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Pokimane Height, Boyfriend And Facts

Imane Anys, also known by her pseudonym Pokimane. Is a respected Internet personality who was born in Morocco and raised in Canada.

With her extraordinary talent as a YouTuber. She has earned a large fan base. Pokimane is especially praised for her captivating live streaming sessions, which she regularly shows on Twitch and YouTube. In these videos, she effortlessly demonstrates her gaming skills and offers a wide range of entertaining content.

In particular, her addictive gameplay of popular titles like “League of Legends” and “Fortnite” has received much acclaim. In addition, Pokimane is a valued member of Offline TV – an online community that includes notable content creators.

Pokimane Biography


Born in Morocco on May 14, 1996, Pokimane spent her early years with her parents and siblings before pursuing higher education at McMaster University. Although she initially studied chemical engineering there, Pokimane eventually made the life-changing decision to leave academia behind and pursue live streaming – a passion that has brought her great success over time.

As one of the most prominent personalities on Twitch with an astounding following of 450,000 viewers, Hershey received considerable recognition within that community when she earned the prestigious title of Best Twitch Streamer last year. A video in which she demonstrated her exceptional talent in gaming helped Hershey achieve instant fame – from then on, she gradually became an indispensable asset in this industry.

One aspect that sets Hershey apart from others is her captivating live streams, in which she regularly updates her gameplay while providing astute commentary – especially on the exciting world of Fortnite. Although Hershey’s gaming experience originally stemmed from a sponsorship opportunity that brought her and rapper Designer together, she eventually expanded that partnership by teaming up with Josh Hart once again.


In 2018, Pokimane partnered with Twitch, which further established her presence on the platform. She was also selected as one of the valued ambassadors for TwitchCon, a very important event within the gaming community. In addition, she teamed up with Twitch Creator Champ, a program that aims to help content creators build successful channels through informative broadcasts and articles.

As of 2019, Pokimanes’ Twitch account proudly boasts an impressive fan base of 4.9 million loyal viewers, accompanied by an astounding 111.3 million views. Also.

She has successfully launched her own YouTube channel called “Pokimane,” which has an impressive subscriber base of 5.19 million and an astounding 429.4 million views. This channel focuses primarily on gaming content and offers a wide range of videos on this topic. In addition, Pokimane maintains another YouTube channel called “Poki ASMR,” which specifically targets individuals interested in ASMR with its collection of relaxation videos. Apart from their individual aspirations. It is important to note that Pokimane is also a highly regarded member of Offline TV. This influential social entertainment group consists of talented content creators who contribute greatly to their respective fields.


In 2018 the well-known online personality gained significant recognition by winning the coveted 10th Shortly Awards for Best Twitch Streamer of the Year.

Also. She received nominations in the live streamer category at the 8th Streamy Awards and the prestigious Game Awards, which recognized her exceptional talent as the best content creator of the year.

Here are some facts about her:

-She has a sibling and her parents moved from Morocco to Canada when she was four years old.

-She originally studied chemical engineering in college.

-Imane decided to drop out in 2016 to focus on her streaming career.

-She made a notable appearance in a League of Legends trailer that showcased new gameplay.

-She also stopped playing Fortnite due to problems with snipers in the stream.

-Imane attaches great importance to her personal brand and defends it vehemently.

-Although she was offered a sponsorship of three million dollars, she turned it down because it did not match her brand values.

-She is fluent in English, French and Moroccan Arabic and prefers to keep her love life and relationship status private.

-She is also friends with Twitch streamer Nikki Smith and is represented by United Talent Agency.

-Imane had a cameo role in the 2021 film Free Guy and has expressed her love for video games such as Zelda and Pokemon.

-In 2019 she participated in the Twitch Rivals team EZ Clap, which was victorious in a League of Legends tournament.

-She also worked on a makeup line with Winky Lux.

-Although Imane was one of the original founders of OfflineTV, she parted ways with the group in 2021.

-There were cases of disputes with Imane. For example, she called out Keemstar for his comments about fans of other YouTubers.

-Additionally. PewDiePie once criticized her for making unjustified copyright infringements on videos.

-Imane also maintains a friendship with Becky and Paulina.

-In the past she ran an ASMR YouTube channel called poki ASMR, but has stopped uploading content to it since 2019.

-Also she joined the fashion brand Cloak as a partner and creative director. Cloak was founded by Jacksepticeye and Markiplier.

-Imane has assembled her own team, which includes talented individuals such as video editors, a social media assistant, a business manager, a talent agent, a general manager and an investment expert.

-She spoke candidly about how yoga sessions help her relax after long streaming sessions.

-In July 2022, she informed her followers on Twitter that she was taking time off from streaming to nurture herself and grow personally.

-To celebrate Morocco’s victory over Spain during the World Cup in 1919, her images appeared on billboards in Times Square.

-In 2022 she spoke in one of her livestreams about the steps she is taking with the help of laws against online harassment.

-The topic of Imane’s romantic relationships with other streamers has never been explicitly addressed by her publicly, so as not to give weight to unnecessary speculation.

-Moreover, she has repeatedly expressed her dissatisfaction with the idea of joining OnlyFans, stating that she would much rather participate in activities that provide her with a comfortable environment.

Pokimane Net Worth


Pokimane’s net worth is estimated at about $1 million to $2 million. She primarily derives her income from content creation on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, with a significant portion of her wealth coming from donation revenue generated through ad-supported streams.

Available data shows that Pokimane has a sizable fan base of over 6.69 million subscribers. It has reached more than the astonishing figure of 592 millionof592million video views. A conservative estimate suggests that her average monthly income is somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 and is made up entirely of revenue from the YouTube platform.

Pokimane Age


Pokimane is currently at the age of 26. Her vibrant and youthful nature is effortlessly brought to life on social media. Thank you to her immense fan base and subscriber base that spans multiple platforms, she has undeniably become a respected figure in the streaming and content creation industry.

Her fans eagerly await each new update she releases while actively engaging with the captivating online personality she represents.

Pokimane Height


Known by the name Imane Anys, but famous as Pokimane. It is characterized by its impressive size and irresistible personality. With an impressive height of 1.65 m ( 5 feet and 5 inches). She carries herself gracefully and with utmost confidence in every step she takes. Also. Maintaining a healthy body weight of exactly 55 kilograms not only shows her commitment, but also highlights the importance she attaches to overall well-being.

Pokimane Boyfriend


Pokimanes’ potential romantic interests

In 2021, there were rumors about a possible romantic relationship of Imanes with Fitz, a well-known YouTube gaming commentator and Twitch streamer. These speculations stem from a playful remark made by Fitz on Twitter, which fueled the rumor mill. However, it is important to note that the true nature of their relationship remains uncertain and needs to be clarified by Imane herself.

During a stream on December 30, 2022, a mysterious person named Kevin appeared, leading to new speculations about his connection with Imane. Although Kevin stated that he was just a random person who happened to be present in their stream, neither party has made any further statements about their connection.

Consequently, the details of their relationship remain unconfirmed. It was rumored that Imane is involved with Scarra, a YouTuber and member of OfflineTV. However. Since both people have not directly commented on these rumors.

They have not attracted much attention from the public. Another rumor says that Imane was dating Twitch streamer Fedmyster. Anyway. It is important to know that Imane accused Fedmyster of sexual harassment.

She claims that he misrepresented their relationship by publicly claiming that they were together when that may not have been the case. These allegations raise questions about the validity of their alleged romantic relationship.

Imane also faced rumors about her relationship with Twitch streamer Hasan Abi. However, it is important to note that these speculations are largely based on memes circulating on the internet, and thus should be considered distasteful and disrespectful rather than factual or reliable information. In addition, there have been unconfirmed rumors of Imane having a relationship with YouTuber Meteos Bjergsen, with no concrete evidence or confirmation from either side. It follows. The true nature of their connection remains uncertain, making people curious about their possible romantic involvement.

Last but not least. Rumors circulated that Imane was involved with singer Kevin Garret. However, this is not true. There is no solid evidence for these rumors and they continue to circulate without confirmation. It is important to respect Imane’s desire to keep her private life private and understand that she has decided not to reveal much information about her relationships. It is assumed that she is single. Rumors about her possible romantic entanglements persist.

Pokimane Pictures




Pokimane On Social Media

Pokimane, the respected Twitch streamer and content creator, has successfully built an impressive presence on numerous social media platforms. With a huge following of millions of dedicated fans.

She has effortlessly built an engaged and loyal online community. Through her captivating content, engaging personality and tireless interactions. Pokimane has firmly cemented her position as an admired personality in both streaming and content creation. Be it through captivating visuals on Instagram. Insightful videos on YouTube or captivating live interactions on Twitch. Pokimane always leaves a lasting impression on their followers across social media platforms.

Pokimane On Instagram


Pokimanes’ Instagram account has amassed a sizable following of 5,996,879 loyal fans. Through her visually captivating posts.

She shares glimpses of her daily life, exciting adventures and unforgettable moments. From stunning selfies to candid shots showcasing her travels and collaborations, Pokimane shares an intimate glimpse into her world with her loyal fan base. Each post is an opportunity to share and connect with her followers.

She fosters a vibrant and interactive community on the platform. Her huge popularity on Instagram is a testament to her irresistible charm and magnetic presence in the digital world.

Pokimane Instagram

Pokimane On YouTube


Pokimane, a content creator on YouTube. She manages two channels called “Pokimane” and “Poki ASMR” She wants to make it clear that her ASMR content is not meant to be sexual and hopes people do not interpret it that way.

Pokimane acknowledges that her ASMR videos are often used by viewers as a way to relax and fall asleep.

She is also part of the offline TV YouTube channel, which includes a group of colleagues who also create content. As one of the members, Pokimane contributes to the channel’s content.

Pokimane YouTube

Pokimane On Facebook


Pokimane, the well-known content creator and successful Twitch streamer. She has also made her presence known on the extremely popular social media platform Facebook. Through her official Facebook page, she has gained a considerable number of followers on this platform. Pokimane takes the opportunity to share updates.

Exclusive behind-the-scenes looks. And highlights from their streaming sessions and other ventures. Her captivating posts that include photos, videos, and status updates. Serve as a means for her fans to stay connected and interact with her in a special online environment. By including Facebook as part of their online presence, Pokimane expands their reach and consistently fosters a vibrant and supportive community across multiple social media platforms.

Pokimane Facebook

Pokimane On TikTok


With her knack for engaging audiences through amusing content, Pokimane has successfully captivated a wide range of viewers on TikTok. Her talent for performing witty skits, flawlessly lip syncing to popular tunes, and exemplary gaming skills set her apart from others on the platform.

With an enviable number of followers and millions of likes, Pokimane’s official TikTok account is another way for her fans to interact with her and enjoy her remarkable and creative content. Whether she’s actively participating in trends on the platform or sharing insights into her daily life, Pokimane’s own TikTok presence is undoubtedly adding joy and entertainment to an already thriving online milieu.

Pokimane TikTok

Pokimane On Twitch


Pokimanes’ Journey: Making waves on Twitch

It all started in 2013, when Pokimane began her streaming journey on none other than Twitch. But it was not until four years later, in 2017, that their League of Legends streams gained widespread recognition in the community.

The following year, things took an exciting turn when Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, approached them about playing and streaming their wildly popular game. For prominent streamers like Pokimane themselves, Twitch plays an important role as one of their main platforms. So it was only natural for them to work directly with Anys. In another development that showcased their skills and influence in the streaming world, Twitch selected Anys as one of only fifteen ambassadors for their famous TwitchCon event in July 2018. But that’s not all! In recognition of Pokimane’s expertise and value to content creators, Twitch has also welcomed her as a partner for their renowned “Twitch Creator Camp” initiative.

Through this program, which consists of thoughtful broadcasts and articles, Twitch aims to provide guidance and support to aspiring content creators who want to create successful channels. This proves how important it has become for the platform. Twitch entered into a multi-year exclusive partnership with Anys in March 2020. This partnership serves as a symbol of their tremendous influence and value to Twitch.

As of December 21, 2021. December, Pokimane ranks as the tenth most followed person on Twitch. Her impressive fan base of around 8.5 million followers is a true testament to her incredible presence and influence on the platform.

Pokimane Twitch

Pokimane FAQS

1. What is Pokimane’s profession?

It is important to mention that she has expertise in various fields, especially as a valued Twitch streamer, content creator and YouTuber.

2. How old is Pokimane in 2023?

In the year 2023, Pokimane will be 27 years old according to her date of birth on May 14, 1996.

3. What is Pokimane’s ethnic background?

Pokimane describes herself as Moroccan Canadian. Importantly, she was born in Morocco and raised in Canada.

4. What is Pokimane’s relationship status?

She is not currently involved in any romantic partnerships, as Pokimane remains single.

Although there are speculations about a possible relationship with another YouTuber, it must be emphasized that such speculations are unfounded and have no validity.

5. What is the estimated net worth of Pokimane?

Reportedly, her net worth is about $2.2 million.

6. How many followers does Pokimane have on Instagram and Twitter?

Records from April 2020 show that she has around 4.7 million loyal fans on Instagram and an additional 1.8 million loyal followers on Twitter.

7. How many subscribers does Pokimane have on her YouTube channel?

Pokimane’s YouTube channel is loved by enthusiasts around the world and has an extraordinary number of subscribers: 4.7 million followers on her channel with the unique name “Pokimane” is impressive. This not only gives her a status in the grandiose world of digital inclusion, but also an impressive presence in this seemingly limitless medium. One particular quality that fascinates her fans about her is her unparalleled gaming skills, her lively, peppy demeanor, and her eagerness to connect with her virtual community.

After an unstoppable rise from the early days of Twitch streaming, she has now conquered YouTube and countless social media outlets, capturing the imagination of countless avid followers on various platforms. The authenticity that makes its way through her efforts, unperturbed by artificiality, shows an unwavering work ethic that keeps this magnetic personality on everyone’s lips.


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