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Johnny Sins Biography, Jobs, Net Worth, Wife And Height

Johnny Sins ( named Steven Wolfe at birth) came into the world on December 31, 1978. He has established himself as a powerful talent in adult entertainment across multiple media platforms, including as an actor, director and YouTube content creator.

Fans continue to be attracted to his distinctive look, which consists of a bald scalp and well-toned muscles. His exceptional talent has earned him numerous prestigious awards, including three AVN Male Artist of the Year Awards, as well as nominations that speak to his reputation as one of the best.

Johnny Sins Biography


Johnny Sins – The life story of a star

On December 31, 1978, Pittsburgh’s Johnny Sins was born. After graduating from secondary school and further studies, Johnny decided to work arduously in construction six days a week.

In his formative years, Johnny admits he was very introverted. However, at 28, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film industry. His impressive achievements include three AVN awards for Male Artist of the Year and other awards/nominations. Sources confirm that he enjoyed playing baseball at a young age, even representing his high school team in invitational games.

Despite coming from a family with siblings, Johnny allows very little information about his relatives to be released publicly. At the age of 21, Steve was encouraged by friends to work in Los Angeles in the adult film industry. Unfortunately, he turned down this opportunity for personal reasons and continued to work in construction until finally, after about ten years, he became dissatisfied and moved to Angelina City.

Over the years, Johnny Sins have acted in over five hundred movies and have made many valuable contributions to various films, making him one of the top performers of Brazzers. In 2015, Pornhub witnessed a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that raised funds for a unique space-themed feature film that included zero gravity effects and speed and temperature changes – just one example of how advanced and innovative adult entertainment can be!


The project cast Steve Wolfe and actress Eva Lovia in crucial roles – an exciting opportunity for the careers of both artists. The fundraising goal set by Pornhub was ambitious at $3.4 million. Still, only about $200,000 was raised – a disappointment for all the team members who shared this ambitious dream with Johnny Sins.

Johnny’s passion for making history as part of this visionary group shines through, even if he cannot fully see its realization. In a recent interview with Koebler, Jason commented on the subject, which has been heavily pressed by some fans via social media platforms, “This space-themed film goes beyond just monetary value; it has tremendous potential to leave significant historical footprints,” Johnny said.

2017 when the Las Vegas shooting tragedy occurred, someone posted on Twitter that Johnny had not survived the incident, which shook many fans worldwide. This tweet quickly went viral, although people were relieved that Johnny was alive, and only these unfounded rumors went through social media.

Since then, numerous rumors have been circulating about the current status of Johnny Sins; however, it is essential to clarify that he is still alive. In 2014, the same rumors about his involvement in car accidents surfaced, debunked by Johnny Sins himself.


Johnny Sins is a fascinating person.

-He has enjoyed a unique upbringing that has given him introverted tendencies.

-He has gained impressive attention on his YouTube channel – a total of over 1.53 million subscribers and 76.2 million views.

-His career includes over 2,300 videos.

-Sins has also participated in crowdfunding for a space film, which raised $236,086 in just 60 days but has yet to reach its goal of $3.4 million.

-Sins’ popularity on YouTube was boosted by documenting his experience trying Turkish fries in Turkey.

-The women at the P.hub Awards honored him with the coveted “Most Popular Male Performer” award in 2019.

-Sins announced a temporary break from video appearances. However, he expressed his interest in performing again in the future. Sins’ quotes have become known for their inspirational and realistic messages. One of his amazing videos is titled “Let’s Play Doctor.”

Johnny Sins Awards and Nominations

AVN Award:

  • 2008: Nominated for Best Couples Sex Scene – Video for “Fuck Club”
  • 2009: Nominated for Best Group Sex Scene for “Cheerleaders”
  • Nominated for Best Male Newcomer
  • Nominated for Best Three-Way Sex Scene for “Cheerleaders”
  • 2010: Nominated for Best Three-Way Sex Scene for “Cum-Spoiled Sluts”
  • 2011: Nominated for Best Anal Sex Scene for “Big Butts Like It Big 6”
  • Nominated for Best Couples Sex Scene for “Performers of the Year 2010”
  • Nominated for Unsung Male Performer of the Year
  • 2012: Nominated for Most Outrageous Sex Scene for “Introducing the Russo Twins”
  • Nominated for Unsung Male Performer of the Year
  • 2013: Nominated for Best Three-Way Sex Scene for “Brazzers Presents: The Parodies 2”
  • Won Unsung Male Performer of the Year
  • 2014: Nominated for Best Group Sex Scene for “Bridesmaids”
  • 2015: Nominated for Favorite Male Porn Star
  • Nominated for Male Performer of the Year
  • 2016: Nominated for Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene for “Sins Life Part 2”
  • 2017: Won Favorite Male Porn Star
  • 2018: Nominated for Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene for “Young and Beautiful 3”
  • Nominated for Best Three-Way Sex Scene for “Sins Life: Sex Tour”
  • Nominated for Male Performer of the Year
  • Won Favorite Male Porn Star

Pornhub Award:

  • 2018: Won Most Popular Male Performer by Women
  • 2022: Won Best Dick (Fan Voting)

XBIZ Award:

  • 2010: Nominated for Male Performer of the Year
  • 2014: Nominated for Best Scene – Feature Movie for “Bridesmaids”
  • Nominated for Best Scene – Vignette Release for “Big Tits at Work 17” and “My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend 17”
  • Nominated for Male Performer of the Year
  • 2015: Nominated for Best Scene – Vignette Release for “Doctor’s Orders”
  • 2016: Won Best Scene – Vignette Release for “Let’s Play Doctor”
  • Nominated for Male Performer of the Year
  • 2017: Nominated for Best Scene – Vignette Release for “I Have a Wife 36”
  • Nominated for Male Performer of the Year
  • 2018: Nominated for Best Sex Scene – Vignette Release for “Natural Beauties 2”.

Johnny Sins Net Worth


A look at Johnny Sins’ million dollar income

It’s no secret that Johnny Sins is one of the most successful online content creators today, with an impressive net worth totaling $5 million. What exactly has contributed to this wealth?

For starters, his directing and writing projects have proven incredibly profitable. Sins also owns a lucrative production company and has an impressive following on YouTube. However, the creation of a website with his former wife, where they post sensational videos together, contributed significantly to this net worth. Steve has figured out how to make the most of every available revenue stream thanks to diversified ventures closely tied to online platforms like YouTube and streaming sites. This spectrum of income diversification provides substantial returns and long-lasting stability.

Johnny Sins Age


Johnny Sins – Successful stage actor from Pennsylvania

At the age of only 43,  Johnny Sins has attracted international attention with his impeccable contributions to contemporary entertainment.

A celebrated performer hailed by Hollywood elite and film buffs alike for his outstanding acting skills under the stage name “Johnny,” Sins was destined to succeed since birth with the personality traits of the zodiac sign Capricorn.

Johnny Sins Height


Some people have an aura – a distinctive appeal that makes them stand out. This is where Johnny Sins comes in: one look is enough to tell you this man has it in him! He’s six feet tall, and with his piercing brown eyes and slim but muscular physique adorned with numerous tattoos, he attracts quite some attention.

He measures a waist circumference of exactly one meter (that’s 100 cm!). He carries himself effortlessly with a weight of 79 kilograms (175 pounds). But what really sets Johnny apart isn’t just what he has, but who he’s: confident and charming. And, oh, yes – don’t forget his signature light blue curls! If all that isn’t enough to pique your interest, consider this: he wears size 10 shoes and has a chest circumference of 114 cm. Simply put, Johnny Sins is a real looker with distinct appeal.

Johnny Sins Wife


Las Vegas resident Steve Wolfe works in adult entertainment under the pseudonym Johnny Sins; however, many are curious about who his spouse might be. Currently, he’s single; probably you’re interested to know who was the previous Mrs. Sins. Would you believe us if we told you it was actress Kissa Sins? Although their divorce was finalized in 2019 (off the record) we can confirm that their relationship remains amicable, and they continue to be friends despite the separation.

Kissa is originally from Pasadena, California, and owns her image as an individual performer at age thirty-four. In addition, Mr. Sins prefers to work only with the contents of his own production company and strictly adheres to not collaborating with major film studios.
Nevertheless, Johnny is open to expanding outside his company and collaborating with other productions.

Johnny Sins Pictures




Johnny Sins on Social Media

Johnny Sins’ remarkable status as an adult entertainment icon is reflected in the huge fan base he has amassed through various social media. By interacting with his fans and regularly posting about both his professional successes and personal highlights, he has created an impressive online presence.

Johnny Sins on Twitter


Johnny Sins has an impressive following of more than 760,000 followers on Twitter – quite an achievement! He is known for being highly regarded in the digital world and for maintaining close contact with his followers through social media interaction.

With insightful, self-selected memoir photos and unique videos shared on various platforms, he offers his audience insights into his daily life and fosters a deeper connection than just occasional likes or retweets.

View Johnny Sins Twitter page:

Johnny Sins Twitter

Johnny Sins on OnlyFans


OnlyFans provides Johnny Sins with the perfect platform to interact closely with his loyal fans, who value direct contact with him. By sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes content, candid video footage, and personalized interactions that fans will not find anywhere else, he creates an unparalleled intimacy between himself and lovers, creating a sense of belonging that is unique to this subscription-based service.

The resulting vibrant community confirms that he is established as one of the world’s leading adult entertainment moguls.

View Johnny Sins OnlyFans page:

Johnny Sins Onlyfans

Johnny Sins on YouTube


In early 2017, Johnny Sins and Kissa created @SinsTV as their YouTube project, allowing others to glimpse their daily lives and get advice on adult matters. Unsurprisingly, the channel has gained immense popularity – it now has more than nine million subscribers! An exciting snapshot from this duo’s trip to Kerala, India, shows him posing on a moving bus with several other notable adult performers in 2018!

View Johnny Sins YouTube page:

Johnny Sins YouTube

Johnny Sins on TikTok


Johnny Sins’ entry into TikTok proves successful as he demonstrates his versatility on this popular social media platform grandly and charmingly. He immediately captures our attention with snippets from daily life laced with humor and inspiration while constantly engaging.

His charisma reaches incredible heights and leaves lasting impressions on viewers, gaining a large fan base that appreciates his particular entertainment brand. With each video, he increases his reach and makes himself known to different populations, which gives him more influence behind the scenes of the entertainment industry.

View Johnny Sins TikTok page:

Johnny Sins TikTok

Johnny Sins FAQS

1. How many porn movies/tv shows has Johnny Sins been in?

Having asserted his place as a renowned performer in adult entertainment, it has been reported that Johny Sins has participated in more than five hundred X-rated film projects to date.

2. What is the actual name of Johnny Sins?

According to the sources, his real name is Steven Wolfe.

3. What job did Johnny Sins have before entering the adult entertainment industry?

In his early professional years, Johnny Sins worked dedicatedly in construction before finding his passion and success in the adult entertainment industry.

4. Is Johnny Sins married?

He was previously married to movie star Kissa Sins; they had a steady partnership during their time together.

5. Have Johnny Sins and Elle Brooke worked together on any projects?

It was noted that Johnny Sins and Elle Brooke had the opportunity to work together in some adult film productions.

Sins is a fixture known for his appealing looks in the entertainment world. He enjoys the great respect of numerous followers who admire his impressive physique. The captivating combination of Sins’ muscular physique and his distinct facial features inevitably captivates the audience, leaving an impression on them that is reflected in their influence and makes them highly desirable. This magnetic aura surrounding him continues today, making him climb higher and higher on the ladder of fame – an epitome of beauty and desirability.


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