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Tyga Biography, Career, Net Worth, Age And Relationships

Micheal Ray Nguyen Stevenson chose Tyga as his stage name when he immersed himself in the world of rap, – an art form that would soon become synonymous with his name on the stage of the U.S. music industry.

A difficult upbringing in an underprivileged environment shaped Tyga’s early years alongside his parents, who had Vietnamese-Jamaican roots. His cousin served as a guide to the world of rap music, awakening in him an undying passion that led him to develop the music professionally. How “Tyga” became the rapper’s unique nickname is still the subject of numerous exciting anecdotes.

Tyga catapulted himself into the limelight by collaborating with influential figures in the music industry. At the same time, he released successful albums and mixtapes that solidified his position. His music videos feature explicit scenes and lyrics that resonate with audiences. Tyga has even ventured beyond music into producing and starring in adult films. His journey through the world of rap.

Peppered with significant achievements such as Grammy nominations and recognitions at the MuchMusic Video Awards. He was not free of legal challenges. He also had to deal with various problems in his personal life. Tygas’ relationships have often gone through stormy times. Regular delays in the release of his albums added to these hurdles. However, despite all of this, Tyga persevered and eventually found success, successfully launching his fourth album. This marked a turning point for him. It opened the doors for him to release more albums. He is surrounded daily by fruitful connections within the American rap scene and maintains close relationships with a close circle of friends who share similar passions. Tygas’ online presence is indeed impressive: he has a considerable following on several social media platforms.

Tyga Biography


Tyga was born on November 19, 1989 in Compton, Calif, USA had a diverse upbringing.

He grew up in Compton with his Vietnamese and Jamaican parents before moving to Gardena, California at the age of 11. Interestingly, Tyga got his nickname from his mother, who always called him Tiger Woods. This nickname is also interpreted as an acronym for ‘Thank You God Always’.

Tyga claims to be from a low-income neighborhood in Compton. There were instances where his parents were seen driving luxurious cars and living a lavish lifestyle. This adds an ironic touch to his upbringing.

Tyga’s cousin, Travie McCoy from the group ‘Gym Class Heroes. played an important role in introducing him to the world of music and rap. He was inspired by famous rappers like Fabolous, Eminem and Cam’ron. And others Tyga began to participate in local rap competitions with his school friends. They gained popularity by sharing their self-written songs in online chat rooms.
After the successful release of his first mixtape ‘Young On Probation’ in 2007.

Tyga signed a record deal with ‘Young Money Entertainment”, which was founded by Lil Wayne. His debut single ‘Deuces,’ featuring Chris Brown and Kevin McCall, reached #14 on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ chart and ranked first on the ‘Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs’ list. The song received a Grammy nomination in the category of ‘Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. In recognition of its excellence, Tyga’s journey in the music industry shows his talent and dedication to creating impactful music that appeals to audiences worldwide.

With support from his cousin McCoy, Tyga went on tour with “Gym Class Heroes” while releasing his first independent album titled “No Introduction” under “Decaydance Records” in 2008, which featured a certain track called “Diamond Life” that made it into the movie “Fighting” as well as popular video games like. A movie and popular video games like “Need for Speed: Undercover” and “Madden NFL 2009. ”

Before working on his highly anticipated debut studio album, Tyga managed to stay in the public eye by consistently releasing mixtapes and singles. This moment in his career solidified his status as an artist with prestigious labels such as “Young Money Entertainment,” “Cash Money Records,” and “Republic Records” . After his initial successes under the “Money Entertainment” banner, Tyga collaborated with respected figures such as Rick Ross, Chris Brown, and Bow Wow. With this, he left an indelible mark on the music industry. During this phase, he also ventured into a new artistic journey by linking up with Kanye West’s influential label “Good Music Imprint. ”

Tyga experienced a major shift in his artistic direction with the release of his highly anticipated debut album “Careless World” under Young Money”: Rise of the Last King” in 2012. Notably, this album originally featured a clip from Martin Luther King Jrs’ iconic speech called “I have Been to the Mountaintop,” which unfortunately had to be removed before its official release. Nevertheless, the album reached number four on the US Billboard Top 200 chart and featured guest appearances from well-known artists such as T Pain, Pharrell, Nas Robin Thicke and J Cole.

In April 2013, Tyga unveiled his third album, ‘Hotel California,” to mixed reactions from critics. “The least groundbreaking major label rap album in recent memory”, said one critic, who highlighted the lack of innovation in this particular genre. This interval represented a difficult period for him, as he experienced considerable setbacks such as the delayed debut of “The Gold Album:18th Dynasty.

A new prospect presented itself as an opportunity for redemption in the musical sphere when Kanye West, who incidentally was Kylie Jenner’s brother-in-law at the time.

Announced that Tyga had signed to ‘Good Music’ under the auspices of ‘Def Jam Recordings’ countless people saw this as Tyga’s likely entry point to reignite his career. In July 2017, Tyga released his fifth studio album titled ‘BitchImTheShit2’ under the label “Good Music” . Unfortunately, the album failed to catch the attention of listeners, resulting in a poor performance on the ‘Billboard’ charts.

Despite these challenges, Tyga released his sixth album “Kyoto”, on which he collaborated with artists such as 24hrs, Gucci Mane and Tory Lanez. Unfortunately, this project was not well received by critics and failed to resonate with music fans, further straining Tyga’s career. In an effort to breathe new life into his music career, Tyga released his next single in 2018 titled “Taste,” which was a collaboration with Offset and quickly gained popularity and became a certified hit, as evidenced by the RIAA’s 6-times platinum award, which breathed new life into Tyga’s blossoming career.

Tyga recently released his latest single, ‘Swish,” which went gold and continues his winning streak. Last year he surprised his fans with the release of his seventh studio album ‘Legendary”, which quickly climbed to an impressive 17th place on the ‘US Billboard 200’ charts.

Tyga also made a memorable guest appearance on YG’s hit track “Go Loko” . Fans rejoiced when he returned to the stage in 2021 as a contestant on the sixth season of ‘The Masked Singer’ – a popular American reality singing competition series. Unfortunately, Tygas’ journey on the show came to an end when he was eliminated in the third episode of the season.

Accolades & Accomplishments
Tyga received the Much Music Video Award in 2012 for his song ‘The Motto,’ which won in the MuchVIBE Hip Hop Video of the Year category.

This success reflects Tyga’s talent and popularity in the music industry. His track ‘Deuces’ also earned him a notable award – a Grammy nomination in 2011 in the highly competitive ‘Best Rap/Sung Collaboration’ category. This recognition speaks to Tygas’ ability to make innovative and captivating music. In addition to these impressive accomplishments, Tyga has been recognized with nominations for prestigious awards such as the BET Award, MTV Europe Music Award, American Music Award and World Music Award. These nominations highlight Tyga’s influence and success as an artist.

Tyga Net Worth


Tygas’ estimated net worth in 2023 is $17 million, a sum that reflects his success in numerous fields. He has secured lucrative record deals with prestigious labels such as Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Republic Records. Through the use of his talent and business acumen, Tyga has earned a substantial income.

One of the most important factors contributing to his wealth is his live performances, where he receives an impressive fee of around $50,000 per show. In addition, he has received considerable royalties for his music and has collaborated with other artists on successful projects. Also. He has ventured into the food industry with the creation of Tyga Bites, a thriving chicken franchise, which has added to his financial prosperity.

While Tyga is best known for his presence in music, his investments also extend to the adult entertainment industry – a venture that is quickly bringing him significant financial rewards.

The culmination of these efforts allows him to bask in opulence, owning a majestic mansion full of luxury in Calabasas, California – an impressive purchase worth $6.5 million.
However, despite this splendor, it is important to point out past controversies with tax disputes on Tyga’s part. A harsh reality was revealed when he faced an unpaid $19,000 tax bill from none other than the state of California in September 2015.

Nevertheless, Tyga shows remarkable versatility in income generation – he has successfully diversified his sources of income through adaptive maneuvers, such as diving into apparel projects and increasing his entrepreneurial activities. To document his accomplishments, Tyga’s total net worth serves as credible evidence that not only proves fame as an artist, but also remarkable entrepreneurial developments in the music industry resulting from strategic investments in various fields.

Tyga Age


Tyga, the esteemed rapper is currently 33 years old. He was born on the 19th of November, 1989. And grew up in Compton, California. There he had his first experiences. Tyga’s background is rich and multicultural, as he comes from a Jamaican mother and a Vietnamese father.

Tyga Height


Tyga, the famous hip-hop artist, has an average height of 1.70m (170cm) for a man. Also.

He has a healthy and balanced physique with a weight of 67 kilograms (156 pounds). However. It is important to realize that a person’s value goes far beyond his physical attributes. Tyga’s talent and significant contributions to the music industry have solidified his position as an influential figure in contemporary hip-hop.

Tyga Relationships


Throughout his career, Tyga, also known as T Raww, been involved in several romantic relationships. One of them is his partnership with Blac Chyna, an American model and celebrity.

Their journey together began when they met at the F.A.M.E Tour After Party on October 5, 2011. Blac Chyna later starred in Tyga’s music video for “Rack City” Despite having obvious chemistry. Both initially denied any romantic connection. It was not until November 9 of the same year that Tyga and Blac Chyna publicly confirmed their love for each other. Their relationship led to the birth of a son named King Cairo Stevenson on October 16, 2012 – a special occasion marked by matching tattoos with the child’s name. The relationship faced challenges and unfortunately ended in a breakup in 2014.

After their much-publicized split, Tyga has officially confirmed his relationship with Kylie Jenner. As an American media personality, socialite, model and businesswoman, Jenner’s profile is considerable. However. The big age difference between the two was an issue that caused controversy in their relationship.

It was even claimed that the two were dating when Kylie was only sixteen years old. Similarly. Previous relationships also brought challenges that led to the relationship breaking down in April 2017. Interestingly, Tyga briefly dated Demi Rose Mawby, a well-known English model, a former DJ and an influential figure in social media. This romance also did not survive the test of time, as it quickly faded away.

Then, from February 2021, Tyga opened a new chapter in his love life with fashion designer Camaryn Swanson. However, only recently. It seems that the relationship of the two ended abruptly as Camaryn made serious accusations. She claims that Tyga abused her emotionally, mentally and physically. Indisputable. Tyga’s romantic history consists of a series of remarkable high points as well as challenging low points. Nonetheless. His musical talents manage to captivate audiences around the world despite all the controversies and obstacles.

Tyga Pictures




Tyga On Social Media

Tyga is widely known as a gifted rapper and songwriter who has created a strong digital footprint on various social media platforms. Through the production of captivating content, coupled with meaningful interaction with his fans, he has built an avid fan base and made unique connections in the process.

In addition to the popular platforms where Tyga has made a considerable impact , Snapchat and TikTok are also of great importance to him. Using Snapchat provides insight into Tyga’s personal and unfiltered experiences, including travel, studio sessions, and numerous interactions with friends or collaborators. In parallel, Tyga’s presence on TikTok provides an outlet for his creativity, which is evident in short videos featuring music and participation in trending challenges.

Overall, Tyga’s strong social media presence has played a critical role in shaping his public image and connecting with his fans worldwide. By providing captivating content, maintaining active interactions, and consistently providing updates, he, Tyga, has successfully created a dynamic online persona that resonates with his loyal fan base . As he ventures into releasing new music projects and exploring different creative avenues, Tyga’s social media presence undoubtedly remains an integral part of his overall brand development as well as his artistic journey, while maintaining a respectful language.

Tyga On YouTube


Tyga presents his music videos, interviews and exclusive content on YouTube. He has effectively harnessed the potential of this platform to reach a wider audience and connect with fans around the world. It serves as a central hub for his music releases. Tyga’s YouTube channel offers fans an engaging visual experience in addition to his infectious tracks. His videos are viewed millions of times. He has undoubtedly gained remarkable notoriety through this medium.

Tyga YouTube

Tyga On Instagram


Tyga’s presence on Instagram is undoubtedly impressive, with millions of loyal followers eagerly awaiting updates from the acclaimed artist. By offering glimpses into his personal life, marked by extravagance and a refined fashion sense, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at his musical journey, Tyga creates a fascinating connection with his fans. Featuring photos and videos filled with stunning imagery, this platform provides viewers with captivating glimpses of exciting performances in stylish ensembles, accompanied by collaborative work with notable artists in the industry.

Tyga Instagram

Tyga On Facebook


Tygas’ Facebook page provides a platform for his loyal fans to keep up with his latest music releases, upcoming projects and occasional personal insights. The page features regular posts of music videos, behind-the-scenes footage from his performances, and important announcements about tour dates and collaborations.

It is a valuable tool for Tyga’s followers to stay connected with him and engage with his content by expressing their thoughts and appreciation through likes, comments and shares.

Tyga Facebook


1. Are Tyga and Chris Brown close friends?

Without a doubt. Chris Brown is one of Tyga’s closest companions. They have worked together on several projects over the years. Together. They have achieved considerable success in their respective musical ventures – a truly inspiring sight to behold. Still, there have been speculations about a possible rift between the two regarding Kylie. It’s important to approach such allegations with respect for their privacy while recognizing the potential complexities involved.

2. How long did Tyga and Kylie date?

The beginnings can be traced back to Kendall Jenner’s soirée, where their paths crossed amid festive revelry.

After that, they began an adorable series of memorable outings where Tyga proved his affection through extravagant gifts like lavish cars that he gave to his beloved companion – Kylie. It was in April 2017 when their love journey officially came to an end, and interestingly enough, it coincided with Kylie’s start of a romantic relationship with Travis Scott, which led to the birth of their offspring.

3. At what age did Kylie Jenner begin her relationship with Tyga?

Their relationship is under scrutiny because their paths crossed when Kylie was only 16 years old.

However, amidst the controversy that followed, their relationship turned into platonic outings and events together. Shortly after their first meeting, they began dating, leading to heated debates about the appropriateness of an underage person like Kylie engaging in such romantic entanglements.

4. What is the connection between Tyga and Chris Brown?

Tyga and Chris Brown have a strong bond, characterized by a long-standing friendship and a shared love of music. Although they are not biologically related, they share a brotherly relationship.

Both artists are the same age and have a similar vibe, which further solidifies their camaraderie. Their mutual admiration and respect for each other is unmistakable, and it shows in their collaboration on various tracks where they showcase their individual talents. This collaborative spirit stems from their shared history and familiarity, as Tyga firmly believes that making music with someone you have a deep connection with always leads to better results.

5. How did Tyga and Chris Brown first cross paths?

Tyga and Chris Brown initially crossed paths during Tyga’s time as a member of Young Money. What surprised Tyga was when Chris Brown approached him with a proposal to work together on a full mixtape.

Their shared enthusiasm for music and vision led them to become musical partners. Together they created songs that delighted millions of fans, including hits like “Ayo”, “Loyal” and “Bitches N Marijuana”. Their first meeting was based solely on their shared love of music and rap, and formed the basis for their long-lasting collaboration.

6. Is Tyga the biological father of Kylie Jenner’s child?

There has been speculation about whether Tyga is the biological father of Kylie Jenner’s child. However, it is important to clarify that this is not the case.

Tyga has openly expressed his frustration over these rumors and clarified everything with a tweet. He confirmed that he is not the father of Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi Webster. Kylie married Travis Scott and together they gave birth to their daughter. It is worth noting that Tyga’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable.

Through sheer dedication and perseverance. He has transformed himself from an ordinary individual into a highly skilled rapper and lyricist. Initially starting out as a solo artist, Tyga later collaborated with well-known artists and groups, solidifying his position in the industry. Despite controversies surrounding his personal relationships. These incidents have not diminished his popularity and the admiration of his fans worldwide. Tyga’s extraordinary talent and tireless work ethic have led him to great success.

The evolution of his net worth shows remarkable growth that bodes well for continued financial prosperity. Overall. Tyga serves as an inspiration to young people around the world. He shows that with hard work and determination, one can accomplish Incredible feats in their chosen field. It is evident that Tyga has much greater things ahead of him in his remarkable journey within the music industry.


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