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Rubi Rose Height, Net Worth, Rapper And Singer Career

Rubi Rose Benton is a widely acclaimed artist from the United States who goes by the name Rubi Rose. Known for her skills as a rapper, singer/model hybrid, and social media influencer, music producer, and entrepreneur, she has gained national recognition for her exceptional vocal abilities and captivating rap skills.

Rubi Rose was born on 2 October, 1997 in1997 in Lexington, Kentucky, which currently makes her twenty-five years old. With an impressive discography that includes various songs and albums, Rubi’s burgeoning career reached new heights with her striking debut album “For The Streets” in 2020, which catapulted her to fame and solidified her status as a rising star.

In addition to her musical successes, Rubi Rose seamlessly transitioned into the field of modeling, where she made a significant impact by collaborating with several prominent magazine brands, highlighting her versatility and talent beyond music.

Through her dazzling appearances in numerous music videos and the enrichment and diversification of her artistic portfolio, Rubi Rose has been able to maintain her creative influence in various areas of the entertainment industry. In September of 2021, she quickly became the talk of the media when she was mentioned in Drake’s highly anticipated album titled “Certified LoverBoy”, specifically in the song “7 AM On BridlePath”. This combination of events immediately made headlines and captured the interest of fans and critics alike.

Rubi Rose Biography


Rubi Rose, the infectious rapper, saw the light of day on Thursday, October 2, 1997, in Lexington, Kentucky, an exceptional birthplace in the United States. She has a mixed cultural heritage, which clearly shows how rich and diverse her personal background is. At birth, she was given the name Rubi Rose Benton, which is now recognised by many as a distinct personality. In 2023, she will be about twenty-five years old, and she likes to celebrate her birthday every other October.

While growing up, she spent precious years mainly in the cultural metropolis of Atlanta in the U.S. state of Georgia, but the Swiss city of Geneva also played an important role, enriching young Rubi’s daily life with international flair. Early education took place in prestigious private educational institutions that played a crucial role in nurturing and developing the young, spirited individual who would later become an industry icon. Indeed, it was during the school years when the love for the art known as music began to truly reveal itself and lay the foundation for future endeavours in the hip-hop world.

Graduating from high school only meant that things continued even harder – namely in university, actively pursuing a major in politics at Georgia State University.

True passion , however, never waned as ambitions took shape. Music was deeply embedded in young Rubi Rose’s soul from an early age. As high school came to a close, it was not long before she decided to expand her musical skills and talents to reach new heights.

Today, Rubi Rose is known as an accomplished artist in the field of rap, paired with a talented singer and music producer. She considers the United States a place where her stage flares up and ignites the hearts and minds of listeners.

This versatility makes it truly impossible for the audience to escape the fascination of her distinctive style. The undeniable truth is that Rubi Rose’s background and roots are anything but ordinary – even though information about exact origins may seem sparse, the rich blend of mixed roots definitely deserves recognition.

Rubi Rose is an exceptional artist who has successfully ventured into various creative fields. Hailing from America, she stands out for her modeling skills that go beyond rapping, singing, songwriting and starring in music videos where she effortlessly shows off her skills as MC. What sets Rose apart is that her path to fame began as a blogger who used Instagram as a platform to share photos and connect with fans, an endeavor that soon paved the way for exciting opportunities in the music industry.

In 2014, Rose caused a stir when she appeared in LVRN’s music video for Raury’s “Cigarette Song”. However, it was not until 2016 that she really gained widespread recognition. This came through her starring role as a model in Migos’ chart-topping single “Bad and Boujee” alongside Lil Uzi Vert — directed by Daps — a music video that racked up over a billion views on YouTube.

This immense success catapulted Rose further into the spotlight and opened up new opportunities for her future. Despite her blossoming career, Rose remains true to her commitment to education. It’s worth noting. She deftly manages her modeling commitments. She devotes herself to music. And studies diligently, too. Even during her first year of college.

Rose managed to shoot an unreleased music video with Young Thug. Also, Rose has consistently collaborated on Twitch streams with DJ Akademiks — a highly respected commentator who specializes in Jamaican East Coast hip hop — resulting in a fruitful partnership that has benefited both.

Rubi Roses’ unwavering determination and ability to juggle multiple tasks have been instrumental in her flourishing success in the industry. Add to that her exceptional talents and unwavering commitment to advancing her craft and education.

This solidifies her status as an up-and-coming luminary in the music and modeling industry. Rubi Rose, known for her distinctive sound. She has discreetly ventured into the music scene. Her breakthrough came in 2018 when she made a notable appearance on Playboi Carti’s hit single “On Top,” which has been listened to over 2 million times on SoundCloud.

She capitalized on this momentum. She launched a solo career with the release of ‘Trickin’ in January 2019. Courtesy of Electric Republic.

It was closely followed by ‘Big Mouth’ in June. In March 2019, the rising artist left an indelible impression at SXSW, captivating audiences at Buffalo Billiards and further highlighting her talent. Her partnership with artists like Cuban Doll and Renni Rucci on ‘AGF. ‘, produced by Zabba’ served as Rubi Roses’ introduction to collaborative projects. The remarkable success of ‘Big Mouth’ earned her a record deal with Hitco Entertainment, thanks to the efforts of A&R representative Chris Turner.

The year 2019 ended gloriously with the release of Rubi Roses’ single ‘Hit Yo Dance” featuring NLE Choppa and Yella Beezy. This marked another major milestone in her ever-evolving career. In April 2020 she continued her rise with the launch of ‘Pretty MF’ She showed a growing range. She made a cameo appearance in Cardi B’s music video for ‘WAP”. Rubi Rose also debuted her first mixtape ‘For the Streets” on Christmas Day 2020 with guest artists Future and PartyNextDoor.

Along Rubi Rose’s path, she has collaborated with a variety of artists on popular tracks such as ‘Viral,” ‘Whole Lotta Liquor” and ‘Papi’ Young Buddha, Jahrone Brathwaite, Efram, KCamp. And Xaviard Baird have all teamed up with her to create incredible music.

Rubi Rose has also collaborated with well-known brands such as Princess Polly, Pink Dolphin, and Fashion Nova. These collaborations have allowed her to introduce these brands to her large fan base on Instagram.

A notable achievement in Rubi Rose’s career is her inclusion in the esteemed XXL Freshman List of 2021. This recognition speaks volumes about her talent and potential. Currently, Electric Republic oversees her management. This ensures that she receives the best guidance and support along the way. Rubi Rose has emerged as a rising artist, bringing a fresh and distinctive voice to the rap scene. With each collaboration and success, she further establishes herself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Rubi Rose Albums
Rubi Rose, the talented artist known for her unique style and captivating vocals, has released a variety of albums, songs and singles that have been well received by her listeners. Some of her notable works include the:


  • “For The Streets” (2020)

Songs (from “For The Streets”):

  • “Viral”
  • “Papi”
  • “Whole Lotta Liquor”
  • “The Truth”
  • “Bailar”
  • “Back In The Booth”
  • “He In His Feelings”
  • “Intro / Cardi B Interlude”


  • “Smack A Bitch”
  • “Nasty”
  • “100 Bandz”
  • “Rock With It”
  • “Water”
  • “On Top”
  • “Nunnadet Shit”
  • “Walking By”
  • “Wit The Shits”
  • “Naughty Girl”
  • “Rubi Red”
  • “P*k”
  • “Poke”
  • “Trickin”
  • “Pogo”
  • “Hit Yo Dance”
  • “Pretty MF”
  • “Loyal Dick”
  • “Big Mouth”
  • “TWORK”

Rubi Rose’s extensive discography is a testament to her versatility and artistry. Each song and album effortlessly combines her lyrical finesse with captivating melodies. Her continued success in the music industry is a true testament to her talent and dedication.

Rubi Rose Net Worth


Introducing Rubi Rose — a dynamic artist whose extraordinary talent transcends boundaries and catapults her to unimagined heights of success in the music industry – and who, in addition to her glittering career, leads a luxurious lifestyle amidst the vibrant Los Angeles cityscape. According to credible information, Rubi Rose Benton’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million — an impressive testimony to her financial prosperity.

Rubi Rose accumulates considerable wealth through various avenues, leveraging her musical endeavors, diverse modeling engagements, and collaborations with prestigious brands; she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to maximizing her financial gains in the entertainment industry. With breathtaking versatility, Rubi Rose effortlessly secures ventures that transcend traditional boundaries and pave ways to unparalleled financial rewards.

Blending modern technology and art, Rubi Rose also operates an OnlyFans platform — an exclusive portal that invites fans with an enticing 30-day trial offer. To further engage her loyal followers, the celebrated artist charges an annual fee of around $165 — a generous offer that rewards fans with a 20% discount.

Rubi Rose Age


Rubi Rose’s age is relatively young, but she has already gained considerable attention and recognition in the entertainment world. Born on October 2, 1997 in Lexington, Kentucky, her road to fame began at a significant milestone.

In 2023, at the age of 25, Rubi Rose has accomplished remarkable feats and has quickly risen in her career as a model, singer and American rapper. Despite her tender age, Rubi Rose has made remarkable progress in the fields of music and modeling. She has established herself as an impressive personality in these industries. She inspires and captivates audiences with her extraordinary talent and captivating charisma. She proves that success knows no age boundaries.

As an artist, Rubi is constantly evolving and exudes youthful enthusiasm. Her creativity inspires fans and leaves a lasting impression on the industry.

Rubi Rose Height


With a height of 163 cm, Rubi Rose has an extraordinary charm and style that makes her stand out.

Although she is slightly smaller than the average female height in the United States, she adopts this characteristic, which gives her even more appeal in the entertainment industry and makes her a relatable figure among others. Without being limited by expectations, Rubi Rose embraces the opportunities to showcase her talent, and with her magnetic personality, she reaches audiences beyond the expected limits. In doing so, Rubi Rose challenges prevailing stereotypes and encourages others to embrace her individuality regardless of her physical stature. Fans are often curious about certain aspects of Rubi Rose, and so the talk turns to her weight.

According to estimates, Rubi Rose weighs around 50 kilograms. Nevertheless, Rubi Rose’s weight essentially reflects her unique physique, body composition, and elements such as her overall well-being, rather than relying solely on a numerical value.

Rubi Rose Boyfriend


Rubi Rose has established herself as one of the leading figures in the music industry and has been involved in romantic relationships with well-known rappers throughout her career. In her career, she has been involved with a number of notable singers and musicians. According to the accessible information.

In 2018, Rubi Rose entered into a relationship with rapper Playboi Carti. And the couple carried on a long-term partnership. However, their relationship took a disturbing turn when Rubi Rose publicly shared her experience with domestic violence. During this troubling time, an incident occurred at LAX, which led to Carti’s arrest after a physical altercation with Rubi. After their breakup, Rubi Rose was linked to rapper 21 Savage.

Additionally. There were rumors linking her name to acclaimed rapper Travis Scott. Currently, Rubi Rose is single and has expressed in interviews that her main focus is on her music career. As for Rubi Rose’s marital status. She is still unmarried. Although she has had some relationships in the past. She has not yet walked down the aisle or entered into an official marriage. Presently, Rubi Rose does not have any children.

Rubi Rose Pictures




Rubi Rose On Social Media

Through her active participation on various social media platforms, Rubi Rose has built a strong online presence as an artist of many talents. Her close interaction with her fans and disclosure of aspects of personal life experiences and professional activities show why she is so admired in the digital spaces.

When she interacts with her fans through social media comments, liking posts or sending direct messages to her fans, it shows that maintaining an interactive space for participation is crucial for this artist to connect with her loyal fan base. This commitment to responding to messages further strengthens the bond between Rubi Rose and her selfless supporters, further increasing the loyalty of her fans.

In addition to posting visually appealing content, Rubi’s She uses various social platforms to promote her new music projects and other highly anticipated projects that go beyond just aesthetics.

Sharing short clips not only from her own creations such as songs, but also from music videos and live performances provides a fantastic opportunity to engage fans who are eagerly waiting for more. In addition, collaborating with other well-known artists and influencers leverages the immense power of social media platforms to further increase their reach and create new connections with a new audience that is continuously growing as a result.

Rubi Rose On TikTok


On TikTok, Rubi Rose takes every opportunity to show off her creativity by participating in trending challenges and sharing videos that capture both fun and authenticity and show who she really is.

This strong social media presence has successfully earned Rubi Rose a loyal fan base. She has established herself as an influential figure in the entertainment industry. Her unique talent lies not only in her ability to personally connect with her followers, but also in her ability to consistently deliver captivating content. There is no question that Rubi Rose will continue to use various social media platforms to actively engage with her fans as she ventures into the unknown territory of the ever-expanding digital landscape.

Rubi Rose TikTok

Rubi Rose On YouTube


On YouTube, Rubi Rose wants to strengthen the bond with her fan base by using it as a medium.

Her channel features a variety of engaging content, including music videos, behind-the-scenes insights, and vlogs that provide a deeper look into her personal and professional life. With this approach, she invites her fans to become part of her journey, fostering inclusion and familiarity between them. This dynamic use of social media ensures that Rubi Rose maintains an interactive online presence, engaging her followers on different platforms through varied and entertaining content.

Rubi Rose YouTube

Rubi Rose On Instagram


Rubi Rose, a highly influential personality, has successfully established herself on various social media platforms. Her Instagram profile serves as a captivating destination for her loyal followers.

Sharing captivating photos, professional shoots, personal stories, collaborations with brands, and fascinating glimpses into her travels, Rubi Rose effortlessly keeps her 2.8 million followers entertained and engaged. This extraordinary talent for captivating and engaging her fan base solidifies her position as a true social media sensation.

Rubi Rose Instagram

Rubi Rose On Onlyfans  


For individuals looking for unique and private content, Rubi Rose offers an exceptional opportunity with her OnlyFans account. This particular platform offers the possibility of sharing personalized and intimate material that can not be found elsewhere.

Through this exclusive encounter, Rubi Rose builds a deep connection with her loyal admirers, leaving them feeling appreciated and thanked for their support. One can see her OnlyFans account as emblematic of her unwavering commitment to providing her fans with an all-encompassing experience.

Rubi Rose Onlyfans

Rubi Rose FAQS

1. What is the birthplace of Rubi Rose?

Rubi Rose was born in Lexington, Kentucky. In the United States.

2. What is the given name of Rubi Rose?

With the greatest respect, I note that Rubi Rose’s first name is actually Rubi Rose Benton.

3. Which country does Rubi Rose belong to?

Rubi Rose is a proud holder of American citizenship.

4. What does Rubi Rose do for a living?

Rubi Rose is a versatile individual who works in a number of professions including rapping, singing, modeling and influencing social media platforms.

She produces music. And she also runs her own businesses.

5. Does Rubi Rose have any siblings?

Rubi Rose, a successful personality in the entertainment industry, is known for her exceptional talent. When it comes to her family background.

It is worth mentioning that she has the privilege of having two sisters in her life. One of these remarkable siblings is Scarlette.

6. Is Rubi Rose currently in a romantic relationship?

There is currently no information available to the public about Rubi Rose’s current relationship status.

Rubi Rose is known as an artist with great versatility and undeniable talent and has made a name for herself in the music world.

Thanks to her seductive voice, unique style and wide-ranging abilities, she has managed to earn a large fan base and numerous notable successes. From humble beginnings in Lexington, Kentucky, she continuously evolved into various roles such as a rapper, singer, model and influencer. Rubi Rose fascinates the masses with her extraordinary talent and compelling presence. She has a promising future ahead of her. She claims her place as an artist to watch out for no matter what. While she leaves her mark in the world of entertainment.


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