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Fernanfloo Wiki – Biography, Career, Net Worth

Passion drives Fernanfloo every step to carve a niche for himself in the world of video game creation on YouTube! With his witty yet sincere commentaries on various titles of popular games, he strikes a chord with viewers worldwide, proving that anyone can do what they set out to do!

It all started when Luis Fernando Flores started recording gameplays to casually share with friends in his native El Salvador, in Central America. Little did he know that this innocent hobby would later catapult him to more than 40 million subscribers, affectionately known as ‘Fernanflooers.” Aside from his impressive comedic talents, Fernanfloo has also made a name for himself through his tireless dedication to big-hearted projects.

Over the years, he has passionately supported various charity initiatives, leveraging his vast audience to raise funds and awareness for various charitable causes. This article explores the complicated story that makes Fernanfloo such a well-known figure on YouTube and analyzes how his distinct style of content creation has captivated millions of people and earned him global recognition.

In addition, we will explore how he has used this influence for good, getting his fans across borders to contribute to various philanthropic campaigns collectively. Join us on an exciting adventure into the extraordinary world of Fernanfloo, an inspiration to many and one of the most important shapers of digital entertainment culture today.

About Fernanfloo


Who says that humor is dead? Anyone who has seen the hysterical gaming videos of Luis Fernando Flores Alvarados and the accompanying vlogs will certainly not say that anymore! This talented Salvadoran YouTuber, better known by his nickname Fernanfloo, has caused quite a stir with his hilarious performances on social media platforms!

He was born on July 7, 1993, in San Salvador, is 1.87 m tall, and weighs about 69 kg—an impressive figure! He has the great honor of having the most subscribers on YouTube, surpassing celebrities like Rihanna, Shakira, and Ariana Grande, who have made it to fame worldwide! His videos have been viewed multiple times; the numbers are in the billions! Although you may recognize him by distinctive expressions like “chicken,” “cone,” “sausage,” “son of fruits,” “God Goku,” “knock,” “Fernan el fail,” etc., what stands out is his fondness for green, which he cleverly incorporates into his wardrobe. Recently, Fernanfloo, unfortunately, had to take a break from his YouTube duties after an appendectomy; it was only natural that he took time off—two weeks—from creating new content to recover from the surgical procedure fully!

Any gaming enthusiast—and indeed, anyone who uses YouTube frequently—is surely familiar with the salient features of Fernanfloo’s channel, which is competently run by another renowned Salvadoran content creator, Luis Flores. These are primarily geared towards global gamers, with options such as game reviews, game-related vlogs, and appearances from key contributors like Fernanfloo’s brother and his dog, Rizado!


At 18 years old, Fernanfloo began his YouTube journey by uploading tutorial clips and short films depicting acts of violence, which quickly became a focus on game-related content. His iconic gameplay videos helped him achieve fame and glory thanks to the huge support of his followers worldwide.

He received YouTube’s prestigious Diamond Badge for having more than 10 million subscribers. Additionally, he’s still known for his Twitch streaming sessions, which mainly focus on Fortnite gameplay and enjoy great popularity. Discover more about this young YouTuber by diving into Fernanfloo’s bio, where you can see how he has diversified his content over time.

He has incorporated exciting challenges like question-and-answer sessions into his vlogs to give his fans more insight into his life experiences. One of Fernanfloo’s standout features is his unique on-camera demeanor, where he intentionally uses over-the-top performances with nonsensical remarks that are perfectly stitched together through clever editing.

He’s currently one of the ten most subscribed YouTubers in the world and has incredible views. One video titled “Fernanfloos’ Rap,” a reinterpretation of BambielR4’s original song composition, enjoys particularly high viewership.


Fernanfloo is a multi-talented individual who has achieved incredible milestones through hard work and dedication. In 2017, he published an outstanding graphic novel titled “Curly está en peligro” (Curly is in danger) and took the stage at the XIII Feria Internacional del Libro de Panamá (Panama International Book Fair).

He also played a leading role in the Ecuadorian film comedy “Dedicada a mi ex” (Dedicated to My Ex). He starred in Capcom’s remake trailer for “Resident Evil 2”. He launched another mobile game with BroadbandTV called “Fernanfloo Party”. ” Since March 2021, he has also been active in TikTok content creation.

In addition to being an influential influencer, Fernanfloo is also involved in charitable causes, such as fundraising campaigns for non-profit organizations and initiatives that promote the welfare of Latin American children and youth. He recently received a nomination in the “Gamer MVP” category at the prestigious Kids’ Choice Awards for inspiring young people with unwavering passion.

Fernanfloo’s road to success has been challenging, as facial paralysis led to temporary setbacks after a fifteen-hour Call of Duty gaming session. Nevertheless, his determination to maintain a daily or semi-daily video schedule for his subscribers has significantly contributed to his incredible fame and fortune.

Fernanfloo – Personal life


Luis Fernando Flores, known on all social media platforms as Fernanfloo, celebrates his birthday every year on July 7. Thus, he is currently thirty years old. Thinking back to his childhood, it is unsurprising that he got in touch with the world of video games very early, eventually earning him many admirers on the Internet.

Despite the discretion about events involving family members, we have collected some facts about Fernandez’s family. From when he was six years old until now, his relatives reportedly supported his early adulthood development of a strong interest in basketball.

When looking at important relationships outside of his career, his older brother, who everyone knows on YouTube, is always seen in his videos recording with him. He has two other siblings, Juan and Diego, who have had brief roles in some of Fernandez’s videos. He was also very forthcoming and heartwarming by sharing photos of his hairy friends, namely Curly and Party.

It is also interesting to note that Fernanfloo received the Nintendo 64 as his first game console at the tender age of four. This milestone marked the beginning of an incredible gaming adventure.

Fernanfloo is an admired creator on YouTube, with a beloved four-legged friend named Curry as part of his channel’s trademark. A great inspiration for him in creating content within the digital medium is DrossRotzank, a Venezuelan author and YouTuber who has been an incredible influence with his unique approach that has resulted in exceptional quality work over several years.

Fernanfloo developed not only content in 2015 but also a delightful mobile application called “Fernanfloo,” in which he plays arcade-style games with his lovable companion Curry. The application’s charm was immediately recognized, and the first version was downloaded over 2.3 million times in just seven days!

To further capitalize on his growing popularity, Fernandflo launched an official clothing line, for which he registered under the name Fernandflo.” The store includes T-shirts, caps, and bags, so fans can support this popular Internet personality while flaunting trendy duds!


Luis Flores boldly chose to forgo formal education and pursue a full-time career on YouTube at the beginning of his studies because of his intense passion for content creation. Although he initially met with disapproval from his family members, they now support him tirelessly. In five years, when he turns thirty, it will be the end of this profession for him, which demands dedication from him every day without him resenting it even once!

With his brother, Luis manages all the finances related to funds, real estate, and investments that allow him to express himself creatively, freely and without worries! Currently, Luis makes it a point to find peace, sporadically uploading long-awaited videos with large gaps between them, which some fans call retirement, or others call an extended holiday.

Fernanfloo – Relationship

Although he is widely celebrated for creating content on YouTube, Fernanfloo prefers to keep his aspects out of the public eye, especially regarding intimate relationships with others. In this way, he protects this facet of his person from scrutiny or undue attention from fans or media representatives who may not respect boundaries regarding private matters such as love lives or individual philosophies of faith (in addition to romantic orientation). Accordingly, Fernanfloo is known to identify as asexual with agnostic tendencies, highlighting deviations in personal identity and an appreciation for cultivating boundaries regarding those particularities that are too deeply embedded in one’s value system.

Fernanfloo – Net Worth

From rural roots to dazzling fame at home and abroad, this is the story of Fernanfloo. This YouTuber’s net worth stands out from the crowd, as his videos have been viewed more than six million times, and he has more than seven thousand subscribers worldwide, for a cumulative estimate of $7 million in income to date.

The accomplished YouTube star then went one better by founding “Fernanfloo Clothing,” which offers its customers an excellent selection of fashion styles, ranging from T-shirts to hats. Since its launch, Fernanfloo Clothing has earned over $21 million. This is an excellent achievement since it ranks high among other income-generating channels on YouTube in America.

Fernanfloo’s Most Watched Videos

Fernanfloo is widely known as one of the most prominent YouTube personalities for his intriguing personality that shines through in annotated gameplay videos. His entertaining video editing style adds a touch of humor, keeping his fans coming back for more content. He adds variety with vlogs, challenges, and Q&A sessions to keep fans interested, moving away from game-oriented topics over time.

Here are some of the most watched videos on YouTube:

1. “EL RAP DE FERNANFLOO!!“, 2016, 141.101.004 views

Salvadoran YouTuber Fernanfloo celebrates reaching ten million subscribers on his channel with this unique musical theme created by artist BambielR4 in 2016, providing insights into different aspects of Fernanfloos’ daily life and personality traits. The audiovisual masterpiece vividly depicts what makes him so popular with viewers worldwide.

BambielR4 takes this opportunity to express its admiration for Fernandez by paying him a fitting tribute with ‘El Rap de Fernandez,’ which includes characteristic features such as catchphrases like “hmm yeah” and frequent references to “pene” (penis). He also mentions some of his favorite games, like “Geometry Dash,” as well as his fondness for Freddy Fazbear from ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s.”

The song pays tribute to Fernanfloo’s incredible journey that has contributed to his rise in popularity, which initially began with creating content that entertained him. The song highlights how Fernanfloo’s enthusiasm for content creation has influenced viewers worldwide, leading to awards such as the Silver Button, the Gold Button, and the Diamond Button.

While Bambiel offers a cause for celebration, he reminds everyone of Fernandez’s criticism and makes it clear that those who do not appreciate his work can look elsewhere. Overall. El Rap de Fernandez’ is a unique way to honor the achievements of an extraordinary personality and show why he remains one of the most popular personalities on YouTube.

2. “GTA V | Momentos Divertidos #3 (Funny Moments) (GTA 5)”,2013, 116,171,396 views

3. “FERNANFLOO ES SECUESTRADO !! – Fernanfloo Saw Game”, 2016, 105,534,952 views

4. “LA DESESPERACION DE FOXY !! – Video Reaccion”,2015, 94,227,808 views

Fernanfloo on Social Media

Fernando “Fernanfloo” Orellana has become a celebrated figure in the vast landscape of gamers worldwide. His popular channel focuses exclusively on video game topics, from reviews to the latest tips and tricks.

His dedication is evident in his impressive subscriber numbers and his active participation on other social media outlets such as Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram, where his fresh take on gaming discussions has allowed him to attract a large following.

Fernanfloo on YouTube, 46 M subscribers

Fernanfloo enjoys enormous popularity among YouTube viewers and has 46 million subscribers! He is known for producing highly entertaining games marked by his lively character. His style of video editing adds even more spice to the humor. Besides the funny game-related content, he creates engaging vlogs, challenges, and Q&A videos less frequently than the gameplay.

After humble beginnings in 2011, the creator’s online career began thanks to numerous videos shared on YouTube. The turning point came after producing several successful clips related to Grand Theft Auto V, which brought them fame. They continued experimenting with different media types, such as question-and-answer sessions, gaming streams, vlogs, and tutorials.

However, their focus on tutorials gradually shifted to gameplay videos as they became more appealing. After a brief hiatus at the end of 2017, the content producer returned with renewed vigor the following April, focusing mainly on Twitch but occasionally surprising viewers with new content on his dormant YouTube channel. Due to his growing notoriety, the YouTuber was awarded an exceptional Diamond Play button after gaining over 30 million subscribers.

View Fernanfloo’s Youtube page:

Fernanfloo Youtube

Fernanfloo on Instagram, 10.5 M followers

A must-read on social media is Fernanfloo’s Instagram, where he shares many snapshots in his free time with dear friends while exploring exotic locations around the globe. What stands out the most are the signs in these moments that show that our subject is going through another transitional phase, judging by the repetition in the feeds!

In an equally hilarious and entertaining way, he seamlessly spins current and fictional events by providing some laughs by sharing various memes, hard-hitting jokes, and comedic sequences that are guaranteed to leave the audience breathless. An accomplished content creator, he offers a behind-the-scenes look at his YouTube channel and supports his fan base by responding to them and hosting regular Q&A sessions, among other things.

View Fernanfloo’s Instagram page:

Fernanfloo Instagram

Fernanfloo on Twitter, 7.3 M followers

Since opening his Twitter account in 2011, Luis Fernando Flores (Fernanfloo) has built an impressive following of more than 7 million followers who eagerly await updates on his latest ventures. Whether he’s reporting on what’s new on his YouTube channel or responding to fan messages with replies or likes, Fernanfloo always takes the time to connect directly with his fans. In addition to this valuable engagement, there are occasional glimpses of the man behind the facade: Fernanfloo generously shares personal anecdotes and reflections via Twitter!

View Fernanfloo’s Twitter page:

Fernanfloo Twitter

Fernanfloo on Facebook, 6,9 M followers

Fernanfloo is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media influencers, with an impressive 6.9 million followers on Facebook alone! He regularly engages with his fans by sharing updates on his latest YouTube videos with catchy snippets or direct video links in each post. He’s not afraid to respond to user comments; he always takes the time to reply or leave likes when warranted personally! However, his engagement goes beyond just promoting video content; he often shares behind-the-scenes insights, candid photos, and compelling personal stories and reflections that give a deeper insight into who he is as a person and as a successful YouTuber.

View Fernanfloo Facebook’s page:

Fernanfloo Facebook

Fernanfloo on TikTok, 15 M followers

Luis Fernando Flores, known as Fernanfloo, has amassed an incredible 15 million followers on TikTok thanks to a series of engaging posts he shares with his fans. From witty skits to fun challenges to snappy dances, it all features Fernanfloo’s bubbly energy and infectious humor. Creative edits add to the appeal of these fast-paced videos, while select behind-the-scenes looks at some YouTube projects further deepen fan engagement. The YouTuber also gets great appreciation for interacting with his fans through thoughtful response videos or duets with them! Fernanfloo often shares details about interesting collaborations or upcoming unique projects to keep everyone updated on his exciting new developments.

View Fernanfloo’s TikTok page:

Fernanfloo TikTok

Fernanfloo on Twitch, 3.4 M followers

Most people who watch streams regularly know Fernanfloo; if you don’t yet, you’ve probably been living under a rock! In April 2018, after staying out of the media for about three months, Fernando surprised everyone when he announced that the frequency of posting new content on his primary YouTube channel, which has over 3.4 million followers, would change. No need to worry, though, as fans could still catch him every week in intense live-streaming sessions focused mainly on Fortnite games! Along the way, he created the channel “Fernan” as a temporary home where fans could enjoy highlights of his Twitch streams. He was undoubtedly an influential gamer and received a well-deserved nomination for the tenth edition of the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico in the ‘Popular Gamer’ category.

View Fernanfloo’s Twitch page:

Fernanfloo Twitch

Fernanfloo FAQ

Q: Who is Fernanfloo?

A: Looking at the most famous YouTube creators, one person who stands above all others is Fernaflooo himself! With engaging gameplay content that combines humor with charming charisma—and don’t forget his real name, Luis Fernando Flores—it’s no surprise why people love him; it’s safe to say he has an enormous following among enthusiasts worldwide!

Q: How is Fernanfloo related to Geometry Dash?

A: It’s fascinating to see how Fernanfloo is connected to Geometry Dash. One connection is his popular YouTube channel, where he uploads gameplay videos for this rhythm-based platformer! Fans of the game can watch him master challenging levels and see his reactions.

Q: What is “la muerte de Fernanfloo” (the death of Fernanfloo)?

A: When we talk about “la muerte de Fernanfloo”,” we allude to the hypothetical case that Fernanfloo’s virtual persona dies while playing a video game. This notion can be used in user-created works and actual game sessions.

Q: Is Fernanfloo associated with the Illuminati?

A: You may have heard rumors about Fernanfloo and his alleged involvement in the infamous Illuminati organization. However, these allegations lack any factual basis and are best understood as a form of humor or satire.

Q: What happened in Fernanfloo’s career in 2016?

A: In the last few years of his career, Fernanfloo has impressively increased the visibility and influence of his YouTube channel. He has demonstrated his commitment to regularly publishing entertaining gaming content while partnering with like-minded creators. He has charmed and amused his loyal fan base with his distinctive, humorous insights.

Q: Is Fernanfloo playing GTA 5?

A: It’s worth noting that in the past, Fernanfloo has posted gameplay videos of said game on his extremely popular YouTube channel. During gameplay sessions, he often drops his distinctive commentary and humor into these videos.

Q: What are “momentos divertidos” (funny moments) of Fernanfloo?

A: This refers to the funny snippets that are incorporated into his gameplay videos. These snippets often feature amusing mishaps, unexpected events, or Fernanfloo’s charming reactions.

Q: Does Fernanfloo play horror games?

A: No doubt about it! He has proven that time and time again by recording and posting gameplays of various scary titles on his YouTube channel. The scary moments are a thrilling experience for him as he explores the depths of each game’s plot.

Q: What are some songs by Fernanfloo?

A: When it comes to funny beats that showcase comedic talent and video game knowledge, few can rival Fernanfloo. Fans have eagerly devoured his many catchy tracks lovingly compiled on his YouTube channel; standout tracks include “Fernanfloo Rap,” “No Dice Nada,” and “Fernanfloo Remix.” The witty lyrics revolve around topics related to YouTuber life and gaming culture. These songs are a must for anyone looking for a light-hearted musical experience.

Q: What is “Draw My Life” by Fernanfloo?

A: “Fernanfloo: Draw My Life” is a captivating video format in which the well-known YouTube personality narrates exciting aspects of his life while drawing corresponding sketches on a whiteboard. As he takes viewers through monumental events and shares personal anecdotes reflecting his remarkable career trajectory, we get a glimpse into what has made him a respected content creator today.

Fernanfloo, a charming and talented YouTuber from El Salvador, has undoubtedly made his mark on the digital entertainment landscape! His infectious energy radiates warmth, while his humorous commentary on games connects him with viewers around the globe. These traits have earned him countless avid followers fueled by his authentic gaming zeal!

In this article, we looked at how passion combined with hard work leads to phenomenal success, as Fernanfloo’s rise from hobbyist to YouTube sensation shows. His wit and intelligence set him apart from other content creators and ensure that viewers continue to gravitate toward him. His philanthropic efforts show he doesn’t just want to entertain by creating content.

In particular, using his online presence to raise awareness and funding for various social causes shows an altruistic dimension rarely seen in other influencers. Fernanfloo’s story proves that you can achieve great things by pursuing your interests while making the world better!

With all due respect to his work, it is clear that Fernanfloo has a significant influence within the YouTube community today due to his groundbreaking contributions. His innovative approach to game commentary sets new standards for engagement and entertainment value; he proves authenticity, creativity, and a deep connection with one’s audience are the basic ingredients for building successful channels on YouTube.

Moreover, Fernanfool’s journey has taken him from a local gamer to one who has reached great heights through talent, passion, and unwavering determination. Fernanfloo inspires millions through his work and leaves a lasting impression on the world of YouTube. This becomes even more evident as we look forward to the amazing story of a true icon of his generation


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