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Riley Reid Succes, Performances, Net Worth, Age And Awards

Riley Reid’s impressive contributions to the adult film industry have made her an influential figure worthy of respect.

Her extraordinary talent for creating impactful adult films and videos is widely recognized and praised. In addition, it’s no secret that she has an undeniable physical charm that has earned her a loyal following that holds her in high esteem.

Riley Reid Biography


An insight into the life of Riley Reid

Riley Reid, an established adult film star and supermodel, was born in Loxahatchee, Florida, on July 9, 1991. Her family tree has roots from Welsh, Puerto Rican, Dutch, and German heritage, which is indeed a unique blend. She has two sisters and a brother, making her the eldest.

While her mother found a passion for teaching young children, Riley’s father found comfort as a mechanic. The supportive family dynamic remained throughout her formative years. Still, her parents’ choice of profession sparked concerns about how she would be perceived in the public eye – albeit unwarranted, which was also one of their priorities during interviews.

In 2011, at 19, Riley entered the adult film industry and began a rise that made her one of the best performers in a very short time. She was loved and adored by fans worldwide for having captivating performances, charming looks, and an endearing personality. Receiving numerous awards throughout her journey, she achieved fame crucial moment when she was named AVN’s Female Celebrity of the Year for demonstrating her incredible skills in movies, among other performances.

Ashley Mathews is Riley Reid’s birth name, but for optimal effect during career development often held as a stage name. Performing impressive commercial success on the Vivid Entertainment project marked an incredible year of opportunities ahead. 


Riley Reid grew up with three siblings in a comfortable suburb and had a normal childhood centred on academic achievement. In her teens, however, she discovered her love of acting through appearances in talent contests and theatre workshops, which eventually led to hopes of making it big as an actress.

Despite financial constraints that prevented her from taking privately funded acting classes, Riley made her way in the professional world by waitressing or working as a retail shop clerk right after graduating high school.

While pursuing a brief anthropology degree at Florida International University, she was overcome with thoughts of a different career path and decided to pursue adult entertainment, which she dropped out of a year later.

People close to Riley disagreed with this drastic career change, but the bright lights of Los Angeles lured her, as hard work paid off, first by stripping, before she made her breakthrough in porn movies at nineteen.


On her career path, Riley Reid had to overcome many obstacles that tested her determination but eventually led to her becoming one of the most popular stars in the adult film industry. Her captivating looks and endearing performances that captivated fans worldwide established her reputation as an up-and-coming performer early on.

Moving to Los Angeles, Riley turned over a new leaf and began working as a stripper before taking the plunge into the adult film industry at nineteen under the stage name Paige Riley. Despite initial skepticism about her ambition, both from family members and peers around her, at a time when numerous celebrity scandals were shaking the peaceful existence of American society (the well-known activities that emanated mainly from Hollywood actors nowadays shed light on this perspective), her relentless perseverance allowed her to achieve a success that exceeded all expectations. Her glittering track record led to her inclusion in the 2014-2015 event lists of publications such as CNBC’s “Dirty Dozen” and LA Weekly’s “10 Celebrities Who Might Be The Future” list in 2013.

Riley’s well-deserved recognition was marked with the AVN Award for her outstanding performance in “Manfingo Massacre” and numerous awards, including winning the coveted title of Hottest New Beauty Queen trophy in 2013 and the Female Artist of the Year Award in 2014. Outside of her original career, she has also appeared in mainstream movies and popular TV shows, such as the iconic reality series “The Girls Next Door.”


It’s sad but true that a car accident can lead to unexpected injuries — as evidenced in 2016, when both the mother and brother of adult film star Riley Reid were injured — resulting in sudden medical expenses that put a financial strain on the family members involved. Fortunately, their online presence via the social media fundraising campaign initiated by GoFundMe helped ease the pressure during these challenging times!

Maintaining a strong bond with each other, even in the face of any kind of personal stress or complex scenarios at work, is undoubtedly always important, according to Reid.

She often shares photos and inspirational stories about her family members on social media platforms. Suppose you are a famous personality like Riley or anyone else, in place, on the other hand. In that case, you must be ready to confront many controversies, especially those who agree to work within the adult film industry.

In 2013, one such controversy was directed at Reid when she tweeted derogatory slurs about various races, later retweeted by many fans and industry partners.

In hindsight, perhaps this was an opportunity for her to grow and learn. She promised not to make similar mistakes again and has made an effort to think positively about it and recognize that advocating for racial justice is very important given the diverse demographic makeup of the country.


Highlighted Performances and Collaborations

Riley Reid’s accomplishments in the adult film industry are varied and impressive. Her performances and collaborations have been highly praised, which proves her abilities and talent in this field.
One of these achievements is her starring role in the series “The Submission of Emma Marx,” which explores BDSM dynamics and power dynamics in sexual relationships. This series has received critical acclaim and numerous prestigious awards.

Another notable achievement is her documentary “Being Riley,” which offers an intimate look into Riley’s life and experiences in the industry. This film was directed by Greg Lansky and received positive reviews for its honest portrayal.

Working with renowned gonzo director Mason, Riley also provided raw and intense scenes in the compelling series “Riley Goes Gonzo,” which was praised by critics and audiences alike.
Riley’s commitment to working with performers of diverse backgrounds is also worth noting. She has collaborated with performers of different races for memorable performances, including Prince Yahshua, Lexington Steele, and Flash Brown.

In addition, she has collaborated with many other famous performers, such as James Deen, Manuel Ferrara, August Ames, Dillion Harper, Madison Ivy, Dani Daniels, Alexis Texas, and Adriana Chechik, to create memorable scenes that were well received by the audience.

Little-Known Trivia about Riley Reid

Get insider trivia about famous actress Riley Reid

-According to reliable sources on Wikipedia, gorgeous actress Riley Reid receives numerous searches from Americans interested in adult movies. Her incredibly fascinating work ensures that viewers enjoy her captivating performances extensively.

-Interestingly, she prefers not to date colleagues in the industry, as it no longer interests her.

-Thanks to her unique talent that enables her to deliver authentic performances, many people worldwide have become avid fans of this renowned actress. Besides her remarkable romantic relationship with Janice Griffiths, another adult film star, she’s involved in several philanthropic campaigns to promote mental health and advocates for animal welfare.

-Although she’s an accomplished performer who gained respect worldwide, there are occasional concerns about the accusations that have been made against Riley Reid in recent years, such as racism or sexual misconduct.

Compilation of Accolades and Nominations


We would like to share some of the notable awards and nominations she has received. Her unsurpassed dedication and skill are reflected in these awards:

AVN Awards:

  • Winner: Best New Starlet (2013)
  • Winner: Female Performer of the Year (2016, 2018)
  • Winner: Best Group Scene (2016)
  • Winner: Best Three-Way Scene (Girl/Girl/Boy) (2017, 2018)
  • Winner: Best Virtual Reality Scene (2018)
  • Winner: Best Oral Scene (2019)
  • Winner: Best Girl/Girl Scene (2019)
  • Winner: Best All-Girl Group Scene (2019)
  • Winner: Best Boy/Girl Scene (2020)

XBIZ Awards:

  • Winner: Best New Starlet (2013)
  • Winner: Female Performer of the Year (2014, 2016)
  • Winner: Best Supporting Actress (2015)
  • Winner: Best Scene, Couples-Themed Release (2016)
  • Winner: Best Scene: Virtual Reality (2017)
  • Winner: Best Actress, Parody Release (2018)
  • Winner: Best Scene, All-Girl (2019)
  • Winner: Best Scene – Couples-Themed Release (2020)

Without question, Riley is a true exception among performers in the adult entertainment scene, with an accumulation of prestigious nominations and recognition for her remarkable talent. There’s no denying that she has garnered immense respect from fans across the board – establishing herself as one of the elite entertainers in this increasingly popular industry.

Riley Reid Net Worth


According to 2023 estimates, Riley Reid’s net worth is about $12 million (£9.8 million). However, in 2021 she made headlines with a lavish purchase: She spent an impressive $4.8 million (£4 million) on an opulent mansion in stunning Pasadena near Los Angeles. Her new domicile impresses with four spacious bedrooms and six elegant bathrooms and covers almost 5,000 square meters on a 3.6-hectare plot.

According to reports, Riley earns around $570,000 (£464,000) monthly from her successful subscription service on OnlyFans alone – a clear testament to her thriving business acumen and fortune, which is doing quite well! Also worth mentioning is her celebrated status in the industry as PornHub’s #1 reigning queen.

Riley Reid Age


Fans around the world are celebrating another birthday of popular adult film star Riley Reid today – on the 9th of July, 1991, one of the most remarkable talents in the history of the industry was born. Now marking 31 years and counting milestones aplenty along the way.

Reid’s remarkable career shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Riley Reid Height


With a height of about 163 cm, Riley Reid has a weight that is in the region of 55 kg.

She has a seductive figure whose measurements are worth mentioning: about 34-25-36 inches. This figure is complemented by her excellent bra size – a slim and comfortable fit in size 34DD.

Riley Reid Boyfriend


Maintain confidentiality

For Riley Reid, maintaining confidentiality regarding personal matters such as romantic relationships is crucial. Nevertheless, some records of past relationships have been leaked to the public. In particular, we know that she had a romantic liaison with her colleague Anthony Rosano in 2014, which ended in 2017 after several years of commitment.

Since then, Riley has chosen to refrain from speaking publicly about possible relationships; therefore, there is little information about her current relationship status or prospects.

Riley Reid Pictures

Riley Reid on Social Media

Riley Reid is a widely recognized personality on popular social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram; her following proves the importance of building robust online communities.

By actively engaging with her fans through regular interactions on various portals to keep them updated on career milestones and the latest projects in the pipeline, she provides unparalleled insight into how this acclaimed artist presents herself in an already thriving industry.

Riley Reid on Twitter


More than 7,000 devoted followers support Rilely Reid in her mission to honor the beauty of art from the past that come alive in the present!

She shares glimpses of her diverse career by posting videos of captivating images and music for people to enjoy, providing quality entertainment while showcasing contemporary culture in innovative ways! In addition, she recommends engaging films as she continues her work to promote a high standard of quality content released through her various channels.

View Riley Reid Twitter page:

Riley Reid Twitter

Riley Reid on Instagram


Riley Reid has a sizable and thriving group of over 3.5 million admirers on the popular social media outlet Instagram! From eye-catching pictures showing unscripted aspects about herself to selfies about her health choices, she makes excellent use of the photo-sharing app to do it all, while also promoting current campaigns or initiatives she’s been working on lately!

View Riley Reid Instagram page:

Riley Reid Instagram

Riley Reid on YouTube


Discover Riley Reid’s impressive videos

Riley Reid’s enormous appeal is clear in the engaging films she produces on the platform.

She not only shares personal stories and beauty tips that resonate with viewers around the world, but also reflects on life in the adult entertainment industry.

With her presence on social media channels such as YouTube, where over 100,000 people have subscribed to her, this success is largely due to the priorities of “fans”, such as promptly replying to their comments and enabling meaningful interaction via live streams.

View Riley Reid YouTube page:

Riley Reid YouTube

Riley Reid on OnlyFans


Riley Reid’s personal customer base subscribes to her exclusive content in bulk through OnlyFans.

Offering personalized images and videos, as well as behind-the-scenes insights into the world of adult films, fans help build a closer relationship with fans interested in the performers’ work.

View Riley Reid OnlyFans page:

Riley Reid FAQS

1. What is Riley Reid’s real name?

Her real name is Ashley Mathews.

2. Is there a subreddit dedicated to Riley Reid on Reddit?

One such platform is r/RileyReid, located here on Reddit. It allows its fans to come together and participate in lively conversations while sharing pictures, videos, articles, and other notes about their lives and careers.

3. Is Riley Reid’s porno/nude content available on Pornhub?

It turns out that her pornographic material is quite popular on the site. Many viewers can find a considerable number of her videos to watch and enjoy.

4. Was Riley Reid pregnant?

It was been confirmed that Riley Reid is pregnant and gave birth to a  beautiful baby boy in 2022!

5. How many tattoos does Riley Reid have and what are some of the designs?

Riley Reid proudly wears four tattoos that are worth mentioning. The first one shows symbols from Chinese culture, while on the right side there are two other motifs: a heart interwoven with yin-yang symbols and another one with ‘peace’ written on it in ink. Last but not least, on its left side you’ll see an interesting design with the proud inscription ‘XXX’.

The name Riley Reid commands immense respect in the adult entertainment field; she is known for her incredible acting range and irrefutable appeal on screen. She is a true icon. Her dazzling looks and undeniable charisma have cemented her status as one of the top figures in the industry. Riley Reid’s numerous awards and an avid fan base are a testament to her great success.

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