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Felipe Neto Wiki – Career, Age, Awards, Girlfriend, Net Worth

As one of Brazil’s best-known authors, Felipe Neto has made a name for himself by approaching subjects from original angles that resonate with worldwide audiences. With an impressive career spanning over ten years on YouTube alone, Felipe’s work reflects a level of creativity and dedication that few can match. In that time, he has consistently pushed boundaries and made people laugh while addressing some difficult issues.

The remarkable Felipe Neto stands out among other YouTubers for his special ability to connect deeply with his audience. His uniquely authentic content has earned him an exceptionally loyal fan base that turns to him for entertainment and enlightenment. Without pretending, by truly being himself while enjoying conversations and cracking hilarious jokes, Felipe Neto has quickly gone from being a popular online sensation to one of the biggest cultural icons in Brazil today.

A successful entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, and avid social activist, Felipe goes beyond exclusive YouTube content by living his life purposefully and setting a good example for those around him every day. In this article, we explore what makes Felipe Neto tick by analyzing everything that makes him stand out from the crowd. Join us on this amazing adventure into the world of Felipe Neto as we explore the many facets of his fascinating material and how he influences Brazilian media culture through his many online and offline activities.

About Felipe Neto


At only 35 years old, Felipe Neto has become an admired figure in Brazil thanks to his popularity as an actor, vlogger, author, manager, and YouTuber. He has focused on creating entertainment content on his Brazil YouTube channel, stimulating discussions about celebrities, comedians, actors, and movies, gaining millions of viewers. He also used his popularity by representing famous brands and participating in advertising campaigns.

His successes include directing a Brazilian TV show, “Ha senso?” His entrepreneurial skills came to the fore when he founded Paramaker – the first Brazilian YouTuber network company today, including channels like IGN Brazil and Parafernalha, where he continues to innovate.


Felipe Neto was lucky enough to collaborate with members of the K-pop group Stellar in 2017 for one of his videos. In his show, everyone witnessed how much fun the South Korean artists had while being featured on the show. In a post from that episode, Felipe commented on MC Biel’s attitude when allegations of sexual harassment arose.

Unfortunately, things turned ugly when MC Biel started threatening Felix just for speaking out against him and fearlessly sharing facts and evidence-based information about these allegations. To make things worse for Felix Neto, in 2019, after actively participating in the Rio Book Biennial, he received alarming death threats that forced him to take his mother out of the country due to security concerns.

The following year brought more blunt accusations against Felix. They falsely accused him of pedophilia, using some of their fake news tactics. Things came to a head when he candidly criticized President Jair Bolsonaro’s handling of the Covid 19 pandemic, which put him directly in the line of fire of his critics, fortunately for Felix Neto. He received great support from several organizations and well-known personalities who stood by him in this difficult moment.

We learned in March 2021 that Carlos Bolsonaro had filed charges against YouTuber Felipe for allegedly calling Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, a genocide. However, it is worth noting that Felipe has made significant progress in his career and has received several awards for his work over time.

For example, in 2010, he was named MTV Video Music Brazil Web Star, and in the same year, he received the Vem, Gente, and Vlogger of the Year awards at various YouPIX awards ceremonies. He also won the Brazilian Young Award for Best Internet Discovery of the Year in 2010, and when YouPIX first took place in 2012, he received ‘Artist of the Year status.

After that, he became more and more popular among fans worldwide, and in 2017 he received the title of “Favorite Male Youtuber” at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards (Brazil) – an event that was attended by many people, which shows how exemplary he is. Last but not least, he was nominated at the Tudo De Bon! Awards ultimately led to him landing on Time Magazine’s list of the most influential people in the world in 2020.

Felipe Neto – Personal life


Felipe Neto’s career exemplifies how perseverance, dedication, and the support of loved ones can help people overcome adversity and achieve their dreams. Born on January 21, 1988, in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. He is proud to have dual citizenship, being of Portuguese descent through his mother, Rosa Esmeralda Pimenta Neto.

Despite the difficulties he faced due to a lack of financial resources growing up in the Engenho Novo neighborhood, Felipe did not allow his limitations to prevent him from pursuing his passion in the entertainment industry as an actor.

Since he was thirteen, he juggled work and theater classes, which led him to build a pager business with street vendors with little success. Nevertheless, Felipe continued to pursue his passion by performing in different shows and trying his hand at different ventures, such as participating in a three-week course on entrepreneurship at Harvard College.

It’s impressive how Felipe continues to thrive despite setbacks, like when he had to produce “My Life Makes No Sense” after finishing college.

Felipe Neto – Relationships


Although Felipe Neto has achieved great success on the Internet, he keeps his private life much more private. Fans are always curious to know whether he’s dating someone in real life. After receiving several requests from fans on this topic lately, Felipe finally talked about the fact that he has a girlfriend named Bruna Gomes and shared some details in a YouTube video.

There has been no information about their prior romantic relationships for the past three years. Still, they are frequently seen together on social media platforms, posting gorgeous images of their lovely connection, with Bruna Gomes being a well-known figure.

Interestingly, they first met on Snapchat, where they started messaging each other until they decided to make significant efforts despite factors such as age differences or long distances, eventually forming a seemingly eternal connection.

Felipe Neto – Net Worth

Felipe Neto has become world famous as one of Brazil’s most successful YouTubers, with millions of followers on his channel. He has made his fortune through smart income strategies such as advertising revenue. Sponsorships, product sales, and also investments. Today he is an inspiration not only for young Brazilians but also for people worldwide.

The luxurious lifestyle that comes with it means that he lives in Rio de Janeiro in his magnificent mansion worth over R$5.5 million and owns extravagant items like a personalized BMW X6 worth around R$300,000. He owns other extraordinary items like the rare Dupont pen glove with wealth significance that he bought for about R10K. And not to forget his crazy gadgets – his Apple Mac Pro worth over R$145,000.

Felipe shares his entrepreneurial skills by participating in various shows and events and sharing funny comedy messages with his fans. Thanks to YouTube’s advertising rules, Felipe can count on a minimum of R$140,000 for a minute of commercial time.

Felipe Neto has become one of the richest people in Brazil through various sources, including promotional activities and lectures/tutorials. His YouTube channels, including “Parafernalha,” are quite successful. Each channel is anticipated to bring in more than $1 million annually.

His total net worth ranges from R$100 to R$200 billion due to holdings in financial portfolios associated with businesses and assets such as real estate. Online content creators, commonly called YouTubers, have huge earning potential. They currently earn between $3.68 million and $59 million per year.

Felipe Neto Most Watched Videos

When Felipe Neto uploaded his first videos to YouTube in 2010, he needed to gain extensive knowledge or skills in video editing. He could never have imagined becoming one of Brazil’s most popular YouTubers! However. His channel, titled “Não Faz Sentido,” quickly won hearts and viewership in Brazil, reaching an incredible milestone of sixty million views in just a few months.

The significant accomplishment made it the first Brazilian and Portuguese-language channels to reach one million subscribers. As this acclaimed YouTuber’s profile soared from then on, he became synonymous with high-flying advertising campaigns with well-known brands. Further, he established himself as a favorite among viewers across the country.

Check out some of these highly viewed videos on his channel:

1. “REBULIÇO – Paródia DESPACITO,” 2017, 77.631.259 views

“Rebuliço,” a track by Felipe Neto, pays tribute to his loyal fan base that has helped make his YouTube channel a successful platform. Having learned from his mistakes and the ensuing controversy, he has refocused on producing interesting content worthy of his global fan base’s attention.

The positive attitude prevails despite occasional critics who fail to undermine him, nevertheless strengthened by countless admirers who appreciate everything he does for them every day, revealing vivid hairstyles or reacting live with humorous comments, reinforcing the recently created “Rebuliço” trend.

Familia Neto’s unity and significance are themes in the chorus, and the post-chorus invites the audience to join in. The second verse highlights how these intimate bonds have led to memorable experiences for Neto and his fans as he interacts with them through live streams or comments under videos. Felipe exhorts everyone who watches his channel to value their time and makes a point of rejecting hateful feedback and staying positive by all means.

2. “ABRINDO R$1100 EM OVOS DE PÁSCOA COM SURPRESA – VALE A PENA?”, 2018, 59.176.407 views

In 2018, a fascinating video titled “Is it worth spending R$1100 on Easter eggs with surprises?” reached 59,176,407 online views. In the clip, Felipe Neto explores the concept of unwrapping Easter eggs to reveal their exciting secrets.

What makes this video special, however, is that he goes above and beyond the usual by unwrapping a large selection of high-end Easter eggs that he acquired with considerable investments worth R$1100 (Brazilian Real). In classic Felipe Neto style, he holds the audience’s attention throughout the presentation with humor and engaging commentary, offering insightful insights and winning laughs.

3. “REAGINDO A VINGANÇA DO LUCCAS! VAI TER VOLTA!”, 2017, 56.018.216 views

The brothers Felipe and Lucca have once again played tricks on each other in front of their large fan base. In this issue, Felipe opened a secret package that Lucca had sent him after learning about something amazing that had happened between them before.

The two competitors have played pranks on each other for years, so Felipe’s immediate reactions to Lucca’s box were ones of surprise and admiration. The siblings have been so much at each other’s beck and call with their pranks and surprises that they always have something unique planned against each other or brewing, as seen today.

4. “PROVANDO COMIDAS E BEBIDAS SUPER AZEDAS!”, 2018, 47.934.741 views

Over 47 million people have watched Felipe Neto’s 2018 video “Proving Extremely Sour Foods and Drinks!” because of his funny commentary on tasting various sour dishes and drinks. Viewers are guaranteed an entertaining experience as Felipe expresses real reactions to acidic snacks such as citrus fruits, vinegar-based products, and even homemade brews meant to be extra sour.

Felipe Neto on Social Media

Felipe Neto is a social media icon whose artistry online knows no bounds. Today, he wields enormous influence, primarily due to his staggering fan base, which amounts to millions on all major platforms, especially on Instagram, where he has an army of avid followers, currently numbering around 17.2 million people who consume and comment on Felipe’s content daily – making him a popular artist you can’t ignore.

He broadcasts across numerous high-quality channels, including Twitter, to keep all enthusiasts up to date with the happenings of accounts like “Felipe Neto.” He’s growing rapidly, thanks in part to what viewers see through Felipe’s craft – transparency in content creation that they trust.

Felipe Neto on YouTube, 45 M subscribers

Felipe Neto is a well-known Brazilian YouTuber with a large fan base of around 45 million subscribers. He became famous for his funny and critical content about celebrities and movies.

Today, his videos are aimed at a broader entertainment audience while remaining true to the humor and criticism that initially endeared him to his fans. To elevate the standards of the Brazilian market, he also established Paramaker, a business network on YouTube that oversees some five thousand channels like Parafernalha and the IGN Brasil Network.

The vast scope of Felipe’s fan base demonstrates that he is among the most prominent figures in Brazil’s social media scene.

View Felipe Neto’s YouTube page:

Felipe Neto YouTube

Felipe Neto on Instagram, 17.2 M followers

Felipe Neto’s consistent transparency about professional and personal aspects on Instagram has garnered him a large community of 17.2 million followers. This gives viewers unique insights into the artist’s life, such as collaborating on digital content creation, and highlights of his daily trips to different places with the people who mean everything to him.

In addition, he promotes sponsored items or services from specific companies on social media with which he agrees and through desired correlation within the community, increasing brand awareness through an organic audience that explicitly respects Felipe’s opinion.”

View Felipe Neto’s Instagram page:

Felipe Neto Instagram

Felipe Neto on Twitter, 16.3 M followers

Through Twitter, which serves as Felipe Neto’s communication tool, he shares interesting opinions on various important topics, including politics and society. Followers are kept up to date on all of his latest ventures, such as forthcoming events or new video offerings, while also being encouraged to learn about important social issues – which inspires activism and charitable donations.

View Felipe Neto’s Twitter page:

Felipe Neto Twitter

Felipe Neto on Facebook, 879 K followers

Felipe Neto is still relatively new to Facebook but already has a million followers, which he has accumulated since creating his account in 2020. His strength is to keep things original and interesting for viewers, as he tests different life hacks in his videos and has a dedicated section called “SAGA MINECRAFT.”

This particular segment focuses on all things Minecraft and lasts about twenty-five minutes. However, it’s impressive that Felipe’s debut episode takes first place in this category because it has reached significant numbers: over nine thousand reactions, almost one thousand comments, and eighty-four thousand views!

View Felipe Neto’s Facebook page:

Felipe Neto Facebook

Felipe Neto on TikTok, 17 M followers

Felipe Neto has over 17 million followers on TikTok by creating engaging and relevant content. Through his video creations, he fosters a community where people come together to watch and enjoy personal aspects of his life, podcasts, reactions to different topics, and fun tests using the filters provided by the platform. Remarkably, his videos have been liked more than 249 million times.

View Felipe Neto’s TikTok page:

Felipe Neto TikTok

Felipe Neto FAQ

Q: Who is Felipe Neto?

A: Felipe is a successful Brazilian entrepreneur, influencer, and YouTuber. His YouTube channel has gained great popularity, where he uses his wit and comedic skills to entertain viewers with captivating videos, vlogs, and insightful commentary on various topics.

Q: What is the connection between Felipe Neto and “Crepúsculo” (Twilight)?

A: Just so we’re clear, no, there isn’t. This major cultural figure has nothing to do with Stephenie Meyer’s bestsellers or the films based on them. It’s worth noting, though, that one of Felipe’s many talents is to write witty and perceptive analyses of movies like “Crepsculo.”

Q: How are Felipe Neto and Luccas Neto related?

A: The two brothers are siblings who have a considerable influence in the Brazilian YouTube community. Not only have they frequently collaborated in various endeavors that have included projects related to video publishing or participation in friendly contests for fun, but they have also been instrumental in supporting each other’s material, further illustrating their fundamental unity.

Q: Does Felipe Neto speak English?

A: Yes, Felipe Neto has demonstrated his ability to speak English in some of his videos. While not fluent, he has showcased his language skills by engaging in conversations, interviews, and challenges in English.

Q: Has Felipe Neto reacted to BTS’s “Dope”?

A: This post again demonstrated his skill in providing commentary and analysis in a typical fashion. Followers will not be surprised that he regularly comments on and rates prominent songs/videos from various genres.

Q: Are there videos of other members of Felipe Neto’s team?

A: Absolutely! Felipe Netos’ YouTube channel features videos where team members work together on various projects, challenges, and comedic skits. These funny and engaging videos are a must-see for their fans.

Q: Does Felipe Neto make videos about people who write incorrectly?

A: Felipe Neto often comments on people’s most common spelling mistakes in his posts. With playful humor and satire, he shares his opinions on grammar, spelling mistakes, and general language use.

Q: Has Felipe Neto reacted to “Despacito”?

A: Felipe Neto could not resist sharing his thoughts on the hit song and music video “Despacito” His fans were treated to another one of his signature responses, a creative and unique way for him to provide valuable insight into modern entertainment.

Q: What is the connection between Felipe Neto and MC Mirella?

A: Felipe Neto and MC Mirella are widely respected public figures in Brazil who have independently made great strides in their respective careers. However, there does not appear to be any direct partnership/patronage between the two individuals.

Q: What is “Ladrões que se deram mal Felipe Neto”?

A: In English, it is “Thieves Who Got Caught Felipe Neto,” this phrase probably alludes to a video or series on Felipe Neto’s channel in which he tells real-life stories about thieves who have faced the consequences for their actions.

Felipe Neto’s YouTube journey is nothing less than remarkable. He began humbly on the video-sharing website, and today, thanks to captivating entertainment and insightful social commentary, he’s one of Brazil’s most influential digital creators.

Felip demonstrates a bold authenticity throughout his career, tackling social issues without fear and creating a deep connection between him and the viewers who love him for it. This commitment has generated a loyal fan base that enthusiastically supports him in all his undertakings.

Beyond YouTube, Felipe has developed talented entrepreneurial skills that have translated into gaming and writing as additional ways to promote social causes.

Felipe Neto stands out for his unwavering dedication to making the world a better place. Through his philanthropy and social engagement, Felipe has used his platform as an influencer to raise awareness about important global issues and motivate people to take concrete steps to solve them.

His commitment to promoting CHANGE worldwide has put him in the revered position of being a role model for many young people, who are encouraged by his encouraging example to use every means available, individually or collectively, to make a difference with righteous actions around the world every day.

At the end of our journey through Felipe Neto’s extraordinary story, it becomes clear that he’s more than just a YouTuber. He is an icon representing different segments of society, including a comedian, social critic, and, above all, an entrepreneur – a vocal advocate for development.

Felipe is making an unparalleled mark on today’s digital world and continues to inspire millions with his infectious passion, authenticity, and relentless pursuit of pragmatic solutions.


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