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Marshmello Wiki – Biography, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Marshmello, without a doubt, stands out from other musicians who seek fame through public attention-seeking tactics; instead, he operates behind a mystical persona that conceals his true identity beneath a distinctive white helmet in the shape of a marshmallow that draws audiences around the world to him like moths to an elusive flame.

The allure he exudes propels him higher on the star’s pedestal with each performance, as he delivers infectious beats and euphoric melodies while remaining an enigma to his fans. Marshmello’s signature musical style is a unique blend of EDM, pop, and hip-hop that crosses boundaries and resonates positively with listeners of all ages.

His chart-topping hits like “Alone” and “Happier,” as well as his collaborations with exceptional artists like Bastille, Khalid, and Selena Gomez, are anthems that always leave you wanting more.

About Marshmello


We are pleased to announce that an outstanding musician has been nominated for several awards at the upcoming Billboard Music Awards, earning high recognition. This talented figure played a crucial role in producing several notable singles that went on to become chart-toppers, including “Wolves,” featuring Selena Gomez’s soulful voice, and Khalid’s track “Silence,” which is both melodic and engaging, mixing elements of hip-hop among catchy choruses.

Another hit single from his collaboration with Anne Marie, titled “Friends,” enchanted listeners when it was released. In 2018, he also collaborated with Bastille on their very successful track “Happier,” which, among other things, earned him an excellent position in the Billboard Top 10 Songs chart for no less than twenty-seven consecutive weeks.

His musical journey began in 2015 when he posted remixes and original works with EDM influences online on Soundcloud. This quickly caught the attention of fellow artists such as Skrillex, who reposted one of his tracks, helping him gain enormous attention and making him a star. The artist’s distinctive style includes wearing a white helmet shaped like a giant marshmallow with an X for eyes and a grin. He never took it off during public appearances.

Marshmello has performed at some of the biggest. The most prestigious music festivals across America, such as the HARD Day of the Dead Festival in Pomona, California, had over 70,000 attendees.
He also performed at New York’s Pier 94 in late 2015 and Miami Music Week in March 2016; these events helped him gain overwhelming popularity among electronic dance music fans. In addition, Marshmello released his highly anticipated album “Joytime” under his label Joytime Collective, featuring ten outstanding tracks that include some great collaborations. The opening track, “Keep It Mello,” particularly stood out as it was certified gold by the RIAA. Mexican rapper Omar Linx contributed his unique rhyming skills to make the song an instant hit for fans worldwide.


Marshmello’s fans were puzzled over his true identity when he appeared in full regalia (DJ), including his distinctive helmet, while accepting the Best EDM/Dance Artist award at last year’s iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards in Canada. It was later revealed that Shawn Mendes had pretended to be him earlier in the year, and Will Ferrell had also briefly impersonated DJ.

It was undoubtedly a pivotal moment in Marshmello’s music career when he released JOYTIME on January 8, 2016, through his independent label JOYTIME Collective. Within hours of its release, it shot to number one on iTunes’ electronic albums chart and held that status until late July of that year. Added to his portfolio, two singles, “Keep It Mello” and “Want U 2,” were also released from the album.

Marshmello’s debut track “Alone” was released on the Monstercat compilation album “Monstercat 027 – Cataclysm”, leading to it becoming one of his career’s most talked about events. MRVLZ emerged as the remix contest winner for this track, winning the chance to release their remix by Monstercat and open for DJ at Camp Bisco during a performance at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

Things got a little funny when Tiësto appeared on stage dressed as Marshmello, just moments after the real Marshmello had already presented himself in identical attire. Tiësto took off the marshmallow helmet and pretended to do so during this memorable performance.

Marshmello is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated artists of our time, deserving every bit of recognition worldwide for his extraordinary musical talent. His evident thirst for greatness has led him to remarkable achievements over time, earning him numerous nominations – some of which he has won convincingly!

In 2016 alone, he impressed in both the DJ Mags Top 100 DJs Contest, where he was awarded “Highest New Entry,” and the International Dance Music Awards in the solo category, where he was nominated in the ” Best Innovative Artist” category thanks to his excellent skills. Marshmello remained at the top of his game the following year, securing nominations in categories such as Best Dance Track, Best Trending Track, New Artist of the Year, and many others at the Radio Disney Music Awards and the WDM Radio Awards. He uses his diverse talents to promote teamwork.

At a Pro AM event during E3 in Los Angeles, he teamed up with Ninja, considered by fans to be the best Fortnite player in the world. Together, they won against 50 professional players and 50 celebrities competing for global Battle Royale supremacy. This incredible achievement earned them an astounding million dollars, which they would like to donate to charity.

Marshmello – Personal life


Christopher Comstock, better known as Marshmello, was born on May 19, 1992, in Amstelveen, Netherlands, and later moved to Los Angeles, California, where he started making music. Information about his parents or siblings is limited, although we know he is of white origin, has Dutch citizenship, and is 1.81 cm tall.

Marshmello is known for his wit and claims that other DJs like Tiësto and celebrities like Shawn Mendes and Will Ferrell are responsible for his identity. But to be honest. It’s common knowledge that he also goes by the name Dotcom. Marshmello started to gain popularity through his remixes of artists like Jack Ue and Zedd. This landed him in the international top 10 list of DJ Mags in 2016, leading to his European tour launch at “Le Showcase” in Paris. Inspired by other balaclava-masked artists such as Deadmau5, Daft Punk, and Skrillex, Christopher Comstockel wore a helmet that resembled a marshmallow on stage.

Marshmello’s impressive performances include opening shows for Afrojack and Jauz before appearing on big stages like the Hard Day Of The Dead Festival in Pomona, California, and Miami Music Week, remixing songs like “Beautiful Now” by Zedds and “Where Are Ue Now” by Jack Ue.

Marshmello also released an album titled “Joytime,” which reached the top of the electronic albums chart in 2016.

Similar to Banksy: the true identity remains hidden to this day.

Marshmello – Relationship

The well-known musician Christopher Comstock has always kept his private life very private. Despite being a prominent public figure, he rarely discusses details beyond his personalized white helmet.

Recently, it was revealed that he is dating model and influencer Kelsey Calemine. Before Marshmello came into the picture with “Be Kind,” Kelsey was dating actor Ross Lynch’s younger brother – Ryland Lynch – who also has experience as a DJ. According to Who Dated Who’s report from 2017, the two made headlines at the time of their breakup.

Marshmello – Net Worth

Marshmello is an electronic music producer and DJ from the United States, known for his remixes of tracks by Skrillex, Diplo, and Zedd. He has become quite successful over the years and has amassed a net worth of $56 million, an impressive increase from his previous net worth of $21 million.

His hard work has secured him a spot on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. According to reports, Marshmello earned $44 million from album sales in just two years. He also ranked 8th among the highest-paid DJs in the world in 2017, when he took home $21 million annually. Marshmello enjoys spending his hard-earned money on luxurious things, such as a roughly 8,000-square-foot mansion in Los Angeles that he recently purchased for a whopping $10 million. The lavish villa offers its residents five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool, a hot tub, a library, and much more extravagance. The same goes for his live performances.

Marshmello charges an exorbitant fee of over $150,000 per show. Marshmello is known for his hit song “Happier” and generates revenue through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. With over 27.2 million followers on Instagram, he earns between $54k and $90k per sponsored post.

Marshmello currently has a whopping 6.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, earning him a monthly income of between $75,300 and $1.2 million, while his annual pay ranges from $903400 to about $14.5 million! He hosts the trendy series “Cooking with Marshmello,” where he communicates with viewers without speaking words but through eye-catching gestures!

This awe-inspiring artist has reached over eight billion viewers, giving him an estimated income of about thirty-six thousand per day! When it comes to the real estate that Marshmello owns, one can not help but mention the house in the Hollywood Hills that he bought for $3.5 billion in 2000, with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool, and a wellness center that showers him with luxury – no wonder this star remains exclusive!

Marshmello Most Watched Videos

Marshmello is a highly skilled DJ and producer who has left an indelible mark on electronic music through hard work and determination. The anonymous artist has received worldwide recognition for his exceptional talents, earning him a spot at the top of the prestigious “100 DJs” list.

With over two trillion views on YouTube and five million Spotify fans – plus nearly twelve million Instagram followers – Marshmello has an impressive fan base that belongs only to him! He also consistently delivers captivating collaborations that appeal to his loyal fan base.

Below are some examples of Marshmello’s most popular videos on YouTube:

1.  “Marshmello – Alone” (Official Music Video), 2016, 2.392.604.660 views

Marshmello conveys themes of loneliness and social struggles in his hit music video “Alone.” A young boy is teased but eventually manages to make everyone move together. This highly acclaimed video has been viewed more than 150 million times. Marshmello’s repertoire of nearly one billion views for all of his other videos is similarly impressive. He earns more than $20 million each year through record sales and stage appearances. Industry guru Moe Shalizi predicts even greater success for Marshmello. Thanks to Shalizi’s guidance, he has the potential to earn up to $50 million in 2019, beating out heavyweight DJ Calvin Harris.

2. “Marshmello – Friends” (with Anne-Marie), 2018, 1.111.368.431 views

In his latest release with Anne-Marie, “Friends,” Marshmello captures the intricacies of friendships that eventually evolve into romantic entanglements. The profound lyrics confirm that open dialogue is critical to maintaining healthy relationships based on the mutual understanding that they are, in fact, merely platonic companions. With its recurring emphasis on the term “friends,” this pop hit will have you singing along in no time. This song advocates virtues like openness and loyalty and encourages setting boundaries necessary for maintaining friendly relationships.

3. “Marshmello – Happier” (feat. Bastille), 2018, 1.090.482.520 views

Marshmello and Bastille’s joint work in the music industry produced an epic hit known as “Happier” The song with poignant lyrics debuted on August 16, 2018, to much fanfare. Marshmello, with Dan Smith and Steve Mac, wrote this fantastic song that became a favourite of many people worldwide. It maintained its position on the UK singles chart and the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US at an impressive second place. More importantly, it became the highest chart position for both artists since their joint musical careers began. It’s also worth noting that according to Hot 100 chart data, the single stayed in the top ten for 27 weeks!

4. “Marshmello – Stars”, 2018, 564.551.423 views

Football is undoubtedly one of the top sports today and enjoys worldwide recognition. Marshmello’s latest music video shows an innovative approach to bringing football to the forefront while featuring “Stars” as the introductory track for Joytime II. To everyone’s surprise, this composition has no vocals but Mello’s signature melodies to satisfy his loyal followers.

Marshmello on Social Media

Marshmello has gained respect in the electronic music scene due to his ability to create unique and diverse soundscapes that stand out from those of other artists. He is also committed to using his platform to contribute positively through active involvement in various social causes. Undoubtedly. Marshmello’s outstanding visual aesthetic only adds to the appeal of this artist’s already impressive legacy.

Marshmello on YouTube, 56.3 M subscribers

It’s hard not to be impressed by Marshmello’s overwhelming success in the gaming world, with his YouTube channel regularly visited by over 56 million subscribers. And what’s even more fascinating is how talented he is when it comes to gaming and how he puts his unique stamp on it! The famous artist has been part of Fortnite since 2019, when players got their hands on a special character skin named after him.

But that was not all – in February 2019, he performed an incredible virtual concert on Fortnite, reaching astronomical numbers with over ten million views!

Apart from his spectacular gaming skills, fans looking for other content can watch Marshmello demonstrate cooking recipes under “Cooking with Marshmello” He also provides several tutorial videos under “How To.” The videos cover various topics and are worth watching for anyone interested!

View Marshmello Youtube page:

Marshmello Youtube

Marshmello on Instagram, 30 M followers

As someone who loves diving into the lives of his favorite musicians, do not miss following Marshemllo on Instagram – where he has amassed over thirty million followers! With carefully curated posts featuring clips from live concerts with their electrifying energy and previews of new tracks soon to be released, he’s building excitement with his audience before the day of release approaches.

The talented artist is in direct contact with his followers, sharing personal experiences such as his adrenaline-fueled travel adventures or fun interactions with fellow musicians. Marshmello’s Instagram account offers a great mix of entertainment, unparalleled access to his work, and hands-on interaction opportunities with fans, giving them a glimpse into the artist’s life beyond his music.

View Marshmello Instagram page:

Marshmello Instagram

Marshmello on Facebook, 18 M followers

It’s no surprise that Marshmello is one of the most popular artists in the world, considering the impressive number of over 18 million followers on his Facebook page. Fans undoubtedly experience an exciting range of content, including updates on the musician’s latest music releases and the shows he’ll be performing at; exclusive glimpses into the exciting behind-the-scenes world; spectacular photos and videos that fuel the already electrified atmosphere of footage from previous gigs or concerts with friends. Marshmello also maintains an intense contact with his fans by conducting interactive live streams and hosting exciting contests where they can contribute their knowledge.

View Marshmello Facebook page:

Marshmello Facebook

Marshmello on TikTok, 27.9 M followers

Marshmello has gained an impressive following of over 27 million people on TikTok because he shares excellent content that speaks directly to their interests. To always keep them entertained while building a relationship with them, he creates short videos that showcase stunning live performances at various venues around the world and behind-the-scenes clips that show how everything comes together so perfectly!

In addition, fans are regularly treated to jam-packed snippets that showcase some stellar examples of Marshmello’s music and collaborations with other creative users that blend to create masterpieces worth watching! Finally, most notably for him, several unique challenges spice up Marshmello’s exquisite creativity through awesome videos that are posted weekly!

View Marshmello TikTok page:

Marshmello TikTok

Marshmello on Twitter, 2.4 M followers

Marshmello has a considerable following of 2.4 million followers on Twitter, thanks to his captivating personality as one of the most famous DJs who always performs wearing a helmet in the shape of a marshmallow! On this social media platform, he regularly informs his fans about new music and tour dates that will be announced soon.

He also shares behind-the-scenes moments from gigs or pictures while collaborating with other talented musicians and trying something new together! Marshmello also makes sure everyone knows when Marsh merchandise hits stores so they can be first in line!

View Marshmello Twitter page:

Marshmello Twitter

Marshmello FAQ

Q: Who is Marshmello?
A: Marshmello is an incredibly talented electronic music producer and DJ who prefers to hide his true personality behind a marshmallow mask during live shows or public appearances. Regardless of the secrecy surrounding his identity, he has garnered great admiration for his exceptional music productions and partnerships with several established musicians.

Q: When was released the song “Happier” by Marshmello?
A: Released in 2018, the song quickly became a chart sensation in several regions with its catchy electronic-pop beat. The lyrics highlight constructive ways to strive for happiness after emotional turmoil experienced through heartbreak – spreading positivity through music!

Q: Did Marshmello ever reveal his face?
A: There has yet to be an official revelation on this issue. The electro-pop sensation dons a white helmet-like headgear adorned with an emoji-like smiley face during performances and public appearances, which he rarely removes to reveal what is hidden underneath. This conspicuous symbolization through visual art has come to have its cultural significance and is an indispensable aspect of the artist known as “Marshmello.”

Q: Which are the most popular songs of DJ Marshmello?
A: Some of his notable tracks include “Alone. “, “Happier,” and “Silence” with Khalid. He has also collaborated with talented artists such as Anne Marie, Selena Gomez, CHVRCHES, Leah Culver, and Lele Pons to write some chart hits such as “Friends,” “Wolves,” “Here with Me,” “Fly,” and “Summer.”

Q: Who is Kane Brown and how is he connected to Marshmello?

A: The acclaimed Kane Brown has earned significant recognition as a gifted American country music singer and songwriter due to his incredible talent within his chosen genre. In a stunning collaboration with Marshmello on their dynamic hit “One Thing Right,” released in 2019, both artists showcased their boundless creativity by incorporating facets of electronic and country music styles into a harmonious track that stunned audiences everywhere. A production like this speaks volumes about veteran producer Marshmello’s versatility in every track he touches – no wonder fans are lining up to get a taste!

Q: Is Marshmello known for his live performances?
A: Marshmello is known for his highly dynamic and enthusiastic live shows. He has conquered the music scene several times, presenting his signature blend of electronic rhythms and stunning visual effects at music festivals, concert halls, and various other events.

Q: What is the Marshmello event in Fortnite?
A: This amazing virtual concert was of immense significance in February 2019, when millions of followers witnessed Marshmello’s performance as he played live in this famous online game. This unique opportunity thrilled numerous players and gave them a great virtual environment to enjoy his music.

Q: Has Marshmello done any concerts?

A: Marshmello is an artist who has done several global concerts. Thanks to his extensive touring routine; his fans can see him live in various venues of different sizes to capture an unforgettable experience forever.

Q: Did Marshmello collaborate with CHVRCHES?

A: Marshmello and Scottish ensemble CHVRCHES collaborated on “Here with Me.” “In the process, their respective styles merge seductively. The song’s electronic beats complement CHVRCHES’ dreamy vocals to create a unique listening experience.

Q: Did Marshmello collaborate with Roddy Ricch?
A: In 2018, they created “Project Dreams.” An electrifying hit that seamlessly combines contemporary ‘trap’ sounds with hypnotic beats, with lyrics about striving for success and following your passions. This collaboration between two musical titans encourages people never to abandon their dreams.

Marshmello has become a world-renowned musical force thanks to his unique vocal style and swanky DJ skills. His well-received tunes uplift people no matter where they are on the globe, without much being seen of him in person, as he wears a white helmet in the shape of a marshmallow no matter what kind of event or show he performs at!

However impersonal this may seem at first glance, it hardly does justice to the unifying force he exudes through his positivity and boundless creativity. However, what sets him apart is his ability to blend different genres with ease! These skills have allowed him to connect with an exciting and diverse array of artists, producing many hit tracks that have become anthemic pieces full of joy and resilience.

Listeners from all walks of life appreciate him; think of his lyrical “Happier” or the peppy “Alone” – both tracks that evoke deep emotions in listeners.
But his reach extends beyond music – beyond his philanthropic efforts, Marshmello is dedicated to creating better mental health awareness or championing charitable initiatives that advance positivity in society. Through his many efforts to inspire people along the way, Marshmello certainly inspires a lot of goodwill!

In a time characterized by artificiality and a constant call for attention, Marshmello is committed to connecting through art. He focuses less on who is behind the mask and more on the connection with the audience that it creates.

As Marshmello continues to evolve creatively and captivate large audiences worldwide with his captivating live performances, one thing remains certain: the journey of this talented artist is central to positively impacting the humanity around us.


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