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Angela White Biography, Recognitions, Net Worth, Age And Social Media

Angela Gabrielle White is an Australian adult film artist whose repertoire ranges from modeling to directing.

She has received several prestigious awards for her invaluable contributions, including induction into the AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame.

In 2020, she set records when she became the only female performer to ever win the THREE ‘AVN Female Performer of The Year Award! This has won her tremendous reputation across different interactive online social channels, including her popular sites on Instagram and Twitter, where she shows intriguing photographs and short films that engage viewers! On OnlyFans, White offers premium content for members of VIP, who are also drawn to this fabulous artist.

Back in January 2014, in an interview with Adult Video News, White expressed her preference for direct contact with fans via webcams – and affirmed that this is an essential component that she will tirelessly continue.

Angela White Biography


Allow us to introduce you to one of Australia’s finest actresses – Angela White. Born on March 4, 1985, from Sydney, she grew up in a conservative environment with two siblings who also shared these values. Her exceptional academic skills earned her top grades while attending a Catholic girls’ school. She counted literature and art among her specialties and pursued these passions while attending the University of Melbourne and majoring in gender studies and English literature.

During this time, she developed a keen interest in the film industry. The 18-year-old Angela White began her career in 2003, when she made her debut as a solo actress for webcam modelling.


Angela’s inexhaustible contributions have received sustained recognition through various nominations and awards; she is a true virtuoso on screen. Her notable accomplishments include Female Performer of the Year awards from AVN, XBIZ, and XRCO, highlighting her talent, versatility, and ability to step outside the norm. AVN is the Best Gonza Series, XBIZ is the Best Gonzo Series, and XRCO is the Best Gonzo Movie award for her behind-the-scenes work.
While she remains private about certain aspects of her life outside of work, Angela is firm about drawing lines between relationships or family connections in public discussion. Angela devotes herself to reading and exploring uncharted territories in her spare time, accompanied by her beloved pets. An advocate for animal welfare at heart, she has found meaningful ways to partner with organizations that share this common cause.
As a bonus, Angela has worked with notable actresses such as Raven Rockette and Nora Noir, adding variety to the cast and enhancing her reputation in the entertainment industry.


Through hard work and unwavering commitment to better representation in sex-positive communities everywhere – including adult entertainment – Angela White has become one of our most respected advocates for change.

As someone with undeniable gravitas in this highly competitive field and incredible talent, she works tirelessly to make everyone feel valued, regardless of their orientation or lifestyle, while making waves in her career. Her empowering influence has shifted how many people approach sexuality, leading to much-needed progress in the industry and beyond.

Angela White’s Recognitions and Accomplishments:

-Throughout her long career, Angela White has rightfully received numerous recognitions and achievements for her impressive accomplishments and contributions to modeling and pornography.

-One of the highest honors was bestowed upon her when she was inducted into the esteemed AVN Hall of Fame in 2018.

-Angela made history by becoming the second woman ever to win the AVN Female Performer of the Year Award in 2018 and 2019 while securing the Best Leading Actress award amidst stiff competition, further highlighting Angela’s unparalleled talent.

-In addition, people recognized White for being one of the top models in the porn industry over time, and Voluptuous magazine gave her the Model Of The Year award for demonstrating an exceptional level of quality when she represented them at the time (which means they respected a person who had a high level).

-Score’s Top Ten Models audience vote honored Angela underscored around this championship, where attendees rated this world trendsetter so highly deserving of yet another well-deserved placement on the industry’s top model podium.

Everyone acknowledges that Angela, a performer par excellence, has managed to excel early on through exceptional talent and hard work throughout her remarkable journey in pornography.


Notable Information about Angela White:

-Many people are impressed by Angela White’s remarkable beauty and her superior intelligence.

-In addition, she ran for the Australian Sex Party in the 2010 state election in Victoria, where she received a remarkable 2.9% of the vote.

-A champion of sex workers’ rights, Angela showed principled opposition to Kathleen Maltzahn of the Australian Green Party, whose policy was to ban brothels.

-Although success wasn’t guaranteed, Angela campaigned vigorously against it, even sending copies of her films to then-attorney General Rob Hulls to get X18+ film regulations lowered.

-In 2013, Angela suffered a ruptured appendix while filming a sex scene alongside Keiran Lee, resulting in a near-life-threatening situation.

-Recently, while studying at university, Angela completed a thesis on pornography entitled “The Porn Performer: The Radical Potential of Pleasure” With a desire to constantly expand her knowledge, she aspires to nothing more than a Ph.D.

-Finally, her performance alongside Zahra Stardust remains iconic since they were the first political candidates to be seen together in an adult scene.

Angela White Net Worth


Deepening our knowledge about Angela White’s wealth

In this significant article, we strive to uncover absolute insights into Angela White’s current net worth and details about her salary, income, and lifestyle. Based on reliable sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other reputable online platforms, it is estimated that the famous actress Angela White has a net worth of $1-5 million.

This range is meticulously calculated based on several factors, including financial gains at the young age of 34 and considerable achievements throughout her career in acting. Angela is an honored figure in industry circles who has amassed significant accumulation through her profession. Notably, this outstanding actor also hails from Australia, giving more prestige to what she offers, further enhanced by her origins.

Angela White Age


Angela White has achieved considerable success as a celebrated personality in the entertainment industry at age 34. She was born on March 4, 1985, and is widely known to have made impressive strides in her field.
With remarkable performances that have captivated audiences, Angela continues to showcase her boundless talents. As a bearer of the zodiac sign Aries, she embodies qualities such as passion, determination, and innovation – which may have been the impetus behind her impressive career successes.

Angela White Height


Angela White is exactly 165 cm tall and keeps fit with a healthy weight of 58 kg. With an enviable bust size of 42G, a waist circumference of 27W and a generous hip circumference of 41H, as well as a well-proportioned bra size of 42, Angela is a truly striking woman.

To keep everything in optimal condition, a routine that includes daily physical activities including gym workouts complemented by yoga routines form an entrenched habit that Angela commits to regularly.

Angela White Boyfriend


Angela White is a successful actress and model who values independence in every aspect of life, personal and professional. Although she has already had romantic relationships with well-known personalities such as Seth Gamble and Manuel Ferrara, Angela White has not yet decided to get married.

Instead, she is entirely focused on building a successful career and avoiding distractions along the way – with remarkable dedication every step of the way. Her unwavering focus drives her to passionately and persistently overcome any obstacle that stands in her way of success – impacting everything she does. Defying societal pressures and conforming to marriage norms, she forges her path with exceptional standards, guiding her destiny to ultimate goals with sheer tenacity.

Angela White Pictures




Angela White on Social Media

She is one of the most influential figures in the industry. Angela White’s contributions are still relevant today.

She is not only a prolific creator of explicit content. She has proven equally adept at making headway in more traditional entertainment fields, landing roles in film and television. Nonetheless, White still makes it a point to stay in touch with her admirers by being heavily involved in social media. By offering a glimpse into both aspects of her life (the personal and the professional) she solidifies her position as the authoritative voice of modern erotica.

Angela White on Instagram


When it comes to captivating a young audience on digital platforms like Instagram, few can match the skills of social media star Angela White!

Despite her limited number of posts (less than 300), she has already built an outstanding following of more than 9.6 million users through her brand ambassador initiatives and paid sponsorships – all thanks to this online medium! Interestingly, since August ’11 – when it started – it has quickly become one of the most actively monitored and verified accounts!

View Angela White Instagram page :

Angela White Instagram

Angela White on Twitter


Angela White cherishes communication and connection, and one tool she uses to do so is Twitter.

For 10 years, Angela White has been an active member on the platform, sharing her thoughts and keeping her audience informed. In this way. She has amassed an impressive collection of tweets that reflect her commitment to sharing with her followers.

View Angela White Twitter page :

Angela White Twitter

Angela White on TikTok


Angela White’s TikTok presence is an engaging extension of her online persona – offering a glimpse into the daily life of this talented woman who has captured many hearts on the platform. Whether showcasing her unique talents or sharing snippets of her everyday life, Angela creates intriguing content that resonates with many on TikTok. The playful dance routines and witty skits are full of creativity and humor, offering fans a variety of ways to share interactively while also being entertained.

Angela adds a certain flair to every trend or challenge she participates in, showing that she is more than just an adult entertainment performer. Her engaging personality, full of charisma, sets her apart, which shines even more on Instagram.

View Angela White TikTok page :

Angela White TikTok

Angela White on YouTube


Beyond her previous online activities, Angela White has broken new ground by creating a unique YouTube channel dedicated to entertainment. Although she has no recent releases to her credit, more than five thousand enthusiastic fans follow her posts on this platform. Her “About” section reveals that there will soon be vlogs with personal stories told by Angela herself.

What’s particularly impressive is that she only started building this online profile on May 3 of this year – clear evidence of how eager she is to expand her audience across various social media portals.

View Angela White YouTube page :  


Angela White on OnlyFans


Taking full responsibility for her OnlyFans account comes naturally to Angela White, who embodies authenticity by leading it continuously. Considered one of the best creators of the fascinating content available today, she uses the mechanism OnlyFans offers that allows subscriptions, providing valued patrons with material of the highest quality that cannot be found anywhere else.

In this way alone, Angela presents unique content, such as stunning images and videos, related to her extensive involvement in adult entertainment, among other things. However, what sets this platform apart is its interactive feature, which allows Angela and her subscribers to connect directly. With this opportunity, valued fans can build meaningful relationships with Angela through personalized yet intimate content that brings them closer together – and earn a living simultaneously.

View Angela White OnlyFans page :

Angela White Onlyfans

Angela White Official Website


Those looking to immerse themselves in the world of adult entertainment or simply curious about the most notable personalities often turn to performer websites like – where model and adult actress Angela White shares everything from behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming projects while providing valuable insight into herself outside of performing; full biographical details include filmography highlights alongside photogenic images showing her in various states of dress and attire, etc., etc.

Directly from this website, fans can access images/photos and purchase exclusive autographed fan merchandise that one would expect from the star herself. Finally, contacting Angela will be even more accessible through the options integrated into her website, such as a contact form or the social media profiles that follow here.

View Angela White Official Website page :

Angela White Official Website

Angela White FAQS

1. Can explicit photographs or videos of Angela White be found on the internet?

Absolutely. There are some revealing pictures and XXX footage online featuring Angela.

2. Is Angela White known for her involvement in adult content labeled “XXX”?

There is no denying that Angela White is revered in adult entertainment circles. With exceptional performances, often accompanied by graphic content classified as “XXX,” she continues to exceed expectations and firmly cements herself among the top players in this industry.

She appeals to audiences worldwide with her impeccable performance, engaging style, and captivating charisma.

3. Where can I find Angela White GIFs online?

You won’t have trouble because several websites and platforms specialize in adult content and entertainment exclusively featuring this erotic actress.

These animated clips show her dynamic movements and capture fascinating moments from her videos so you can enjoy and share her seductive charm effortlessly.

4. Does a subreddit dedicated to Angela White exist on the Reddit platform?

On Reddit, there is an active discussion group specifically for fans who want to engage further with all things Angela White – the ‘Angela White Subreddit.’ With its hive mentality firmly focused on like-minded engagement and many posts encouraging discourse, debate, and sharing, members are engaged in a constant stream of meaningful conversations about every aspect of White’s professional life related to the adult entertainment industry.

News, photos, videos, and other types of content are carefully curated to ensure maximum satisfaction for avid fans seeking an outlet to indulge their love of the performer’s work with other like-minded individuals.

5. What does Angela White’s library consist of?

The library owned by Angela White includes a comprehensive array of resources related to her successful career in the adult entertainment industry, displayed for the pleasure of enthusiasts. The vault contains an opulent film catalog that spans various genres and depicts different themes in which she gamely performed both softcore and hardcore acts in numerous films and exclusive scenes featuring memorable performances at pivotal moments in Angela’s career.

In addition, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and professionally shot photos highlight the value of this compilation, which makes Angela White’s professional and personal career accessible in various formats such as DVDs, digital downloads, or online channels to showcase every component of Angela White’s unbeatable legacy.

Angela White is undoubtedly one of the most important actresses of our time, for she has many impressive attributes to her credit. Her enviable physique sets new standards for others to follow, and she confidently leads by example. With her captivating screen presence, she easily wins the audience’s hearts – unmistakable and incomparable to others.


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