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JuegaGerman Wiki – Real Name, Career, Family and Net Worth

Effortlessly engaging and amusing audiences may come naturally to various Chilean YouTubers, but one among them has earned great respect from his viewers: German Garmendia. With millions of followers, he is undoubtedly one of the most famous Chilean content creators today.

Given his immense popularity and creative talent over time, we must get a glimpse into some personal aspects of Garmendia’s life and a repeatable anchor point in his career. Most notably, he is the first content creator to achieve multiple successes, such as earning two Diamond Buttons for his two channels after reaching 10 million subscribers! He also holds the illustrious title of the most followed Chilean YouTuber on Facebook; his inactive channel, “Hola Soy German,” includes an ultimate video with the enticing title “Cómo conseguir trabajo.”

Juega German’s successful YouTube channel, run by Germán Garmendia, offers mainly video games, with occasional reaction videos and vlogs uploaded. Over time, this channel has become Garmendia’s most operated channel, overtaking his main account. In addition, he runs other channels, namely “HolaSoyGerman2″,” “Ancud,” Zudex,” FeelingEverySunset,” and “German Garmendia.”

Garmendia is a prominent personality with engaging content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. In addition, the man has shown a keen interest in music by forming a group called Ancud with his brother Diego in 2016. Another noteworthy point this year was the publication of his first book in Latin America and Spain, “Chupa el Perro.”

About JuegaGerman

Chilean comedian, singer-songwriter, and YouTuber Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranís, also known as Juega Germán or formerly “HolaSoyGerman,” is a prominent figure who has spent most of his life producing creative content for YouTube.

Today, he is one of the richest YouTubers in the world, thanks to his very successful channels. Juega German, who currently runs seven different channels, focuses mainly on one notable project: the “Juega German” channel itself, with around 47 million subscribers, as well as other popular channels such as “Hola Soy German” and “Hola Soy German 2.”

Germán also dedicates himself to music cultivation with two bands, “Zudex” and FeelingEverySunset,” a solo project under his solo name German Garmendia, and a seventh channel dedicated exclusively to his group “Ancud,” which he co-leads with his brother.

Germán has received critical acclaim for his exceptional contributions to the YouTube community. He has been featured in important showcases such as YouTube Rewind from 2013 until recently, apart from several other awards and recognitions he has received throughout his career so far, such as MTV Millennial’s Digital Icon of Year award in 2014 and the title of Master Gamer in 2016.

Germán has been an ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation since April 9, 2018. He is also known for his music: in January, he released “Cantando Comentarios,” followed by “Supernova” in September through his music platform, Germán Garmendia. Last March, he collaborated with Lenay Chantelle and Wiinter to release “Tregua,” followed by “Plan B” later that year.

In June of this year (2021), Germán returned to Chile and moved. By the end of 2018, he was the fourth-most-followed YouTuber worldwide. In a video titled “Esto pasa si busco mi nombre en YouTube,” JuegaGerman shared that creating videos for his channel HolaSoyGerman took too much time and effort, citing videos that took an average of 22 hours to produce!

At the Kids’ Choice Awards in Mexico, held in August 2018, he was awarded the title of Favorite Gamer. That same year (2019), his channel HolaSoyGerman, with over 37 million subscribers, competed against Badabun, a Mexican company, to decide who would be crowned the most subscribed Spanish-language channel in history. Germán was initially outpaced by Badabun but eventually overtook them.

His online popularity is immense; few can rival his YouTube stardom, but this influencer’s status only grew thanks to collaborations with other top YouTubers like Lenay Chantelle and Wiinter (March 2020), Amanda Cerny (date unknown), The Donato (August 2020), Antrax, and Fernanfloo, among others. In addition to all these renowned artists he collaborates with on video shoots, Germán is also generously involved as an ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Grupo Planeta.

Although The Donato defeated him for Favorite Gamer at the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico (August 2020), Germán won the Leyend Award at the Eliot Awards in October 2021. Then he added a new feather to his cap when he was nominated for the Celebrity category of the Mexico Kids’ Choice Awards in Chile (2022). He also demonstrated his acting talent in the Netflix web series “La Casa de las Flores.”

He was praised for his performance on screen and for receiving numerous Diamond Play Buttons on YouTube, which means he has over 10 million subscribers on several channels! His superstar status prompted fans to give him the MTV Millennial Award for Best YouTuber. He currently lives in Los Angeles and regularly entertains his fans with entertaining yet informative videos in which he shares his insights and opinions.

JuegaGerman – Personal life

Celebrated Chilean Cant Author and YouTuber Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, born on April 25, 1990, made an incredible impact with his YouTube channel HolaSoyGerman in 2011. He is an impressive 6’3″ tall and weighs about 75 pounds, making him an incredibly charismatic influencer.

Germán grew up in peaceful circumstances as the youngest child of two parents, Germán Luis Garmendia and Cecilia Aranis, who were going through a difficult time after losing their father on December 24 and were looking forward to celebrating the holidays differently in their lives.

Germán’s mother ensured that he and his brother never fully felt the loss of their father by taking them on various trips around Chile and giving them new experiences to learn from. Thanks to this lifestyle, Germán was able to form numerous meaningful relationships without the added bond leaving a lasting impression.

Despite his disinterest in schoolwork during his youth, Germán achieved impressive academic results during these years, often considered formative years because of their impact on later educational and professional prospects. At only 14 years old, Germán considered civil engineering and other fields to require exacting mastery rather than passion.

After moving to Los Vilos in Choapa province, Germán had some difficulty adjusting and making acquaintances. Eventually, he found a crucial satisfaction in relationships with like-minded people who shared his interests, humor, and passion for video games.

Among these people was his then significant other, a girl he initially met and befriended but who would later become his closest confidante and his first great love.

Music was a fascinating element even in Germán’s early years. At thirteen, he and his brother Diego formed his first band, ZuDeX. The young music enthusiasts composed their first beats together before bringing in drummer Max and creating more hits under the same band name. The realization that music touched him deep inside prompted the young German to leave school and devote himself entirely to music.

On November 21, 2016, Germán released a video titled “Mi Historia de Bullying” (My Bullying Story), in which he talks about how he was bullied at twelve because of his thinness. The insecurity that overcame little German led him to enroll in drama classes through the love of his mother, only to face more problems outside of school, like that fateful day at the hair salon when the bullies taunted him for looking too thin after they cut his hair short.

Participating in animal welfare broadened Germán’s ethical horizons and led him to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle between 2015 and 2017.

JuegaGerman – Relationships

Germán is unmarried and was involved in several romantic relationships before his current status. He was involved with Mexican celebrity Allison Smith at one point, but their closeness ended in a breakup in 2015. However, on May 29, 2016, Germán made public his love affair with Lenay Chantelle Olsen in a video titled “My Girlfriend aka Mi Novia.”

Lenay (also called Lele by some) is a well-known YouTuber aged 31 who is a singer, actress, and presenter for prestigious companies such as Red Bull and MTV. After some unfounded rumors circulated about their relationship, Germán introduced her as his official girlfriend in the above video.

JuegaGerman – Net Worth

Germán, the prominent YouTuber who has amassed a considerable fortune by creating creative content in various fields such as writing, vlogging, and comedy performances, has an estimated net worth of nine million dollars (USD). A significant part of his income comes from his work as a professional content creator on YouTube, where he influences his audience worldwide.

He serves as a comedian who takes on simple everyday experiences, shows off his tremendous vocal skills in songs meant to evoke emotion, produces compelling stories and scripts that captivate people in scenes, and participates in stand-up comedy performances meant to entertain.

Although he refuses to give specific figures on income from different relationships, such as direct income or brand partnerships related to advertising revenue, an external source claims that Germán generates not only monthly advertising revenue of more than $98,000 but also an estimated annual revenue of around $1.47 million coming exclusively from these platforms.

While exact information on salary amounts or revenue is hard to find, Germán appears to be earning significant additional revenue each month via promotional or sponsored videos displayed on all three main channels and a total following of a staggering 90 million subscribers. As Germán is a fixture on the platform, his net worth exceeds $4 million and continues to grow.

As one of South America’s biggest personalities in the field, Germán earns from advertising revenue through YouTube’s system, allowing for a share of advertising revenue ranging from $13.5 thousand to $216 thousand per month.

Germán also has an impressive car collection that reflects his success, including a Tesla Model S ($100,000), a BMW X5 ($80,000), and a Mercedes AMG C43 ($56,000), each a sign of how much he has achieved through hard work and sheer determination.

JuegaGerman’s Most Watched Videos

JuegaGerman has enjoyed tremendous success by creating compelling content on his YouTube channel. He has earned a large following with German game videos and other exciting material. Away from YouTube, JuegaGerman indulges his love for music by composing his songs and wowing audiences with his vocals as part of a band.

It’s worth noting that JuegaGerman ranks second among Spanish-language channels on YouTube. El Reino Infantil dominates children’s shows and is the most subscribed channel.

See JuegaGerman’s most requested videos on YouTube here.

1. “Cantando Comentarios,” 2018, 50.269.033 views

Germán Garmendia’s catchy track titled “Cantando Comentarios,” released in 2018 seems to poke fun at the idea of internet culture commenting on videos and posts. The lyrics are made up of random statements that often don’t add up—like his fear of spiders mixed with selling tamales—and perhaps represent the randomness of online comments.

In some lines before the chorus, such as “Chúpame el pie” (Lick my foot) and “No me baño hace tres días” (I haven’t showered in three days), Germán Garmendia might be trying to poke fun at trolls who make lewd or rude comments online. The chorus repeatedly asks viewers what Thor eats for breakfast, humorously playing with words like “Thor-tilla” With the line “Prueba comida mexicana, yo me como los comos” (Try Mexican food, I eat the comos) encourages eating Mexican food and celebrates Mexican cuisine.

Even funnier is the bridge with the line “Necesitas probar una perra” (You gotta try a bitch), which echoes the original intent of the troll. The fans of Germán Garmendia will especially enjoy this song full of jokes and references to them.

2. “¿PUEDES TERMINAR DE VER ESTE VIDEO?”, 2017, 43.718.523 views

JuegaGerman’s “¿PUEDES TERMINAR DE VER ESTE VIDEO?” offers a challenging experience on YouTube. This video contains various fun activities, comedy sketches, and enthusiastic commentary that will keep you captivated from start to finish. If you accept this challenge, you’ll put your concentration to the test, trying not to get bored or distracted.

3. “El Rap De German,” 2016, 41.671.148 views

The talented JuegaGerman himself wrote the debut of “El Rap De German” in 2016. In the music video, he impressively shows off his rap skills while incorporating animated visuals that reflect his content and persona on YouTube. Through profound lyrics that deal with personal growth, successes, and challenges overcome, he offers listeners a glimpse into his world. The music video is an innovative showcase of the artist’s personality for entertainment.

4. “Animation VS Minecraft,” 2016, 40.680.346 views

The video “Animation VS Minecraft” was published in 2016 on various online platforms and has reached an impressive fan base of 40,680,346 viewers to date! Creator JuegaGerman combines two unique sources of entertainment to create a unique experience that is both playful and engaging!

This production cultivates a shared space where animated personalities appear amidst exciting gameplay elements from the world-renowned game Minecraft! Throughout the short film, the character of JuegaGerman creatively interacts with various objects, such as blocks and other identifiable characters, while facing various challenges.

This captivating presentation impressively demonstrates how creativity and imagination can meaningfully combine world-renowned multimedia platforms like animation with charming block games like Minecraft—and provide viewers with lots of fun!

JuegaGerman on Social Media

More than ten years ago, he launched his first channel, “Hola Soy Germán,” quickly made him famous. He is in an elite company today, sharing the global influence ranking with well-known personalities such as Donald Trump and Ariana Grande. In addition, JuegaGerman was recognized as one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet in 2019.

JuegaGerman on YouTube, 48 M subscribers

On September 8, 2011, JuegaGerman appeared on HolaSoyGerman with the video “Las cosas obvias de la vida” (The obvious things of life). However, the fact that he would one day become one of the biggest names on YouTube was impossible to expect. With lots of content in a short time and a loyal following of millions of viewers worldwide, JuegaGerman has finally achieved enormous success.

The reins of his mainstream channel could not be placed in better hands, as he continued to grow even after retiring from content creation and unexpectedly outperformed other channels. JuegaGerman’s comedic style dictated relatable life scenarios while exaggerating them, resonating with viewers throughout Latin America, Europe, and the United States.

Nowadays, he exclusively produces gaming content, which he uploads exclusively through JuegaGerman, his second channel. It mainly consists of discussions about games, mixed with vlog entries and reaction videos to ensure a varied viewing experience for avid gamers, which have helped him to have over +41 million subscribers today!

View JuegaGerman’s YouTube page:

JuegaGerman YouTube

JuegaGerman on Instagram, 16.9 M followers

JuegaGerman’s Instagram presence is one of the strongest, with an incredible 16.9 million followers. His updates may not be daily, but Germán Garmendia keeps his loyal fans in the loop regarding personal anecdotes or exotic travel plans.

View JuegaGerman’s Instagram page:

JuegaGerman Instagram

JuegaGerman on Twitter, 12.1 M followers

Since JuegaGerman joined Twitter in mid-2009, he has built an impressive following of no less than twelve million loyal fans who enjoy interacting with him regularly via captivating video snippets and fascinating images posted regularly on this popular platform! The captivating content features the acclaimed YouTube creator dynamically interacting with other big names in the same genre while highlighting exciting developments surrounding his arguably fulfilling career, which he showcases on social media channels like Twitch. As a bonus, fans also see JuegaGerman pose for the coveted event photos!

View JuegaGerman’s Twitter page:

JuegaGerman Twitter

JuegaGerman on Facebook, 22 M followers

Germán Garmendia’s presence on Facebook has earned him an impressive following of 22 million people since he joined the platform in 2014. He shares content that includes his gaming sessions and event participation while promising amusing community interactions.

View JuegaGerman’s Facebook page:

JuegaGerman Facebook

JuegaGerman on TikTok, 20.2 M followers

After all, it’s no surprise that JuegaGerman has built an impressive following of over 20 million loyal followers on TikTok. He is known for creating awesome videos that have already received 186.2 million likes! Even though he does not post daily updates like some users do. He still creates engaging skits and participates in exciting challenges with other popular creatives, even featuring his lovely partner!

View JuegaGerman’s TikTok page:

JuegaGerman TikTok

JuegaGerman on Twitch, 1.6 M followers

With Twitch being one of the biggest platforms for online gaming content, it’s no wonder that JuegaGerman’s reviews and live streams have gained popularity among gamers. Germán Garmendia launched his channel in 2018 and managed to captivate an audience of over a million followers through regular interaction via video posts.

View JuegaGerman’s Twitch page:

JuegaGerman Twitch

JuegaGerman FAQ

Q: Who is JuegaGerman?
A: The mastermind behind the famous YouTube channel JuegaGerman is none other than Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranís. He comes from Chile and is an excellent comedian, singer-songwriter, and YouTuber. His humorously crafted gaming videos are captivating!

Q: What are JuegaGerman juegos de terror?

A: This phrase refers to the terrifying video games that JuegaGerman plays on his YouTube channel. With his talent for helming different horror titles, he brings his unique commentary style and humorous reactions to exciting moments in these games.

Q: Where can you find videos by JuegaGerman?

A: The answer is simple: visit his YouTube channel! Type “JuegaGerman” into the search bar on YouTube. There, you’ll find a variety of game videos, vlogs, and other forms of entertainment created by this talented content creator.

Q: What is JuegaGerman Infamous Second Son?

A: To make a long story short: JuegaGerman delivers remarkable content with action-packed gameplay in the exciting video game Infamous Second Son. As the player controls a protagonist who uses superhuman abilities in the game format, there are countless opportunities for exploration and mission completion detailed by our YouTube star, often incorporating voice responses for an immersive user experience.

Q: What kind of videos does JuegaGerman post about Video Reaccion?

A: His reaction videos cover a wide range of material, from entertaining clips and music tracks to popular viral trends. In these segments, he shares his insights and views while expressing honest reactions to what he sees.

Q: Does JuegaGerman post videos about Slenderman on his youtube channel?

A: Yes! JuegaGerman regularly shares content featuring Slenderman, a popular fictional character known for his mysterious appearance and typically associated with thrillers and horror stories. JuegaGerman can be seen playing various video games that revolve around Slenderman. He shares his reactions to the creepy atmosphere in real time as he navigates through scare moments and describes his observations when encountering this disturbing creature.

Q: Does JuegaGerman have rap songs on his youtube channel?

A: “Rap De JuegaGerman” refers to a great piece of music where he shows his rap skills through an original or collaboration with other artists related to his experiences or content. With “Rap De JuegaGerman,” the listener catches catchy beats, clever lyrics, and an excellent style that makes for great entertainment.

Germán Garmendia draws inspiration from everyday topics and has had great success with his YouTube channel. He records snippets of funny moments with his cell phone and archives them on his computer until they fit the topic he is exploring. Much of Germán’s comedic material deals with everyday topics such as past relationships, educational experiences, fears, or addictions that comprise much of our lives.

Interestingly, he relies more on self-mockery than ridicule, which can be seen as a refreshing approach to comedy. Germán had to endure bullying in his former life, but today he no longer holds a grudge against anyone and instead makes us laugh with gentle jibes.


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