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Lisa Ann Age, Net Worth, Biography And Personal Life

Lisa Ann Corpora has enjoyed a glittering career as an American actress in the prestigious ranks of the adult film industry and is also a respected radio host.

She has proven her versatility not only as an actress but also as a director and manager of performers. Her extraordinary portrayal of Sarah Palin in various adult films caught many eyes, and she also proved her skill in spoofing satire in the music video scene.

Lisa Ann Biography


Lisa Ann Corpora’s outstanding achievements have earned her unparalleled admiration throughout the industry. Not only was she honoured with an AVN award for her exceptional performance in MILF Revolution, but she was also inducted into three major adult entertainment Halls of Fame.

Despite obstacles placed in her path, including severe AIDS anxiety in her former life, Lisa made one of the most triumphant comebacks of all time thanks to her remarkable resilience and courage upon her return to the industry in 2006! Before turning to adult entertainment, Lisa appeared on The Howard Stern Show and lent her masterful voice to the Grand Theft Auto V video game, which was a huge success! Her innate abilities have allowed her incredible versatility, spanning various artistic mediums, after which she continues to receive rave reviews for her outstanding contributions.

Born May 9, 1972, in Pennsylvania, Lisa Ann Corpora has resided in Huntington Beach, California, for over fifteen years. She currently splits her time between a comfortable condo in Los Angeles and a luxurious flat in the heart of New York City’s midtown Manhattan. From a young age, Lisa was a gifted athlete, especially in basketball and football, which she played passionately.


The name Lisa Ann may immediately strike most people as synonymous with adult entertainment – for a good reason! What some do not realise, however, is that if things had gone differently early in her career (as they often do), we might also know a different version of Lisa today: one who works in athletics, perhaps as an agent or writer/blogger, among other things.

However things have evolved, it’s abundantly clear that Lisa has maintained an irrepressible enthusiasm for the sport; this can be seen in her recent Sirius XM radio show “Lisa Ann Does Fantasy.”
There, she chats with listeners about various topics related to specific football topics. In addition, Lisa’s knowledge and passion always shine through and are even noticed by major networks like ESPN, which shows why she is seen beyond her work in adult films. We will all remember a 2015 campaign by Brazzers that caused quite a stir, as they had to withdraw the offer of dinner with Lisa that had been drawn.


There are numerous accomplished actresses in the realm of erotic films, and Lisa Ann is undoubtedly one of them, having had a glittering career spanning several decades. Her relations with various high-ranking personalities have attracted attention not only within but also outside this field.

When she began her journey with Metro/Cal Vista’s Flesh for Fantasy production under the contract of John O’Rourke, there was nothing short of sizzling hot hardcore action scenes! However, health problems related to AIDS led her to retire from the profession in 1997.


The adult film industry is well known in many households in America, and one of the most famous personalities in this world is Lisa Ann – she first became known for her portrayal of Sarah Palin in the 2008 film “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin”, produced by Hustler Video.

She diligently prepared for the role by studying Tina Fey’s version of Palin from Saturday Night Live. Her performance made her one of the most popular female performers on the streaming video website AEBN. It was followed by sequels such as “Barack Obama Is Nailin’ Palin”; she even starred in Eminem’s music video “We Made You”.

In 2009, she became a director with “Hung XXX”, released in September by Justin Slayer International; this was the beginning of a fruitful career behind the camera that continues to this day.

In 2013, she opened her own production company called Lisa Ann Productions – later joining forces with Jules Jordan Video for distribution, where she won an AVN award for directing “MILF Revolution”.

In addition to her work as a performer in adult films, Lisa Ann has also turned to talent placement – working as a talent agent for LA Direct Models. Before that, she founded Clear Talent Management and Lisa Ann’s Talent Management, eventually merging with Adam Glasser’s Lighthouse Agency. In 2010, the company closed.


Lisa Ann additional details

Although public knowledge about Lisa Ann still needs to be more sketchy, such as whether she smokes or drinks and her dietary habits, one can learn much about this fascinating personality.

-She is passionate about sports and has successfully played basketball, field hockey and football over the years while relying on the popular iPhone technology for communication purposes.

-Lisa’s wanderlust is also to be noticed; she regularly travels around the world to various destinations, including paragliding, while visiting the town of Interlaken in Switzerland.

-Cooking homemade pizza creations is another joy for Lisa as she looks for quality leisure activities outside work.

-Her gentle love for animals is evident in how affectionately she treats them.

-Even though psoriasis was once a challenge for her, Lisa Ann has bravely found ways to overcome any adversity that came her way!

Lisa Ann Net Worth


Lisa Ann’s incredible net worth of nearly $5 million speaks volumes about her hard work and dedication to several profitable industries.

She has made significant contributions through successful starring roles in adult films, equally impressive directing and producing work on several titles, and successfully running a talent agency and starting her own production company. In addition, listeners worldwide appreciate her high commitment as a host of the Sirius XM satellite radio program.

Lisa Ann Age


It is safe to say that Lisa Anns’ acting career is extensive – she has been in the industry for over twenty-five years.

She started in the mid-90s. At that time, she was about 21 or 22 years old – and has since made a name for herself as a respected professional in her field. In addition to her outstanding contributions on screen, Lisa Ann has also authored two literary works: “TheLIFE” and “TheLifeBack” Her undeniable talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and Lisa Ann’s name is synonymous with that of a world-renowned performer in adult films at the height of her success.

Lisa Ann Height


With a height of about 1.50m, its’ safe to say that Lisa Ann stands the epitome of elegance.

Weighing about 50 kg, her slender appearance adds even more grace. The look in her charming black eyes perfectly complements the beauty of Lisa’s brown hair – together they enhance any of her appearances, whether in front of or behind the camera.

Lisa Ann Personal Life


The influential circle around Lisa Ann

In recent years, the varied career path of Lisa Ann, a successful actress, and writer, led to chance encounters that were to expand her circle immeasurably.

As prominent figures from various industries came into view, Lisa Ann seized new opportunities to interact with them – including Justin Brent, football player extraordinaire, and renowned hockey player Michael Del Zotto.

Soulja Boy – is a dynamic talent whose songs are associated with positive inspiration and entertainment. Also, Chris Brown – is an incredible artist who captivates audiences worldwide with his songs and whom Lisa has come to admire greatly.

Also included are reality stars Rob Kardashian and Shad Moss (TV), with whom Lisa Ann maintains a close relationship. John Salley rounds out this group of revered personalities whose paths have crossed with Lisa Ann during her career and who have positively influenced her life in many ways, even beyond mere industry relationships.

Lisa Ann Pictures




Lisa Ann on Social Media

Lisa Ann knows full well that engagement is the key to supporting her loyal fans – something that comes through clearly in each of the powerful posts she publishes daily on various social platforms. With regular insights into her professional successes and moments from her life, she stays connected with those who admire more than just what they see on screen – earning recognition as one of the most compelling voices in niches where admiration for versatile artists reigns supreme.

It takes work to maintain online engagement, which Lisa Ann evidently understands in every interaction she has across her accounts.

Lisa Ann on YouTube


Audiences want more meaningful connections with artists who can offer helpful advice through shared perspectives on various topics – which is where Lisa Ann’s excellent YouTube channel comes in handy. Here, she shares personal reflections on career paths and experiences, making these messages possible for fans, new and old.

Her videos cover everything from Q&A sessions on specific topics to vlogs that show an authentic and original behind-the-scenes look at various aspects of daily life. This is presented through an engaging personality that has attracted rapidly growing subscribers. For people who want to support groundbreaking content that offers their genuine views without having to dig much more profound! – Don’t miss out on this unparalleled resource, as each video will give you something to take away that will positively impact your life. So don’t delay!

View Lisa Ann’s YouTube page:

Lisa Ann YouTube

Lisa Ann on Twitter


Lisa Ann has an impressive following on Twitter, consisting of two million followers who religiously wait for the “latest’ from their beloved celebrity crush – and it comes often!

Through regular updates with engaging content, including retweets and interactions with nearly eight thousand users (yes, really!), she creates an intimate bond like no other public figure on the Internet. Since beginning her journey in July 2009, she has tweeted more than 138,000 times, sharing authentic thoughts and personal insights while maintaining close interaction with her fans at every turn.

View Lisa Ann’s Twitter page:

Lisa Ann Twitter

Lisa Ann on OnlyFans


Seasoned fans looking for exclusive content will be drawn to the intimacy of Lisa Ann’s profile on OnlyFans. With her distinct charisma combined with her years of experience in the industry, she offers her subscribers unique access explicitly tailored to them. Her platform provides unrestricted photo galleries and insightful glimpses into her life beyond her work films.

For followers who want to see their favourite celebrities beyond their on-screen presence, there is now more than what they expected by having access to this channel. This showcase on OnlyFans shows just how much effort Lisa puts into connecting personally with her loyal followers.

View Lisa Ann’s OnlyFans page:

Lisa Ann Onlyfans

Lisa Ann FAQS

1. How has Lisa Ann’s presence in XXX porn videos impacted the industry?

Through her sheer skill, professionalism, and dedication to her craft, she set the bar admirably high for other performers; moreover, we could see her becoming popular by promoting the understanding and appreciation of adult entertainment as an art form. For many people, she embodies a genuinely inspiring figure who transcends boundaries.

2. What is Lisa Ann’s association with Pornhub?

Over time, Lisa Ann has collaborated with Pornhub in various ways, earning the recognition of an audience she has gained through this platform.

With numerous performances that have reached many viewers through, many fans appreciate her acting as an adult movie actress more than many others currently working in this industry.

3. What can be found on Lisa Ann’s OnlyFans account?

Lisa Ann’s OnlyFans account is dedicated exclusively to her fans who want a more intense connection with their favourite celebrity. It offers them unique opportunities to get closer to the retired actress than ever before.

On this platform, they can access photos that capture personal moments, videos with exclusive content, backstage details about her work life, and private messaging options to communicate directly with her. They also have the option to attend live streams with the star herself. All of these features give subscribers a glimpse into Lisa Ann’s career highlights and an insight into her life.

4. What is the name of Lisa Ann’s podcast?

Lisa Ann has named her podcast “The Lisa Ann Experience.”
Many credit Lisa Ann with a massive influence in adult entertainment that continues today. In addition to working behind the scenes as a director or producer, her ability to play multiple acting roles has continued to thrill audiences worldwide for many years and speaks volumes about what a versatile artist she truly is!

Even after numerous awards and a prominent presence on social media, Lisa has not stopped impressing everyone with her effortless appeal and attention to detail that comes from her deep passion for what she does. Lisa Ann also ventures into other areas to connect with her fans through her podcast or social media. Through these approaches, Lisa Ann’s influence has only grown and solidified her position as a respected and revered figure in the adult entertainment industry.


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