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Teanna Trump Age, Partner And Filmography

Teanna Trump, known by her birth name Keanna Nichele Jones, has achieved great success as an American adult film actress and model. Her career has captivated a considerable audience.

Few are brave enough to follow in her footsteps. With over ninety appearances, Teanna Trump has established herself as one of the leading figures in the adult film industry. Her remarkable talent has earned her nominations and prestigious awards. Such as the coveted Best in Sex: AVN Awards in 2020.

Teanna Trump Biography


Teanna Trump, also known by her birth name Keanna Nichele Jones, was born on August 19, 1995. She is from Indiana and belongs to the zodiac sign of Leo.

During her career. Teanna has gained popularity with various pseudonyms such as Teanna Sweet, Teanna Smile, Teanna West, and Teanna Trump.

Not much is known about her family or educational background as she prefers to keep these details private. It is worth mentioning that Teanna has a sister named Russia Jones.

If you are interested in following her sister’s endeavors, you can find Russia on Twitter and Instagram under the handles @BabyyRussia and. @babyyyrussia. Professionally. Teanna Trump has made a name for herself both as a model and as an actress in adult films. She adopted the stage name Teanna Trump when she entered the adult film industry in 2014 at the age of 19. Since then, she has appeared in more than 90 productions and has become a highly respected figure in the adult film industry. Teanna’s impressive career has not gone unnoticed. She has received several award nominations over the years and was even recognized with a nomination for Best Sex at the prestigious AVN Awards in 2020. Her dedication to her craft continues to shape an influential figure in the adult film industry.

In 2019, Teanna Trump reached a significant milestone in her career when she appeared alongside Vicky Chase, a renowned adult film actress. This was her first shoot with the prestigious film studio P.P. Network. This brought her even further into the limelight.

In addition, Teanna graced the covers of several magazines, solidifying her presence in the industry. During her successful journey as a model and actress.

Teanna Trump has had the privilege of working with numerous prestigious companies including Evil Angel, Devil Films, New Sensation, Diabolic Video, Vixen, Blacked, Zero Tolerance Entertainment, Elegant Angel, Digital Playground, Girlfriends Films and many more. In addition to her professional collaborations with these talented individuals and companies, Teanna Trump has expressed her deep appreciation for makeup artists like Mel (@mel_makeup) Alexandrè Jairus Valenzuela (@alexjairus) and Sonia Kiani (@foreveruntamed).

She also praised hairstylists like December (@sydneydecember) @hairbykemss and @v_houstonstylist for their contribution to her stunning looks. Also. Photographers Tavian Deonté (@iamtaviandeonte) and Stephen Panosian (@stephen.panosian) skillfully captured Teanna’s essence through their lenses. In addition to all this recognition and success in the industry, Teanna has also featured lingerie brands like Honey Birdette on her Instagram posts to highlight the diversity of her collaborations.

Keanna, also known as Teanna Trump, will collaborate with Kai Cenat for an exclusive video on OnlyFans. In early August 2021, Keanna made an appearance on Adin Ross’ Instagram Live e-date session, where the conversation took an unexpectedly explicit turn. Teanna expressed a desire to one day be in a men’s prison for oral activities. The discussion unfolded with Adin, Keanna, and Adin’s friend Pamibaby talking about this possible encounter.

Pamibaby joined the date and shared her thoughts about the proposed experience. During the session, YouTuber Kai Cenat was mocked for his height, but eventually emerged as the winner of the e-date and received the chance to shoot a special OnlyFans video with Teanna as a reward. The livestream led to Trump and Adin being seen on Twitter for hours, catching the attention of social media users.

After Keanna Nichelle Jones (Teanna Trump) pleaded guilty to using marijuana, she was sentenced to 180 days in jail.

Teanna Trump herself candidly shared on Twitter that she had been arrested with 6 pounds of marijuana while in Oaklohoma – leaving no room for doubt or denial regarding her connection to the incident. She is only 20 years old and is from Indiana. This porn star has been actively involved in the industry since her journey began in 2014. Additionally known under alternative pseudonyms such as Teanna West, Teanna Sweet and Teanna Smiles, Trump has amassed an impressive repertoire, starring in over 50 adult films.

Under Florida Statute 893.13(6)(b). Illegal possession of up to twenty (20) grams of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor of the first degree within the boundaries of the state. Anyone found guilty of this offense faces severe penalties such as imprisonment for up to one year and a large fine of up to $1,000.

On the other hand. If the threshold of twenty grams is exceeded, this offense is classified as a felony in Florida, which carries far more serious consequences.

Individuals convicted under these circumstances can be subject to up to five (5) years behind bars and a fine of up to $5,000.

During an episode of the “No Sweater” podcast hosted by Adam Grandmaison – better known as Adam22 – Teanna Trump decided to reveal very intimate information about her past experiences, which caused a great stir not only among her listeners, but also on social media platforms. In particular, she revealed that during her brief sixteen-year phase she had engaged in sexual activities with an unidentified member of the Indiana Pacers basketball team. These encounters were documented by photos and videos capturing moments between Trump and this anonymous NBA player. The revelation caused a great commotion on social media, as users eagerly speculated about the identity of this professional basketball player.

Teanna Trump Filmography

  1. Best Part Of Waking Up (2013)
  2. Fucked Hard 18: Teanna (2013)
  3. Amateur Angels 28 (2014)
  4. Amateur Going Wild On A Big Cock (2014)
  5. Ass Masterpiece 18719 (2014)
  6. Babysitters Taking On Big Dicks (2014)
  7. Black Bubble Butt Bunnies (2014)
  8. Black Heat 2 (2014)
  9. Black Lesbian Road Rules (2014)
  10. Black Panthers 3 (2014)
  11. Booty Talk 100 (2014)
  12. Chocolate Cheerleader Camp 2 (2014)
  13. Cum In Me Baby 4 (2014)
  14. Daddy Issues 3 (2014)
  15. Facial Violation 3 (2014)
  16. Grounded (2014)
  17. Hardcore Pleasures 2 (2014)
  18. Hot Black Chicks Love Huge White Dicks (2014)
  19. Look Who’s Cumming for Dinner (2014)
  20. Massage Girls 18: Teanna (2014)
  21. Monster Cock Hardcore Sex With A Brown Bunny (2014)
  22. Seduced By the Teen Next Door 3 (2014)
  23. Sex and Submission 36791 (2014)
  24. Slutty Times at Innocent High 5 (2014)
  25. Throat Training (2014)
  26. Tiny Girl Meets A Huge Cock (2014)
  27. We Fuck Black Girls: Teanna Trump (2014)
  28. 19 Yr. Old Teanna Trump Back For More (2015)
  29. Alone Time (2015)
  30. Anal Hotties (2015)
  31. Ass Masterpiece 15 (2015)
  32. Big Black Wet Asses 14 (2015)
  33. Big Sausage For Breakfast (2015)
  34. Black and White Affair (2015)
  35. Black Bombshells (2015)
  36. Black GF 10 (2015)
  37. Black Girl Gloryholes 13 (2015)
  38. Booty Jiggle (2015)
  39. Brown Bunnies 11 (2015)
  40. Brown Bunnies 12 (2015)
  41. Casting Couch Amateurs 13 (2015)

Teanna Trump Net Worth


Teanna Trump’s net worth is undoubtedly substantial thanks to her successful career in the adult entertainment industry. She has more than 90 films to her credit.

She is undeniably one of the highest paid actresses in this sector. Through her acting performances alone, Teanna manages to earn a considerable amount of money. In addition to that, she also benefits from her social media presence by getting involved in advertisements and collaborations. These further contribute to her financial success. As of 2021, experts estimate that Teanna’s net worth is in the $1-5 million range. This solidifies her position as one of the wealthiest people in adult entertainment.

Teanna Trump Age


Teanna Trump saw the light of day in August 1995 and will be 28 years old in 2023. A proud member of the Leo zodiac sign, she is widely known for her spirited and confident qualities commonly associated with people born under that sign.

Teanna Trump Height


Teanna Trump, known for her captivating presence, is 170 centimetres tall. Her weight is about 61 kilogrammes (134 pounds).

According to reports, she has a bust size of 33 inches (86 centimetres). A waist of 25 inches (66 centimetres).

And a hip of 37 inches (94 centimetres). Teanna’s gorgeous brown hair complements her overall appearance, while her captivating brown eyes add to her charm.

Teanna Trump Partner

Teanna Trump is not currently involved in a romantic relationship and prefers to remain unattached. She is a person who prioritizes her career. She devotes all her attention to professional activity.

Also. She is known for protecting the privacy of her past relationships and dating experiences. She chooses not to disclose such information publicly. Teanna Trump attaches great importance to her private life and takes measures to respectfully maintain its confidentiality. She also skillfully avoids getting involved in rumors or controversies that could damage her reputation. She deliberately stays away from discussions that could have negative consequences for her career. She ensures that her reputation remains untarnished.

Teanna Trump Pictures




Teanna Trump On Social Media

Teanna Trump’s strong social media presence has played a critical role in her success. She is an esteemed adult film star.

She keeps in close contact with her loyal fan base and regularly updates them about her personal and professional life. Teanna actively maintains profiles on popular platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her daily activities and interacts with her audience. This online engagement has allowed Teanna to expand her reach beyond the adult film industry and gain notoriety in other circles. By actively promoting her ongoing projects and sharing intimate moments from her life. Teanna offers a unique perspective that entertains and engages her followers. Her consistency and lively participation on social media captivates and inspires her loyal fans and keeps them constantly entertained.

Teanna Trump On Instagram


Teanna Trump has had a thriving presence on Instagram throughout September 2022. Her username. @itsteannatrump, has gained an impressive following of over 1.4 million loyal fans. In addition, her secondary profile @imteanna has attracted more than 164,000 loyal followers. Through these platforms, Teanna manages to reach out to her large fan base by sharing intimate insights into her personal life and professional activities. With her talent for delivering captivating content, Teanna Trump keeps her audience riveted and connected to her journey.

Teanna Trump Instagram

Teanna Trump On TikTok


Teanna Trump, a well-known figure in the adult film industry, has added an influential presence on TikTok, an increasingly popular video-sharing platform, to her impressive repertoire. With her captivating charisma and engaging content production style, she has gained quite a following on this particular medium. Through the expansive capabilities of TikTok, Teanna effectively showcases her innate creativity while revealing glimpses of her humor and personal nuances that go far beyond the confines of adult films.

Whether participating in exciting dance challenges or sharing snippets of her everyday life, Teanna Trump’s captivating videos on TikTok seamlessly entertain viewers while building meaningful connections with them. The unwavering prominence she maintains on this digital stage is a testament to her undeniable influence and widespread recognition in the virtual domain.

Teanna Trump TikTok

Teanna Trump On Onlyfans


Teanna Trump, known as an actress in adult films and a notable social media personality, has firmly established herself in the realm of subscription-based platform OnlyFans. This particular platform is of interest to content creators who want to publish exclusive material aimed primarily at an adult audience.

Teanna Trump’s rise in the adult entertainment industry is primarily due to her captivating performances and striking looks. Her stunning facial features and shapely physique have earned her a loyal fan base that greatly appreciates her artistic performance.

With the presence she has on OnlyFans. Teanna Trump is in a perfect position to build an even deeper connection with her followers. Subscribers get access to unique features only available on their OnlyFans account, such as exclusive shoots in photo and video formats; ensuring that fans receive only distinctive content they will not find anywhere else.

And more importantly. This special platform allows for more personal interaction with fans – truly immersing them in an intimate experience. OnlyFans offers Teanna Trump the opportunity to introduce her fans not only to the most important elements of her profession, but also to share insights into her career; behind-the-scenes glimpses and other daring adult-only work.
In summary, it is only through platforms like OnlyFans that she is able to gain greater control over her personal branding; direct monetization also becomes less convoluted without middlemen that are often present in traditional circles that specialize in adult entertainment needs.

Teanna Trump Onlyfans

Teanna Trump FAQS

1. What is the birth name of Teanna Trump?

The original birth name assigned to her is Keaana Nichele Jones, before she became known as Teana Trump when she began her career in 2014.

2. What information is available about Teanna Trump’s parents?

She chose to keep her family background a secret, so little information is available. However, it has been announced that she has a sibling.

3. Who is Teanna Trump’s sister?

After a birthday post on her Twitter page, it was revealed that Teanna Trump has a sister named Russia Jones.

4. What is the reason behind Teanna Trump’s fame?

Teanna Trump’s remarkable fame comes from her thriving profession as an accomplished actress in adult films.

5. How long has Teanna Trump been active in the adult film industry?

Teanna Trump, a prominent figure in the adult film industry, began her journey in 2014 and has remained a vibrant presence for several years.

6. What are some of Teanna Trump’s aliases?

Teanna Trump is a well-known personality with several pseudonyms. Among the pseudonyms we find Teanna West, Teanna Sweet and Teanna Smiles.

7. How many adult films has Teanna Trump starred in?

Teanna Trump, a well-known actress in the film industry. She has an impressive portfolio of more than 50 adult films under her belt.

Her talent and hard work have brought her immense fame and fortune. Experts estimate her remarkable net worth to be around $1.5 million, which speaks volumes about her successful career.

Acting is Teanna Trump’s main source of income. This allows her to earn a considerable amount of money. Additionally. She has had the opportunity to work with prestigious brands. This further contributes to her financial success and increases her income. With multiple streams of income, Teanna Trump’s financial status in the entertainment world continues to thrive.


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