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Chloe Cherry Age, Net Worth, Facts And Relationships

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on August 23, 1997, Chloe Cherry was born – an esteemed adult film star, model and comedian.

Her real name is Chloe Couture/Elise Jones, but her reputation is enhanced by another name. She spent most of her early life in Philadelphia and even tried her hand as an actress in the second season of HBO’s Euphoria, where she played the role of Faye. However, this wasn’t the beginning of her illustrious journey in the entertainment industry, as shortly after she was signed by The Hussie Models agency in Miami.

Chloe Cherry Biography


Meet Chloe Cherry: The successful American model and actress

Chloe Cherry is a successful model and actress who has been making a splash in the adult entertainment industry since 2015, when she started working with Hussie Models. Over time, this talented person has shown her exceptional skills in more than 200 movies! Of particular note is her first Netflix appearance as Faye in Euphoria – now a worldwide fan favourite.

On March 9 of this year (2022), ChaoticNirvana discussed on an episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast that overcoming past struggles takes incredible courage – and that’s exactly what we saw when Chloe bravely opened up about her own on the national airwaves. She revealed that she suffered from an eating disorder at the age of 18 due to constant criticism from producers on set.

However, thanks to the help of mental health professionals, Chloe was able to regain her health and reclaim her life.

At the age of 18, Chloe made an important decision: she moved from Lancaster to Miami to pursue a career as a model and actress in adult entertainment, adopting the stage name Chloe Couture.

Thank you to the experience and advice of her colleague at Hussie Models, Riley Reynolds, Cherry became a rising star in her field.

There is no denying that Chloe Cherry is talented and dedicated to her craft. Her story highlights the challenges people face throughout the industry while overcoming obstacles in their personal lives as well! It’s important to remain respectful and acknowledge the hard work these people put into their careers.


In recent years, Chloe Cherry has solidified her place as one of the most exciting talents in the adult film and modeling scene. A key moment in her career was when she signed with Spiegler Girls after moving to Los Angeles. But it wasn’t until 2019 that she really started to make headlines. Later this year.

Chloe appeared in nearly 200 different adult films – earning much acclaim on platforms like Pornhub. As COVID 19 swept across the globe, causing unprecedented upheaval in many industries – including adult entertainment – Chloe adapted by taking advantage of newer options like OnlyFans. Although much of her success has been in adult media circles, fans of HBO’s hit drama Euphoria may remember that ChloeCherry made an appearance there once, too. In the second season, she played Faye – a complex character dealing with addiction and sex work.

In fact. Chloe had even participated in a pornographic parody of Euphoria before landing this coveted role! Her role was played alongside other actresses like Jenna Foxx, which helped solidify her position among today’s leading sex symbols, eventually leading to contracts with top agencies like Anti Agency London and walking the runways of New York Fashion Week designer LaQuan Smith.


It was Chloe’s appearance on the widely popular HBO show Euphoria that first caught the public’s attention. Through her masterful portrayal of Faye – a troubled sex worker struggling with her addiction – she showcased her exceptional acting skills. Remarkably, Chloe secured this role by submitting an audition via Instagram; this outstanding display of talent earned her the favor of casting directors and earned her much praise for her performance.

Facts about Chloe Cherry:

-It is worth mentioning to share some facts about the respected figure Chloe Cherry.

-She grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and in retrospect describes her upbringing as “extremely conservative and mundane”.

-Highlights of her school years included active participation in various extracurricular activities, including leading the yearbook, morning announcements, and even directing a band at times.

-When Chloe reached her 18th birthday, she made a conscious decision to leave Lancaster and pursue a career in adult entertainment in Miami; she later signed with Spiegler Girls in Los Angeles.

-However, her decision was not initially approved by her parents, although she generated over 120 million views on P*rnhub and thus became known for her popular movies.

-It should be noted that Chloe’s first post on Instagram is from July 2018 and as her career blossomed, she debuted as Faye in the HBO series Euphoria.

-The pandemic COVID -19 led Chloe to use an OnlyFans account to continue her work, and in January 2022 she began a modeling career, signing with Anti-Agency London.

-In February of the same year, she walked for LaQuan Smith at New York Fashion Week before announcing the following month that she had retired from the adult film industry after making memorable movies that were definitely noteworthy and earned widespread respect.

-Regrettably, however, in February 2023, it was reported that Chloe was facing “retail theft” charges after being accused of stealing a blouse from a Lancaster store in December 2022. She apologetically admitted to stealing the item before promptly returning it to its rightful place.

Chloe Cherry Net Worth


A look at Chloe Cherry’s estimated net worth

According to reports from entertainment industry insiders, Chloe Cherry will have a substantial net worth of about $1.5 million in 2023, considering the various ventures she is currently involved with. While there is no official information from Chloe herself on these figures or how she reached them, speculation abounds, often based on comparisons with other performers in the series TV, such as Zendaya, whose earnings are frequently cited.

Anecdotally speaking, however, this amount seems likely given news reports of past cumulative earnings and more recent income streams coming online, considering factors such as endorsement deals, product placements, etc., which tend to add up considerably.

For someone who has made a big impression through their appearances on AV, their brand photos, and their stellar performances, which are enhanced by their presence on our screens in popular shows like Euphoria, substantial financial rewards are not unexpected.

As the popularity of Euphoria increases worldwide and Chloe herself grows in terms of awards, jury approval, increased relevance in the mass media, etc., it is safe to assume that her net worth will only continue to increase in the coming years.

Chloe Cherry Age


The age of Chloe Cherry
Chloe Cherry, who turns one year older every August 23, was born on a Saturday in 1997. At the present time, she has just celebrated her last birthday, which means that she now has 26 years of experience under her belt.

Her sun sign is Virgo – an astrological sign that stands for practicality and detail orientation. Equally interesting is that both the gladiolus and the poppy are used for her birth – both are symbols of power, passion and memory.

Chloe Cherry Height


Chloe Cherry has proven herself as an exceptional model and actress in the glamorous industry in which she shines so much. The dedication with which she maintains her impeccable appearance does not go unnoticed – she regularly works out at the gym to maintain both her figure and her beauty. With a height of 167 cm, Chloe presents herself elegantly, although she weighs about 50 kg.

Add to that the body measurements of 32A-24-34 inches and a dress size of 39 (EU), including an estimated shoe size of 9. It is quite clear that Chloe is a complete package that excellently shows off her stunning green eyes and radiant blonde hair colour, which complement her incomparable beauty.

Chloe Cherry Relationships


Chloe Cherry about her romantic life

Fans’ interest in Chloe Cherry’s secretive relationship status is growing.

It has been revealed that she is not dating anyone at the moment, nor is she romantically involved with anyone else. Although she is generally very reserved when it comes to revealing specific details about her personal life, she once mentioned via Twitter that she ended a previous romance, but did not reveal who that person was.

During an interview with Nick Viall for his podcast series The Viall Files, Chloe spoke candidly about her experience with sugar daddies versus traditional partnerships and how their motivations differ. Currently, she prefers to pursue different relationships instead of relying on just one person.

Being involved with multiple people at the same time has given Chloe the opportunity to clarify what exactly matters most in terms of partnership dynamics and solidify her preferences in terms of new relationships. At this point, no public issues or controversies have arisen in relation to Chloe’s private affairs.

Chloe Cherry Pictures




Chloe Cherry on Social Media

Popular actress Chloe Cherry strives to stay in touch with her fans while providing insight into herself by engaging on multiple social media channels. She is known in the entertainment industry for her talent and versatility. Effective use of social media has helped her further engage her fans and gain loyal followers. By consistently participating in these platforms, Chloe Cherry ensures that her fans are regularly updated about all the ongoing projects of hers.

Chloe Cherry on Instagram


As of February 2022, Chloe Cherry’s official Instagram profile has a sizable following of about 554,000 people who enjoy keeping up with her latest endeavors. Interestingly, her connection to Euphoria goes beyond just being a fan, as she has made an adult film inspired by the series, playing the character Jules herself! While there was speculation on social media platforms that Sam Levinson became aware of her work through this appearance, he actually discovered Cherry through that very medium – Instagram – and approached her.

After initially being skeptical about how legitimate the whole endeavor seemed, the inclusion of lines from Hustle & Flow led to further opportunities that included a personal audition where Levinson expressed his admiration not only for the off-screen persona, but the on-screen one as well.

Chloe Cherry Instagram

Chloe Cherry on Twitter


Social media can be very useful for celebrities who want to stay in touch directly with their followers – Chloe Cherry does just that on Twitter, where she often shares opinions on relevant topics or insider insights into the film industry. As a total package, she offers refreshing honesty while providing entertainment with witty commentary.

It’s safe to say that Chloe’s online presence appeals to those who like to connect with their idols in person.

Chloe Cherry Twitter

Chloe Cherry on TikTok


Direct contact with her fans comes naturally to Chloe Cherry; it shows in the clever content she creates for TikTok users around the world! Her charm is also evident in every short video she posts – each one is distinctive in its own way, yet relatable to viewers at home! The prompt response to all comments shows how much Chloe values building relationships through this social media platform. Her combination of humor, creativity and authenticity has earned her a loyal following on TikTok that continues to grow with each video she shares.

Chloe Cherry TikTok

Chloe Cherry on YouTube


Chloe Cherry invites you to explore her funny and authentic YouTube world beyond the camera

Are you curious about what goes on behind the cameras when shooting adult films? Or how top actresses and models live their lives when they are not performing? You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from such experiences!

Just go to Youtube today and discover the world of Chloe Cherry! With less than 1,000 subscribers, Chloe’s channel offers a cozy and interactive community for all her loyal fans. They can enjoy makeup tutorials, exciting travel adventures, and snippets from her everyday life when she’s not working. Subscribers also have the opportunity to interact with Chloe in Q&A sessions.

This helps build an intimate relationship with the young artist while giving access to some behind-the-scenes details that are unavailable or difficult to get elsewhere.
Join Chloe Cherry’s amazing YouTube channel today, where authentic content meets a passionate and engaged viewership! Explore and discover new things with this talented model and actress today!

Chloe Cherry YouTube

Chloe Cherry on Onlyfans


In the pandemic year of 2019, Chloe Cherry faced financial challenges that required additional sources of income. To cope with this situation, she signed up for OnlyFans, where she provided exclusive material and pictures for her loyal followers.

Importantly, this platform allowed her to connect directly with the lovers of her work, offering them an unrestricted, intimate experience that could only be enjoyed by members of the platform after they paid a subscription fee that was, frankly, worth it! As “the social media site where workers are no longer sexualized,” Only Fans proved crucial in keeping up with a supportive fan base during tough times when conventional occupations seemed nearly impossible given the volatile economic conditions that prevailed at the time.

Through such interactions via this channel, Cherry was able to maintain resilient bonds strengthened by unparalleled experiences that left members in awe while fostering creativity within, though the increased intimacy between digital auxiliaries who were once mere followers proved crucial in providing exclusive material unavailable anywhere else.

Chloe Cherry Onlyfans

Chloe Cherry FAQS

1. What is Chloe Cherry’s real name?

It’s Elise Jones. But she’s better known as Chloe Cherry.

2. What are some movies and TV shows that Chloe Cherry has appeared in?

It should be acknowledged that she has proven her skills on various platforms, from mainstream television series like Euphoria, where she played Faye, to several outstanding appearances in several adult-oriented film productions.

Her contribution to the entertainment industry exceeds expectations with the skill she has shown in these productions.

3. What role did Chloe Cherry play in the TV show Euphoria?

Chloe Cherry portrayed Faye, a drug-addicted prostitute, in the acclaimed series TV Euphoria.

4. Is Chloe Cherry a porn star and how did she gain popularity?

She has starred in no less than 200 adult films. She gained widespread recognition for her exceptional performing skills. Especially on the porn platform Pornhub, she has built a considerable fan base. Undeniable. Chloe Cherry’s remarkable skills and admirable dedication have played an essential role in securing her place as a prominent figure in adult entertainment.

5. Does exist any leaked nude content of Chloe Cherry on internet?

Regrettably, this fact has been confirmed. As an adult film actress who is admired for her work in this industry, it is important not to disregard her right to privacy and dignity, which a person deserves regardless of her profession or passion.

It goes without saying that promoting or participating in unapproved explicit material should also not be encouraged. Instead of focusing on content in grey areas, we should focus our energy on the legal and consensual aspects of what makes these artists so exceptional.


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