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Amouranth Age, Height, Social Media Accounts And Affairs

Amouranth, an esteemed American person.

Has recognition for her efforts in cosplay. Modeling, creation of YouTube content. And live streaming on the platform Twitch. Also. She has made notable appearances on the highly regarded American reality television program “The Little Couple” In this article. You will discover a wealth of comprehensive information about Amouranth. This includes her wiki and biography. This resource aims to provide you with all the essential details about her life and career.

Amouranth Biography


Amidst the hustle and bustle of Houston, Tex. Dwelt not just an ordinary soul, but one destined to capture hearts far beyond the city limits. Kaitlyn Siragusa,affectionately known as Amouranth, entered this world and began a journey of fervor and artistic expression. She was educated in the halls of a prestigious private school. The path to cosplay revealed itself as a means of self-expression and admiration for fictional icons that awakened her emotions.

In 2010, Amouranth’s brilliant costume design caught the attention of the famous Houston Grand Opera and the esteemed Houston Ballet. As for her personality, she is under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which represents her proud citizenship in the United States. Cosplay has become an inseparable companion since her school days; an art she has mastered through sheer determination.

Amazing. This esteemed individual caught the attention of famous institutions such as Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet, who eagerly employed her as a member of their esteemed costume design departments. Over the course of her illustrious career. She effortlessly stepped into the roles of legendary characters such as Mary Jane, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and Cat Woman. In 2015, another milestone in Amouranth’s life story was written. With ‘A Charmed Affair,” a character production company she founded. The world witnessed her tireless commitment to supporting children’s charities and ecological initiatives.

Amouranth has been featured on popular television shows such as TLC’s “The Little Couple” and the Discovery Network. She proved her talent and attractiveness.


She had the opportunity to be interviewed in the renowned podcast ‘Fandom Files ‘ to be interviewed, which further solidified her presence in the media. Considering her work involves attending numerous comic conventions around the world, Amouranth often travels extensively. Despite her demanding schedule. She is very involved with animals and is the proud owner of two horses named Spirit and Kyran. In addition, she has two beloved dogs named Nox and Bear. In revealing interviews.

Amouranth has spoken openly about her motivations for creating captivating content – it serves as a means to raise enough money to achieve a personal goal: establishing her own animal shelter. This noble endeavor aims to provide comfort and care to abandoned and abused dogs who have nowhere else to go. But it also provides compassion to retired racehorses looking for loving homes. It demonstrates genuine love for animals. Amouranth’s mission is both inspiring and commendable.

Amid controversy surrounding streaming platform Twitch in June 2020, Amouranth took a major step in the form of a lawsuit. Erik Estavillo, a viewer from California, filed a lawsuit seeking $25 million in compensation. The lawsuit accused Twitch of exposing Estavillo to “overly suggestive and sexual content” sent by several female streamers. The lawsuit was received in Santa Clara Superior Court in California on June 15, and Twitch was served on June 19.

Dexerto also gathered court documents confirming Estavillo’s history of litigation against the aforementioned companies. The lawsuit argued that Twitch exacerbated Estavillo’s obsessive-compulsive disorder and further fueled his sexual addiction due to his dependence on the Internet for entertainment purposes. In addition, several well-known streamers such as Amouranth, Quqco, STPeach, Lisa Vannatta, PinkSparkles, lilchipmunk, Gavrilka, MizzyRose, KayPikeFashion, Alinity Divine, QTCinderella, Pokimane, Velvet_7, and Loserfruit were named as defendants in this lawsuit.

Courageous revelation of abuse by former spouse

In October 2022, she fearlessly shared in a livestream the disturbing accounts of abuse by her ex-husband. Until that time, the public was unaware of their marital status.

Around the same time, a video clip began circulating on social media showing a vulnerable moment when tears streamed down her face during a phone conversation with Nick Lee – her then-husband.

She revealed harrowing details such as his manipulation of financial resources and coercion to livestream; he even went so far as to make threats against her beloved dogs.

Moreover, she revealed how he prevented her from openly professing her marriage by using Twitch streams, the so-called “hot tub” sessions, in order to profit from it.

To support these allegations of abusive behavior, she presented evidence, including damage to walls and broken doors, that she had observed during another livestream.

The revelation sparked a huge reaction from viewers and is considered one of the most notable controversies on Twitch ever.

Trivia and Interesting Details

-Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known as Amouranth, is a talented person from Houston, United States.

-Growing up in this city, she developed a strong interest in costume design in 2010, which would prove to be crucial for her career.

-In addition to her love for cosplay, Amouranth also places great importance on fitness and a well-toned physique. However. It’s worth noting that her journey on Twitch has not been without obstacles. She has had to endure numerous suspensions, which have led to a temporary suspension from the platform.

Amouranth Net Worth


Amouranths’ potential to earn a substantial online income is well documented given the success of other internet personalities and Twitch streamers. Although accurate information about her exact net worth is not readily available, we estimate it to be at least $4 million.

In addition to her career as a Twitch streamer, Amouranth also acts as an OnlyFans model, which allows her to offer exclusive and high-quality content to her subscribers. Those who are interested in this content have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $14.99. Until now.

Has shared over 625 posts on this platform alone. Additionally.

Amouranth a Patreon page where she offers various subscription packages ranging from $20 per month to an astounding $1000 per month. This gives her fans the opportunity to support her work at different levels. December 6. 2021. Amouranth announced that she had invested $1 million in Visa stock as part of a birthday investment. She currently holds 5,400 Visa shares, which is an impressive 44.1 million in purchasing power.

Amouranth Age


Amouranth, resident of Houston, Texas. Was born on December 2, 1993. She is currently 28 years old, in 2023. She comes from a family that leads a safe and stable life. Amouranth holds American citizenship and practices the Christian faith. According to astrology, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Amouranth Height


Amouranth is a popular internet character whose striking physical appearance is a fascinating facet of her charm and appeal. With an admirable height of 163 cm (5’5″). With every step she takes, she effortlessly exudes confidence and poise.

To maintain a balanced physique that exudes health and vitality. Amouranth maintains an approximate weight of 55 kg (121 lbs). However, it is undeniably true that what really enhances Amouranth’s natural beauty are her striking facial features that leave a lasting impression.

Her stunning blonde hair effortlessly complements her overall esthetic. Her captivating blue eyes draw attention and reflect the vibrancy of her personality. Measuring 33 24 34, Amouranth flawlessly embodies a silhouette that exhibits both sleek sophistication and inviting curves – an alluring hourglass shape that undeniably underscores her innate feminine appeal.

She takes great pride in maintaining this physique, wholeheartedly pursuing a dedicated fitness program to ensure she stays fit and balanced. When it comes to shoes.

Amouranth is most comfortable in size 6 US shoes – they fit her feet perfectly. She also slips gracefully into size 4 US dresses, which allow her to effortlessly showcase a versatile selection of stylish clothing perfectly suited to her personal style preferences. Even though Amouranth’s blood type is not publicly disclosed. It is crucial to realize how captivating audience remains an unceasing feature of this unique persona s’ creative content and engaging presence. Undoubtedly. Amouranth’s physical attributes – including height, weight, hair color, eye color, and body measurements – collectively help secure her prominent position as an influential figure in the larger online world.

Amouranth Affairs


Amouranth’s relations
The year 2016 marked a significant time for Nick Lee and Amouranth, as they formed a deep connection when their paths crossed in Los Angeles. However, in the midst of this union, Amouranth faced difficult circumstances in her marriage as her husband exerted control over finances and even made threats against the lives of their pets to force compliance with his demands.

In the face of these distressing circumstances.

Amouranth sought legal advice to regain control of her finances and eventually decided to separate from her husband.

In connection with Matt Barr, a well-known streamer. However, there is some connection to Amouranth.

Concrete details about their relationship are not disclosed, which leads to many speculations. In January 2022 during one of their streams.

Amouranth announced that she has acquired an inflatable pool toy company, but kept quiet about the rumors of Matt Barr as her romantic partner.

Consequently, the alleged closeness between the two continues to circulate on the Internet as a mere conjecture that attracts a lot of attention from the public. In November 2022, Amouranth ventured out on a livestream accompanied by someone named Aaron.

This person was probably her first date. She undertook an exciting climb, followed by a delicious dinner. Little information is available about Aaron, except that he is identified as a 34-year-old bodybuilder and personal trainer.

Amouranth Pictures




Amouranth On Social Media

Amidst the vast landscape of social media, one cannot miss the remarkable presence of Amouranth: a magnetic force whose charms captivate audiences at every turn through captivating content. On the various platforms of this digital world, this shining light has an ever-growing fan base – mainly because she knows: interaction is key.

Her commitment to connecting with fans through comment sharing, live chats, and participation in Q&A sessions embodies the principles of inclusivity and fostering a true sense of community. This tireless dedication has undoubtedly contributed to her meteoric rise in popularity and passionate support from her beloved followers. Through Amouranth’s impressive presence on social media platforms, she deftly manages to connect with her fans.

She captivates a wide audience with an unparalleled display of her talents that reflect her vibrant personality.

Amouranth On YouTube


Amouranth also runs her own YouTube channel, which now has over 738,000 subscribers. This channel features a variety of content, including vlogs, cosplay videos, and bodysuit and swimsuit fittings.

Her most popular videos includes:

  1. “BODYSUIT Desire Haul tell me what you think” – Accumulating 5,787,969 views since its upload on Jul 25, 2019.
  2. “BODYSUIT Temptation Haul tell me what you think” – Garnering 5,224,933 views since its upload on Feb 23, 2019.
  3. “LACED UP TRY ON do you like? Fashion Nova” – Amassing 2,408,679 views since its upload on Jun 21, 2019.
  4. “Legging Try On Haul Amouranth Shares her FAVORITE…” – Accumulating 2,334,844 views since its upload on Jan 6, 2021.
  5. “MINI DRESS Temptation Haul tell me what you think” – Garnering 2,293,406 views since its upload on Mar 27, 2019.

Amouranth also maintains a second channel dedicated to ASMR content. Some of the most popular videos on this channel are:

  1. “ASMR Sassy Maid Experience – Fluffing you” – Accumulating 3,513,833 views since its upload on Jan 20, 2019.
  2. “ASMR – Waitress Roleplay – Wings & Tingles” – Garnering 2,376,653 views since its upload on Apr 12, 2019.
  3. “ASMR Personal Ear Attention” – Amassing 2,115,157 views since its upload on Jun 19, 2019.
  4. “ASMR Soft & Sensitive Touching Sounds | Amouranth” – Accumulating 1,739,011 views since its upload on Sep 22, 2020.
  5. “ASMR Massage & Humming Relax with me” – Garnering 1,614,469 views since its upload on Jun 7, 2019.

Amouranth YouTube

Amouranth On Instagram


Amouranth has gained a significant number of followers on the social media platform Instagram; she currently has about 440k supporters. Using this influential platform as a visual showcase for captivating content allows fans and followers alike to get a glimpse into Amouranth’s vibrant world. By sharing a selection of stunning photos along with engaging captions and creative posts, Amourath not only opens up a way to share aspects of daily life, but also provides updates on personal projects while highlighting her distinctive sense of style.

Furthermore, the eclectic nature of her account piques viewers’ interest as they can find themselves in signature genres such as various cosplay shots, glamorous photo shoots, and behind-the-scenes footage, providing a comprehensive look into the artists’ creative process. Although the main focus is on the visual presentation, Amouranth’s Instagram feed actively encourages interaction with its fan base by allowing viewers to interact through comments, likes, and interactive posts; a move that aims to evoke feelings of appreciation and support within an online community. At an event where Amouranth captivates the audience with her distinctive style and compelling personality.

It’s safe to assume that her Instagram following will continue to grow. The combination of updated content, captivating material, and consistent communication with fans only serves to solidify her position within this thriving platform while creating a gateway into Amouranth’s exciting world for loyal followers.

Amouranth Instagram

Amouranth On Onlyfans


On OnlyFans, Amouranth has gained significant popularity by offering engaging, adult-oriented content. With a number of exciting posts, she has built a large following and is recognized as one of the leading creators on this platform.

Subscribers to Amouranth’s OnlyFans account get access to exclusive and intimate material that highlights her unique style and sensual appeal. It ranges from provocative lingerie photos to playful yet seductive experiences captured on video. Their content successfully satisfies the desires of devoted enthusiasts.

Amouranth’s presence on OnlyFans allows for greater intimacy between her and her viewers, while ensuring a personal experience in her own privacy. She greatly appreciates the unwavering support of her subscribers and constantly strives to produce fulfilling material that perfectly matches their desires and fantasies.

Although she is associated with some controversy, she receives both praise and criticism in the OnlyFans section.

Amouranth wholeheartedly embraces the platform as a means of artistic expression. She facilitates deep connections with her admirers.

Amouranth Onlyfans

Amouranth On Twitch


Amouranth, a well-known personality on the popular streaming platform Twitch. She has established herself as one of the most prominent streamers on the site.

With her captivating presence and engaging content, she has built a large fan base. Her Twitch channel offers viewers a wide range of content that includes entertaining and interactive livestreams. Chat interactions, gameplay, cosplay, creative ventures and just chatting.

Amouranths’ charisma and unique approach to streaming have attracted a dedicated community of viewers who immerse themselves in her streams. She strives to entertain her audience and create a positive and inclusive environment for them to enjoy. Amouranth’s content on Twitch has sparked some discussion.

She continues to use the platform as an outlet for creative expression and shares her passions with her community. With a tireless streaming schedule and an unwavering commitment to providing quality content, Amouranth continues to delight audiences on Twitch with her streams.

Amouranth Twitch

Amouranth FAQS

1. What is the actual name of Amouranth?

It is worth mentioning that the true name of Amouranth is Kaitlyn Siragusa.

2. On which date does Amouranth celebrate her birthday?

Amouranth celebrates her birthday on December 2. And she was born in the year 1993.

3. In which location does Amouranth currently reside?

Amouranth’s current residence is Houston, Texas.

4. What is Amouranth’s monthly income?

When asked about Amouranth’s monthly income, it was revealed during her appearance on the Full Squad Gaming podcast in early 2023 that she earns approximately $1.65 million per month. The lion’s share of her income comes from OnlyFans.

If these numbers are correct, Amouranth’s annual income should exceed $20 million.

5. Which games does Amouranth engage in?

Amouranth is constantly adapting their content to the changing Twitch landscape, setting themselves apart from other popular Twitch streamers who are known for playing specific games.

While she occasionally engages with games like Just Dance, Mario Kart 8, and Fortnite, these titles only make up a small portion of her total streaming time. This article is mainly about a wiki and biography of a person from the United States who became famous for her Twitch streams.

Before her streaming career. She started out as a cosplay designer and also made appearances on various television shows. Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet played an important role in discovering her talent in cosplay design. Although her real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, she is widely known by her online alias Amouranth.

She has a large social media following with over 440,000 followers on Instagram. This article contains information about her educational background and university attended. Details about her parents, relationship status, net worth and more.


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