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Kimberly Loaiza Wiki – Biography, Family, Career and Net Worth

A true digital sensation is Kimberly Loaiza, who has won over millions of people with her charisma and talent with fresh and interactive online content. Thank you to personalities like Kimberly Loaiza that create more excitement in today’s world than ever before, she is a beloved figure for many fans on the TikTok and YouTube platforms.

She started with meaningful videos expressing parts of herself, and over time positioned herself in close proximity to the interests of many fans, resulting in exponential growth in just an extremely short amount of time! As a result, Lloiza’s channel diversified into different genres, such as music, and produced exciting covers, while building bridges to collaborate with other like-minded artists.

Kimberly Loaiza has taken advantage of the rising popularity of TikTok to create short videos that reflect both her creative skills and talent. These bite-sized yet engaging clips, coupled with her appealing personality and exceptional sense of current trends, have made Kimberly Loaiza a groundbreaking social media phenomenon.

Moreover, she hasn’t only conquered online platforms such as TikTok through her distinct content creation skills, but has also proven her abilities as an accomplished singer with several hit singles and music videos, demonstrating her versatility and emotional range in her performances, thrilling audiences with captivating vocal performances. This post serves to delve into the remarkable journey of Kimberly Loaiza, highlighting how she rose to fame and exploring how influential she has been on social media, while shedding light on collaborations/successes that are on her impressive resume along with an impeccable fan base that relentlessly supports it all.

About Kimberly Loaiza


Kimberly Loaiza is a talented Mexican social media icon who has captured hearts worldwide! Her remarkable charisma comes from a smart combination of courage, humor, talent and creativity that she spreads through various platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Kimberly’s journey began in 2016 when she introduced herself to the public with a YouTube channel where she mainly recorded exciting snippets of her everyday life with catchy music rhythms while overcoming various challenges.

The response was overwhelming as viewers around the world were able to watch each episode, resulting in over a billion views on her YouTube channels today! Kimberly’s latest achievement in the music scene solidifies her position as an up-and-coming exceptional talent!

From humble beginnings comes an artist whose music feels like magic – introducing Kimberly! With just one track – “Déjame Ir” – she caught everyone’s attention and received widespread recognition both for its quality and for its digital success, which massively increased her following. In no time, Kimberly’s debut album “24/7” was released, showcasing her brilliance on a whole new level.

It reached top positions in the charts in Mexico and delighted music lovers in other Spanish-speaking regions. The first single of 2019. “Enamorarme,” continued to build on this impressive start. This year, Kimberly brought something new to the table with her song “Do not Be Jealous” enthusiasts around the world could not resist the infectious melody and the song reached several top spots on trending charts – currently topping 5 billion views on YouTube! A true testament to her distinctive composition and sincere voice, which earned her fame and the love of thousands around the globe.


In 2019, Kimberly began a musical journey by releasing her first single titled “Enamorarme” Since then, she has delivered several hits, including “No Seas Celoso,” “Bye Bye,” “Apaga La Luz” and “At this point we are no longer together.”

What’s even more amazing is that one of those singles that reached huge viewership numbers within just a week of its release was none other than Kimberly’s second single Amandote. In 2020, Kimberly presented Viaje, her third album, in which she collaborated with other musicians such as Christian Nodal, Zion & Lennox and Manuel Turizo. in 2021, Kimberly finally released another album – “Celosía” – removing all doubts that she was being taken seriously in the Mexican music scene.

Kimberly Loaiza had an eventful 2022, releasing several successful singles that captured the hearts of many fans. She teamed up with talented musicians such as JD Pantoja, Ovi Group Firme, Pailita and Elvis De Yongol to create tracks that were as delightful as they were impressive: “Incondicional”, “Pa Eso Se Hizo”, “”Después De Las 12 Remix” and her most recent hit – ‘Devoto’ – which garnered a staggering 50 million views in less than a month.

However, the year was not free of scandals, as Kimberly Loaiza was hit by a major controversy in late 2021. Her husband, Juan De Dios Pantoja, posted on social media an intimate video of himself with another woman who was not his wife. The scandal came to a head when Lizbeth Rodriguez claimed to have evidence that would reveal Juan De Dios Pantoja’s infidelity with Kevin Achutegui – a well-known photographer for both YouTubers and a close friend of Kimberly Loaiza. However, after apologising countless times to Kimberly Loaiza and defending himself publicly in videos, she forgave him and decided to continue their relationship.

Kimberly Loaiza – Personal life


Social media sensation Kimbery Guadalupe Loaiza Martinez was born on December 12, 1997, to loving parents in Mexicali, Baja California – but aside from these details about her early childhood, little is known. Kimbery has a younger brother, Carlos, and a sister, Estefanía, who form a close family unit with their prominent sibling.

Kimberly’s looks are often the centre of attention. Her dark brown eyes are truly captivating: occasionally sparkling, but always full of warmth and charisma. Her beautiful brown hair falls in natural waves over her shoulders, framing the perfect physique she effortlessly maintains — 32A-25-35 bust–waist–hips – to shine in the bright stage lights.

Kimberly Loaiza comes from a background where her family first lived in Mexicali before moving to Mazatlan in Sinalona at a young age, where she initially lived for eight years and later returned for another decade after her time in secondary school.In addition to social media influence, Kimberly is interested in achieving more with formal education. She did not attend college as she used to prioritize other pursuits. However, the importance of higher learning should be emphasized, especially since Kimberly shared that studying plastic surgery might be a desirable goal.

Kimberly Loaiza – Relationships, Husband, Children


Throughout her career so far, Kimberly Loaiza has been in an open relationship with several people, but none has been more notable than YouTuber Juan de Dios Pantoja (aka “El Rincón de Giorgio”). A friendship based on a joint project turned into something much deeper when the two finally decided to start dating exclusively in 2016. After some ups and downs in their relationship, they briefly separated before rekindling their love and tying the knot in August 2020.

While eagerly awaiting the arrival of two little blessings from above, they welcomed their first child (Kima) into the world in July 2019 and another baby boy (Juanito) last February. Although any relationship can be difficult at times, Kimberly and Juan seem to remain faithful to each other – but after the final end of her relationship with Juan de Dios Pantoja, she entered into a new public relationship with singer and Youtuber “Maluma” Juan Luis Londoño Arias. They confirmed their relationship forever in February 2019, but unfortunately ended it for good just before Christmas of the same year.

Kimberly Loaiza – Net Worth

Kimberly Loaiza is an established online personality with a substantial net worth estimated at $10-12 million. In addition to income from advertising and sponsorships, she earns up to $68,000 per sponsored post on Instagram or Tiktok thanks to millions of avid followers primarily on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Her signature vlogs and tutorial videos have drawn great admiration from her fans.

Her popularity has not only earned her many feathers, but also a flourishing career full of riches, making her one of the most prominent social media influencers. Kimberly ventured into entrepreneurship by launching women’s clothing lines and merchandise, hinting at further entrepreneurial flair from the popular Mexicali artist.

She gave her husband a Lamborghini and rented a private jet for a party to show off her wealth. Her income does not just come from YouTube or TikTok videos. Together with her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja, they have taken tours of Mexico, written a book, founded a phone company, manage various influencers through their agency, and have multiple sources of income.

In addition to her social media activities, Kimberly has also entered the business world, promoting products for women. All of these efforts have contributed to her substantial net worth. It is not clear how much money Kimberly Loaiza earns, but her luxurious lifestyle speaks for itself.

Kimberly Loaiza Most Watched Videos

The global rise of YouTubers has produced some rising stars, but none like Kimberly Loaiza from Mexico, who continues to break stereotypes and defy limitations by being a singer, content creator, and devoted wife/mother in a combination that flawlessly handles all roles.

With every video she has shared on social media platforms over the years, she has proven herself to be someone who is there for good! She has gained a huge popularity among her fans. Kimberly has become one of the most influential women in the world only because of her tireless efforts and dedication.

Here are some of the most watched videos on YouTube:

1. “Roast yourself challenge / Kimberly Loaiza Ft. JD Pantoja”, 2017, 161.776.518 views

With over 160 million views of Kimberly Loaiza’s wonderful collaboration with Juan de Dios Pantoja’s hit single “Más,” she has broken records on her YouTube channel. This achievement is no small feat, as this number surpasses all of her previous videos on the platform. It also earned her an impressive $160,000, or more than 3.2 million Mexican pesos! By completing each other’s sentences in the song lyrics and declaring that they will continue to create captivating content and conquer new horizons, they prove their tireless spirit that makes them rise to ever greater heights.

2. “24 horas siendo papás reales”, 2020, 108.106.525 views

In this particular clip, it’s obvious that the daughter of Kimberly Loaiza is the star of the show, with some contribution from her partner Juan de Dios Pantoja, who seems to be by her side by name. The immediate success was expected from the moment it was uploaded, since the show was very popular with viewers from all walks of life, and in two years it had more than 106 million views, worth almost $106,000 or around 2.1 million Mexican pesos.

3. “Más – Kimberly Loaiza”, 2018, 87.398.405 views

Among Kimberly Loaiza’s most successful YouTube videos is undoubtedly “Más,” in which she once again demonstrates her remarkable vocal skills. The numbers don’t lie – this upload has reached an astounding number of views, exceeding a whopping 87 million to date, while still being among the top three most viewed videos after almost five years. Remarkably, this revered performance could bring in at least $87,000 or about 1.8 million Mexican pesos, revenue estimates show.

4. “Pasamos 24 horas en la piscina”, 2020, 85.933.120 views

It’s been more than two years since the well-known influencer shared one of her videos on YouTube, but it’s still among the top 5 most viewed recordings on the platform with an astonishing number of over 85 million views! In terms of earnings, this particular content has earned its creator no less than $85,000, which nowadays is equivalent to about 1.7 million Mexican pesos.

Kimberly Loaiza on Social Media

Kimberly Loaiza – a name synonymous with social media stardom hasn’t stopped rising since it began. Thanks to her presence on numerous platforms such as Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube, her popularity is such that it’s hard not to take note of her Remarkably, it all started at the tender age of fourteen, when Kimberly set up her first “Twitter” account, where she discovered that that’s exactly where she belonged!!!!

Her decision to vlog via Youtube has only increased her notoriety! The fact that she underwent a nose job in Colombia proves that for Loaiza it’s all about staying true to herself, because beauty comes from within.

With her unmatched fame crossing global boundaries (over 75 million followers on TikTok alone) and with 41 million YouTube subscribers, it’s no wonder why Kimberly Loaiza is now considered one of the most influential personalities across all age groups, but especially among young people who look up to her as an inspiration and role model.

Kimberly Loaiza on YouTube, 41 M subscribers

In November 2016, Kimberly Loaiza ventured into the world of YouTube and set up an account that has since grown by leaps and bounds, boasting some forty-one million subscribers and some five billion views of seductive content. One video that particularly stands out is “ROAST YOURSELF CHALLENGE / Kimberly Loaiza Ft. JD PANTOJA”, which has generated over one hundred and sixty-one million views since its release on October tenth, 2017, and remarkably has received three million likes. Kimberly Loaiza loves to share entertaining content featuring her daily lifestyle vlogs, fun challenges, pranks, and music videos that capture the attention of a large audience.

View Kimberly Loaiza YouTube page:

Kimberly Loaiza YouTube

Kimberly Loaiza on Instagram, 37.6 M followers

It’s worth noting that Kimberly Loaiza has reached an impressive following of 37 million people on Instagram. She shares snapshots from her life, including sweet moments with her daughter Kima and professional modeling photos, and actively engages with her loyal fan base. Her influence on the platform was recognized with the prestigious Tú Award for the Coolest Influencer 2019.

View Kimberly Loaiza Instagram page:

Kimberly Loaiza Instagram

Kimberly Loaiza on Twitter, 8.7 M followers

The story of Kimberly Loaiza’s rise in the social media world begins with her presence on Twitter in April 2011, long before she started on YouTube. Her success is evident in the fact that she has achieved an enormous following of over seven million followers on Twitter. This is exemplary considering how engaged and active she remains, regularly sharing multiple updates per day.

View Kimberly Loaiza Twitter page:

Kimberly Loaiza Twitter

Kimberly Loaiza on Facebook, 17 M followers

Kimberly Loaiza has a large following of 16 million on Facebook. Her presence on this platform is remarkable, since she keeps sharing videos, announcing upcoming concerts and pointing out her modeling efforts.

View Kimberly Loaiza Facebook page:

Kimberly Loaiza Facebook

Kimberly Loaiza on TikTok, 75.3 M followers

The extent of Kimberly Loaiza’s success on TikTok cannot be overstated. Her 58.2 million fans and over three billion likes are a testament to her overwhelming influence as one of the platform’s top ten most followed personalities – only six million less than celebrity influencer Will Smith himself! With her compelling content and charisma, Loaiza has secured a firm place among Tiktokers worldwide.

View Kimberly Loaiza TikTok page:

Kimberly Loaiza TikTok

Kimberly Loaiza FAQ

Q: Who is Kimberly Loaiza?
A: Kimberly Loaiza is a notable Mexican social media influencer, singer, and YouTuber who has earned admiration for both her entertaining online presence and her impressive musical performances.

Q: Does Kimberly Loaiza have a music channel?
A: For the lovers of Kimberly’s artistic expressions, she presents an exclusive music channel on YouTube, where you can see all her breathtaking songs and videos, created independently from all the other content published on her main platform.

Q: Does Kimberly Loaiza have any songs?
A: Yes. In fact, the talented artist is known for her numerous tracks, including hits like “No seas celoso” and “Enamorarme” You can also discover the rest of her repertoire on several music streaming platforms.

Q: What kind of challenges does Kimberly Loaiza do?
A: Kimberly Loaiza, a well-known YouTube celebrity, she bravely takes on different challenges on her channel to entertain and inspire her audience. Some of the challenges she has tried her hand at include food, makeup, and social media challenges. She loves experimenting with different activities to keep her audience entertained.

Q: What was Kimberly Loaiza’s first video?
A: Kimberly first  video is an introduction or early vlog to familiarise themselves with the audience. Although the subject remains uncertain, as creators tend to start with different forms of content, it is likely that she first used these genres before finding her own style.

Q: Does Kimberly Loaiza have a passion for singing?
A: Without question! Not only is she a successful YouTuber, but she is also a highly talented singer who has left a lasting impression on fans around the world. Throughout her illustrious career. She has proven her exceptional skills through numerous releases that have been highly praised by fans around the world.

Q: Is there any criticism directed towards Kimberly Loaiza?
A:Like many other celebrities, Kimberly Loaiza has taken criticism. Certain individuals or online groups have occasionally made negative comments about her. The issues for which she is criticised may involve her content, her personal choices, or her public appearance.

Q: Is there a tour of Kimberly Loaiza’s apartment?
A: She has provided an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her home in the form of a video tour! The captivating footage takes viewers through each room of the home, highlighting interesting elements like color schemes and storage options. Do not miss this opportunity to connect with one of your favorite creators on an even deeper level by exploring Kimberly’s personal living space!

Q: Why did Juan Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza break up?
A: The well-known Jukilop couple, Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza, have decided to disband their very successful duo. Despite their decision to pursue separate artistic careers, it is important to mention that their romantic relationship remains intact.

Q: What is the “Kimberly Loaiza Roast Yourself Challenge”?
A: Enthusiasts create playful music videos that humorously poke fun at their own quirks and shortcomings. Well-known influencer Kimberly Loaiza has also embraced this trend – you can watch her own “Roast Yourself” song online!

In the world of YouTube and TikTok stars, Kimberly Loaiza stands out for good reasons. With her authenticity, talent, and magnetic charm captivating millions of people around the world, she has gone from an ordinary content creator to an influential figure in a very short time. Budding creatives can learn important skills like passion, hard work, and determination by following in Kimberly’s footsteps.

Despite this transformation, she still delivers captivating vlogs and entertains her fans with game-changing challenges, topped off with engaging musical performances – all of which have helped her carve a unique niche for herself in the digital landscape. Her ability to connect with her audience on a personal level creates a sense of community among her loyal followers, who can’t wait to see a new upload or TikTok video.

Kimberly Loaiza’s influence goes far beyond what she has achieved on screen because she uses it positively. She not only spreads positivity, but also ensures that others are inspired and creates space to address critical social issues that affect everyone today. She has proven time and time again that philanthropy is something she cares about through charitable initiatives that aim to improve our daily lives and create better outcomes around the world.

Kimberly’s journey continues uphill, and we can count on her boundless creativity and tireless energy to help drive change in digital content creation that leaves an unforgettable impression.


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