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Sara Jay Age, Net Worth, Nominations And Boyfriend

Renowned MILF actress and filmmaker from Cincinnati Ohio- the perfect description of none other than Sara Jay herself! Her exceptional physical attributes have attracted much attention across America.

A look at this outstanding artist’s Wikipedia page reveals that she has been involved in productions exclusively as a professional model/producer/director since 2000 and has successfully directed projects such as “Fifty Shades of Sara.” This includes talented actresses such as Nina Kayy and Angelina Castro, who have helped establish Ms. Jay in the industry.

The Urban X Awards committee recognised and acknowledged Ms. Jay’s acclaimed contributions not only as a director, but also as a dedicated contributor to interracial personal websites.

Sara Jay Biography


The rise of Sara Jay

As a young woman paying her tuition to study psychology at university in Cincinnati, Sara Jay began dancing on university campuses as an exotic dancer at 23.

Her career began with several performances at various venues in the Midwest before moving to Las Vegas, where she did photo shoots and video appearances in addition to being an exotic dancer.

Her popularity began to rise almost immediately after she began this successful endeavour, having collaborated in notable productions such as “Cum Fiesta” and “Mega Cock Cravers” in 2001.

The following year she added more credentials to her resume with her appearances in “Buttfaced 3,” “Balls Deep 4,” and “Big Boob Bangeroo 25.”

Throughout the rest of the decade, Sara Jay continued to gain popularity by appearing in numerous titles such as “My Handjobs,” “Oral Sensations 10,” “Big Wet Asses 4,” “Catfight Club 2,” and others. She also directed and starred in popular productions such as the adored “Sara Jay Loves Black Cock” (2008) and the acclaimed “Chocoholic MILFs” (2009).


Throughout the 2010s, Sara Jay has maintained her creative momentum with numerous videos and series. In earlier years, she participated in works such as “Diaries of a Wife Gone Black 3” and “Fuck A Fan 12.” Later, works like “Mommy Loves The Black Cock” followed, as well as appearances in shows such as “Next Door Hookups” and “Rome Major.”
Jay is appreciated for numerous performances, including guest appearances in “Ass Parade” and her show “Sara Jay,” which ran between ’09 and ’20. She also directed two Fifty Shades movies.

Amid the controversies sparked by gaming events such as E3, there was some drama related to team affiliation at sporting events. For example, during the NBA Finals ’12 in the summer, Jessica made an offer alongside Angelina Castro that sparked widespread reactions: if the Miami Heat won the championship title, Jay and Castro would engage in sexual acts with interested fans at a Miami nightclub. The actresses offered access to the site after Miami’s victory, but the NBA’s disapproval led to the removal of TEAMBJNBA.

Interesting information about Sara Jay
-Sara Jay is not only a famous actress in adult movies, but she also tried her hand at acting and appeared in two horror movies – “The Commencement of Darkness” (2014) and “Exterminator City” (2005).

-During the pandemic COVID -19 in 2019, Sara Jay gained popularity through various social media platforms.

-Sara financed her education early on by dancing professionally.

-She was dating Jermey, but later they parted ways.

-Interestingly, former President Barack Obama is among the thousands who follow her on Twitter! It is also worth noting that Sara has had a personal website since 2004.

-Other visible changes resulted from breast augmentations, including operations to increase the cup size from C to E.

-Last but not least, she finds Natalie Lust to be one of those particular persons she enjoys a lot in the actor community.sara-jay-awards.jpg

List of Awards and Nominations for Sara Jay:


  • 2009 Urban X Awards: “Interracial Performer of the Year”
  • 2011 Urban X Awards: “Hall Of Fame Inductee”
  • 2011 Urban X Awards: “Best Interracial Star Website” (
  • 2012 Nightmoves Awards: “Fan’s Choice”
  • 2012 NMAE Awards: “Fan Award”
  • 2013 The Fanny Awards: “Thirsty Girl (Best Oral)”
  • 2015 Nightmoves Awards: “Best BBW Release (Editor’s Choice)” (Sara Jay Likes Her Girls BBW)
  • 2016 Nightmoves Awards: “Best Fetish/Specialty Release (Editor’s Choice)” (50 Shades of Sara Jay)
  • 2017 AVN Awards: “Hall Of Fame Inductee”
  • 2018 Nightmoves Awards: “Triple Threat”
  • 2019 Urban X Awards: “Social Media Star of the Year”


  • 2011 AVN Awards: “Best Star Website” (
  • 2011 XBIZ Awards: “Best MILF Website” (
  • 2011 Urban X Awards: “Female Performer of the Year”
  • 2012 Nightmoves Awards: “Best Social Media Star”
  • 2013 The Fanny Awards: “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2014 The Fanny Awards: “Thirsty Girl (Best Oral)”
  • 2015 AVN Awards: “Social Media Star (Fan Award)”
  • 2016 AVN Awards: “Hottest MILF (Fan Award)”
  • 2017 AVN Awards: “Web Queen (Fan Award)”
  • 2018 Urban X Awards: “Best Female Website” (
  • 2018 Urban X Awards: “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2019 Urban X Awards: “Best MILF Performer”
  • 2019 XBIZ Awards: “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2019 pHub Awards: “Highly Experienced Top MILF Performer”
  • 2020 AVN Awards: “Hottest MILF (Fan Award)”

Sara Jay Net Worth


Sara Jay enjoys a reputation for professional achievement, resulting in an estimated net worth of between $1-$5 million in 2022, based on thoughtful calculations.

Being one of America’s most recognizable movie stars has opened up other opportunities for her that translate into diversified income streams, including acting roles, brand advertising, subscriptions from OnlyFans followers, or entrepreneurship as the owner of Wyde Syde Productions and the website.

Sara Jay has another side to her personality: she confesses to having a passion shared by many gasoline connoisseurs worldwide – a deep love for motor vehicles! She sees herself as one of them, investing large sums of money in collecting various car models, from timeless muscle cars like Ford Mustang or Camaro to ultra-modern supercars like Audi R8 or Lamborghini Aventador.

Her fleet includes iconic American muscle cars alongside their European counterparts, elegant Bentleys, and more. She owns vintage and classic cars, such as a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air and a 1967 Pontiac GTO, which she maintains with pride and the utmost care.

Sara Jay always takes advantage of every opportunity to show off her possessions. She frequently attends car shows and meets, showcasing these cars that represent her passion for automobiles. Every day she adds to her portfolio with tireless dedication to adding more memories to this exciting world of different car models.

Sara Jay Age


Let us talk about a multi-talented woman known by several names – including Lina and Sara J – but most often called “Sara Jay.” To keep things respectful, calling her by any name would suffice!

Sara is now, in 2023, a seasoned 46 year old artist. Her path to a degree in psychology at the University of Cincinnati was not easy – she turned to nude dancing to support herself financially. But nonetheless, she emerged victorious and can inspire us all with her perseverance and hard work.

Sara Jay Height


Sara Jay is proud of her well-groomed body, which has given her well-defined curves measuring about 36-25-40 inches. People tend to notice her impressive assets – especially her generous bust, which boasts an enviable E cup size.

This stunning model is among the most famous women in America thanks to her stunning looks. She stands about 5 feet and 4 inches tall (which equates to about 162 cm) and weighs about 148 pounds (or 67 kilograms).

Sara Jay Boyfriend


While Sara Jay’s professional life seems to be flourishing, it remains unclear what is going on regarding romance, as she keeps such information to herself.

Whether this is due to personal preference or other reasons remains unknown; however, maintaining privacy in matters of romance may be a conscious decision one makes in the face of increasing scrutiny and harsh judgment that is common in today’s society.

Similarly sparse are the details of previous relationships she may have had up to this point – perhaps an indication that she has little desire for unnecessary attention? There is a possibility that Sara is looking for an authentic partner whose values match hers to form a lasting bond reminiscent of the many successful and satisfied women worldwide.

Also, we may soon see an announcement from Sara regarding her retirement from her career in the adult film industry.

Sara Jay Pictures




Sara Jay on Social Media

Sara Jay stands out in the entertainment industry for her ability to seamlessly combine art and social media, both crucial aspects that have contributed significantly to her popularity today. You can find her on Twitter at @the genuine Sara Jay, where she keeps her fans updated on a range of interesting topics, or look at her swimsuit pictures on one of her three unique Instagram profiles – all of which are regularly updated with new content!

As someone who values interaction and engagement, Sara has created an OnlyFans profile for her fans to show them love and give them exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage. Learn more by visiting today!

Sara Jay on Instagram


Sara Jay’s Instagram is like no other! Her captivating images are more than just photographs; they are windows to a world of allure and fascination that anyone would be lucky to experience. With each post, Sara effortlessly immerses viewers in an enchanting world that shows the beauty of life and captures their hearts.

She takes them on virtual adventures where they can explore idyllic tropical beaches, luxurious resorts, and other enchanting destinations! One thing is clear: not enough words describe how unique Sara’s content is!

View Sara Jay’s Instagram page:

Sara Jay Instagram

Sara Jay on Twitter


On the social media powerhouse Twitter, few users can match the wit and intellect of superstar Sara Jay. Time and time again, Sara Jay proves her uncanny ability to appeal to her fans with a playful spirit that never fails to cheer everyone around her.

What sets this significant influencer apart is how she uses her platform as a vehicle for positive change – often stepping over popular opinions to speak out against social injustice and advocate for nobler values instead.

View Sara Jay’s Twitter page:

Sara Jay Twitter

Sara Jay on Facebook


Sara Jay also plays an active role in interacting with audiences on the popular social media platform of Facebook. For a large group of avid fans who form an enthusiastic community around their beloved artist, Sara uses this special online space as a source for interacting with them while making exciting announcements about ongoing projects or public appearances she may be making soon!

View Sara Jay’s Facebook page:

Sara Jay on OnlyFans


Sara Jay commands attention with her extensive repertoire as a magnetic performer who maintains a dedicated fan base on OnlyFans – the Internet’s leading adult content platform. Sara Jay captivates audiences with her seductive charm and forceful engagement with audiences, qualities that translate beautifully to her page on the site.

Her fans who subscribe are exclusively treated to unique experiences by gaining access to premium content only available through this medium, such as sizzling photo shoots or titillating video profiles that offer an unprecedented level of insider knowledge about the illustrious life of Sara Jay herself!

View Sara Jay’s OnlyFans page:

Sara Jay Onlyfans

Sara Jay on TikTok


A well-known personality, Sara Jay does not limit herself to just one social media platform, but ensures an active presence on unique pages where fans can get to know her work better.

She goes by the TikTok alias “sarajayplays.” 380,1,000 admiring fans who are devoted to Sara love her regular stream of intriguing content that is always of interest to them!

View Sara Jay’s TikTok page:

Sara Jay TikTok

Sara Jay on YouTube


With her eagerness to reach out to audiences through various creative channels, renowned artist Sara Jay has gained recognition on one particularly influential platform – YouTube. She has an impressive following of over 136,000 subscribers.

Sara Jay curates captivatingly diverse and intellectually stimulating content that has left her fans wanting more since she emerged. From captivating vlogs to intellectual discussions that offer new insights into current issues in today’s society, it’s evident that this inventive artist never fails to weave charm into each of her video posts!

View Sara Jay’s YouTube page:

Sara Jay YouTube

Sara Jay FAQS

1. What is Sara Jay’s profession?

Undoubtedly talented and iconic, she has established herself as an American porn star and XXX director in the adult film world, where her influence cannot be underestimated – she has been featured in over 400 films!

2. Are there any porn or full XXX videos featuring Sara Jay and Lil D?

Yes, indeed.

The two have participated in several pornographic productions where they have shown their impressive performances and on-screen connection. It’s important to note that the availability of such explicit material can vary, depending on the platform or production company. Therefore, it’s advisable to access reputable erotic industry websites or search engines to check specific titles or information about pornographic content.

3. Has Sara Jay collaborated with Naughty America?

Absolutely! Sara Jay has successfully collaborated with Naughty America – a highly respected company specializing in exceptional adult entertainment. Her presence can be seen in several videos and scenes produced by them that brilliantly showcase her extraordinary talent! In addition, Naughty America enjoys a coveted place in the industry – recognized for the excellent selection of artists and the outstanding quality of the content provided to audiences worldwide.

It’s worth noting that finding relevant information about specific scenes or titles with Sara Jay requires visiting this influential brand’s official website or recognized adult content platforms.

4. Are there any nude, naked, or XXX photos of Sara Jay available?

As an adult entertainment professional, Sara Jay has appeared in pornographic movies and photoshoots where she might show some skin or be completely unclothed.

However, it is essential to respect the boundaries of the individual associated with this industry. If sexually explicit images of Sara Jay are accessible on legal and approved platforms only aimed at adults, it is better to view them there. The top priority must always be consent and compliance regarding morally sensitive content.

The accomplished Sara Jay has established herself as a prominent figure in the American film industry and the modeling world and has a large fan base that supports her every step. Her remarkable beauty and exceptional acting skills make it clear why she enjoys such popularity in the entertainment scene. Her tireless dedication to the craft and an intense passion that drives her every step in both industries clearly set her apart from others. Her mark on the industry will continue to grow and uniquely represent future generations.


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