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Luccas Neto Wiki – Biography, Career, Family, Books, Studio and Net Worth

Meet Luccas Neto – born February 8, 1992 – a digital sensation who inspires young hearts with imaginative journeys filled with laughter. His videos feature vibrant images with exciting stories that capture the imagination of children around the world. Luccas’ talent knows no bounds as he effortlessly slips into unique characters while on a quest or showing off his creative dance moves – infusing each performance with unstoppable enthusiasm.

But he’s not just an entertainer for young people; he’s also a mentor, encouraging kids to pursue their dreams wholeheartedly while cultivating kindness within themselves. Through motivational stories, he imparts life lessons to his followers that are deeply ingrained in them, empowering them to face challenges with resilience and positivity.

This article delves into the world of Luccas Neto and explores how he became an iconic YouTube sensation, the impact he has on young audiences in different regions, and the core values that define the Luccas Neto experience.

About Luccas Neto

Luccas Neto is quickly becoming a prominent figure among young viewers as Brazil’s top youth influencer, with more than 30 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Despite initial obstacles — he was convicted of verbal abuse against minors before launching his own channel, for example — he has persevered and made his mark in the world of online content creation.

Originally, Luccas wanted to be an “honest critic” in his videos and soon attracted attention for criticizing influencer Viih Tube and her followers. However, he has since moved on to sharing personal aspects of his life with his older brother Felipe Neto in their joint project “Neto Brothers. “This new approach has clearly paid off, as their channel set a new world record with one million subscribers.

In addition to his experiments with culinary content, Luccas Neto also tried his hand at creating videos for children before finding success with them. Some may remember him as the young man who dove into a bathtub filled with Nutella in 2017. But it was through producing kid-friendly shows that he really established himself as an influencer and gained tremendous popularity – by 2019, his channel had over nine billion views! His creative approach ensures that all family members of all ages are entertained while learning important lessons.

The successful YouTuber is proud to have founded his own successful and fast-growing company. His company has employed a total of 60 permanent employees and has also created numerous indirect employment opportunities. With impressive projects in various sectors, the company is making a name for itself in different areas such as :

  • Movies: Producing films for television, Net Now, Netflix, and cinemas.
  • YouTube: His primary channel targeting children aged 2 and above.
  • Technology: The division responsible for game and app development.
  • Music: Creating Luccas’s songs available on digital platforms.
  • Editorial: Book releases.
  • Licensing of products from the official store.
  • Shows.
  • Animation: A forthcoming project in the planning stages. Luccas aims to produce completely Brazilian animations.

One of the most notable successes was achieved with the launch of Luccas’ debut book, which set a historic pre-sales record with 54,000 copies sold, surpassing J.K. Rowling’s sales record for the launch of the Harry Potter series.

In addition, “Luccas Neto 2018 attracted more than 200,000 viewers across the country during the “Netoland” tour, while his special film “Perdidos na Noite de Natal” registered more than 200,000 rentals in one month on the Net NOW platform.

The year 2019 marked an impressive success for Luccas Neto’s toys, which surpassed the sales of Barbie dolls – with more than 750,000 copies sold – becoming a highly sought-after toy in Brazil. His books “The Adventures in Netoland with Lucas Neto” and “Playing with Lucas Neto” landed on the top 15 bestseller list in Brazil that same year.

In the QualiBest Institute’s 2019 ranking of digital influencers, he was included in the top selection of Brazilian digital megastars. For younger audiences, he presents shows such as “Luccas Neto and the School of Adventurers,” in which he creatively performs a series of dance moves and cutting-edge special effects.

With “Luccas Life” in 2020, he dedicated himself to creating content for an older audience “His videos caught the attention of a Portuguese newspaper, which highlighted how children in Portugal have adopted Brazilian Portuguese through them. As a result, he announced plans to start dubbing them with Portuguese accents.

Lucca’s Ton Studios is owned by him and focuses on producing licensed products and content such as movies for various platforms such as YouTube, targeting the children’s market.

In addition, in 2018 “Luccas Neto Studios” was founded by him as a youth entertainment company that develops unique brands and audiovisual products for different platforms such as licensing, film production, shows and more.

Luccas Neto – Personal life

Luccas Neto Ferreira is a famous Brazilian YouTuber, who was born on February 8, 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. His parents are Alexandre Rodrigues Viana and Rosa Esmeralda Pimenta Neto. His mother is of Portuguese descent, so he has dual citizenship -both Brazilian and Portuguese netizenship.

With deep ties to his family, Luacas became interested in creating content centered around entertainment at a young age. Together with his older brother Felipe, also an Internet sensation, the duo created online videos that influenced important decisions for building their careers as artists.
A lover of entertainment, Luacas’ Netostudio was created by his family for production, content licensing, partnerships and collaborations.

Luccas Neto – Relationship, Children

After his long-term relationship with YouTuber Thayane Lima, Luccas soon found love with actress Jessica Diehl. In a special announcement for Father’s Day this year. Luccas shared the exciting news that their family would be expanding! However. They made sure to keep the details under wraps since Jessica had suffered a miscarriage.

Last October, their child “Luke” was finally welcomed by both parents as he became the newest addition to their beautiful, growing family. And what about now? They are already parents to an adorable two-year-old named Luke and a happy married couple. No doubt these precious moments they captured will continue to melt everyone’s hearts!

Luccas Neto – Net Worth

American YouTuber Luccas Neto is known for captivating a young audience while exploring various profitable opportunities through licensing agreements. Given our careful analysis in this matter, we would like to highlight that Mr. Neto has amassed a considerable fortune, which according to various sources amounts to around $3 million.

Needless to say, Mr. Neto’s YouTube channel ‘Luccas Neto-Lucas Toon’ continues to be a significant contributor to his financial status. It is also fascinating to note that in 2019, his action figure even eclipsed some established brands like Barbie and LOL dolls, with over 416,000 copies sold, generating staggering revenues totaling 59 million reais!

Luccas holds a prominent position in the entertainment industry. With an impressive YouTube following that exceeds 30 million subscribers.

His brand value has been further enhanced by this loyal fan base. According to the Youtubers website, his estimated net worth was $1.49 million from views alone in the last 90 days. Warner Bros. has also recognized his talent and given him a contract for its film projects.

Also. He runs an online store called Luccas Toon, which offers a wide range of authorized items. His action figure alone has sold more than a million units. The total sales of his products exceed ten million dollars. In addition. Luccas has also gained popularity as an author and speaker. At the 2019 Rio de Janeiro Book Fair, Luccas’ book was the best-selling item among all the other products sold there; it had sold 25,000 copies during the event period alone!

Luccas Neto Studios, the company he founded in 2016, includes all his entrepreneurial activities.

Before that, he managed other well-known YouTubers such as his brother Felipe Neto, Whindersson Nunes, Dani Russo and Rezendeevil. The revenues of his YouTube channel vary between $882,000 and $14 million per year, depending on the performance.

On a monthly basis, Luccas’ revenues range from 380,000 to 6 million reais. In addition, he emphasizes his status as an entrepreneur and influencer, offering sponsored posts on Instagram and having a contract with Netflix, which significantly increases these numbers. Putting everything together, it is safe to say that the YouTuber earns over 10 million every month.

Luccas Neto Most Watched Videos

Luccas Neto, a popular YouTuber, places great importance on producing high-quality content rather than maximizing the number of views and likes. His cleverness has earned him increasing fame and recognition, as he has over 39.2 million subscribers and more than 22 billion visits to his YouTube channel.

Luccas’ creativity and originality have built a strong bond with his main audience, while expanding to other channels such as Luccas Life, Lucas Toon-Libras and Luccas Studios. Although these platforms have fewer subscribers and views, they show Lucca’s versatility.

In addition, his eccentricity earned him a spot on the Brazilian television show Parafernalha, after attracting the attention of viewers.

Here are some of the most watched videos on YouTube:

1. “Luccas trocando presentes surpresa com amigos”, 2018, 124.053.411 views

Luccas Neto puts a smile on your face with his latest viral hit “LUCCAS TROCANDO PRESENTES SURPRESA COM AMIGOS”, which has over 124 million views to date. In this heartwarming video. We see Luccas exchanging surprise gifts with his closest friends – and the anticipation builds as they unwrap them together to reveal what’s inside each gift!

As always Lucca’s infectious personality keeps everyone on their toes – both on screen and off! Full of funny moments and touching reactions from friends who show their love for each other in different ways, this gift exchange is made even more memorable thanks to Lucca’s creative touch! From start to finish, this video is a fun experience with lots of happy moments that will fill us too!

2. “Pulando dentro de formas impossíveis e diferentes na piscina!!”, 2017, 121.546.164 views

Join Luccas Neto on an unforgettable adventure in this heartbreaking video from 2017! He tries to overcome gravity in impossible shapes amidst the serene surroundings of a swimming pool. From amazing cubes to giant donuts’.

You’ll be thrilled to watch him perform amazing jumps and dives, demonstrating his athletic prowess at the highest level! The infectious energy that emanates from Luccas cannot be ignored, creating a viewing experience that will leave you inspired and moved. This video contains a series of feats, funny moments and genuine emotional reactions from the audience that are sure to delight and entertain.

3. “Luccas Neto – Meu Melhor Amigo”, 2017, 117.034.906 views

The song “Meu Melhor Amigo” by Luccas Neto is a tribute to his lifelong friend Felipe Neto. It celebrates the joy of having a confidant who goes with you through thick and thin, providing comfort and happiness. An ode to childhood memories of playing with spinners, Nutella spreads, Beyblades or amoebas, Nerfs battles and chocolate pizza with lemonade, it shows the deep emotional bond between the two friends that outlasts any distance or challenge that life brings in different parts of the world like Disney or Rome.

True friendship means more than fleeting gestures based on trust, loyalty and love, creating unique bonds that bring people together regardless of their differences – the message ultimately conveys a system of mutual support between two parties whose intense bond brings them through thick and thin, bringing sunshine where there was none.

4. “O amigo que não gostava de tomar banho (dei um banho nele)”, 2018, 103.089.136 views

Luccas Neto makes us laugh with this funny video in which he portrays himself as a lovable character who wants to help his friend overcome his aversion to bathing. Lucca Neto’s charisma captivates us from the very beginning, when he discovers this strange peculiarity of his friend and starts a series of amusing attempts to persuade him: he invents outlandish bathing scenarios and funny pranks.

Despite his friends’ dislike, Lucca Neto remains persistent in a playful way that makes him even more sympathetic to the audience. We are entertained by the many trials and tribulations he encounters as he tries to convince his friend of the benefits of cleanliness. It is Lucca Neto’s humor and timing that captivate us.

Luccas Neto on Social Media

As an experienced online creative, Luccas Neto knows the importance of building relationships with his audience through social media platforms. By highlighting the high-quality content on his own channel, he has gained a staggering following of nearly 70 million loyal fans!

Luccas Neto on YouTube, 39.2 M subscribers

It’s almost impossible to talk about popular YouTube channels without mentioning Luccas Neto. The Brazilian-born YouTuber founded his presence in July 2014 and within a month uploaded the very first video that started it all. Today – with an overwhelming success – he has over thirty-nine million subscribers who regularly watch each of his videos. By early 2017, Luccas had reached more than fifty million views on his channel alone, before finally surpassing the incredible mark of thirteen billion views in total.

Those viewership numbers aren’t limited to YouTube, either: He has five million followers on Instagram and over four million on TikTok. Even after some controversy within the community with other YouTubers such as Viih Tube or Mix Reynold, Luccas continues on his successful path, constantly creating original content aimed exclusively at children and young viewers.

View Luccas Neto YouTube page:

Luccas Neto YouTube

Luccas Neto on Instagram, 5.6 M followers

Luccas Neto has an impressive following on Instagram, with over 5 million people following his content. He has achieved this through his company Luccas Neto Studios, which he founded in 2016. Before that, he advised other YouTube creators such as his brother Whindersson Nunes, Dani Russo and Resende (Rezendeevil).

For Luccas, Instagram is an important platform to connect with families and gather valuable feedback and insights. Through this channel, he learns a lot while providing education and entertainment that is uniquely whimsical, magical and imaginative for Brazilian children. Entertainment has immense power to effect change.

View Luccas Neto Instagram page:

Luccas Neto Instagram

Luccas Neto on Facebook, 571 K followers

View Luccas Neto Facebook page:

Luccas Neto Facebook

Luccas Neto on TikTok, 10.8 M followers

View Luccas Neto TikTok page:

Luccas Neto TikTok

Luccas Neto FAQ

Q: Who is Luccas Neto?
A:  This talented Brazilian is a YouTuber, actor and entertainer for children. He has made a name for himself with his entertaining YouTube channel, which is very popular with families.

Q: Is “Luccas Neto Filme Perdidos na Noite de Natal” available in Portuguese?
A:  This movie with Luccas Neto can definitely be watched in Portuguese. It’s quite possible that the plot revolves around Christmas, or that it’s a unique offering that’s geared towards the festive season.

Q: What is the difference between Luccas Neto’s present and past content?
A:  The differences between Luccas Neto’s previous and current content could be due to various factors, such as changes in creative style, changing preferences, and target audiences. Anyone interested in learning about these changes firsthand: I recommend taking a closer look at his latest videos and updates.

Q: What happened when Felipe Neto reacted to Luccas Neto’s funk song?
A:  His sibling posted a video or content on his reaction. For more information about Felipe Neto’s reaction and his thoughts on the tune, you should watch the corresponding video or do further research.

Q: What is the storyline of “Luccas Neto: O Ladrão Roubou as Joias da Princesa Encantada”?
A:  In this particular creation by Luccas Neto, we are introduced to a story that follows the successful theft by a thief of the priceless jewels of an enchanted princess. For more insight into this plot, I recommend you take the time to watch or research this special video production.

Q: What is the official YouTube channel of Luccas Neto?
A:  The single and official YouTuber account is simply “Luccas Neto” Here you can find all of his extraordinary videos that captivate children and adults alike. In addition, this channel allows direct interaction between him and enthusiastic fans who have similar interests.

Q: What was the first video on Luccas Neto’s channel?
A:  Sincerely, “Primeiro Vídeo do Canal do Luccas Neto” is the debut video that kicked off his online expedition. It can be an introduction or explanation of the purpose and nature of his channel.

Q: Are there any Halloween-themed videos on his YouTube channel?
A: Yes.  In these videos Neto performs taste tests of sweets and presents different costumes while participating in funny or frightening challenges with other artists.

Luccas Netos’ meteoric rise on YouTube deserves our respect and recognition. His charm, creativity, and dedication to creating amazing content that engages young viewers around the world are simply remarkable. Through his unique approach to storytelling in video, Luccas Neto has managed to create a space where children feel empowered to explore new territories safely and creatively, while always staying true to themselves.

It’s not just about entertainment, but also about exemplary character-building values when it comes to shaping young minds, as seen in Luccas Novak’s videos. Aside from his compelling narratives and performances, Luccas Neto positions himself as an admired figure who spreads words of inspiration about self-confidence, empathy for others, and relentlessly pursuing dreams – turning many children into budding achievers of today! All in all, he remains a remarkable icon in the hearts of millions around the world who seek refuge under his blanket of uplifting entertainment every day!


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