obscure hashtag. By including this hashtag in their content, they show their active participation in the popular social media platform Instagram.

Unsurprisingly, this hashtag has gained a lot of popularity, as it serves to cultivate a sense of community among users. Its immense success has even led to the creation of an official @igers account.


Q: What are hashtags on Instagram?
A: Hashtags on Instagram are essentially words or phrases that appear after the “#” symbol. They are used to classify and order content. This makes it easier for users to find and connect with certain topics or concepts.

Q: How do hashtags work on Instagram?
A: When you add a hashtag to your Instagram post or story, you can click on it and search it. This means that users can simply click on a hashtag and access all other posts that have used the same hashtag. Thus, hashtags provide better visibility and wider reach for content.

Q: How many hashtags can I use in an Instagram post?
A: You can include up to 30 hashtags in an Instagram post without restrictions. However, it is wise and considerate of your audience if you use relevant and meaningful hashtags that truly complement your content.

Q: Can I create my own hashtags?
A: Absolutely! You have the freedom to come up with your own hashtags to promote a specific campaign, event or brand. Using unique hashtags can be beneficial as they make it easier to track engagement and motivate users.

Q: Are there popular hashtags that I can use?
A: There are many popular hashtags on Instagram that cover a wide range of topics and interests. Some notable examples include #instagood, #photooftheday, and #tbt (throwback Thursday). By including these hashtags in your posts, you can effectively increase visibility and engagement.

Q: Should I use broad or specific hashtags?
A: It is recommended to use a combination of broad and specific hashtags. Broad hashtags have the advantage of reaching a broader audience, while specific hashtags target a more specific and engaged audience. Striking the right balance between the two is crucial for optimal results.

Q: How can hashtags help my Instagram growth?
A: Using relevant hashtags can effectively attract new followers who are interested in the type of content you are posting. This ultimately increases the likelihood that a larger audience will come across your content, leading to increased visibility and potential engagement.

Q: Should I use popular hashtags or less popular ones?
A: When using hashtags, it is beneficial to use a combination of popular and less popular hashtags. Popular hashtags are more competitive, but also attract a larger audience. Less popular hashtags, on the other hand, are less competitive and give your content the opportunity to shine in a specific niche.

Q: Can hashtags improve my engagement on Instagram?
A: Yes. Hashtags have the ability to greatly influence your engagement. When used strategically, they effectively facilitate connections with people who share similar interests, increasing the likelihood of receiving likes, comments, and followers.

Q: How can I find the right hashtags for my posts?
A: When searching for appropriate hashtags for your posts, there are a few strategies you can use. One method is to research popular hashtags in your specific field. It can be beneficial to research the hashtags that are being used by your competitors. Another way is to use the suggested hashtags feature on Instagram. By trying different combinations and evaluating their effectiveness, you can find out the most suitable hashtags for your content.

In our modern culture and ever-evolving means of communication, hashtags play an important role,  especially in online marketing and social media platforms. They have the power to target specific audiences who are not yet familiar with our brand or content, and allow us to make connections to topics that are relevant to them.

Crafting an effective social media strategy that incorporates hashtags requires an intimate knowledge of each target audience, although Instagram can be overwhelming at times.

There are several benefits to using Instagram, such as the ability to stay connected with friends and family through the direct messaging feature. Also, each Instagram photo has room for up to 30 hashtags. This widespread practice of double tagging has led to excessive abundance on the platform. Regardless of this phenomenon, hashtags remain an indispensable tool for effectively curating content and optimizing for current trends and interests.


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