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Lana Rhoades Wikis, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Real Name & More

Let us take a moment to appreciate the extraordinary Lana Rhoades – a woman whose abilities go far beyond what meets the eye.

Lana is known for her intellectuality, both as a successful entrepreneur and as a podcast host. In addition, she is also praised for devotedly caring for her son Milo and relentlessly supporting him throughout his developmental years. Some may know Lana from her previous work in adult films. Still, today she is highly regarded in social media for being digitally influential by constantly exploring creative avenues through innovation. Most notably, Lana showed her exceptional talent as co-host of “3 Women 1 Cooking Area” (3G1K) along with Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams.

Lana Rhoades Biography


Certain retired adult film actresses have moved into other successful ventures, such as acting or modeling, beyond their previous work- one such person is Lana Rhoades. Noting all privileges that come with fame – she launched her lingerie line while hosting a remarkable podcast named “3 Girls 1 Kitchen”.

Before starting a career path within the adult entertainment industry -eighteen-year-old Lana got married, sharing all, as mentioned recently in one of her podcasts. Social media platforms are already exploding with fans and followers worldwide rooting for Lana’s life decisions beyond appearing solely in movies.

The discussions provoked by this tapestry of personal experiences highlight vital considerations regarding working conditions, amongst other issues about those involved/associated with the adult entertainment industry. As we await ” the big day” expected on January 13th, 2022- social media remains vital between other fans supporting and uniting globally as they love and freely celebrate Lana’s joyous moments.


In earlier years/days, Lana had a passion for performing arts such as cheerleading and dancing – she was an enthusiastic gymnast throughout high school. Soon after graduation from high school, she relocated to the city of Los Angeles intending to begin professional work, which started as a waitress at the Tilted Kilt sports bar; eventually kicking into stripping gigs by 2014, starting from honing her skills in adult films throughout early 2017 when she gained recognition.

Rhoades began an acting career by signing up early with the SpieglerGirls agency. Still, after nearly six months, she decided her future lay elsewhere, at LA Direct Models, where she stayed for about ten more months. The influence of Spieglergirls gave Rhoades such a boost that shortly after graduating from high school, she moved away from home (where she had grown up) and made her way to Los Angeles.


Rhoades worked with notable production companies such as Brazzers and Playboy, significantly increasing her status in the industry.

Lana’s acting activities were synonymous with occasional breaks, during which she also traveled – notably, she took a three-month sabbatical in August 2016, when she toured Chicago, Illinois – and returned later that year; not long after, she did it again, this time announcing her full retirement for 2018, except for a short-lived comeback last January. Today, Lana affirms, ‘I am Officially Done With Sharing My Body With All Of You!’ clearing up doubts about a possible return – finally ending that chapter as of 2021.

This talented individual’s current focus is in digital media as an influencer and creative, where she continues to inspire and appeal to diverse audiences. Previously, she demonstrated her versatility as co-host of the admired podcast “3 Girls 1 Kitchen” Her influence also extends to her own YouTube channel, which has more than one million subscribers – even though her activity is currently limited to four videos.


On a personal level, the model is proud to sport three tattoos – each with a specific meaning. On the right side of her back is a dragon tattoo; two hearts adorn her right hip, while an Arabic saying can be found on her left thigh, rendering meaningful words: “I am a gallery full of art, but you have your eyes closed.”

Rhoades, one of the most prominent names in over seventy adult film productions that have garnered worldwide industry recognition, has received multiple nominations and the well-deserved title of ‘P0rn’s Next Superstar’ at the prestigious Sp@nk Bank Awards in 2017.

Here is a selection of movies featuring Lana Rhoades:

  • Women Seeking Women
  • Slat Puppies
  • Banging Cuties
  • Beautiful Tits
  • Cute4 Porn
  • 2016Net Skirts
  • Twisted Passions
  • Over Easy 2016
  • Missax
  • Hotwife XXX
  • Lesbian Seductions 59
  • Anal Savages 3
  • Sex with My Trainer

In January 2022, Lana Rhoades gave birth to her baby boy Milo but kept the identity of his father a secret from her fans, causing a lot of speculation among them. Although there are references to an NBA star as the father of her child in some of Lana’s posts, she never named him publicly (except once in Adam Grandmaison’s podcast, where he made accusations against her character).

There have been many guesses about possible fathers, including Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Mike Majlak, and Tristan Thompson, but we now know that Majlak is not Milo’s father.


Recent reports have pointed to Kevin Durant, after Logan Paul said something on his podcast with interlocutors Mike Majlak and Charlamagne Da God that appears to confirm the idea based on their reactions.

However, some comments made by Adam Grandmaison on the CoolKicks podcast hinted at a controversy surrounding Lana, who is considered a bad mother and may also have a drug problem. These comments, unfortunately, raised questions about Lana’s personal life choices.

Here are five lesser-known facts about Lana Rhoades:

  1. During her leisure time, she enjoys baking and making cupcakes.
  2. Lana has achieved numerous accolades and nominations within the adult film industry.
  3. She has collaborated with Brazzers and other adult film stars in the adult entertainment industry.
  4. In a podcast interview, Lana revealed that she was incarcerated for ten years at 16 due to her association with a gang.
  5. Lana has appeared on several popular podcasts, expanding her presence beyond the adult film industry.

Lana Rhoades is a remarkable personality who has made a name for herself in the adult film industry while possessing numerous talents that are not highlighted enough.

One of these talents is baking and making cupcakes, one of her favorite pastimes outside of work.

Having received numerous awards and nominations over the years, Lana remains humbled by the support she has received from notable names such as Brazzers and other adult entertainment stars.

Her hard work has paid off – but not many people know how much she overcame growing up.

In an emotional podcast interview where Lana poured her heart out, she revealed that she was involved in a gang when she was 16, which led to a ten-year prison sentence. Nevertheless, this resilient woman continues her efforts to encourage others in several prominent podcasts outside of adult entertainment – showing her larger-than-life spirit!

Lana Rhoades Net Worth


Amara Lynee Maple is successful in the adult industry and enjoys special financial status. Lana works as a model and enjoys collaborating with many fashion brands that boost her income stream.

According to reports from Techie + Gamers in 2022, Lana’s net worth amounts to an estimated $24 million (£19 million).

She explored NFTs as the metaverse became more attractive but encountered persistent criticism and adverse reactions in some online media. Allegations were reportedly made against her that her involvement was fraudulent, resulting in investors losing over $1.5 million.

The successful ‘3 Girls 1 Kitchen’ podcast is another flagship for Lana, which she co-hosted with Alexa Adams and Olivia Davis before venturing into NFTs.

Apart from these significant ventures, Lana owns luxurious assets such as several high-end vehicles, including a Mercedes Benz E63 AMG, a Land Rover Range Rover, and a beautiful white Lamborghini in one of her luxurious residences.

Lana Rhoades Age


Lana Rhoades, born on September 6, 1996, comes from the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. Currently, at the age of 26, Lana has already made a significant impact in her chosen field.

Lana Rhoades Height


It’s not hard to understand why so many people have taken notice of Lana Rhoades over the years, just by looking at her incredibly attractive physical features. With a proud height of 165 cm (5’5″), she has always presented herself with a confidence and grace that sets her apart from others in the industry.

But there’s more to Lana than just her sheer height – there are several admirable qualities that add to her already stunning presence. Starting with her meticulous maintenance of a perfectly balanced physique (she keeps her weight at around 59 kg) to her stunning brown hair, with which she catches everyone’s eyes. Her most distinctive feature is her remarkable light blue eyes, which are unforgettable for their undeniable magic. Anyone who has ever met Lana will remember her for quite some time, because they leave lasting impressions in their hearts and minds.

However, it’s not just about the attention-grabbing features here-measuring across several desirable stats, Lana Rhoades becomes an even more impressive individual-boasting an hourglass figure well complemented by stunning bust-line, womanly waist, and bold hips.

Most importantly, she gracefully wears a7 US shoe/sandals category; somewhat inevitably rounding out this image-perfect performer with a touch of elegance that she stands out from.

Lana Rhoades Boyfriend


Interestingly, Lana Rhoades married at 18, right after graduating from high school, before entering the adult film industry. Her husband, Jon, also known as BigDad_87 on Instagram, was nine years older than her.

After being together for five years, rumors of their separation began circulating, and eventually, the couple divorced. However, they have not publicly disclosed the reasons behind their divorce. Following her divorce from Jon, Lana Rhoades entered a relationship with Mike Majlak, a YouTuber and social media personality. They met through a mutual friend, Logan Paul, early in 2020.

Although they started dating, their relationship lasted only ten months. Mike Majlak confirmed their breakup through a video titled “We broke up,” which he posted on his YouTube channel on October 30, 2020. On June 2, 2021, Lana announced her pregnancy with her first child by sharing a baby scan on Instagram, but she has not revealed the baby’s father’s identity.

Lana Rhoades and Jon 

There are allegations that Lana was previously married to Jon, also known as JJ. The details of their marriage and divorce remain undisclosed.

Rhoades and Mike

Mike Majlak, a well-known YouTuber and author, began dating Lana in January 2020. They had an on-and-off relationship and officially separated in early 2021. Although they broke up in October 2020, they reconciled a few weeks later.

Lana Rhoades and Kevin Durant

Speculations arose in June 2021 that Lana had a brief relationship with a player from the Brooklyn Nets. During an episode of the 2G1k podcast, Lana mentioned going on a boring date without revealing the man’s name but hinting that he was born under the Libra zodiac sign.

During the date, the man also invited another girl, making Lana uncomfortable. As a result, she left the date early, and there was no second date. Lana recently gave birth to her son, Milo. There is no new information about her dating anyone new, but her fans eagerly await Lana Rhoades to introduce her new boyfriend soon.

Inside Lana Rhoades’ Relationships

While Lana Rhoades may be best known for her work in the adult film industry, her personal life still captures fans’ attention even as she tries to maintain some privacy. She was previously married to Jon – sometimes referred to as JJ – at 18, soon after completing high school.

Their marriage ended unceremoniously in divorce five years later without much information on why things went south.

Following that breakup came another well-documented relationship- this time around with YouTuber and social media personality Mike Majlak; however, again, that romance ended, unfortunately, leaving fans wondering why these two can’t keep a steady relationship going.

In keeping things close to the vest habits she tends to adopt around various sections of her life, she recently announced on Instagram that she’s pregnant hasn’t led to many indications about who might be the father, leaving followers guessing at who will toast her with congrats. Thus, she concluded the date prematurely, resulting in no follow-up dates.

Keeping that aside, Lana Rhoades embraced motherhood recently by giving birth to a baby boy named Milo. Despite being silent about potential partners, Lana’s supporters eagerly await any chance to learn about her future lover.

Lana Rhoades Pictures




Lana Rhoades on Social Media

There’s no denying Lana Rhoades’ influence on social media since she finally retired from adult films. With powerful content that resonates and cultivates passionate communities around her, she captures attention with ease and strives for authenticity in all phases of her career development during her time of post-retirement growth and evolution, when entering motherhood with grace feels like another part of an already eventful journey.

Lana Rhoades on Twitter


On Twitter, Lana Rhoades manages two accounts to connect with her fan base. Her main account (@LanaRhoadess) has more than 500,000 people who follow her closely, proving her impressive popularity and high engagement among fans.

The secondary account (@XLana_Rhodes) has a more modest follower count of around 48k, but despite less frequent updates, it still provides some form of useful activity for the fan base. With these multiple profiles in hand, Rhondas uses both to provide insight into who she is while also providing essential interactions between her and her followers.

It should be noted that following @LannaRadioss is the best option to engage in lively social media conversations with more people about everything she’s been up to lately!
However, @XLana_Rhoades still matters, as a dedicated group of fans appreciates Lana’s occasional tweets and updates – making it clear that you can go right with both profiles.

You can access Lana Rhoades’ Twitter page at the following link:

View Lana Rhoades Twitter page:

Lana Rhoades Twitter

Lana Rhoades on YouTube


February 20, 2019, was an important date for content creation icon Lana Rhoades, who had been making a splash on YouTube since the release of her first video, “Back To School Try-On Haul || School girl edition.” In addition to this original upload, there are other captivating posts, including makeup tutorials, beauty insights, product reviews, and travel vlogs, for anyone interested.

Among all these uploads, the extremely popular “Q&A with Lana Roadhes” stands out, with over 1.3 million views! This considerable following contributed to a growing interest that translated into an increasing number of subscribers, which now exceeds 163,000, eagerly awaiting the weekly uploads of this young talent.

With her determined commitment to producing content regularly, viewers can be sure to grow with Lana Rhoades as she continues to rise in the entertainment industry.

Her YouTube channel can be found here:

Lana Rhoades YouTube

Lana Rhoades on Facebook


Lana Rhoades has an impressive 586,000 followers on Facebook thanks to her engaging content and meaningful interactions with fans. Her standout post received a lot of attention and recognition from viewers who consistently use and support Lana’s platform.

Through thought-provoking discussions and entertaining updates, Lana Rhoades has successfully built an engaged fan base on Facebook, resulting in an active and vibrant community that continues to grow daily.

View Lana Rhoades Facebook page:

Lana Rhoades Facebook

Lana Rhoades on TikTok


Lana Rhoades has become one of the most talked about people on the popular app TikTok thanks to her entertaining posts that show different facets of this multi-talented person’s personality and creativity! Through her undeniably unique performances that appeal to a wide audience, Lana has a loyal fan base that can’t get enough of her.

View Lana Rhoades TikTok page:

Lana Rhoades TikTok

Lana Rhoades on OnlyFans


 Lana is active on her personalised OnlyFans page, where she shares exclusively curated photos and videos with her loyal subscribers that help her achieve more success.

While becoming a first-time mom to her son Milo, she keeps her fans updated and informed about developments on this exclusive platform created just for her.

Although Amara (a.k.a. Lana) is no longer involved in the production of adult films, she still has her sights firmly set on offering only the best content available, tailored exclusively to the needs of this acclaimed subscription site.

Speaking accordingly, Amara (formerly known as Lana) clarifies, “To be completely open about things, my OnlyFans account seems to be a bit low now, even though I know I hardly post anything anymore – it could be about monthly – except for pictures in lingerie.” Through these open and honest comments, Amara (or Lana) highlights how she focuses on producing content that speaks to the changing nature of her OnlyFans page while stepping back from more explicit content.

View Lana Rhoades Onlyfans page:

Lana Rhoades Onlyfans

Lana Rhoades FAQS

1. What is Lana Rhoades’s real name?

Amara Maple is the actual given name of ‘Lana Rhoades,’ who rose to fame working as an adult actor.

2. Why did Lana Rhoades decide to leave the porn industry?

The artist decided against continuing her on-camera appearances due to undesirable treatment from certain producers and unsatisfactory work experiences, but an enviable social media following and thriving career followed.

3. Are any memes circulating about Lana Rhoades’s kid, speculating about the father’s identity?

Unfortunately, yes. Some memes unnecessarily make fun of Ms. Maple’s newborn Milo and speculate about who his birth father is since she used to take pictures with explicit content earlier in the movement. In 2021-22, these tasteless jokes became established and continued even as Milo grew older.

4. Can I find Lana Rhoades’s full XXX videos online?

Regrettably, curious browser users can discover adult content featuring former actress Lizzy. However, it is crucial to protect the fundamental rights of performers while maintaining their privacy. Respecting their choices means avoiding things that violate social or legal rules. When choosing this profession, supporting them through ethical methods by purchasing valid products or subscribing to authentic online channels should be encouraged.

5. Are there any nude photos or videos of Lana Rhoades available?

Unfortunately, her confidential material was leaked in October 2021, with a large portion coming from her OnlyFans account.

6. Has Lana Rhoades’ intimate content been leaked on the internet?

Indeed, her private material was leaked in October 2021, with a significant portion originating from her OnlyFans account.

7. What is the role of Lana Rhoades on Reddit?

Lana Rhoades has an active presence on Reddit, where she engages with her fans, shares updates, and participates in discussions related to various topics, including her personal life, career, and interests. She interacts with her followers through her official Reddit account, providing them a platform to connect with her more personally.

Lana Rhoades’ presence in adult entertainment will forever be remembered as one that left a great impression on many people. Her skills shone during her work in numerous films, and she received recognition through nominations for awards over time. Although she has retired from this field, Lana remembers those who have supported her by staying active on social media channels while experimenting with other areas, such as modeling or creating new material for viewers to enjoy!


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